Quickie 1.241: Niagara Falls

Rode down to Niagara Falls last Tuesday to take a look around. I’ve been there a number of times in the past as it’s not all that far from where I live. In fact, I used to ride my bicycle there from a town down the river called “Niagara on the Lake”, another tourist trap but a very pretty little town none the less. Was a very different experience on the motorcycle, things that seemed so far before were too close.

The scenery between Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls is definitely worth a bicycle ride over a motorcycle ride. I enjoyed my ride no doubt, but there’s just so much to see and I missed a lot on the motorcycle because I didn’t want to keep stopping every 30 meters. Additionally, the bike path follows much closer to the river than the road does. Here’s two shots just outside of Queenston.

Next up is a hydro dam on the American side, stitched this together from five separate shots. I should have tried to stand more centred on the dam, wouldn’t have been skewed this way. Still, I like how it turned out, the dynamic range seems pretty good.

Rode up past the falls ‘cuz it was so busy. I forgot how fake Niagara falls is, these dams control the flow of water towards the Horseshoe Falls. Notice the median directing water towards one side of the falls, so artificial.


Got yelled at by a police officer for doing this. There was no where else to park to get the pictures I wanted! So suck it!

Ate at Ruby Tuesdays as I’d never been there before, didn’t seem to be anything special. This picture however is rather deceptive, this is quite a steep hill and very hard to park a motorcycle on. Some nice people insisted on helping me park it as it looked rather precariously perched where I’d originally left it. Also got a parking ticket here, should have taken a picture of that.

Why so serious? The Joker at the Wax Museum.

Frankenstein loves Burger King.

At the dawn of time when man first invented Mini golf.

Finally starting to work my way towards the falls.

A little bit closer, used the GoPro for this ultra wide angle stitch.

This was the closest I got. I was tired of walking, there were tons of people beyond this point and I still had to ride home.


On the way home I saw this beached ship next to a hotel off the QEW. It’s been there forever and I wonder, were there ever any sailing ships made out of that much metal? I’da thought by the time steel ships were invented they were steam powered. It’s likely done up that way so as to be seen from the highway as the trees would block it otherwise, and the neighbouring hotel likely wants you to notice.


  1. Rajura says:

    Nice pictures of the falls. I am jealous!

    That picture of The Joker creeped me out and surprised me when I saw it!

    Now quite site-seeing and get on that Horo review!!! (All in fun Aka, all in fun).

    • Aka says:

      Thanks. I had to take a picture of the Joker, it seemed like such a well done wax statue. But I could see how it would creep someone out just scrolling through.

      It’s mostly written at this point, but I work the next three days so we’ll see how much time I can find. And on Friday if all goes well I’m planning to go for a ~1600 km ride around Lake Huron. Not sure if I can do it though, and definitely don’t have the battery capacity to record the trip in video.

      Anyhoo, we’ll see!