Colorado Trip Log: Horo Compilation

This morning I noticed I was receiving hits from Isuna Hasekura’s blog (author of Spice & Wolf) and the thought dawned on me, I never followed up my trip posts with any properly post-processed photos. Just there poorly and “quickly” (netbook’s are never quick) processed ones from the loaner netbook I was using. So here’s a compilation of all the Horo shots taken.

Horo in her perch, at least until the accident that broke her wrist. After that she was placed in safer locations and later repaired.

Spending some time resting atop admiring the view.


Waiting at a construction site Horo’s visited by a new friend. Shortly after this encounter her wrist is broken. Despite that she enjoys heading up the mountains all the same.

A little fun, tried an old style photo.

Hiking to the side of a mountain. Cheated a little and found the snow saved by the shade.

Somehow I managed to capture nearly the exact same stare above in the image below. Almost a little creepy, like some of those YouTube videos with people making the same smile thousands of times in thousands of different photos.


A lot of these are probably reposty, but hopefully they look better this time around. Processing photos on a tiny little netbook with a terrible screen and no computational power whatsoever made it difficult during the trip, so theyw ere all reprocessed after I got home. Hope you enjoyed ’em!



  1. Chag says:

    CAT PHOTO!!! That’s some MFC POTD material right there, man. Fuck composition and lighting — cat > all. But yeah, you guys brought a cat on the trip? How did that work out? Was the cat content with the accommodations?

    That Volks Horo’s sitting pose really is handy, as not relying on a big plastic disk makes her look really natural in a lot of these photos. Glad to hear that you’re still getting hits from Hasekura, btw — looks like your years of unwavering (albeit slightly psychotic) devotion to his character has finally paid off! =P

    • Aka says:

      I’ll direct you to this post from the trip where I explain where the cat came from. TL;DR, didn’t bring it with us, wasn’t ours.

      Other than that photo happened during the trip, I don’t think it’s anything special at all so, you’re right it would get POTD on MFC.

      That’s why I took Volks Horo with me, while I had her base as well I figured I’d be able to just set her on things instead and for the most part, it worked. I did find that her left leg/foot was raised too much for most situations though.

      Only ever get hits from Hasekura to that cosplay post whose content isn’t mine. Kind of sucks, but still I’m happy he’s even aware I exist in some form. Just need to get Koume Keito and Ayakura Jyuu in on it and I’ll have the whole set!

    • That1Gai says:

      That cat has some balls standing next to someone who can turn into a 2-3 story high wolf!

  2. Tenkaminari says:

    Wow, it’s nice to be able to bring figurine with you to trips.

    I like this picture the most

    • Aka says:

      The only thing better would be if she were poseable. Actually, we know what would be even better than that, but I’ll stay away from wishing too much.

  3. Rajura says:

    Thanks for putting all of these in one location.

    I really like the “old-timey” photograph. Now, you just need to do a black-and-white one. I think Holo would be well suited for that; she is rather timeless. *grins*

    Repeats or not, it’s always a pleasure to see your work.

    • Aka says:

      Well, truth be told every photo I take is in colour, there’s no point taking a black & white photo with a digital camera these days. Reason being, you can just change it to black & white later on if the colour doesn’t work out.

      I think Horo being timeless and all needs an old oil painting or something. Something I’m just not capable of producing. Maybe one of us should commission such at thing 😉

  4. Firecloak says:

    It’s nice to see Holo in so many different settings! =D

  5. 龙龙 FReD says:

    Enviable trip!!!