Quickie 2.193: Rei & Asuka in High Park

The name “high park” probably brings to mind the outdoors, things like trees and fields, people and picnics, plants and wild life. Dirty storm drains probably don’t top ones list of things they’d associate with a park but that’s where Chag and I went to shoot our Evangelion figures.

Heading out to High Park I wasn’t really sure what to expect, Eva figures and parks just didn’t seem to mix well in my head. But I thought perhaps we could make something work, perhaps once there we’d see something that would just fit, and lo and behold that’s just what happened. After walking to the spot Chag had used previously to shoot his toxic Saber shot and starting to get setup I decided to walk a little ways down to see if there was a different angle we could use… Instead I found a dirty storm drain with graffiti and used condom wrappers surrounding it. It was perfect.

Took some photos of Rei at the same stream as Horo, however none really turned out as to my liking though I had fun messing about and experimenting with the flash in daylight. I’ll post this one below just because it makes me think of the moon and that’s Evangelion related. My favourite shot though of the bunch is the one above, which is somewhat unfortunate actually as neither Chag nor I remember who actually shot it. Chag insists it was me, and I’m quite happy to take the credit for it, but ultimately who knows.

I guess I’ll have to review Asuka now as well… It’s too bad her silly face ruined these shots…



  1. Miette-chan says:

    When I visited Toronto for work Chag took us to Toronto High Park as well. Really nice place, saw several location that could work nicely for figures that fit outdoor locations.

    I shouldn’t be surprised since the usual urban setting is pretty much a street away from the park but I still can’t help it. To think that a nice rundown location like this was in the park. Nice job finding it and taking these rather fitting pictures for the Eva girls.

    • Aka says:

      The park was quite nice for figure shots, it’s just most places didn’t work for Evangelion figures, at least, not them in their plugsuits.

      I think what we should have done though is take photos without the bases, lean them more into the scenery and what not. But too late now.

  2. Nice photos. The gritty background is great. It’s funny how some of the grimiest places turn out to be best places for photo shoots xD

    • Aka says:

      I’m happy it worked out, I wasn’t really sure at the time how much of the structure was going to show through and how it would look in the final product.

  3. Tenkaminari says:

    Wow, I never thought such place can be this great for photo shooting. Your photos turns out very nice.

    I agree that Asuka’s face kind of ruined the mood, but I’d so it’s so Asuka-like LOL.

    • Aka says:

      We certainly didn’t think it’d be a great place either. We agreed it added structure to our shots but were kind of reaching for a while to figure out what we should do with it. Tried a bunch of wide shots and they didn’t really work out, but the stuff that did turned out great.

  4. Did you guys use the same camera for this shoot? Wouldn’t the exif differentiate who shot the image in question? Either way you guys did a great job with the shoot!

    • Aka says:

      I let Chag use my Camera and lenses a bunch of the time, and while he was doing that, I shot a few things with his camera. Neither of us remember explicitly making the shot…