Colorado Trip Log: Day 12+

After leaving Colorado Springs covered in a fresh light dusting of snow we drove towards Tulsa, OK to meet a friend at a local Irish pub. Hoping to avoid as much of the snow as possible.

I don’t think this was the longest day of driving for the trip but it’s certainly close if it wasn’t. Between the time lost in the time change from Mountain Time (-7 GMT) to Central Time (-6 GMT) and the 12 hours of driving it felt as though we’d arrived at mid-night. Though truthfully we arrived at 9pm.

The drive was quite possibly one of the most boring of the trip as well, I took some pictures out of bordom but they’re really nothing to look forward to. I took some video too of the amazing country side and the road. None of which is even remotely interesting. But as I need something to break up these posts I’ve had to use them.

Getting back to the pub… It seemed awfully busy for a wednesday but apparently it was pretty normal. Interestingly however, before arriving we’d input the name into Google and got an address which took us to another Irish pub a couple miles away. Strange mix up but kind of humorous that both were Irish pubs. Though I don’t know how Google thought both were McNellies.

The food at the pub was quite good but more importantly their beer menu was enormous. I had to ask KB9SKW and bogo_lode for recommendations because I’m not anywhere near the beer connoisseur these two seem to be and their choices were pretty reasonable. Though I do recall one reminding me of a wet dog, which was a bit strange.

Sadly the meetup with bogo was only two hours due to our schedule so we didn’t have too long to chat but I think it was a good two hours. From there we went to our Park Inn hotel which was pretty average overall and my “Sleep Number” bed was broken. But there was an upside to it in the morning, no the shower was pretty crap too, no the shampoos and soaps were average… the towel however, was actually soft. Unlike all the other hotels this trip which all had sandpaper-like towels Park Inns almost felt like a towel you might have at home, soft and comfortable. Aside from that the hotel was extremely average or below, but we didn’t stay there very long so meh.

This’ll probably be the last update until I get home, there’s likely not much else to say as I pass quickly back through the mid-west (Missouri and Illinois) and back to my car in Wisconsin. From there I’ll be back on Interstates to Canada and hopefully arrive home during the weekend.

I wonder if the Canadian guard at the border will ask me about my Horo figurine like the American guard did on my way into the United States?



  1. Rajura says:

    What did he ask about Horo?

    Glad you got your snow… too bad it didn’t actively snow for Horo.

    Enjoy the trip the rest of the way back! If you do pass through Kansas City, there is a really good Irish Pub in KC, Mo… and of course there are all the BBQ restaurants there’s a hole in the wall right on the state line.

    As for Illinois, I don’t have any recommendations right off the top of my head… there is a Irish Pub that plays live Celtic music a couple nights per week right across from the Abraham Lincoln hotel in Springfield. I visited it when I was interviewing at Southern Illinois University when I was considering a residency there.

    • Aka says:

      Just asked why I had the “action figure” and I told him I was going to take pictures of it as I travelled. He gave me a look but accepted the answer.

      Rest of the trip was about as enjoyable as it looked like in the videos. But we made it at any rate.

  2. Mr.Cool says:

    wow id be so tempted to speed on that road, im sure it was one where you think it wouldnt take long but few hours later your still diving down it. looks so easy to hit 260 and just keep on crusing lol. (obviously id need to force myself not to)

    • Aka says:

      It’s incredibly easy not to speed when you’re driving a Ford Five Hundred. We knew it was going to be a long boring drive though.

      There were a number of sections that were so flat and straight that if you had the gearing and power I think you’d have unlimited range of top speed.