Colorado Trip Log: Day 5

Day 5 was supposed to be a visit to Devil’s Tower and a scenic drive through the National Grasslands in South Dakota Wyoming. Two things didn’t quite work out in our favour however but I’ll get to those in order.

The day started off pretty good, it was going to be a long drive from Rapid City, SD to Greeley, CO so we left pretty early. We reached Devil’s Tower pretty quickly and took a bunch of photos there. The scenery up to the tower was quite nice and I enjoyed just staring out the window and listening to the Car Talk podcast.

Next up was the National Grasslands in South Dakota. Not too long after entering them we encountered a construction zone with a pilot vehicle. This meant we had to wait for it to return and it was a good distance. No biggie, we ended up finding some friends to keep us company for the duration. Some kittens from the house next to the road strolled over to the car and I opened my door to give ’em a pet. They were more than happy to join us on the dash and keep us company, was pretty cute.

After the construction zone ended however there was a confusion of hand signals from the pilot car, we though he was indicating to us to stop but he was waving at some on coming traffic instead. This would have been no big deal if the driver behind us had been watching where he was going… except he wasn’t. He smashed into the back of our car. There wasn’t any big damage, but it certainly sucked none the less. Damage to the car was mostly bumper related but has otherwise driven just fine.

A side effect of the damage however was Volks Horo, her hand broke off in the impact as she flew off her perch on the door, into the dash and then onto the floor. This angered me far more than the bumper damage, but I suppose that’s to be expected since it wasn’t my car and insurance will cover damages to the car, not Horo. Perhaps Horo could have been covered as contents within the car but I don’t think they’d agree to her cost. Additionally, I had a headache for the rest of the day, it came and went but certainly wasn’t pleasant.

The rest of the day was fine, but the Grasslands were pretty boring in terms of photography. It was neat to see once, how empty it was, and the lack of trees. But I don’t feel such a need to go back. We did however see some animals and more interesting, a mine. There was an open coal mine in the Grasslands with lots and lots of those really big dump trucks hauling out all the coal. It would then be put on trains which would barely make it up the ever so slight but constantly inclines away from the mines. Was quite an operation but I don’t support coal power at all, it’s terribly dirty. I was surprised that I didn’t see more wind turbines throughout the grasslands, perhaps it was because of these coal operation.

By the end of this day I was just far too tired to sit down and write a post as well as quickly post-process some of the photos from the day. So I just went to bed to get set for the next day, which I was looking forward to much more.




  1. Rajura says:


    Poor Horo!

    Please repair her once you get home… don’t put her back in the box and hide her (even if you do get a replacement)!

    • Aka says:

      Repaired her already. Hit up a Walmart and bought some epoxy. Meant to mention it in a more recent post but forgot. Though I haven’t taken her out of her packaging since. Meant to on todays trek through the mountains but never got around to it. Perhaps tomorrow.

      • Rajura says:


        I’m glad!

        I still haven’t repaired my first copy of the Sprawling Global Horo that came with a broken piece of hair (remember that discussion from over a year ago?).
        I will need a bit of filler and paint to fix it just right… fortunately I have made a good friend in another Internal Medicine resident who actually puts GKs together, so he may be able to help me soon. I want to match the colo(u)r well.

  2. Persocom says:

    Good to hear Horo’s fixed up, but that’s a shame she got damaged in the first place :/ That’s pretty cute that the kittens came to see you like that ^^ Grasslands are quite boring on a long drive, they seem so vast and endless, but the few animals and things along the way you can see make it more worthwhile. I don’t think I could stand living in those areas though.

    • Aka says:

      The kittens were adorable, I think the road worker was annoyed with us though. She was trying to get them away from the road and then we gave them all kinds of attention probably drawing them towards the road in the future… We probably killed them because of that 🙁 … but I’ll just remember that they were cute.

      The grasslands were vast and endless, but that in itself was interesting for me. I’d never experienced that before so it was new. Sure it got almost a little bit boring at times, but there was always something to keep my attention.

      Living there though… Not a chance. I want to live in Colorado now.

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