Colorado Trip Log: Day 4

Today was a long drive to Wall Drug in Wall, SD. Sure we were in Rapid City and it’s not that far from Wall, but we went through the Badlands National Park.

To be honest, I wasn’t really enthused about the prospect of the badlands national park. Usually things are a bit exaggerated so I didn’t think it’d be that great. As it would turn out, I really enjoyed myself there. Took a couple hundred photos there, lots of landscapes, and a couple with Horo as well, such as the header image. Unfortunately, up on these ridges the wind was pretty gusty and I was close to the edge on some. Horo kept blowing over and I was worried she’d go over and myself along with her. But it was enjoyable regardless of the potential danger.

We also climbed up a ridge right off the bat, it was a lot more difficult than we thought and kb9skw decided to turn back and head for the car. I being a bit more adventurous and possibly having an advantage due to my short stature or possibly due to my chosen path differing from his, climbed all the way too the top and was greated to this view.

There were a number of times I thought I was going to fall into a crevice and break a leg, others where I thought I was going to smash my camera/lens into the ground. It may not have been one of my better judgement calls and kb9skw might have been the smarter of us in that respect but I did enjoy the view I received for my efforts.

Here’s the path we drove today, not very long, but took us all day. I believe the highest altitude reached during this excursion was around 940-950 m (~3100 ft or so).


PS: I wish I’d taken more time to compose these Horo shots. But carrying her up the sides of these ridges was dangerous enough…


  1. Persocom says:

    Never been to the badlands, though I bet it would be a blast to shoot in. Horo looks at home there 😀

    • Aka says:

      Definitely was fun. Kind of would have liked to climb more, but it would have been stupid to do so with the surface type (essentially dry mud) and the wind. Wind will blow you around and the dry mud-like surface will collapse under you.

  2. Rajura says:

    That distance shot of Holo really is a winner; unfortunately, the curvature of the rocks seems to have been a problem for up-closed ones right?

    But, a picture with Holo is better regardless!

    • Aka says:

      The pictures are from different locations within the park. There wasn’t always a surface I could set her on in her sitting position unfortunately. Close up in the header sucked because of the surface, but more so because of the wind constantly knocking her over.

  3. Oh yeah, the badlands are pretty nice. I visited SD and ND about 10 years ago and really enjoyed it. Truly amazing landscapes out there.

    • Aka says:

      I’d like to go back to a lot of the places I visited at different times of the year and perhaps with more time for composing shots. It’ll probably never happen, but c’est la vie.