Quickie 2.190: Aka’s Bedroom

After finally cleaning out all the old computer parts and junk that was lying around and putting all that effort in I thought it was time to share/show off. Unfortunately however, getting a panorama shot of the room took far more effort than I was expecting.

The full panorama below is comprised of 43 photos merged using Photoshop and somewhere around 166 MP (lots of overlap) and 4 GB. However Photoshop did a very poor job 95% of the time merging and took a lot of experimentation between lens profiles and merge settings. Then when all was said and done, I had to manually blend the images together to make it look more seamless. It’s far from perfect still, but it’s good enough for what should have been a quick show off post. Doesn’t feel as worth while now after all that effort though.


  1. Chag says:

    Mannn, I am all sorts of jelly. I really dislike how some people fill up their entire walls and ceiling with shitty-looking magazine posters, but you make it look classy. Nice.

    I also like how you’re keeping Princess right next to your bed. HOHOHOHOHO.

    • Aka says:

      What are you talking about? That’s just the left over box from a delicious cake I purchased. Under it however is Trunk Girl’s box, as well as the e2046 Ayanami Rei I bought. Sort of running out of space, need to unbox some/all of that stuff.

      Those shitty-looking magazine posters are tons cheaper than getting large prints as I did. I’m glad it looks classy though, I worried it was starting to look too cluttered.

  2. Oh dang! A nice bedroom setup – quite a nice size! Until I saw the second photo revealing your closet I was worried that all you had for clothing storage was that dresser. (It must be a girl thing for me to notice all that)

    Your displays are nice and your room definitely has the masculine vibe (in the good way). Nice to see where you hide away for most of your time. Maybe once our apartment is clean I’ll do a video tour of our display space. I am not savvy enough for image stitching.. ^^;

    • Aka says:

      Definitely couldn’t live in this room without that closet. The dresser is full, as is the closet! I’ve actually been meaning to go through my clothes and get rid of the stuff I no longer wear as I’m quite out of space. Plus I need to buy some new clothes, I still wear some jeans I had when I was in high school! O_O

      Actually, I also need a new comforter for my bed, that one’s pretty old. Man, I just talked myself out of a lot of money here.

      Thanks for the compliments! I’m happy it doesn’t look like a girls room, that might have been awkward to explain.

  3. Rajura says:

    Oh crap man… you gotta send me a copy of those desktop images… I think I have some similar ones, but they are not at that resolution.

    • Aka says:

      Sure thing. Left and Right. They might show up at a reduced resolution, but a box at the top should read “This image has been resized. Click on the View larger version link in the sidebar for a high-quality version. Hide this message.” just click on “View Larger Version” and wait till it loads, might look like the image is suddenly broken, don’t worry, it’ll load. If for some reason it never does, that would be very strange, but on the left side there’ll be a link either “Download larger version” or “Download PNG” just click one of those for a direct link to the image.

      Neither are in desktop resolution, but can be easily cropped and resized of course.

  4. Rajura says:

    Thanks bud… and by the way… yes, I look through my collection. I do have it, so just be in touch.