Wishlist: Wonder Festival 2011 (Summer)

Wonder Festival, that time of year where we wonder which of these will actually make it into production and how long they’ll actually take to get released. I’m looking at you Good Smile Company, you still haven’t released Kyrie Rason damnit! Of course Wonder Festival happened July 24th but it takes time to compile such information and collect all the imagery required. Especially when you don’t read a word of Japanese and require sites like Neko Magic to compile the information for you (Thanks as always GGT).


Alter’s offerings this time around at Wonder Festival are pretty bountiful, though only three manage to make the list. Some however are in the pipeline and as of yet do not even have a prototype, such as Erica Hartmann, Perrine H Clostermann, Francesca Lucchini and Lynnette Bishop. I only potentially want three of those, but it looks as though Alter’s going to finish off as many of the Strike Witches girls as they can. Other items on display but don’t resonate with me are Selvaria Bles, Luke fon Fabre, Taneshima Popura, Charlotte Dunois, Celty Sturluson, Takamachi Nanoha and Hyakka Ryouran who has the most enormous mallet. I don’t really think you can pull off a Celty figure well and Alter should give up. Their rendition of her looks like a man with breasts, almost, it’s really too bad because she was a great character, just uninterestingly designed.

Alter of course also had on display many of their finished upcoming and previously released figures such as Tohsaka Rin, Saber, Hitagi and Yamada Aoi from WF2011W, some K-On crap, a beautiful Kasugano Sora figure to be released in November and even Dizzy from WF2010S. There were many Nanoha related figures as well but I don’t much care for them. I find it interesting to see that at least from the photos I’ve seen Alter didn’t have their Houmei figure on display.

Aegis (ART WORKS ver.)

I’ve never played any of the Persona games and have had little interest in doing so or in any of their characters. Some fanart has turned up that was appealing but by and large I’ve ignored the franchise. Until now. Alter appears to have a spectacular figure of Aegis in the works at 1/6th no less! That explains the level of detail seen. She appears to be a bit battle damaged as well. I have confidence Alter will get the paint job right, I’m just not as confident I’ll like her once painted.


Kaminagi Ryoko (Resurrection)

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed my frustration after the convention. I was unable to find a single photo of Ryoko all painted up no matter how much I searched. Eventually I found out this was due to a “No Photos” sign placed in front of her, which I was astonished nearly everyone seems to have followed. Except one fellow on Flickr by the name of oyaki who even managed to get the sign in his shot.. Thanks to Shiddo on MyFigureCollection.net for updating Ryoko’s entry with this single photo. At any rate, my love for this figure comes from nostalgia. Zegapain might not have been the best series ever but Ryoko’s voice and character found a place in my heart, hhhnnnggg’ing before it was a meme. Never expecting a figure of her beyond the boring one already in existence Alter surprised me with a preview in one of those magazines. I’m happy Alter’s decided to do her, and I’m happy they’ve given her a cute pose and appearance. Couldn’t ask for more really.


Merry Nightmare

In the end Yumekui Merry was a pretty forgettable series for me. Beyond all the midriff and thighs, there wasn’t a heck of a lot of appeal to the series and I found Merry’s voice actress to be rather poor at her job. The animation and her voice often never really harmonized often feeling disconnected. But that doesn’t mean Merry wasn’t cute and that all those thigh and midriff shots should go to waste. So Alter’s decided to capitalize on them as well as provide ample space for pantsu shots. Did we ever see those in the series? Were they striped like her thighhighs? Probably a boring white *sigh*


Cafe Reo – Sayame (Girl in Bird Cage)

Long time readers may remember this one from a previous Wonder Festival post, 2010 Winter to be exact. Even back then I commented on how the figure had been around for quite some time prior, so what’s changed, why feature her again? Well, that’s because Cafe Reo has decided to offer a PVC version of her. I’m not sure how they’ve worked out the display, or how expensive she’ll be, or even the quality but I’m very interested in her and would love to buy her when she’s released. Hopefully more information is released because she’s gorgeous. I have no idea where I’ll hang her though, and how secure she’ll be.



Kotobukiya had quite a lot on display, between already released items and new it’s quite a long list. My list is far shorter at just three new items to mention but there looks to have been something for nearly everyone from Koto.  And some so boring why would they even bother? One such figure is Aragaki Ayase from Ore no Imouto, just standing there looking like a SEGA figure. Her pose looks like a ¥1,000 pose, not a ¥5,000+ pose you’ll expect this figure to cost. There was also a pink version of their 1/6th Railgun maid set, of course an exclusive. I hate exclusives, but I hate them more when the only difference is colour. In this case I don’t really care for the pink, but in some cases when the exclusive is the only one with the right colour, it’s quite pathetic. Somewhat surprisingly for me anyway, they had a really pre-production figure of Eustia Astraea from Aiyoku no Eustia, never heard of her or the series but very pre-production figure. Usually only see this kind of pre-production item on garage kit producers blogs, but I suppose Kotobukiya really wanted to show it off. Lastly, they had some preview posters up of Erio and a girl from Shining Hearts with a big fluffy tail but sadly equally large breasts. We’ll see if I want her when she’s released.

Gokou Ruri

There are times I’m a fan of Ruri and times I’m not. I don’t know if it’s my mood or her attire that changes my opinion but despite the bitchiness of Kirino I tend to prefer her probably entirely based on appearances. This figure of Ruri is cute but reminds me a lot of my Sasasegawa figure. Though Kotobukiya has been a little more creative with their official photography, only revealing her panties in one of their photos. What ends up being the downfall of this figure for me is Ruri’s face, I don’t find it overly appealing though I like her red eyes and she doesn’t suffer from wide-crotch like Sasasegawa. I think ultimately she’ll end up as a pass, but I wouldn’t be able to argue at the right price.


Kousaka Kirino

I don’t know, Kirino’s cute I can’t argue that, and she’s got some nice casual attire, something I always wish for. But she was a complete bitch 95% of the time, reminding me a lot of Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Bitchdere. Though I do still want some Louise figures so I guess it’s ok to get a Kirino. Added bonus, Kotobukiya has added some nice ass sculpting and even the fringe of her panties has sculpting. I just hope they’re not white (they totally will be). White is for purity and Kirino’s not pure, playing all those eroge! Side note, I can’t imagine playing eroge with a sibling, that just seems too strange.



Tony strikes again. Those are some nice buns. Sometimes I wish I knew more about clothing so I could figure out why certain types of clothing remind me of certain locales. Neris’ reminds me of Germany, I could imagine her at Oktoberfest serving up beer and sausages in much the same manner as these wonderful ladies. Unfortunately she’s an exclusive and costs and arm and a leg at ¥9,800 / $122 CAD which is pretty obscene. For that she should be 1/6th at least, but of course she’s only 1/8th, what terrible “value”.



Megahouse always has a wide mix of figures appealing to just as wide an audience. Since I’m fairly narrow minded and only wish to purchase cute women a great many of their figures go unnoticed by me, and a further bunch from franchises I couldn’t care less about, such as Idolm@aster with at least 19 different figures and variations. Sometimes I find this a bit unfortunate because Megahouse has always produced good figures in my limited experience, and they’re also willing to produce nude figures or partial nude where required. Something I think most manufacturers tend to avoid. In addition to franchises and male figures, they also produce styles of figures I’m uninterested in such as those from One Piece, yet further limiting what I’ll purchase from them. With all these restrictions it’s a wonder I’ve ever even purchased a Megahouse product in the past or wish to in the future, but there is one I’ve got my eye on this round.

Merry Nightmare

Another Merry figure, actually I think this one was before Alter’s but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Megahouse has done a better job on Merry’s midriff than Alter has, I like that you can see a bit of her rib cage. I’m not sure that’s enough to convince me to go Megahouse over Alter however. If memory serves, Megahouse does tend to more consistently produce superior midriffs on their figures than other manufacturers. Some reference points, Aludra, Djibril and Sora, they all have exceptional midriffs. A lot of my decision will depend on paint and cost, both will do a good job but who’s will end up being the more attractive figure I’m not sure.



Native is really hit or miss, they produce what seems like one figure at a time and you either like it or you hate it. They can’t appeal to the masses because of their content, and they can’t appeal to the masses because with each figure the art style changes as each are based on a different artists work (with some exceptions). Not all contain nudity, but pretty much all of them you’d likely not show to your parents.  Native figures also tend to be quite hard to come by and rather expensive when you do, as Native only sells them through their own store and everyone else is just a proxy of sorts.

Cat Girl by Kurehito Misaki

This man knows how to draw and probably deserves more figures than Tony Taka’s received. Unfortunately, he often draws women with breasts exceeding my maximum tolerance threshold which is likely to be the case with this figure. But she’s so close to want I can’t avoid having her on my list. Even more unfortunately, since Native figures are exclusive she’ll never be on sale, which means the likelihood of me getting her decreases even more. If only they chose a female with smaller breasts, I would have been all over that!

Yoshii Hotori by abec

Ah! A female with smaller breasts! I’m all over that! While I’ve never heard of this artists and appear to be unfamiliar with his works it would seem his (her?) artwork will make for yet another splendid figure that might encounter issues at customs in many a country around the world. I always wonder how sculptors decide what the other side of a 2D image will look like, sometimes you can mirror but other times you have to make it up entirely. Wonder what Hatori is about to do in this figure? She’s changing right? She didn’t wear any panties underneath for aerodynamics and weight purposes surely, like all top athletes, from bobsledding to bicycling to running underwear is just added weight and drag. Wait no that’s not right, they wear thongs. What IS she doing then I wonder? 😉


Wonderful Hobby Life for You!!

Pretty much everyone was trying to capitalize on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica bandwagon, Good Smile Company and Max Factory were no different with figures and figmas galore. Each had most of the girls on display though a couple place holders as well. I don’t want any of these, I enjoyed the series for sure but I was not a fan of it’s character design. I never found the wide faces attractive in 2-dimensions and most certainly find them horrendous in 3-dimensions. I am much more a fan of the fanart out there which normalizes their facial proportions to something much more attractive. I would prefer a company take after them instead, but I’m quite happy none have thus far, saves me money.

Each manufacturer also had on display some other items to attract those not interested in widefaced abominations and Nendoroids.  Max Factory had yet another Hatsune Miku figure on display along with their Miku Append. Phat Company had their Castor figure, Gift had another Saber and Good Smile had their now infamous Hatsune Miku “Love is War’ figure on display in full colour. I used to want that figure but it’s been so god damned long since they had a prototype I’ve lost interest. Though, in Good Smile’s favour, they brought back her full base. They also had on display Arséne, the recently released for pre-order Lacia as well as a somewhat strange inclusion though only if you don’t follow Formula 1 drivers and sponsorship, Kamui Kobayashi, in all three forms no less, Nendo, figma and figure. In the previous Formula 1 season Good Smile sponsored the Sauber team, though obviously small scale as just a tiny logo was displayed. Probably still cost them a fortune and totally wasn’t worth their effort as not only was it nearly invisible, the people who watch Formula 1 (aside from strange people like yours truly) don’t buy anime figures. Never the less they did sponsor him and I think that’s why they’ve opted to product a line of products after him.

Hatsune Miku Knight

Yet another Hatsune Miku variant, as if there weren’t enough already. At least this time I think she differs more greatly from her past derivative works. She appears to be based off an illustration by achunchun aka “friendly sky”, one I never would have thought would be an interesting figure to be honest. And who knows, perhaps that’s still the case but unpainted she looks somewhat interesting. Seems the only thing making her Miku however is twintails and colour scheme. If you didn’t know that’s what those two things together meant, you could easily just think of this as an original character.


Makise Kurisu

I’ve enjoyed watching Steins;Gate this season, starting off a little weird with some nerds I didn’t really know where it was going but as it progressed it always held me. Kurisu’s an alright character and I wouldn’t mind a figure of her, I would really have preferred her wearing a lab coat, or cosplaying in one of Mayuri’s costumes. Good Smile has chosen to release a figure of her after the series will have ended, while Kotobukiya got in with a more interesting figure before the series had even started. I have no doubt GSC’s will look “better” I just don’t think she’ll be more interesting. Never the less she’s on my list.


Millhiore F. Biscotti

Not even attempting to give Dog Days a chance I never watched even a preview of the show. Based on it’s description it seemed pretty cliché, but even cliché series have cute girls and Millhoire fills that roll fairly well. Though I wonder if I’d have liked Eclair Martinozzi better, Millhoire looks like she might overdo it with all the pink when painted up. Eclair’s green I can handle much better. While there are many things that could improve this figure, I think adding a leash would be a nice touch. Adding a bit of fetishistic appeal is always a way to sell more product!


Original Character

Not my favourite illustration by artist Poko, but it does seem more suited to a company like Good Smile Company than some of his other illustrations.  At first I thought this was yet another Black Rock Shooter franchise figure due to the pose and enormity of her weaponry but I’m happy to see this is not the case. It would probably be nice if she weren’t dressed in black, but I’ll withhold judgement until Good Smile has given her some paint. One thing I like about Poko’s character here is she has boots and thighhighs, this always annoyed me with Homura and Miku. I don’t like the combined variety, though Homura had pantyhose but w/e.


Oshino Shinobu

Originally arguing to myself that I should get Shinobu to complete my Bakemonogatari set I realized, I never bothered to get Hachikuji Mayoi either. Now I’m pondering whether or not to bother with Shinobu. Having seen that redjuice based Shinobu from a couple of Wonder Festivals ago I’ve never really been happy with any others that I’ve seen. I’m sure GSC will do a reasonably good job with her but I can’t help but want something different. I guess I’ll have to see, perhaps she’ll go on sale as I think Hitagi did.



How many times have I sworn on my own website? I don’t think too many times, but my opinion of this figure is as follows… Fucking badass. That said, I buy a motorcycle and now everyone’s gotta have one. Drossel’s got one, Black Rock Shooter’s got one and now Saber’s got one. She’s apparently 1/8th scale which I think would make her enormous and costly. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford what I imagine she’s going to cost but I’m going to try. Women in mens buisness suites tend not to be my thing though, there’s very little about Saber here that seems feminine save for her shoes and a modest bust. But at least she’s better dressed to ride a motorcycle than most anime characters. I think really only Celty is properly dressed and she doesn’t even have a head to protect.


Garage Kits

I think often times this is the most interesting part of the show and the section I most look forward to. Garage Kits are produced by amateur sculptors either individually or in groups much like the doujinshi world. Because of this the quality and styles are vastly more diverse than the big manufacturers as they can both add their own flare not caring about selling, as well as tackle less popular series that wouldn’t be profitable on the larger scale. Even the poor quality Garage Kits often have something praiseworthy about them, though I hate to call any of them poor quality. They’re amateurs, they’re still learning their craft and they have their own styles many of which aren’t necessarily appealing to everyone. The best part of all this however is seeing the future, sometimes Garage Kits are so well produced or interesting that a bigger manufacturer picks them up for mass market or sometimes the garage kit manufacturer does a small run of their own pre-painted set. Sayame above by Cafe Reo is one such example of a garage kit going into production.


Atomic-Bom has been around for a while and I mostly know them for their Evangelion kits, many of which have been knocked off. I’m not sure if Messenger Girl has been knocked off yet, but I’d knock her off if you know what I mean. Her bicycle doesn’t look very well suited to her job though, I think those wheels are a bit too small and the bike doesn’t look like it folds up or anything, so it’s compactness is fairly useless. But I suppose I don’t much care, all I’m imagining is her on it with her butt up in the air. Interestingly, unlike many a manufacturer producing a figure with a body suit, Atomic-Bom has given Messenger Girl some proper padding down below, blocking everyone’s favourite bit of sculpt. A nice modest touch, given how well it conforms to her body and how she’s got the top wide open… They also have an unfinished girl on a bicycle in casual cloth as well as an Asuka in testsuit figure on display, lying down showing off her bottom. Reasonable figure, but I have so many Eva items…



Megatech had some Azumanga Daioh swimsuit figures as well as two Evangelion figures, possibly more but I didn’t notice them. Their Gendou figure is a bit strange, it’s just his torso and upper body stuck to the lid of a can and he looks to be smiling angrily. The other Eva figure is what I’d like to talk about most though, dat ass. There’s nothing really new about her, she actually reminded me a lot of Kotobukiya’s line of 1/6th Evangelion figures but well… butt. There appears to be two different variants, perhaps one has glow in the dark paint or something I’m unsure. But glowing ass would be glorious.



Mine really only had one figure on display I want to talk about, but in the past they’ve had two note worthy items as well, an original character they call “Mayuri” as well as a Plug Cryostat figure. This time they had a Hatsune Miku figure in a school swimsuit. Bit fetishistic of them I suppose and using perhaps an over done character but I’m still interested so I guess not quite over done yet. Imagining she were standing I think her hair is far too long and would be dragging on the ground, which wouldn’t be very attractive. But as is she looks quite cute and the swimsuit contours her body in only the way anime attire can, far too accurately, revealing more of her body than you should really get. I’m not complaining.


T’s System

T’s System continues to add to their ever growing collection of sculpts with another Hatsune Miku figure this time in her underwear (yum) as well as a character designed by Mitsumi Misato wearing a bunny ear hat and scarf… and nothing down below (yum). T’s System’s figure tend to be on the simpler side in appearance but they’re always pretty perfectly sculpted and painted so there’s little to ever complain about. Aside from the fact they’re never released as PVC by any company that matters. T’s System has like 17 different sculpts I’d buy if they were ever PVC’d though, maybe I’d even purchase an e2046 knockoff if it were pre-painted.


Other Thoughts

I know the world is bigger than me, and I know manufacturers have to appeal to more people than just me, but I always hate it when they produce a figure in a pose I’d find enjoyable with details I’d find enjoyable of a character I dislike, have no connection to, or who’s design doesn’t appeal to me. I’m talking specifically of Gift’s Soniko figure, she’s bondaged up to a bed, wearing skimpy clothing, raising her legs in the air expecting you to do something dirty to her, but behind those legs are enormous breasts. I’m not talking just large breasts I could overcome, no these are comparable in volume to her head. Quite possibly the biggest turn off there is for me. Thanks for nothing Gift.


Griffon on the other hand appears to have brought something along with them that I wouldn’t have expected to see at Wonder Festival, something far more suited to a museum than a perv convention. Dinosaurs. Unfortunately they’re far too big for me to afford or find a place for but that sooo does not stop me from wanting one so very bad. I don’t know if Griffon intends to sell those or if they were just for fun or to attract attention for their smaller scale items, but regardless they’ve managed to get me interested in them once again. I remember wanting a bunch of their Touhou figures until some people set me straight.


And finally, a gel banana from Steins;Gate. Tasty!


PS: I’m disappointed there were no new Horos again.


  1. Chag says:

    I like the new Kuroneko a lot. Because I have kind of a bad impression of cosplayers in general, I was never a big fan of her full-blown costume, so this toned-down version tickles me in all the right places (ie. my PENIS). I hope the events of the OVAs made Kirino a little more humble as a person. She may be a bitchdere, but she’s a damn hot one. Especially in her casual outfit.

    Thanks for linking the original illustration for Knight Miku, dude. I have mixed feelings about her attire. On one hand, it’s a little too absurd for my tastes, but on the other hand, she has a really nice chest. The pose isn’t very exciting, but I think the immensity of the figure’s size and the absurdity of her outfit compensates for that. I think I’m all Miku’d out, though. There are a shitload other figures I want, and another very expensive-looking Miku is not on the top of the priority list.

    I’m really curious about how GSC will paint Makise Kurisu. It would be really cool if they decided to do it in the distinct style of the game CGs, which would be really, really cool. Or they can just do it like usual, which would work too, I guess! I doubt the former is going to happen, though.

    On a side note, am I the only one who can’t shake phallic association when I look at Neris? Whenever I look at that figure, I see her pushing her face against a fat cock while carrying a basket of cocks. I think this hobby may have broken my brain. Or maybe I’m just born Takei!

    • Aka says:

      Thinking back on the series, was Kirino the only one who got shots like these? One, Two, Three, four (animated). Did Kuroneko get any? Anyway, I still have a pretty bad impression of cosplayers, nude Horo cosplayers aside. I didn’t even realize that Kuroneko was cosplaying in this figure, it seemed casual enough to me and I was just happy it wasn’t the drab school uniform they have with that brown jacket. Actually, thinking about it, didn’t she sit on Kyousuke’s bed like this? I was thinking it was just a ‘fun’ pose to show off her panties, which it is, but perhaps it’s cannon in some way?

      By the time I’d posted this (nearly two weeks after Wonder Fest) I wasn’t really interested in Knight Miku, but I’d already got the pictures and written the bit I didn’t bother to take it out. I did that with a few items actually, Seidou Circus’ Saya looked nice initially but after time passed she looked too plain. Max Factory’s Sandaime Muramasa, I liked the pointy ears and waitress/maid bum shot availability but in the end skipped out. And I think lastly, Freeing’s Kousaka Kirino in Kuroneko’s cosplay. All of this to say, I think I too am Miku’d out despite the further inclusion of two more Miku’s but those ones are fetishistic or sexy so I’m ok with that.

      I’m not sure I know what Kurisu’s colouring looking like in the game. I did a quick look through danbooru but didn’t really come up with anything as I wouldn’t know which colouring is which. Is the game colouring that much more difficult?

      Maybe I’m just in a particular mood today, but no I don’t see this phallic association. I perhaps could imagine such with the two larger loafs but not the rest, and I feel like I’m stretching even for that. My brain is also broken, quite often in similar ways to yours but I guess not today.

      • Chag says:

        404 errors, 404 errors everywhere! But no need to fix those links, though — I am quite familiar with Kirino’s ass. Kuroneko doesn’t seem like the kind of character who would have a nice ass. She doesn’t seem to have much curves when wearing the school uniform, so I she doesn’t really have much to show. I don’t think she showed off her panties either, though I do think she was tempting him. Hell, coming over and lying on his bed everyday? She was practically telegraphing her interest in Kyousuke. Too bad he’s a dense motherfucker, though.

        Huke’s art for Steins;Gate uses some funky textures. It would be cool if GSC decided to mimic it, but I’m guessing it’d be pretty hard.

        • Aka says:

          Links fixed now, I’d forgotten to put the address in, just put file names. Ooops!

          Wasn’t just her ass in those links…

          Kuroneko seemed to be built like a rectangle when in the school uniform, it was terrible. In other outfits she had much more of a figure. If I’m remembering correctly.

          I think that looks pretty impossible to accomplish in mass production. Neat though.

  2. Tenkaminari says:

    I like Ruri (My little sister can’t be this cute) in this sleeveless attire and cat ears. But I’ll have to see the price before considering the purchase. Especially after seeing lots of Nendoroids coming out soon.

    Another one that I look forward a lot is Millhiore F. Biscotti (Dog Days). But I can’t say for sure yet that I’ll buy this figure or not; but her Nendoroid is definately a “yes”.

    For me, Dog Days is quite a nice anime to watch. Except for some problem with poor art for some part/episode.

    • Aka says:

      Skip the Nendos! Evil creatures they are! Part of me is hoping Kuroneko’s price is cheap enough, but I think the bigger part of me is hoping she isn’t. The less I’m inclined to purchase the better!

      I think ultimately I’d like to skip the Dog Days figure, but she does look cute and I’m a sucker for doggirls/wolfgirls (Eruru/Horo).

      Dog Days suffered some budgetary issues during it’s run? Did they fix them in the DVD/Bluray?

      • Tenkaminari says:

        Nendos really are evil (in varies ways) ^-^, but I fell into its trap, so can’t stop buying any more.

        As for Dog Days, I think they suffered from “time storage” instead. DVD/Bluray isn’t out yet (I think), but I do hope that they will fix those scenes.

  3. I hate Wonder Festival. It’s a tease and a horrible temptation. I have about 5 figures left in the pre-order queue for the remainder of this year. I can’t believe I’m almost done. But I know there’ll always be more that’ll catch my eye, this hobby is evil.

    I kinda like Knight Miku, but I wish she had more armour and not just a lance and shield. It’s all about the cool armours! I also found the prototype of Yoshii Hotori a little amusing – they censor the coloured photos and usually the coloured prototypes, but is it because this one is not painted that they kept her uncensored?

    And that banana? Yum indeed!

    • Aka says:

      I tried to tell myself to ignore Wonder Festival this year, but try as I might I always give in. Evil indeed.

      Most of the photos of Yoshii Hotori were censored, I just looked and looked until I found some that weren’t. I believe cutanews didn’t censor their shots of her. The colour illustration is censored in the print so I couldn’t avoid that without seeking out the original drawing which I didn’t bother to do.

      • Ah, so that’s how you have uncensored shots – I always thought they censored the figure physically at the show (like putting a little tape over it or something). Guess not, at least not in this case. Interesting to see, nevertheless – I’m surprised you actually found them. I wouldn’t even know where or what search terms to put in. lol

        Honestly, I was a little afraid to click on this post; I was afraid there might be too much temptation to start pre-ordering again. But so far I’m holding out okay. Whew!

        • Aka says:

          I don’t think Native figures tend to be explicit enough to require censorship in the same way as the adult section at Wonder Festival. Those all have the tape I believe, come to think of it Chie might have required it. But mostly the sites will all mosaic everything.

          If you click the photos the filenames all have the pictures source which can then be matched to a link in the source list.