Colorado Trip Log: Day 3

Day 3 we finished driving through Minnesota and hit South Dakota. I suspect many would have called this drive boring due to the landscape but I thought differently.

The country side went from being as flat as Shana to small rolling hills and according to the GPS we hit over 3000 ft above sea level. Not entirely sure if I believe it, but neat to have anyway. Also strange because it really didn’t feel much like we were rising so high, but long shallow inclines certainly help. Despite the flatness, it was still strange to see so much land all at once. I took pictures, but not sure if I was able to capture what I saw.

Along the way we encountered what looked like a classic car graveyard with 32 rusted out cars. Though some of the chrome was still shiny as ever, very strange sight, only caught because we saw the cars above. The rest were hidden behind a ridge.

Other than that it was quite a long drive, 13 hours after all our stops for pictures and food and what not. Today it’s off to either Rushmore or Badlands National Park, we haven’t decided. There’s also some caves, once we get in the car I guess we’ll figure it out.

I’ll have to post a map of the drive later if I get the chance.



  1. Persocom says:

    Sounds like an interesting trip, may I ask where you’re headed in Colorado?

    • Aka says:

      Not entirely sure, will likely hit up the San Juan National Forest, Denver, whatever the highest point I can reach this time of year is. Not sure how many days I’ll be there either, bit of a play it by ear trip.

  2. Persocom says:

    Awesome, there’s also a sand dune area in the south near the border of New Mexico. I live in Pueblo, south of Denver and Colorado Springs XD

    • Aka says:

      I think we’ll be passing through Pueblo on our way to Tulsa, OK. No time to stop however, almost not enough time to make it to Tulsa in time for dinner with a friend as is.