Quickie v1.232: Bike Meet

This past Thursday I decided to check out a bike meet in downtown Toronto. I went with a couple of friends and they’d hyped up the event claiming hundreds of bikers would be showing up. I didn’t really believe them to be honest but I figured I’d go anyway and be social. I was a bit surprised at just how many people did show up, not quite hundreds in the plural but definitely a lot!

The bike meet takes place every Thursday at a Price Chopper parking lot next to a Tim Hortons. Being such a well known event you can be sure that the police would be there, if only because Tim Hortons sells doughnuts. Two to three cruisers were there for the majority of the time I was, occasionally one dipping out to do something, perhaps catch one of the many speeding bikers down the main road, though I never heard any sirens.

The other thing that surprised me about the event is that I didn’t see anyone doing anything stupid, aside from perhaps the speeders mentioned above. Everyone was chatting away and it seemed a bit like organized chaos. I kept expecting someone to try and do a burnout or wheelie or something a bit dangerous around so many bikes but no one did, which I have to say was a big relief. I’ve seen far too many a YouTube clip of some turd on a motorcycle doing some stunt and failing.

The biggest thing I learned however was that my friends all had faster bikes than me and that I can’t keep up. Their cruising speed is pretty fast for my bike, it doesn’t really feel like it wants to cruise at the kinds of speeds their high revving inline-4 600s want to. All of them had at least 55% more hp than my bike as well as an additional 5000+ rpm which really makes me want to buy a Suzuki GSX-R600.

Anyway, here’s a terrible panorama I took while I was there. I didn’t bring a tripod and my dSLR from the year two-thousand and three is horrendously bad in higher ISOs like ISO800. This meant I was shooting using my 50 mm (75 mm @ crop factor) f/1.8 with a shutter speed of 1/20-1/30 handheld while standing on a ledge. Adding to the fun, my camera is so slow at saving shots I had to wait a couple of seconds after the first 3 on the left and things and people moved etc etc… excuses excuses.