Mexico Trip Log: Summary

As expected I had absolutely no time in Mexico to write a post and little time to do so once I arrived home as well. Worse than all that however, I brought Horo all the way down there and only managed to get a couple shots of her, with only one turning out worth a damn. Really really disappointing in that respect, but in the grand scheme of things negligible, I had a blast.

While I may not have taken many shots of Horo, I did take lots of photos while I was with friends so here’s 48 of them, minus the friends.

The beach at the resort. 'shopped out all the people.

Slightly further back on the beach we find shade, wonderfully cool shade.

Here are some animals, seagulls appear to be the same everywhere, as do dogs and chickens.

Here’s Chichen Itza, or as the locals like to call it, Chicken Pizza (no, don’t actually call it that, they get mad). The neatest thing about the big pyramid is the clap. No not the sexually transmitted disease you sicko. If you stand out from the steps and clap and listen for the echo it sounds like a bird’s chirp. This was probably the most interesting thing our tour guide showed us. Funnily enough a group of Japanese tourists were all in front of it with their tour guide when we arrived. They were all clapping in unison and I just thought it was some strange Japanese clapping ritual or they were all just being polite and applauding their tour guide. I certainly felt stupid once I learned the truth.

So many stairs...

There’s more to Chicken Pizza than just the pyramid though, there’s all these other things like small pyramids and buildings that once had roofs and things. Of course forever has passed so they don’t have their roofs any more, and some have big holes in their walls, which actually kind of reminds me of Inception in a way.

Notice that last photo on the right there? The one with the door? Yeah, our guide said all Mayan buildings had doors like that, no really, padlocks and all. I don’t think he understood my question very well. There were also lizards, quite large ones, everywhere.

What do these look like to you? Fish right? No?! But that’s what they said they were at the restaurant! No word of a lie, I walked by them, stopped, walked back to pull out the camera and one of the waiters said with a huge grin on his face that they were fish. I don’t know what kind of fish they have in Mexico but here in Canada, those look like cocks. Three huge cocks next to a dinner table.

Night time at the resort was really quite something. They had all these pathways that in the day time provided shade to and from various locations and at night provided a Myst-like experience. Those calm motionless scenes devoid of people, waiting for you to explore and discover the hidden puzzles. I never found any puzzles though, but the night sky was beautiful to look at once you made it out to the furthest point of the resort. Really felt like I was secluded and far way from everything, but after walking down a path I realized I wasn’t, I was incredibly close but it was all so well hidden.

Admittedly, using a fisheye to capture stars wasn't the best idea.

Hey, didn't I get a picture like this in Colorado too?

This would be such a great place to end with these night scenes but as I’ve decided to post these mostly in the order they were taken that means I can’t end yet! Fourteen more pictures to be had for your viewing pleasure. Deciding on a more lazy day we decided to stop gallivanting around from ruin to ruin and see what was in Playa de Carmen. Ate some street meat, wandered away from the main drag to Walmart to buy Tequila to take home and drank actual bottled Pepsi. I miss glass bottled drinks, and I’m not even old enough to have had them growing up. Also, Drugs Open, apparently Viagra, Melatonin and Cipro are available.

They were sleeping until I took the camera out.

On the final day before we had to head back to our respective homes in different provinces and countries we decided to hit up one more ruin site, this time one we could abuse and climb all over unlike Chicken Pizza where they didn’t let you climb on anything. Ek’ Balam however is unprotected, they’ll let you on everything (nearly) and my aren’t those stairs something mighty scary. A gust of wind and off you go, there’s no stopping on the way down.

The one in the distance is the one you really want up on.

Lens flare!

My, what a big mouth you have (ugly) Grandma.

We got to swim in this! (I don't think that's a dead body)

That’s about it for my Mexican vacation, really wish I could have stayed longer. It felt like everything was free, even though I paid for it all. All inclusive is weird like that, you thrown down a wad of cash before you ever leave, then when you’re there drinking all the drinks you want, eating all the food you want, it feels like someone else is paying. Lessons I’ve learned from Mexico? SPF50 is probably too much, and not wearing any for 2 days to ‘catch up’ on your tan isn’t a good idea. I really like Mojitos, Rum & Coke isn’t as bad as I remember as a child it’s actually quite good (My Mom drinks ’em so I tasted one as a kid, turned me off for 20 years), pretty much every mixed alcoholic beverage is good. Oh and I learned I’m apparently amazing at archery, at least with a ghetto bow and target… and massive amounts of beginners luck.

Robin Hooded dat shit yo. Next shot wuz a nine-ooooooh buddeehhh!! Yeeeahh!!


  1. 龙龙 FReD says:

    It’s an enviable travel!

  2. Rajura says:

    You scared me with the “phallus” photo!

    Right… fish… *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

    Well, the photo of Holo is okay, I know you were limited.

    Oh that reminds me, I still have to get mine up on MFC. D’oh!

    Thanks for the low-down on the trip… for some reason I had always had a negative view of the all-inclusive scene… too “touristy”… maybe I’ll reconsider.

    • Aka says:

      Fish, sperm, w/e they’re similar enough right?

      I think if I packed a little lighter with the camera equip, or used the heavy duty bag I could have brought Horo everywhere. But the heat would have been another enemy.

      All-inclusive is very touristy. However I went with a wedding party of ~26 so there were lots of people to socialize with. I think if I went with 2-3 it might not have been as fun.

      Then again, perhaps I’d be social enough to talk with randoms more if I went more on my own.

  3. Russell says:

    How I wish I could have such an wonderful trip like you did with horo!

  4. Hmmm, lots of nice pics. Looks like it was a lot fun ^^

    • Aka says:

      Definitely was. Though, all the fun pics I didn’t post because I value my friends privacy.

  5. Wow, the pics came out great! Looks like you had a blast – how does it feel coming back to our sub 10 degree weather? -_- When will this stupid weather go away?! Those blue skies and clear nights remind me of the cruise I went on in the Carribean years ago – I was lucky the weather held that whole week, mid 20’s with a nice warm breeze.

    So did you end up climbing all those steps to the top of the Mayan temple? Get any weird vibes like someone was watching you the whole time? =P

    Did anyone explain what kind of cock fish those were? I thought they might’ve been melted candles or stalagmites – but fish? Jelly fish? Either way, that was a good laugh, thanks! XD

    • Aka says:

      Actually when I came back (a month ago) it was 20°C here, it was like I brought Mexico back with me, so great. When I left though it was -7°C so 27°C weather was wonderful.

      Climbed the steps of the 2nd set of ruins, but the first was fenced off. You weren’t allowed to climb it. Didn’t feel like anyone was watching me beyond the other tourists.

      They never specified, and I never asked for clarification.

  6. huhaku says:

    Great, This is a very beautiful the journey

  7. Tenkaminari says:

    Wow, I love your pictures. Especially the moon and stars.