Collection Update 2.316

A great deal of time has passed since I last posted about the status of my collection. In that time many many items have arrived, and just as many ordered. I’ve already posted some that have arrived since the last update such as E2046’s Gathering series Horo, Alter’s Kaminagi Ryoko as well as Kotobukiya’s “Plug Suit Style” Ayanami Rei, so I wont address those.


For a good time I’ve been trying to reduce the number of figures I have on pre-order at any given time. I’d managed to do this for quite a while having 2-6 figures on order for months and months, Wonder Festivals went by and I didn’t feel obligated to buy everything I saw. Then something happened, suddenly there were a bunch of figures everywhere I wanted and I couldn’t not order them. So the following is what happened…

Ultimate Madoka

Also known as Godoka, she’s probably the most expensive normal production figure I’ve ever ordered. I enjoyed the series, though I really didn’t like the character designs much, mainly their wide faces. Thankfully Godoka doesn’t suffer much from this design issue and looks quite good. Since she went up for pre-order she’s been hugely popular, already 414 photos posted on MyFigureCollection and not a single owner yet! Well, except 8 dirty liars that is. Her MSRP is as equally impressive as she is at ¥14,095 / $177.46 CAD, though AmiAmi has her for ¥10,960 / $138. The most impressive aspect of Godoka has to be her dress, I hope it looks as good in person as it does in photos. Don’t screw it up Good Smile Company.


Amane Suzuha

Another expensive figure with an MSRP of ¥11,800 / $148.57 CAD, but dat ass. I tried to think this one over, which is very unlike me I’m usually quite impulsive. But even so, I still couldn’t talk myself out of it, I simply had to have that ass. Perhaps more interestingly, the bicycle seems rather intricately detailed, so much so I thought she must be larger than 1/8th scale which made the price seem better in my head. Nope, 1/8th scale, so it’s a quite surprising amount of detail, at least in photos. How many accessories like this has Alter made in the past?



Accel World was pretty difficult to get through at times, pig-boy whines a lot and then wins fights with happy thoughts and determination. It’s written by the same author as Sword Art Online, but I think he’ll be better remembered for SAO than Accel World. That said, I really liked the look of this figure, even with pig-boy in it, though he’s removable just in case. Maybe I could find something else for her to hug instead, something that doesn’t remind me of whining. I’m not sure how her clothes stay on, her dress is backless and strapless. I suppose since it’s her avatar in the digital realm it doesn’t have to obey the laws of physics. Of the three so far she’s the most reasonably priced at ¥9,000 JPY / $113.31 CAD, then again, she’s produced by Kotobukiya so that’s again quite expensive.


Charlotte Dunois

Like Amane Suzuha, I tried to think this figure over and waited and waited and convinced myself I probably wouldn’t want it in a couple of months. Then I couldn’t pre-order it and thought yay, an excuse not to get her! And then a user on MyFigureCollection posted that she was for sale at Big Bad Toy Store. Damnit. Charlotte Dunois was probably the best character in IS: Infinite Stratos, possibly because she was pretty sane by comparison. I think I’d like to get a Fang Lin Yin figure as well to go with Char, but the rest perhaps I can ignore. Char’s a bit of an odd scale, 1/7th, like Kotobukiya’s latest Evangelion figures. If she’s as good as them, then I’ll have no issues with her. Also, dat ass.


Three Strike Witch Characters

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Strike Witches, seriously. Yes, all three items are all Strike Witch figures, but there’s a reason. Pants, their lack of any. Also not really a fan of weaponry generally, but it works here in that strange anime way. What I really miss though in Strike Witch figures are their legs, airplane attachments are kind of cool, but they’re not really that sexy. All being Alter figures I don’t have to worry about their quality just their delays which will all be a month later than they anticipate I’m sure. These three, Hanna-Justina Marseille, Gerturd Barkhorn and Erica Harmann all have some fairly heavy artillery they’re holding, but they don’t quite match the power of Sanya V Litvyak’s rocket launcher. Now that I’m collecting so many, I almost feel bad that I didn’t catch the rest of the set. Oh well.




Matsumae Ohana

Everyone seems to think it’s a bad thing she looks like she’s parachuting with that pose of hers, but I love it. Sure I’d like the stairs that should be included to be included but I think she’ll look great hanging from a parachute if I were to ever be so creative and make one. Unfortunately there were no parachutes in the series itself though, but despite that the series was quite a good slice of life anime, even if the grandma was kind of a bitch for much of it. Without the stairs or the parachute this figure of Ohana is a little on the boring side compared to the above figures with their massive wings, fancy dresses, delicious bottoms and large weaponry but I think the simplicity works and I hope I continue to think so after she arrives. Ohana was a cute character and I look forward to the movie whenever it comes out on Bluray.


Kousaka Kirino

Swimsuit figures are quite often cute, but static and boring. Kirino here is far from static, stripping off her clothes as if there’s no time to spare like the ocean might disappear before she gets to it. Quite the dynamic swimsuit figure, I’m trying to think of any other dynamic swimsuit figures, I’m sure there are some but I can’t think of any. The only really unfortunate thing about this figure is Kirino’s breasts, Hashimoto Ryou has decided that they needed some enlargement over her usual bust. They’re not unfortunately large, just unfortunately wrong, at least from the material I’m aware of. Been debating on getting Kuroneko to go along with her, but so far I’m holding out for a deal after release.


Sengoku Nadeko

Frequently I refer to Nadeko as “everyone’s favourite little slut” but that’s really not fair. She only throws herself at one guy, not many. She’s very forward anyway, without outright saying anything. Anyway, this figure of her by Alter is rather adorable, especially when she’s winking with her jacket hanging over her shoulders. Perhaps like Ohana, she might be a little expensive for what’s received, but figure inflation etc.. I need to re-calibrate constantly and perhaps I’m out of touch right now.


Makinami Mari Illustrious

Having already purchased Kotobukiya’s Plug Suit Style Asuka and Rei, I felt somewhat obligated to purchase this Mari as well. Additionally, I wanted a figure of Mari in her prototype plugsuit, while I don’t understand where those tubes are going into the concrete she’s standing on, she still looks quite good. There are a couple figures that look similar to this one, Megatech Body produced a garage kit like it, Kaiyodo’s exclusive figure as well as SEGA’s figure. This is of course because like Asuka and Rei, Mari here is based on a piece of artwork by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki. Of the bunch though, I think Kotobukiya’s looks to be the best, but then SEGA and Kaiyodo aren’t really the best be compared to.


Misaka Mikoto

I’m not a fan of Wave’s Beach Queen series of figures, they’re pretty unimaginative, seem to be pumped out as fast as Nendoroids and of course they’re always swimsuit figures. Oh yeah, and they’re 1/10th scale, they’re tiny. But, that said, I ordered this Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival exclusive figure. I think I’m feeling a little bad after selling both my other Misaka figures, GSC’s and Wave’s previous Beach Queen Misaka. Unlike those however, I think this one is particularly cute, GSC’s was kind of plain but nice enough and Wave’s previous had a strange face and that frilly swimsuit. This one is frilly but not to the extreme of the previous, and looks a little like an older Last Order. Wave is of course making a Last Order swimsuit figure as well, but I do not want it.


Misaka Imouto

I may not want Wave’s Last Order, but their Misaka Imouto is cute in the same way as the above Misaka Mikoto. Just with the dead eyes the sisters all seem to have and the goggles, which probably aren’t the right kind of goggles for the beach to be honest. Perhaps I should order a bunch of these so I can have the proper army of them, but I’m not crazy. I wonder if their heads are interchangeable? Would be kind of nice to swap them from time to time.



Another Horo! Somewhat unfortunate however she’s another E2046 Gathering series Horo. But, it’s Horo, E2046 does do a reasonable job, and she’s naked! The original sculptor is Ibuki from the Rasetsu Nakobakaya circle. The sculpt looks much better than Global’s nude Horo, and given I was crazy enough to buy that knowing full well the quality, there’ll be no argument here from me. Besides, it looks like she should be easy enough to paint, just skin tone everywhere, hopefully that means they can pay more attention to her hair and tail then.



Unlike the pre-orders above, I’m not going to talk much about the items that have arrived in the past year. There’s too many of them to break down in the same fashion so here’s a photo of all the boxes instead with a list below. The list is ordered from left to right in columns top to bottom.

Sales & Trades

As previously mentioned, I sold Good Smile Company’s Misaka Mikoto so she’s gone, in addition to her though I also sold Alter’s Dizzy and KOS-MOS. I somewhat regret having sold them, Dizzy because she was so awesome but just not my taste and Misaka because she’s just cute. I sold them all at or around par for the course for their condition so I was pretty happy with that. Also, Mr Chag at Hobby Hovel swapped a Kirino figure + some monies for Max Factory’s Kureha swimsuit figure. He graciously decided to give up Kirino immediately after he dropped her on the hardwood floor of his bedroom. She wasn’t harmed, but it was still amusing.

Hell of a post, almost like writing up a Wonder Festival post it was so big. I think I covered everything… I think.



  1. Ashlotte says:

    And here you didn’t collect much anymore like myself haha…

    Godoka: Meh still not what I’m looking for in a figure from the series. Holding out hope someone will make one that embodies the sadness and hope of the series…Haha yea who am I kidding it will just be a bunch more happy go lucky ones.

    Suzuha: While there are quite a few things to love about her she was pretty easy to dismiss solely on the basis of me greatly disliking the show. :p

    Kuroyukihime: Kinda the same as Suzuha. Although I enjoyed it somewhat (All of the female characters were well written.) that parts of the show I didn’t like really just ruined it for me with SAO kinda dangerously teetering on that same line now…

    Charlotte: Char is fairly awesome can’t argue with that, but honestly more of a Laura fan!

    Strike Witches: Meh again with some of the others dislike of the series makes for an easy write off, which is a shame because the premise could make for an awesome show if it didn’t go down the brainless fanservice route with a poorly conceived “plot” tacked on…

    Ohana: Ko-chan was enough to ruin her for me. That is all haha…hah…

    Kirino: Gotta agree she is a fairly awesome swimsuit figure, but a swimsuit figure nonetheless so my interest level isn’t really there. Still does look great~

    Nadeko: Cute, but all I really wanted was a figure of her in the lingerie from S1 or that delicious outfit in S2. Her default is nice, but not appealing enough to pay for to me sadly.

    Mari: As fun as Mari was in the movies can’t really see myself getting a figure of her plus REALLY don’t like the way her boobs look in this figure…I guess the suit is pressing them down or something but the shape is just utterly unappealing to me. :/

    Misakas: Won’t touch another BQ/Wave figure with a ten foot pole.

    Horo: Hopefully they paint her skin nicely one thing I dislike about E2046 kits in general is the skin tends to look really flat and unappealing as opposed to good PVC releases where it looks more natural and warm I suppose.

    • Aka says:

      I tried to cut back, I really did!

      You have the strangest taste. And I swear when Good Smile Company’s Nadeko came out you were wishing for a version of her with her pants on, now Alter does so and it’s not good enough! 😛 Lingerie would would be nice though.

      Strike Witches is only “good” because of the fan service. And I can enjoy it without having to waste my time on the actual series, how awesome is that?

      Are you watching Robotics;Notes? Or have you given up on the ‘franchise’ after Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate?

      How did Ko-chan ruin Ohana for you?

      Why wont you get any Wave/BQ figures? I think I understand but it would be nice to know for sure. For me it’s generally their size, but I was really quite happy with the Asuka Apron version. I just wish she wasn’t so damn small, I love the idea of interchangeable rotating heads as well.

      E2046’s skin tones are a bit lacking, but I find them far more appealing than any production cold cast figure I’ve received.

      • Ashlotte says:

        I vaguely remember saying that but then that was old me who was much easier to please!

        Yea I’m watching it…Has its moments but sure is a slow burner. I guess I should clarify I love Chaos and Steins as Visual Novels but I think both of their anime adaptations are crap. Haven’t played Robotics so I can’t say when it comes to which is superior (Maybe why I can enjoy it more?).

        Her pining for him just ruined the show for me in general. The whole plot with him was just…ugh. I thought the show was going fine when she seemingly gave up on him, but after they threw him back in the mix I just stopped giving a damn about the show as a whole. *shrug*

        Value mostly. Plus they are a literal crap shoot when it comes to quality and my gambling days are behind me. Rather bet on the sure fire winners now a day.

        Can’t argue with that I find all mass produced Cold casts look like ass. Throw in the fact that they easily break during shipping and the premium price they cost you have a pretty miserable purchase. Only really good skin tones I’ve seen are on individually done stuff like the one I got from a very talented freelancer on Ebay many a year ago.

  2. Quazacolt says:

    oh hey more horo; really getting out of touch on the figure scene and im just relying on RSS/tips from people for my purchases these days.

    it’s really effective on cutting down purchases though XD

    • Aka says:

      I managed to do that for a while… But obviously it didn’t work.

      Yep! Another Horo on the way. Gotta collect ’em all.

  3. Miette-chan says:

    I have come to conclusion that cutting back is impossible. I noticed I spent way too much on 2011 so I thought to cut back this year. True enough, I did for scaled figures but then went and ordered a small army of figmas. In the end I think I got a net decrease in my spending even if I ended up buying as much.

    Interestingly enough a lot of the figures that you are getting are ones that I passed on after much hesitation. Some like Madokami, the Strike Witches girls and Char were simply a matter of price and timing.

    A bunny Char does seem pretty tempting, even if I don’t get her I hope that her quality will speak of the rest of the line as I would like to get Laura at least.

    I used to have such a strong negative biased against BQ, lately I been impressed with how appealing some of them have been. I got the original Biri Biri BQ and should have gotten Laura as well had it not been for some pre-ordering mishaps and now Misaka-imouto has been added to the list. At this point while the small size still bothers me for the price that they usually go for I suppose it is alright.

    While this year I slowed down with scaled figures I wonder how the next will be. Winter Wonfes is only a few weeks away now, I suppose that will be my tell tale sign.

    • Aka says:

      Haha yeah, you’ll always find a way to spend that money burning in your pocket. Especially if you’re like me and have far too many (expensive) hobbies. The only way I save is through auto-deductions now it seems. Have it deducted off my paycheck before I even see my bank account.

      It really depends on the day for me, some days I can just say no, other days I’m so compelled I order. Crazy mood swings or something. And having already spent so much money on some figures, most prices no matter how crazy they seem I feel can be justified because “It’s cheaper than that Global Horo figure, and looks much better!”.

      I’m fairly confident that bunny Char will turn out well. I can only base this off the 1/7th Evangelion figures, but they turned out wonderful. I do hope they do the rest of the girls, as mentioned, I’d like a “China” figure, perhaps they could sell me a Laura. Though I liked the maid Laura, she was just too expensive for what I felt I would be receiving.

      I still have a fairly strong bias against BQ figures… But I ordered some anyway…

      I hope WonFes has nothing I want… Some how I want there to be lots of interesting figures… ah! Perhaps lots of interesting garage kits that I’d really love to have, but can’t because I can’t make garage kits. Then I’ll have a great excuse not to buy anything.

  4. Tenkaminari says:

    Ultimate Madoka: Seriously, I have an urge to burn down GSC’s company. They’re making too many amazing figurines that is hard to resist.

    Charlotte Dunois: Though I don’t quite like this anime and I’m more Tabane-san > Lin > Laura fan, but this Char is surely amazing.
    I think Laura would go along with Char more than Lin. Lin is paired with the French girl (forgot her name)

    Matsumae Ohana: Hmm… I feel that this Ohana doesn’t look boring at all, comparing to others. The way she tied up her sleeves gets a feeling of “Alight, time to work” and it gave me a feeling of wanting to try my best with my work just by looking at this.

    Kousaka Kirino: Though I think she’s super annoying in anime and novel, but this is really amazing.
    There was a weird rumor in Facebook for a while that this Kirino is castoff-able, where you can take off her bra. But I doubt it would be true, judging on how her breasts are sculpted.
    As for Kuroneko, I really cannot tell that it’s her until I read the figurine’s name. (LOL)

    These are what I truly hope I could purchase. Unfortunately, I’m cut short of money recently until I cannot spare any money to make any purchase. TTwTT

    • Aka says:

      I thought Char was the French girl, pretty sure I used to call her France as I used to call them all by their respective countries. Do you mean England?

      Ganbatte Tenkaminari-san!

      Kirino definitely was super annoying… she was like a real little sister in that respect. I don’t think her “bra” is cast-off though, I hope not to be honest. Her breasts would look weird.

      I hate when money gets in the way of ones hobby!

      • Tenkaminari says:

        Oops, I think got mixed up XD (LOL). I meant the girl with blue IS and like to end her phrase with “Desu no”. England? Not sure 😛

        I agree that if Kirino’s bra is cast-off, it will really look weird. But I’ll pretty sure (like 95% sure) that it’s not.