Collection Update 1.247

Prior to Wonder Festival I was pondering to myself, how many items will I end up ordering this time around. With Wonder Festival done and over with I’m rather surprised at how few have actually made it onto my list of orders. I think I’ve managed myself quite well this time around, so far.


Part of the reason I may have done so well with my pre-orders is that only three items off my Wishlist are even open for order, well four if you include the exclusive Tony Taka figure by Kotobukiya. Kuroneko and Kirino by Kotobukiya both look pretty cute and have wonderful pantyshots but at current exchange rates I’m not sure I agree with them being ~$60 CAD, I think if I were to see them for $50 or less I’d have a much harder time saying no. I’d have to make up excuses to myself like “You already have thirty-six unboxed figures, you should open what you already have instead!” I doubt these two popular characters will hit the bargain bin, but that’s what wishlists are for, wishing.

Kaminagi Ryoko

Kaminagi Ryoko is the only pre-order I’ve pursued post-Wonder Festival. Priced similarly to Kuroneko and Kirino above at ¥4,620 / $59[1] CAD she falls into the territory of perhaps being a bit too expensive however add in my nostalgia for her character as well as Alter’s quality and she seems priced fairly. Her character design is pretty simple, certainly not the most interesting school uniform out there but I’d have no problem finding girls attractive in that school.

To be honest, I don’t really remember much about her character but I don’t recall her being the type to roll up her skirt for added sex appeal. Dare I say her skirt looks too short or her legs too long but she could probably do with a little extra length on that fabric of hers. Then again, it does seem at perfect length for excellent zettai ryouiki. At any rate, I’m very excited to have a reasonable facsimile of her in the pipeline, sad however that I have to wait until early 2012. Still though, I wonder why Alter decided to produce her?


Image source Hobby Stock.

e2046 Knock-off Ayanami Rei

I’ve wanted this figure for quite a long time, since long before this post even. It’s never been a PVC figure and I can’t afford to buy an original kit and have someone paint it for me but that said, I hate knock-offs. Knock-offs tend to be of poor to terrible quality and never offer anything back to the original creator. e2046 really doesn’t differ here, they steal the work of others by issuing copies of their sculpts without compensation and even going so far as to use the sculptors own photos in many cases to sell the knock offs. The only attribution e2046 feels necessary is a link to the anime’s official website, perhaps because those companies may actually have the means to pursue legal recourse. Yet, I still choose to buy this knock-off from them because after seeing Tiers various e2046 figures I don’t feel too worried about the quality and as stated above have no means to get an official copy. Though, if I had my way I’d get the one copy I’ve seen with erm… the entry plug… entering (one, two). (Side note, I keep reading my title for this figure as “knocked up”)



In this update we see the arrival of six items off my list, reducing the total on order down from it’s average of sixteen figures consistently to just eight items which will soon fall to just six when two more Miku’s arrive. I very much like this reduction in orders, it feels like I’m cutting back and maybe just maybe starting to save some money for useful things. The first of these items to arrive was ques Q’s Aisaka Taiga (Cool and Spicy) who’d been teasing me seemingly forever, I may not like her much as a character but she was cute in this figure, sexy even. Bit strange to say, but ultimately it’s because she’s proportioned in no way like she was in the show. Next up were Saber Lily & Tohsaka Rin from Alter’s summer set, both relatively small but attractive. Chag at Hobby Hovel’s already done a review of Saber and while I’m sure someone has of Tohsaka Rin as well I haven’t bothered to look. It was nice to have a set arrive all at once as well, not months apart like it usually takes so I applaud Alter for this. Next up was GSC’s Kanbaru Suruga which looks great and feels quite heavy, though I’ve yet to actually review any of the GSC Bakemonogatari figures I’ve received yet. Maybe all at once one week in the future after Hanekawa Tsubasa arrives? Lastly and most importantly Horo arrived, in her birthday suit and in duplicate. Of course, I’ve already reviewed Horo but never the less she did arrive in between my last update and this one.


I did cancel some things this time around. Remember those Taito Railgun figures I’d ordered? Yeah about those… Turns out I really wasn’t all that interested after all. I don’t feel very sorry for having cancelled them unlike previous cancellations there’s no regret this time. And to be honest, all the figures I’ve ever cancelled, at this point I don’t feel all that much regret for any of them. I wonder if I cancelled more or didn’t order some I really thought I wanted if I’d care a year later? Probably not. Perhaps I should try and take that into consideration in the future, further reduce my orders.



  1. Tian says:

    Well, that Rei figure is certainly unlike the standard Rei-in-a-plugsuit stuff.

    Thoughts on E2046:

    – Sure they recast stuff without paying royalties. But do the original creators of the garage kits pay royalties or have licenses from the intellectual property owners?

    – If E2046’s recasts are for sold out/hard to find GKs, then the original creators already made all the money they were going to make anyway.

    – Their recasts aren’t bad sculpt-wise. I have a Vash the Stampede figure from them. The paint job is meh but the sculpt is pretty good.

    – I think in reality, any claims about E2046 screwing manufacturers and IP owners out of money would be slightly exaggerated. Still it’s a shitty and dishonest way to do business. Then again, they are based in China, which isn’t exactly the exemplar of respecting intellectual property rights.

    • Aka says:

      Yes, most certainly. Was getting tired of that stuff anyway. Nudity FTW.

      I think the original creators are limited in how many they can produce and sell. There are so many limitations such as how much they can invest up front out of pocket which limits the number they can produce. There’s the limitation of venues through which you can be sell and get noticed. There’s the limitation of how many they can bring with them to these venues they sell through. There’s the limitation of time and man power, perhaps they’re a single person operation and producing those 20 kits took a lot of effort. Perhaps they found that the cost of effort and time didn’t pay off and so they didn’t produce more. Perhaps they wanted to work on their next sculpt and didn’t have the means to produce two sets of sculpts at the same time. I don’t think that means they should be ripped off by some company, or that that’s all they were going to make anyway. I think it’s just a limitation of their own resources and a company like e2046 should compensate them for their efforts.

      As for licensing, I would think it’s much like the doujinshi scene at Comiket. It’s almost all free promotion for the original license owners and further draws interest. I think it’s beneficial they don’t force licensing on these small indie creators, as nearly none of them make any serious profits I’m sure and do so out of a passion for the series and medium. The difference I see between e2046 and the garage kit manufacturers is their interests. One is obviously a commercial entity existing solely to profit, while the others are sharing their hard work with a community and requesting some compensation for their time and effort.

      Another example could be piracy of music. It’s been found to actually help artists. What doesn’t help artists however are knock-offs being sold as legitimate copies. The original artist gains nothing in this case and instead loses a potential sale of an actual copy. Additionally, someone is profiting from their loss. It’s for acts like this that copyright laws even exist, not for individuals copying a CD for their friend, or downloading an MP3. That’s why the fines are so high. Anyway…

      I guess what I’m saying is I fundamentally disagree with you, yet hypocritically bought a knock-off anyway.

  2. Rajura says:

    Regarding your pics from that ummmm… “modified” version, if you were into some serious kink, you could always get some miniature cuffs and a four post bed.

    For you, I suppose she would have to do, since that is not the kind of stuff one should do to their waifu.

    Now good Sir, on to more reviews!

  3. You know what, I was actually able to resist pre-ordering figures from the last Wonder Fest. In fact, I haven’t pre-ordered any figures for the last month or two. Although, wow, that Rei figure… o_0. I generally don’t go for ecchi figures, but that’s quite an appealing figure ^^; Still, I also don’t like e2046 so I will pass. Plus, I need to save money for important things, like buying a house >_<

    Anyway… why did you buy two of the Holo figures? 😛

    • Aka says:

      Let me take that question and reverse it back at you, why didn’t you buy two Horo figures?! 😛

      I’d been holding out on that Rei figure for literally years and years and years. I don’t like e2046, I don’t really like to go for such provocative figures necessarily, but years and years man! It was inevitable I’d eventually give in! It’s too bad they wont paint her as nicely as I’ve seen that figure painted.

  4. Wow, that Rei figure is just so… wow. Will be interesting to see your review. =)

  5. Mr.Cool says:

    hey was just wondering where you buy your figures from, id like to start a bit of a collection. so far i have mio figure where shes huging her bass. and i have the new meiko honma beach queen figure on pre-order.