Colorado Trip Log: Day 7

And on the seventh day, he rested. We’re so close to Utah right here in Grand Junction, CO I can’t not paraphrase the bible, no matter how much of an atheist I may be. But yeah, the seventh day was just a day of travel and rest for the most part.

The scenery changed quite a lot from the Rockies to western Colorado. It shifted from huge mountains down to sandy looking ridges and plateaus. They look almost as if they’re a giant sand castle wall, except in places where there were obvious landslides in the past.

The drive down HWY#6 and I-70 was incredibly scenic for the highway type, following “The Mighty Colorado River” through the canyons it carved out, down grades that exceeded the 7% rating according to the GPS (Hit 8.1%). This made me question one of the other roads we’d planned on going on, Old Fall River Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park, it was a gravel road, the original road around the mountains. It had grades up to 16% and switch backs as tight as 20 ft / 6 m, definitely don’t want a large vehicle there. Probably incredibly scenic, but where to stop and take a picture I’m not sure.

About the only productive thing accomplish this day was laundry and the purchase of mead by KB9SKW I probably should have bought some too, but I don’t drink very much. Oh well.



  1. Rajura says:

    Once again, nice pics! You really are making me jealous… 7 days now?

    When was the last time I had a vacation?

    I hope the trip continues to be amazing (and no other accidents… sorry for bringing this up again).

    • Aka says:

      7 Days so far, two more days here in Colorado I believe, then I have to start heading home. It’ll be a two week vacation over the whole duration. However after Colorado I think the rest is going to be boring and I may not take many pics.

      Kept trying to figure out how to take pictures of flat land in an interesting way, it’s difficult from the ground. Additionally it’s hard to make Horo fit in some times. Distances of objects and what not.

  2. Rajura says:

    Yeah, I understand… well, enjoy the rest of the trip and have a safe trip back.

    I eventually need to explore “My Hat”… of course that will have to be broken up into at least a few trips. I would probably do the Maritime Provinces and then work my way west a few provinces and territories at a time.