Quickie v1.361: Christmas Haul

This post is nothing more than bragging about the awesome gifts I got for Christmas, but that’s what Christmas is all about right? How many of the things on your list could you convince your family of acquiring on your behalf. I jest, I jest, it’s really about suffering, suffering through the social differences of contrasting generations and their contradictory perspectives of every other generation as compared to their own. Fun times!

First on the list is quite utilitarian, however no less coveted by yours truly. It’s a trickle charger for my motorcycle, more specifically it’s a battery charger with different modes one of which is trickle charging. A very important accessory for my motorcycle as I’d very much like it to start in the spring as well as for the battery to last as long as possible. Hopefully through using this device all will be well for as long as can be. This was a gift from Santa (a.k.a. my Mother).  I’m not sure why my Mother continues the Santa gag, but I suppose it’s tradition.*

Another item “Santa” gave me was an item I really didn’t expect to receive. It was on the list, but was something I thought I’d likely buy myself once I’d gotten a bit more into recording video, so this one was a real surprise. It’s a Røde VideoMic microphone. It fits into the hotshoe on my Nikon D7000 and plugs into the external mic jack on the side. Comparing the sound between the Røde and the onboard, I’m extremely happy to have it as there really is a massive difference. Unfortunately however, this means I need to start actually recording stuff and making use of it. *sigh* Sounds like work.

The second last item I’ll bother sharing with you, as no one wants to hear about the socks I got, comes from my youngest sibling. She too stuck 100% to my list and got me a GorillaPod. I told her all the wonderful things I could do with it and her eyes lit up and said we had to go take some pictures. However since we live in Canada, it was cold outside and we decided that we liked the warmth of the fireplace in the house and opted to hang out there instead. I don’t feel too bad about this decision though, as most of the area was pretty boring and I’m a very lazy man, except when I travel. So instead I gave her a demonstration of it’s potential uses and hung my expensive dSLR, lens and flash from a door frame, upside down… and walked away. Truth be told, I too thought it was going to fall and that I’d be a very sad man indeed, but the GorillaPod held up it’s end of the bargain with interest no less. The photo I took using it was really quite good. Unfortunately for the Internets, I wont be sharing it.

Last item time, my very first ever completely manual, no auto-focus, no-chip, completely lacking in any automation what-so-ever, lens. While it’s not a Nikon/Sigma or any of the usual big name lens manufacturers it’s still quite a good little item I think. It’s an Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 fisheye. The first thing I learned about this little lens and likely about this type of lens in general is that they’re really hard to focus. Of course, I’d read that they were, but being the over confident person I can sometimes be I thought I’d be able to do it because I’m amazing. Well I’ll tell you, I turned that focus ring back and forth back and forth and maybe once or twice did I see anything maybe sorta go out of focus. Since everything is so small through the viewfinder and fisheye, the detail is hard to see and there fore hard to focus. I found I had better results guessing the distance between me and the object and setting the focus to that distance. Also through the use of this lens I learned how to use one of the features of my D7000, by entering in the lens information, the camera could record the aperture and focal length in the EXIF data, as well as display in the camera’s various information screens which aperture I had it set to so I didn’t need to look at the ring. But back to the focusing issue, the general advice is to close the aperture more and then you needn’t worry as much about focus, but all the photos I was taking were in doors and as such I’d chosen to leave it at f/3.5 to allow in as much light as possible as a flash has considerably less effect with a fisheye.

The rest of my family received items such as coffee makers (yes, plural, my Grand-Mother received two!), clothes, Kiva cards and more interestingly BlackBerry PlayBooks. Thanks to the recent discounts I think nearly everyone in my family as well as a couple friends this Christmas received one of these devices, myself included as a freebie from my employer. A little unfortunate for me as I’d actually purchased one in the first sales way back in September. Never the less, that makes seven PlayBooks in the family now ranging the full spectrum from 16 GB to 64 GB. Actually, scratch that unfortunate line from above, the real unfortunate thing is that I now get to support all these devices for my family, there’s going to be so many questions about “how do I do this” and “how do I do that” and “how did you plug yours into the TV and watch movies”… I think the funniest question so far was “So, I can get to the iStore with this right?” I think family-wise, the best feature is the VideoChat feature, it’s like Skype but (unfortunately) only PlayBook to PlayBook and since we all have one now and it’s simple to do. I guess that means I’ll be receiving an exponentially larger amount of video chat requests than in the past. Thankfully I only have to show shoulders up, which means I don’t have to wear pants. *sigh of relief*

On the note of Skype, I think the best present I gave my family this year was hooking up a laptop to the TV and bringing a good Webcam. This being good because my brother moved out to British Columbia over the summer and wasn’t able to fly back for Christmas. So in hooking it all up to the TV, we were all able to see him and chat with him without huddling around a small laptop screen and webcam. Worked out so good, I was really happy it did because it was a bit of a last minute idea for me as I was leaving to do the whole Christmas thing.

Now that the bragging is all done and over with, here’s the part where I feign interest in your Christmas haul 😉 So, what did you get? Anyone open enough with their family to ask them for figures? I’m not quite there yet, though this Christmas I did introduce Horo as my wife. They’d asked about the character in many of my Colorado photos and also finally understood some of the passwords on things such as their WiFi. At any rate, by all means brag and link below, love to know what others received both as a means to measure my own haul by and for additional ideas to gift others.



* Maybe this is why I feel so comfortable having a fictional character as my wife. My entire family seems ok with continuing the charade of a fictional omnipresent fat man who can travel faster than modern physics can ever allow.
** Did the third sentence of my opening paragraph even make sense? It feels like it does. But, then it also feels like I just tried to use some big words and sound witty. Here’s hoping I accomplished at least some of that endeavour.
*** While writing this my mother called just to talk and my step-Dad had a question for me. I knew this is how it’d be haha.
**** These “quickie” posts always seem to inflate themselves into full post territory.


  1. Chag says:

    Wow, your family is a generous bunch — such pricey (and thoughtful) gifts! I don’t think I’ve ever personally celebrated a gift-giving holiday like this in my life. Sure, there’s Chinese New Year when relatives try to one-up each other with gifts, but I was too young back then to really take part. I got those red envelopes, of course, but my parents took them and said they’d save it for my university tuition (which they did ultimately pay for). So yeah, I’ve never had a “haul”. Yay.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays, you lucky bastard. 😉

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, I’ve been pretty spoiled for most of my life and it’s probably because of that that I feel Christmas is such a shallow holiday. While I love to receive all these wonderful toys, I always wonder why we’ve fallen for the whole deal. I suggested this year that instead of getting each other all gifts of varying degrees of thoughtfulness we should just donate to some charity of our choice instead, or perhaps spend the money on whomever in the family needed something most. But they weren’t really down with that idea.

      I was actually the one who gifted the Kiva cards to everyone, and I guess it could be considered by some to be one of the worst “gifts” to receive as it’s not really a gift at all. But I wanted to do something different that didn’t follow with the whole purchasing of useless crap you’ll never see them use again ordeal. Everyone seemed ok with it, but I’m not really sure. I worry they’re just being polite, but then I second guess everything. They probably are fine with it, I hope they are.

      With the above said, I think to some extent it might be best you haven’t celebrated the same kind of gift-giving holidays as I have. I guess that’s easy for someone in my position to say, having received lots of great things.

  2. Quazacolt says:

    how does sharing waifus work, i’ve never really pondered on this before wwwwww

    as for my christmas:

    • Aka says:

      Sharing waifus? I’m not sure I follow.

      Sucks you had the flu, I’ve had a sore throat for much of the holidays. Still do in fact. That video, at first I was thinking it was terrible, and then the real song kicked in and it was great.

      • Quazacolt says:

        this lol w

        well being a traditional chinese family my mom still wants me to get a 3d waifu so that’s that. lol

        and hyadain, he is awesome. gotten really famous since nichijou (also another awesome comedy anime) and ever since getting more and more awesome.

        also sand the ED for nyanpire, which horo (amisuke)/lawrence is starring it 😉

        • Aka says:

          I think most parents would like their children to acquire real significant others rather than imaginary friends. My family took Horo as mai waifu as a joke, as they probably the right reaction to have as even I don’t take myself too seriously with these things.

          I should probably get around to watching Nichijou, but the past couple of months I’ve been re-watching old TV shows on Netflix, as well as new shows like Breaking Bad etc.. I kind of got a little bored with anime, it’d gotten either too repetitive or too hollow/shallow and felt really pointless. Still, despite that I have kept up pretty well with Fate/Zero and Working!! so I’m not a complete loss in the community.

          Side note: I’d forgotten how hard it is to follow/parse your comments. Don’t mean to offend, just feels like I need to be more ‘in the know’ already to understand parts of them.

          • Quazacolt says:

            *in a sense* i actually took it quite seriously, but my mom who well, knew me for all *my life* knows better than to change my stubborn decisions 😀

            obviously she did try to talk to me about it out of concerns as my entire room are filled with horo merchandises/tapestries/figures etc. and i did spent THOUSANDS [in my currency at least, or to put it in another way, half of my 1 month salary at that time, to buy one season of horo BDs, not even counting other random shit i have spent on her. so yeah, she’s probably questioning my sanity there wwwwwwwwwww

            well that is quite understandable if you arent going full weaboo 😛
            you could probably just look up the youtube videos if you dont want to spend time watching the entire series (it is 2 seasons of 20+ episodes after all) as it is quite like lucky star, except more “noob friendly” and i find it actually very hilarous as it really relates to your everyday life (hence the title’s literal translation, which is “everyday/everyday life”)

            and yea, no offense taken. from my prev post, i personally couldn’t find anything that you might find hard to understand save the below:

            – i typo’d sang to sand (yes, hyadain, the artist for the video on my site, and the person who sang nichijou’s opening theme song, sings the ed song for nyanpire along with natsuko aso (which they get along REALLY well rofl!)
            – nyanpire is yet another anime (animenewsnetwork/google it)
            – amisuke is koshimizu ami’s nickname, which is horo’s seiyuu (voice actor)
            – lawrence’s seiyuu is fukuyama jun, which voices nyantenshi (“angel cat” lol) in nyanpire

            anything else, as usual, feel free to ask me and i am glad to answer 🙂

          • Aka says:

            I do have the benefit of my mother not understanding or realizing how much I’ve spent on my hobbies. While I never bought the Blurays, because they were obscenely expensive, I did spend money on suspect quality figures like those from Global for exorbitant prices, and bought exclusives like Volks’ Horo. And will be buying the too expensive and probably cheaply made e2046 knock-off pre-painted garage kit. I also bought duplicates of Koto and CM’s Corp’s Horos. So I’m not far away from other Horo-fantatics. But I think I had the added advantage/disadvantage of other hobbies and have to balance my costs amongst them which stops me from being too excessive/stupid in any single place. Also helps me appear more sane to those around me I think. Photography, Computers, Motorcycle… all pretty ‘normal’ hobbies. With the more hidden hobby of collecting scale model fictional women.

            Also, a note on collecting… Don’t do what I did and keep an extremely detailed spreadsheet of the costs involved. Every time you look at it, you’ll become extremely depressed with just how much you’ve spent.

            Nah, I liked Lucky Star, and friends say Nichijou is good so I’ll just have to set aside some time. Marathoning seems to work best for me these days rather than weekly. Not worried about ‘n00b friendly’ either, I’m still pretty heavily embedded within the anime scene, even if I don’t watch as much as I used to.

            “Sand” certainly through me off, Nyanpire I didn’t know anything about, and Horo/Lawrence staring in something else I made a guess as you meant their VA’s but wasn’t sure. When I’m not sure of something from someone who’s more ‘in the know’ than I am, I start questioning if I parsed their words correctly or if I missed something. Prior to the prevalence of Google I used to make a lot of mistakes understanding what people were trying to communicate to me, always interpreting the wrong meaning it seemed.

          • Quazacolt says:

            Let’s just say the way i spend on my shit, it’s kinda hard for people not to notice LOL! I mean, i have all the horo figures you got and then more, with the exception of the global ones because its just plain lame to buy coldcasts thats super expensive and are only horo “look-alikes” at best :/

            i mean, just one horo bedsheet alone is easily around the same price as that exclusive volks horo figure price, and i have 2. the dakimakura covers are WAY more expensive, 1 being a comiket exclusive which i had to rely on proxy, and the other being 2way tricot material. adding a bit more and its easily a season of jpn horo BDs, which i also have.

            as for other hobbies… hell:

            and im developing interests in motorcycles too apart from an ongoing interest in cars (spent WAY over 10k MYR (about….6+ seasons of jpn blurays? lol) thus far in replacing/overhauling my current car inherited from my mom lol)

            being an audiophile also means i collect music CDs (and most of them being limited editions/exclusives at that, some even having the japanese artists autographs lol)

            how would all those be possible if im living in a (supposedly, lol!) third world country in an average pay grade? easy! being a debt-fag, knee deep in debts, forever-a-loan. D:

            i used to keep a record of my figure spendings too on notepad.exe. one day i just simply gotten too lazy and just stop altogether, i guess my excuse was that i can use google to track (shipping/invoice emails lol) which is quite a valid “Excuse” to myself lol

            and yea, i get that sometimes too, though i guess im a bit more opened in asking to clear my doubts as needed, even though i tend to get into embarrassing/awkward situations ^^;
            so again, feel free to just ask me directly, i wont mind 😉

          • Aka says:

            So I’m not the only one who still buys physical CDs. I hate digital downloads, they’re inferior in so many ways. I have bought a couple, but only when they were available in FLAC.

            I guess you’re getting pretty close to audiophile. Though it would seem not in the extreme spectrum of things I tend to associate the term with. I’m a bit of an audiophile, and used to be more of one when I was in my early 20s. To me a true audiophile is kind of a moron who makes dubious claims about the range of their hearing. Claims such as being able to hear 30 kHz off their vinyl record, which perhaps the record is capable of producing, and their multi-thousand dollar discrete amplifiers and pre-amplifiers are capable of accurately amplifying, even their speakers accurately representing, but their ears are simply incapable of actually hearing. I think you fall into the same category I do. I like good sound, I like accurate sound, I don’t want to purchase any compressed media, CDs and “lossless” files like FLAC/ALAC are the only compression I’ll settle for. A good set of headphones and a good amplifier to power them and that’s that. I make no dubious claims about being able to hear above my physical limitations of possessing a human ear.

            As for the motorcycle interest… screw the car, use it to get to point A and B in conditions where a car is necessary. Motorcycles are where it’s at, any motorcycle is cooler than a car. And performance is cheaper and far more attainable. I bought a relatively slow motorcycle in North America and sport bike terms, but at 7.7 lbs for every hp, with me on it no less, that gives it a better power to weight ratio than a Ferrari 360 Modena. Admittedly the car will always be faster in the corner and braking though, but who cares it’s a fun statistic.

            I keep my purchase records in an excel spreadsheet with the following headers, Manufacturer, Series, Character, Version, Scale, Retailer, Date Ordered, Purchase Price, Date Shipped, Shipping Cost, Duty/Tax, Extra Fees, Shipping Type, Days In Transit, Date Arrived, Total Cost, Total Period (from date ordered to arrived), Order#, and Notes. I then have another sheet where I do the same for figures I’ve sold and a third sheet in the same document where I combine all of these into totals and averages as well as including my average wage per day, and the average amount I spend on figures per day etc… It’s depressingly detailed.

            Modern society is all about being in debt it seems.

            Oh yeah, I still haven’t found a Horo dakimakura I like, only reason I haven’t purchased one. I think it’s for the best. Same with Dollfies, a Horo Dollfie doesn’t exist, so I haven’t had to spend $1,000+ on one… I hope to hell such a thing never exists.

          • Quazacolt says:

            funnily enough, the CDs i bought, some of them i’ve never even played them (downloaded digitally before hand lol) or i rip them once, and just store the CDs in my glass display. its a bitch to swap CDs that only have 1-2ish songs if you’re familiar to buying japanese singles :/

            as far as audiophile goes, i guess it really depends on one self definitions. though if you follow wikipedia’s definitions, i guess i fit in that category. feel free to read up the review on my headphones/amp 🙂

            the Headphones i have are a mid range headphone too btw, so thats quite decent for someone to proclaim being an audiophile. That and i have decent surround sound speakers for my gaming/movies/anime, and i invested quite a bit for my car audio (which are entry level stuff despite being the most expensive. car audio arent cheap at all lol)

            well the bike deal is just tentative, as im still a car person at heart. performance is one thing, air conditioner and ICE (in car entertainment, in which case, car hi-fi/audio lol) is where it’s at. nothing beats cruising at high speeds listening to hi fidelity ani-song 🙂

            well there are dolffie customs that would beat even potential official volks horo, which i am looking forward to buy once i have settled down on my new car plans/priorities. the one thing i hate about dolls are seam lines, and the custom silicon doll base would solve that. though its albeit expensive lol (say, my entire month wage just for a headless doll body expensive) its about 100k yen if you want the figure, and thats about how much i earn/month currently after tax deductions

            then a custom head thats well sculpted/painted cost just about that price too 😀

            so yea, not something i can buy on a whim, definitely need a ton of planning and budgeting 🙁

          • Aka says:

            That’s not really funny, it’s how I think it goes these days. It’s more or less how I do it as well, download a bunch of music, figure out what I like, then buy those CDs. I don’t think I’d buy any music if I didn’t get it free first, as I wouldn’t know if I liked it. I’m sure this paragraph will get me in trouble in the future. Singles are something I’ve never purchased before, not a fan of them. I tend to like albums a lot better.

            I did read up on your headphones and amp when I wrote my previous comment. Wikipedia’s definition is far more broad than the definition of most people I know. By Wikipedia’s definition, anyone who collects music is an audiophile, and I really disagree with that. I would argue that an audiophile focuses on hardware alone, where a musicophile focuses on music.

            I’m not sure trying to brag your way into being more of an audiophile than you already are is something one should wish to do. It’s like bragging how stupid you are. I say that because the further intrenched into the whole audiophile scene you are, the more you’re spending on at best dimishing returns and at worst snake oil.

            Investing in car audio doesn’t make you an audiophile at all I would argue. There are so many variables in a car that make them poor for sound reproduction. The quality of the power output by the battery an alternator, the noise that all the other electronics can cause in the power, the engine noise itself, the wind as you drive, the tyres smacking the pavement, the bumps in the road, the rattling plastics and panels, the materials reflecting sound in every direction. This is not an ideal listening environment, the fidelity of the sound matters far less. Which is why the specifications on car audio amps are very poor compared to home amplifiers and advertise entirely based on their claimed output power levels.

            I was a car person through and through until spring 2011. I don’t miss ICE at all, it was a distraction from the journey. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to the radio and music off my iPod in the car all the time when I drive it, but I’m never driving the car for a journey, I’m driving it for utility only these days. I would miss A/C however if I lived where you do. Mine’s been broken and I just don’t care to fix it, so rarely need it.

            Side note, anime music and a great deal of modern music, do not have the dynamic range to require expensive high fidelity sound. They’re processesd for a reduction in dynamic range, which makes them sound louder (Loudness War). This reduces the overall sound quality, and makes it great for digital compression like mp3/aac. I’m probably being a bit over broad in my assumption that all anime music falls into this category, but it’s so rare that I hear an anime track that feels like it’s been cared for. They all sound so generic and sugary, or poor approximations of other real bands. That doesn’t make it bad music, that just makes it unfit to invest in expensive audio equipment to listen to it on.

            Side note #2, traveling at high speed in the car increases the tyre and wind noise that the car generates. This mean you need to increase the volume at which you listen to compensate for the added noise. This means that you’re increasing the distortion created by the amplifier, reducing the sound quality further. Additionally, by increasing the volume, you’re causing more of the car to vibrate in unison with the music, further distorting and destroying the sound environment. To call it high fidelity is absurd. A better way to invest in ICE, is to make your car quieter and vibrate less using sound deadening materials, and removing objects on the external portion of the car that cause wind noise, or modifying them to be more aerodynamic.

          • Quazacolt says:

            Well, i am merely claiming myself being an audiophile based on the general definitions of it. That, and i do have plans for home speakers, and upgrading my headphones (the goal is the flagship AD2000, and a suitable amp which wouldn’t be cheap driving something of that line)

            and yes, i am WELL AWARE of the diminishing returns of getting better headphones/amps/DAC/cables (heh a piece of cables worth few thousands). i know you’re making a point that buying something more expensive than they should (especially if one isn’t even guaranteed to be able to listen/differentiate its improvements) is fairly stupid. however i can say the same for buying plastics *coughfigurescough* that does nothing while i can at least enjoy good (or better, when i upgrade my stuff) with audio stuffs. granted, to each their own on their spending, and i did mentioned that i’m retarded when it comes to spending and thus raking up a serious debt here (which i am trying to reduce ^^;)

            considering what you know, THAT’s why car audio are not cheap at all. and by car audio i meant the good ones. think about this: an entry level car audio setup i have, is about 4k my currency. the AT AD900 which is mid range, 2 steps below from the high end flagship AD2000 is at around rm1k-1.3k. the amps probably around 400-600ish (cant remember) that glaring gap should be enough to tell you car audio isn’t cheap/easy to get into.

            unless you’ve really got into it, experienced how well good car audio setups can perform, you’ll never appreciate it. granted, i’ve been poisoned by competition level car audio setups (well over MYR15k,to even over 20k setups) and its just, really, really good. engine noise/road noise matters nothing when the volume is up optimal levels (think of it as wearing a headphone)

            now, you may argue that as being dangerous not able to hear road noise, but lets be serious here, when you’re on the highway with no one else around you cruising, would it matter? besides, after so many years of car audio (started since 2009) i’ve gotten used to paying extra attention on my mirrors/surrounding, so i still get around EASY despite losing my sense of hearing towards road conditions

            oh and radio with ICE, nope. lol. frequency disruptions is good enough for me to ignore it entirely. i just thumb drive + my favorite anisongs in them 🙂

            and yes, i do agree with you on that, though not all anime music are being affected by the loudness war (and yes, i am well aware of that too, audiophile and all, aye? wwwwww), some (well, a lot of them are in the oldies, say early 90’s heh) still retains enough dynamic range to benefit from high fidelity equipment.

            but i guess i am probably not anal enough to care so much about it to the point i stop listening to anime music because of the loudness war or other reasons. and yes, probably not audiophile enough by your standards/definition, which i am fine with it, so long i am enjoying the music i like, what else is there to bother? 😀

            that said though, what you said is true, which is why i will only stay in the mid range level of car audio (10-20k or so) once i get my new car and will proceed to install new ICE on it. as currently, there are no good HUs (head unit, or the cd/player/receiver) that plays FLAC, which i am only limited to 320kbit mp3 and yea, no reason to go for high end ICE with that at all rofl

            as for your 2nd side note: that is why you get a friggin good amp that doesn’t distort at high volume so long it is properly tuned, and that is why you do sound proofing on your car lol. like i said earlier, you really REALLY got to audit a good competition level SQ (sound quality, while the direct opposite, SPL which is sound pressure level, like most americans do with their cars) ICE setups. and yes, what you said here, sound deadening materials etc, i’ve done them 🙂
            why else a friggin entry level ICE setup costs so much?

          • Aka says:

            You’re really misunderstanding the points I was trying to make. However, as this is not really the right forum in which to discuss this, I think I’ll end the debate here.

  3. nitro2k01 says:

    I’m a bit jealous. I wouldn’t say no to these presents. Especially the microphone. I don’t have a microphone and Røde has a good reputation. Wouldn’t say no to the GorillaPod either. Or the lens if I actually had a system camera. ._.

    And I’m suspecting Blackberry are selling PlayBook at a deficit, either to gain market shares, or to cover losses from worse-than-expected sales. There’s probably a risk that they’ll stop supporting it within a couple of years. Seems like a fun toy to play with, nonetheless.

    • Aka says:

      Do you do a lot of video work? I’ve never really done much in that realm and find it a bit overwhelming. I suppose a lot like a dSLR was when I first got it. It’s taken me years of trial and error to get to where I am with my camera, I wonder if it’ll take as long to be comfortable with video. Maybe I should take a course for once…

      System cameras … there’s a lot of good to them, and a lot of bad. An example of bad would be last night when I was out with a bunch of friends. They brought their cameras, I brought mine. Theirs fit in their pocket. Mine was 20 lbs of equipment in a backpack. Theirs pulled out in seconds, mine took 5 minutes to setup lol… I suppose I could have not brought ALL the gear, but I didn’t know what I’d need!

      Research in Motion is definitely taking a hit on the PlayBook. I think in hindsight there’s a number of things they could have changed to be more competitive at launch, or more appealing. But hindsight is 20/20 as they say. My family seems pretty happy with theirs, and I’m happy with mine. I guess we’ll see where that goes over the next while, if they’re still using theirs in a couple months. I know I’ll be using mine, I’ve already been using one since September.

      As for the support issue… At least they’re not HP Touchpads.

  4. Tenkaminari says:

    Wow, your family is really nice. I got nothing for Christmas-New Year ;;w;;
    Maybe I used up my luck for keeping my job after the flood incident in Thailand 😛

    My family, especially my dad, never approve all this 2D stuffs. Just knowing that I brought new manga could get me into trouble with dad.
    So most of my collections are kept in their boxes after I took photo for review. (I even need to secretly take photos)
    I really envy you.

    • Aka says:

      I suppose the question one might ask is, did you expect to receive anything on those two occasions? Is it a family tradition? It’s a tradition for my family so there’s some expectation of gift giving and receiving. I’m not really a fan of it any more, I do get wonderful gifts but I find it unfair. I guess not unfair enough not to brag about it on the Internet, but no body is perfect. I am trying to convince them to spend less at Christmas but they turn around and spend more. Which then makes me feel bad receiving it. First world problems, I know.

      I don’t think I would ever say that my family approves or supports my 2D habits, I’m not sure they even know just how far it really goes. They’re aware that I collect some merchandise like little statues and what not, with some characters being more prominent than others. My father has commented that he preferred my collection of anime figures to my friends collection of transformers, but more on the grounds of organization and display rather than content of either. My friends collection of Transformers tends to look like a big mess where my figures collection is nicely displayed in cabinets.

      As for the photography side of things, this is the hobby my family is most familiar and supportive of. As can be seen by the gifts I received. Little do they know it’s supportive of my secondary hobby ufufuu~ Though I don’t need to secretly take photos of my figures, I still choose to do so as it makes me more comfortable when taking up skirt shots and the like. I’ll probably show them some of the more artsy photos of figures I’ve taken if it ever comes up though.

      Whether I ever fully acknowledge this site to my family…. eeehhh I say a lot of stuff on here that might be too far over the edge for them. I do like that I can maintain some semblance of normalcy in the real world…