Trip to Colorado #2

A good friend of mine got married in Colorado not to long ago and so I was invited back down to visit the state once more. I didn’t get a lot of time to go out and explore, nor did I have my own means of transportation. But, I did get to explore some of the same things I did last time with new people and get a different perspective than my previous trip. Here are a few shots from the trip.

While there I also met an old friend Mr Chipmunk whom I’d seen at Rocky Mountain National Park last year as well as found Waldo’s Mom.

There wasn’t any snow this time at the top of the mountains, it was a bit windy, but the temperature was awesome. Got out of the car more to take pictures where I hadn’t last year, or if I had, took better ones this year.

Wandered on the tundra, climbed some large rocks (header image of Horo was shot from there) and then got in trouble with the tundra police (park rangers) where they explained that that particular tundra was protected, despite nothing to indicate it was. They were good though, they understood our point of view, and also pointed us in the direction of places we could go and how to go about it. Quite friendly old men, really seemed to enjoy that we were enjoying ourselves in the park, but of course had to follow the rules. You can just see them getting out of their white truck in the 2nd photo below.

After visiting Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park we headed somewhere I hadn’t been, Brainard Lake. The drive from Estes to Brainard was gorgeous, we had perfect weather the whole day so photos turned out quite well even from the window of the moving car like this first image below. The rest are taken around the actual lake. Due to time constraints however we only had ~30 minutes there which was really unfortunate. Would have liked to explore a lot more than I was able to. Next time though!

My best friend, the one who was getting married, has quite the collection of Transfomers. In fact, it is because of him I started collecting anime figures at all, him urging me to collect something. I suspect he hoped for something more like Star Wars or Star Trek action figures, he did after all buy me an entire collection as well as got me Star Trek cufflinks for his wedding (pictured below), but nope my eye was on anime figures. Which he did also buy my first anime figure. This isn’t a photo of his whole collection, he recently just moved so a lot are still boxed and don’t have space yet. Of course, I threw in a little someone à la Where’s Waldo?.

After that it was time to head back to the airport and fly home.


  1. Rajura says:

    Found her!!! She stands out as an angel among commoners!

  2. Tenkaminari says:

    You can’t really call it a game since she shines brightly in that picture, too easy to be spotted. (LOL)

    It’s nice that U.S.’s sky is clear. Thailand has been raining most of the day for like 2 or 3 weeks until I start to feel gloomy.

    • Aka says:

      It’s true, next time I’ll try harder, if I remember. I’ll try and bring one that blends in better with Transformer colours.

      Too bad about the rain, but Colorado could really use some of that rain you’re getting. The state was very dry, had earlier in the summer many parts of it were on fire due to it. You should send the rain their way, they’d be really happy to have it.