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  1. Hohoho, your passion for the figure hobby might have been pushed around by your new bike, but it’s good to see that your pathological love for your fuzzy waifu is as strong as ever! I really like photos, and I dig how well the lighting is able to show off the nooks and crannies of Horo’s body. That is one sexy midriff.

    I think my favourite thing about this figure is the flushed colour of Horo’s skin. It looks really soft and warm, especially when compared to the rest of the Horo figures. Accurate? That’s questionable, but it looks damn nice, especially together with that killer body sculpt. Warm Horo is the best Horo — I can almost imagine the head emanating from Horo’s crotch. MmmmmMmmmm.

    Man, for such a supposed misanthrope, I can’t believe how much of your hobby you show to your co-workers. Has it ever yielded a positive result? Have you discovered any closet-case weeaboos through it?

    1. I tried to take the extra care to get the lighting right. If I had better equipment I think I could have done a little better with directing it where I wanted but it’s still nice.

      I can’t believe I never commented on that in the review, the whole time I was thinking she looked soft yet I don’t think I ever said it!

      What’s this about a head emanating from Horo’s crotch? I didn’t realize she was giving birth… O_o I hope the child’s mine!

      Not a single co-worker has ever been in the hobby of collecting “dolls” as they refer to them as, however I do find a great many who are secretly into anime for sure. However, I just can’t not show off mai waifu, she is on my corporate Blackberry background after all, it does bring up questions. Especially since she’s nude.

      1. Wait a minute… just last year you said you didn’t want kids! I was (still am) the one who wanted to put a bun in Horo’s oven.

        As for the figure, I will post my opinion after I get off work.

  2. Well, I have to say I agree regarding my surprise when I saw her in person… much better than on the internet.

    Her skin looks soft and her midriff is quite lovely. They did give her quite the sexy frame.

    As you said Aka, her smile looks forced… fake… truly the most disappointing aspect of this figure. I think we’ve both been talking about that poorly crafted smile for a while.

    The ears and tail… I think you summed them up pretty well.

    I think everyone I have spoken with has had to cut that plastic off from around her hair and the crates… I had not taken it off yet because I wanted to see if you had a trick to doing it… I guess not.

    You have her as your corporate background? Awesome, I have her as the background for my hospital ipad… every time one of my co-workers uses it, they are graced with Horo’s lovely form.

    Still as you said in your summary… the fact that it is Horo, even if there are glaring flaws, I am glad to have another official Horo figure… maybe a completely new official figure will be on its way down the pipe soon!

    As for what needs be done, there needs to be a way for me to be able to put a bun in her oven other than in my dreams… though I can’t say that that hasn’t been nice.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. We most certainly have talked about that smile since perhaps the dawn of time. But it had to be included still.

      Haha I wish I had some magic trick, but it seems CM’s Corp didn’t think that one through. They put all the packaging on, then stuck her on the base, what not thinking we’d have to remove it? Seems they over looked a few key things about her but still miles better than others.

      My corporate Blackberry background, yes. If I had a slate, she’d of course be there as well.

      Not sure there’ll be any more unless the series gets some more attention. Like a 3rd season.

  3. I bought this figure for the same reasons you did. I love the pose and the way it captures Horo’s personality (it really does hit most of the bases: nudity, apples, and wheat). It’s a shame that she’s not anatomically correct, but I knew this would be the case going in. Her smile doesn’t bother me as much. From some angles it looks awkward but for the most part I think it’s okay.

    I really wish some of the bigger manufacturers would take another shot at her. Kotobukiya’s doing a re-release, so it would be cool to have GSC do another run as well (the GSC Horo is ridiculously marked up on ebay). But I also think about what Alter and Max Factory could do for her… wouldn’t that be lovely!

    1. Actually, Koto is doing a re-re-release… hahaha.
      I of course preordered and will thus have all three versions.

      1. 2 reasons only:

        1) It’s Horo!
        2) If I support her, maybe that will contribute to more figures being produced (of ourse as you stated a 3rd season would likely help more)!
        3) It’s Horo!!!

        Okay, 3 reasons… hahaha!

      2. Well, I did buy two copies of CM’s Horo. One to keep in box, and did buy the latest release of Kotobukiya’s, to leave in box. Maybe I do understand to some extent…

        Still think that’s only 2 reasons though.

    2. You bought her because of your blind love of everything Horo? Awesome!

      I knew she wouldn’t be anatomically correct as well, but I feel it’s a valid complaint. Though, I did wonder how many would agree with me there. I’m surprised the smile doesn’t bother you, I’m getting used to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. I mean, I’m used to Taki Horo and she’s not good. Actually, on that note, when I did the group shot at the end as saw Cospa Horo’s face I cringed, I’d forgotten how bad it was.

      I too continue to wish for more manufacturers to jump on the band wagon, the only one I hope never does is Volks with their Dollfie Dream series. I really don’t want to be a “broke ass mother fucker”. Nor do I want to be like much of that crowd, seems like stupid grows there in abundance… no offense Dollfie owners! I think if I had to choose a manufacturer for another Horo figure it would be Megahouse. Seldom do I like the characters they produce, but frequently I enjoy the detail they put into body sculpts and think their nude Horo would outdo others. Alter’s would be technically perfect but I don’t think as interesting as she’d likely be clothed and in a boring pose. Max Factory I think would go down a similar avenue. Native would be interesting, a pornographic Horo figure hmmm!~

      1. Unfortunately I only found out about Spice and Wolf long after the series premiered, and after all the figures had their production runs. When I caught wind of this one I literally did not think about it; my hand just automatically clicked “add to cart.” Same for the Kotobukiya re-release. All I really want is to see more Horo figures. Since I don’t already have a good sized Horo collection, I’d be content with just about anything as long as the manufacturing quality is good.

        As for potential manufacturers, you made a good point with MegaHouse. They don’t shy away from at least doing proper boobs. Plus they’ve picked up some pretty random licenses before, so who knows? There might be some slim chance it actually happens.

        I would also love a Native figure with more… anatomy. But we’ll have to keep on dreaming for that one.

      2. Part of me is happy that Horo hasn’t been whored out like other characters, I’d be a far poorer man in such a case. But it would be nice to have as many examples of her as Asuka and Rei, but there’d really have to be some re-imagining of the character going on to accomplish that. I mean, Asuka and Rei in a ballerina outfit? I can’t see Horo in one of those…

        I thought maybe you’d point out that Alter isn’t all about boring poses, they did Houmei after all. I’d love to see some extravagant pose like that for Horo, but it’d have to be out of the manga I suppose. Koume Keito did an omake bit where Horo’s all done up like a Japanese princess, that seemed pretty extravagant.

        I suppose… with Kaminagi Ryoko getting a new figure out of no where, a new Horo isn’t impossible. She’s infinitely more popular.

      3. Ahhh Horo in her courtesan attire. She was truly elegant and beautiful in that presentation. I didn’t even think about omake as a source of material, but you are soooo right… of course if they did that, they may go the Holo-tan route as well and present her in her school uniform from the Dengeki h&p.
        Actually, that idea would be pretty cute too… doesn’t make a lot of sense in terms of putting her up next to all the other Horos to date but cute none the less.

  4. Mmmm, quite a sexy figure ^^. I was also swayed by preview photos of this figure and currently own her as well. I agree that she has some definite flaws (like her tail) but I still quite like this figure. I was worried since I knew very little about CM’s and they haven’t done many figure releases. I haven’t done my review yet but you summed up my own thoughts pretty well. She isn’t horrible :D. In fact, she’s pretty decent. And quite sexy, did I mention that already? :3
    Anyway, great review and photos! Seeing your vast collection of Holo figures all together is pretty amazing. You definitely love this girl! ^^

    1. Yeah, honestly still surprises me how well she turned out. I could pick apart all the flaws again and again, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the figure.

      ❤ Horo.

      (Still need to get Alpha Max's… eventually… and maybe… maybe Cospa's GEE! release…)

      1. Hahaha… It looks like I AM wearing you down!

        You will buy those Horo figures… you WILL. I’ll find an offer you can’t refuse!

  5. Cool, Horo turned out okay afterall. =) Glad you’re liking this Horo, it’s certainly much better than that Global version you reviewed awhile back. The only CM’s Corp figure I have right now is Minmay from Macross, which I still think is one of the best Minmay figure around, if not the best. The quality on Minmay was pretty good, IIRC, but I got got her before I started reviewing figures so maybe I should go back and take a closer look.

    I really like this Horo’s pose and base design, it definitely tells some sort of story and the pose appears natural. The smile doesn’t bother me as much, it’s almost like she’s doing a playful “heh heh” smile on purpose. But I’m not familiar with her character, so this may be non-canon. I like how she’s covered up in a way that makes your mind wander as well.

    I don’t think I mind the seam lines either, but what kinda freaks me out are her ears. It just looks freaky, particularly in your macro shots. Dunno why, but the cartilage looks out of place, maybe it’s because of the lack of proper paint work as you’ve stated.

    1. I think it’s definitely the lack of paint making her ears look freaky. That’s suppose to be fur/hair inside them not cartilage. At least as far as I see it anyway. So the fact you’re thinking it’s cartilage means major failure on CM’s part.

      Haha oh man, Global… They have a place in my heart but only because it’s Horo.

      I don’t honestly notice the seam lines in every day viewing. It’s only with certain lighting or if I look closely do I notice. So I don’t mind ’em that much either to be honest.

      Have you only reviewed figures from when you started reviewing on? Nothing from before? If that’s the case you should definitely go back and cover some older items. (Says the one who rarely covers anything these days heh)

      1. I thought it might’ve been fur in the ears, but yeah, the lack of paint kinda made think it was cartilage. Ick! >_<

        I actually started reviewing figures right when I started collecting, so I only have a few figures that I got prior to my first review. But then again, I have so many figures in between that I haven't reviewed. I have probably 100 something figures now (or so my MFC database is telling me) but only reviewed ~25%. LOL My goal is to try and review them all. =P Pfft, good luck with that!

      2. I have the same problem, I wont open a figure until I review it… and now I have like 30-40 unboxed figures.I should get to work!

  6. waaa! im in despair! iv seen so much horo stuff on your site i finally decided to watch it. originally i thought it wouldnt be something i would like because of the setting. i love it! and in only 1 week i finished both seasons. now im in despair that theres no 3rd season. and its been what, 3 years? im guessing theres no point hoping? _ _ oooo horo….

    1. Glad you enjoyed the series!

      Yeah, Spice & Wolf is a bit of an oddity like that. On the surface it looks like it should be boring, and when you describe to people what it’s about and the word “economics” comes up people just discount it entirely. But it’s really about the characters, just the two of them for the most part. The other characters and the economic aspects are all there just to facilitate their growing relationship.

      I think there’s still hope for a 3rd series or OVA or something. Horo remains a popular character, and since the light novel series has come to an end with volume 17 (I believe) perhaps that’ll give them something to work with. I know with Season 1 and 2 they skipped a book, volume 3 perhaps. I don’t expect they’ll cover all 17 volumes, but with an ending, perhaps they can skim some of the more interesting stories for future seasons. Though, I’d rather they do a movie for each volume, similar to Kara no Kyoukai, but 17 movies is asking a lot heh.

      While I understand your despair, mine is far greater than yours. I watched the series as it aired and have since been buying merchandise as a way of managing the despair. It works, but only just. I keep hoping, and that’s all I can do I guess.

      1. i admire your patients, for me, i must unfortunately cast this anime into a dark place for now until my despair resides. but horo will always captivate a special spot in my heart, somewhere between aisaka taiga and mio akiyama. i can only hope to see the journey through till the very end. at which time i may be more depressed than now, being that it will mean there will now be no further possibility of future seasons.

        but i suppose it just something we all must live with, not just with anime but with every aspect of life.

      2. Yeah, all things must come to an end. Even the universe itself.

        Interesting that you group Horo amongst Aisaka Taiga and Mio Akiyama… I hate both of them haha.

      3. well to each his own, as you call horo you waifu, mio would have to be mine. she was last kick i needed to finally buy a bass. so i went out and bought a $700 fender jazz bass. mio is also currently the only figure i own. as for taiga, shes just cool to me, i loved the storyline from toradora.

        and finally the reasoning for placement. i like horo more that taiga, but slightly less than mio(sorry) and i find that shes not as abusive as taiga and not as moe as mio. thats just the way i thought of it lol.

        but like i said, to each his own.

      4. No worries, I wont hold your preferences against you.

        Taiga’s far too abrasive in a similar way as Louise (same VA). Sticking with that VA and her type-cast characters I think Shana has a better personality. As for Mio, I just found her to be terribly boring, I think Ritsu was more interesting but none of the K-On characters really stood out to me. Boring series.

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