Nude Horo Cosplay

While I’ve never really been truly happy with any Horo cosplay (or most cosplay in general) there have been some that have stood out. Now, I’ll admit originally these all stood out because they were nude but after contemplating the issue the thought started to occur to me, isn’t it amazing someone would cosplay a nude anime character for no monetary gain (that I’m aware of) and only their adoration of the character as their motive? I think this says a lot about Horo’s character and just how much Spice & Wolf appeals to those who love it (and why it should get a third season damnit!). What’s even more surprising is the number of people who’ve cosplayed in the nude as Horo, I’ve found seven all of whom are from Eastern Europe. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps it’s a different culture and view on nudity and sexuality, not as prudish as North America who’d rather violence be accepted than nudity. Whatever the case, I appreciate these Eastern European sensibilities that have allowed for such to occur.

This first set, including the header, is by a photographer named Andrew Kudryavtsev and model Anastasiya Reznikova aka “Vesta777”. It seems to be the most well regarded of the cosplay and I think I’d have to agree. My biggest qualm with the photos is the setting, or lack there of. They’ve got the pile of apples, they’ve got the cosplay, but they have a void of emptiness as their backdrop. Surely they could have found a wagon to use but I suppose that brings other issues, privacy perhaps, not everyone enjoys a photo session outdoors in the nude. Perhaps it was winter like some of the sets below and I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to go outside naked in the Winter, especially in Russia.

I believe originally I found one of these photos on an image board of some kind and thanks to the photographer watermarking his photos I was able to trace it back to various websites and find additional photos. As the watermark says the photographer goes by the alias “MAD.CREATIVE.CHARACTER” and the model “Kitana”. Via the aformentioned back tracing I found the models deviantART account “Kitana123”, the photographers own website as well as the name of the model Анастасия Меркурова (Anastasia Merkurov says Google Translate) via another account of hers at a Russian website.

I understand not uploading the original sized photo for consumption on the Internet both for ease of viewing as well as controlling prints but these are really pushing the limits. They’re so small, I don’t need to see individual hairs or anything but pixel density and monitor size are increasing and 600 pixels wide just doesn’t cut it. I mean, my 2.4″ Blackberry screen almost has as much horizontal resolution! So I’m pretty disappointed in their size but it’s a good set and doing it in the winter takes more courage than I could muster. Sadly though, this apparently isn’t a real nude cosplay, Anastasia says on her deviantART that she’s not really nude and I think I concur, that or she doesn’t have any toes.

Unlike the above two girls, Ranni3 isn’t from Russia, but she is from Eastern Europe in next-door Belarus. Unfortunately she’s decided that no single photo size is sufficient, they must all be different. She’s done two sets, a summer and a winter which is nice and reflects the different locales in the series, the wheat fields that Horo watched over as well as the north where she came from. The summer set were photographed by Elizaveta Gaiduk, where the winter set was done by “Senma” as the watermark says.



Keeping it simplistic, this single photo by photographer Shin-tyan from Ukraine and model “Lulu” shows a reasonable effort. While her tail does not look anywhere near as groomed as Horo’s would be and the ears too far back on her head overall I could look at this photo and identify the character being cosplayed. What I don’t understand however is how they went through all the trouble only to take a single photograph. Perhaps they opted to only post the ‘best’ one, but I would have preferred a couple, I like sets rather than individual.

Getting back to the Russians, photographer Yuu Gray and model “HoroSama” get out of the cold, grab a snack and take a lap in field of long grass. What stands out at me most about these photos is… her eyebrows. I know rarely does a cosplay dye their eyebrows and I don’t expect them to, but their choice of wig colour really exaggerates the difference in hues between the two. I think less orange looking hair would really have helped.


This next set has me debating Canadian law with regards to displaying artistic nudity of minors. DeviantART seems to feel comfortable displaying Bulavina Anna aka Cra-zy-Frog’s photos, and I’m leaning towards it being ok as well given nothing is truly exposed. However I’ve decided to play it safe and use a silhouetted shot which I think is the best anyway. The reason for my concern is due to her claimed age in her profile, that being 16 years old coupled with the fact that’s her current age and the photos are from two years ago. Anyway, I think this shot works pretty well towards envisioning Horo. Though as always I have some criticisms, she should take her hands off her ears and also those powerlines and house really destroy what could have been a great sunset silhouette. What I think would have worked better would be keeping her shoulders as are, but her left arm going down to her legs and she should lean on her right a little bit right at her side. But you get what you get, beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

Girls aren’t the only ones cosplaying in the nude as Horo, no men are too! This trap here thinks he can cosplay naked as a wolf goddess and I suppose if one were blind enough they might just believe it. Even this cosplay comes from mother Russia via user fosya on deviantART.

Correction: I must add an apology in here to fosya. I’d always been under the impression that the photo featured here was actually a man and thanks to the the abundance of traps on the Internet, in anime and general complacency by yours truly I took this at face value and saw what I was told to see. However on November 29th, 2011 some additional photos (one, two, three) were added to fosya’s account which prove otherwise. Furthermore, the photographer himself corrected me months prior on July 28th, 2011 and I seemingly overlooked this fact. So again, apologies to fosya and the misinformation, it truly was not intended slight against you and I feel terrible about the mistake. 

To make up for the trap, here’s a photoshop’d naked Horo as well as a reposting of the most famed photoshopped nude Horo cosplay.

I find it truly amazing that all the nude cosplay of Horo comes from Eastern Europe. I tried to find stuff from other countries but nothin’, only photoshops and Eastern Europeans. Hmm thinking about it, I’m of Eastern European descent (ok, half of me is, the other half is Western European, and both halves of me are 100% Canadian), perhaps I should move back to the motherland and find myself a real Horo, maybe even a harem of Horos! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to speak to any of them unless they spoke English. Whatever the case may be, I appreciate the alacrity of Eastern Europeans to cosplay in the buff and I look forward to moving there in the imaginary future.


A note on copyright, none of these photos are my own and all
rights belong to their respective and attributed owners.


  1. Quazacolt says:

    lol never would i have thought to see cosplays on your site

    • Aka says:

      Nor I, but it’s not like it’s normal cosplay right?

      • Quazacolt says:

        true enough heh

        • Aka says:

          I reserve the right in the future to feature further cosplay posts however. Though, ideally it would be for a perfectly done Horo cosplay, clothed this time. Though a perfect disrobed one would be quite something as well. But perfect in this case is subjective anyway.

          • Quazacolt says:

            there are a lot of clothed horo done by the japanese cosplayers. though horo being European in the first place herself, naturally Europeans would do it better.

            that said, props/costume wise, i would say the japanese have the upper hand, and thats why their clothed horo cosplays are superior.

          • Aka says:

            Yeah, I’ve seen most of it, but I wouldn’t bother posting about it unless it stood out, and thus far no clothed Horo cosplay has. Nude cosplay stands out though, and not just due to their nudity, though that’s what initially caught my eye.

            So if and when I see the ultimate clothed Horo cosplay, I’ll most definitely make a post on it.

  2. Rincewind says:

    Maybe you should shoot cosplay pics too?

    • Aka says:

      I’ve taken a few shots at Anime North the couple times I worked the convention. But to be honest, I never really liked much of the cosplay, and felt awkward asking people if I could take pictures of them.

      Maybe I should put an ad out on Craigslist and see if I can find someone willing to cosplay a nude Horo? haha

      • Rincewind says:

        I guess I can call myself an amateur photographer, but I’m too shy too just shoot people on streets. I feel like a stalker even if I use long-ranged 70-300mm and they don’t see me. Not long time ago I’ve decided to shoot cosplay (I’m anime fan after all), I wrote an ad in cosplay photographers group on social network, but nobody replied. So I’ve just started to shoot some macro at home, and then I accidentally found this site. Excellent photos, by the way.

        • Aka says:

          I think the further away and the longer the focal length of your lens the more stalkerish you become. The point of being a stalker is to be hidden from the object of your affection. Doing it in plain sight and with permission is by far the least stalkeresk. Just more embarrassing. That or paparazzi-esk.

          • Rincewind says:

            Well, I go to local lake, sit on the shore opposite to the beach and pretend to be shooting ducks. But of course I shoot girls in swimsuits. Macro’s better, I don’t feel so weird when I do it.

          • Aka says:

            That’s definitely creepy. You should feel really weird about that. Also, that sounds like telephoto shooting rather than macro.

          • Rincewind says:

            My bad English 🙁

            I meant I try to shoot macro at home instead of doing stalkerish photo with 300mm. I don’t want to become socially awkward freak.

  3. Chag says:

    Wow, Horo’s ears and tail are really hard to get right. I was thinking of real fur, but there’s no such thing as an orange wolf, is there? In any case, Horo seems to be deceptively complicated, despite the fact that she doesn’t have to wear any clothes.

    I actually don’t mind the lack of a backdrop in the first set because I’ve always like the red and white colour combination. I wonder what they did with the apples afterwards. Maybe they had a big apple pie party!

    I wonder what’s crazier — spreading photos of yourself doing nude cosplay on the internet or having a giant collection of horo figures. I honestly don’t know the answer to that, but I must say I love you crazies. Long live your unchristian deity!

    • Aka says:

      I recall seeing wolves that were Horo’s colour linked on image boards. I can’t for the life of me find any now though.

      It’s not that I mind the white backdrop, it’s more they went through some reasonable effort, why not take it a step further? Not sure what you do with that many apples touched by the nude physique of Horo of Yoitsu. But I’m not really sure.

      I think what would be crazier is if I myself cosplayed as nude Horo.

  4. Tian says:

    … I’ll be in my bunk.

  5. Rajura says:

    I forgot how much I loved these particular “nude-plays”.

    While, I am particularly conservative, I must say that I definitely appreciate the length to which these lovely ladies went. Tastefully nude Horo is hot, hot hot!

    Now that guy, NO… JUST PLAIN NO! There should be a law against guys defiling the beauty of Horo in that way!

    Can’t wait to make my girl my wife. Once that happens, I will need to dress her up in nothing but ears and tail… at least one time. That would be soooo hot and sooooo fun!

    As for the ultimate clothed Horo, when I go bear hunting this year, if I have time, I will make her first costume to exact specifications the replicate it per the novel and anime. Then the only problem would be getting that tail-belt right. Some company really needs to start making those, and I mean HIGH QUALITY… not that bo-bo cheap Chinese cosplay crap for sale on ebay or YAJ.

    Now leave me alone! I’m going back to ogling Horo!

    • Aka says:

      lol the guy… I had to include him, I couldn’t be sexist and ignore his efforts! I’m all about a fair and balanced… oh who am I kidding, I included him for the lulz.

      She’d be down with that? I’ve always thought that would seem insulting, despite my desire to have a woman do the same for me. I just think it says “I want to think about someone else while we’re having sex.” But then, I’ve never been in a cosplay-type relationship, perhaps it’s just another accepted kink.

      Bear hunting? As in, shooting a big real bear? And during this you’ll have time to produce a Horo costume? Either you’re a man of much talent, or bear hunting is enormously boring.

      I’ve seen many well done clothed Horo cosplay, but the reason they tend not to work well for me is I still can’t imagine them being Horo. There’s always something off or wrong about it, despite their best efforts. Also, I’ve found a lot of cosplayers make these boring neutral faces, which really ruins the character they’re cosplaying, unless they’re like Nagato Yuki or something.

      Feel free to get back to ogling now.

      • Rajura says:

        Well, her first skirt and jacket were made of bear skin and fur in part, right? So, I need a bear to do the costume justice… also bear is tasty!

        As for the intimate relations issue, I wouldn’t dare think to explore the possibility of my wife dressing as my waifu in the FIRST year of marriage, but I think she would be okay with it… after all I’d dress up for her too!

  6. Vimba says:

    fosya – female. I shoot her 🙂 – another “Nude Holo Cosplay” selection.

  7. Radiant says:

    That is so much win! And so relevant to your site too! The photos are quite artful and pretty. Andrew definitely is a pro photog, and the models are pretty too! I just wanna…

    grab that tail!!

  8. That1Gai says:

    Wow, and here I thought there were more mediocre Horo figurines than there were great Horo cosplays out there (not just the nude ones). And I, too, wonder why all of them are from Europe rather than Japan or something. My only guess for a reason is that the series takes place in what seems like a European Renascence era rather than Asia. I dunno.

    And one other thing, out of curiosity. When you think of Horo, do you first think of her as a stereotypical female teenager (disregarding the ears and tail, of course) or as a wise goddess with a quick wit?

    • Aka says:

      *sigh* Mediocre Horo figures… Needs to be top tier only!

      An old soul with a quick wit.

      • Rajura says:

        Oh wow! Really? A stereotypical teenage girl is even a choice?

        She is sooooo not a silly little girl. Fragile emotions due to prolonged isolation, yes. But, she is not an immature flippant girl.

        Gai… go stand in the corner for even bringing up that question!

        • That1Gai says:

          Alright, alright. I’m sorry for saying it like that. To be honest, after I posted that, I knew I used the wrong words.

          But you’d agree that Horo can have multiple personalities, right? I was asking the reader what kind of personality stands out more to them. Is that better? :-/

          • Aka says:

            No, not really better 😛

            Multiple personalities is a disorder or disease… It sounds like you’re trying to address her wavering mood, how she can go from angry to sad to happy to playful all in the blink of an eye. It’s more just a complex personality than an immature one.

            So the personality that stands out most is the only personality she has.

          • That1Gai says:

            *facepalm* Sorry guys. Didn’t mean to offend anybody with my wording.

            Maybe I just sometimes forget that she’s centuries old with her wit and charm.

  9. Didn’t know Horo was so popular, especially with cosplayers (in Europe ^_^)… there are some really nice shots in these sets, but I agree the indoor studio shots are a little bland. The tail in this pic, quicky-horo-cosplay-lulu-article.jpg, kind of remind me of a raccoon road kill.

    You ever think about doing a Horo cosplay shoot yourself? =P With your dedication to Horo, I’m pretty sure there’ll be some awesome pics.

    • Aka says:

      lol ouch, raccoon road kill eh? Certainly doesn’t look as meticulously cared for as Horos tail would be. But I wasn’t going to go that far.

      Perhaps it’s just that since she’s mai waifu I notice her everywhere, but I find her and the series to be very popular given what it’s description would be… “economics”… and rather surprised it hasn’t received a 3rd season, especially after the Tokyo ban.

      I’ve never done people shoots, I don’t have the space… and then cosplayers I admire their effort but rarely do I admire the outcome of said effort. I always find it doesn’t feel like the character, just like someone cosplaying as the character, so either I lack imagination or I’m very hard to please. Possibly both.

      I don’t think I could do a nude shoot either… I’d have a hard time… if you know what I mean.

  10. Dryus says:

    Foda adorei os cosplays muito interessante e elas ficaram muito bem de Horo-sama

  11. noh-face says:

    There are nude horo cosplayers in Japan. Of course, you have to pay for or pirate their photo sets since cosplayers produce and sell them in the same way as doujins. On the flip side you get hundreds of photos per set.

    You might (perhaps, maybe, possibly) find free Horo nudes by trawling Cure and then joining the fanclubs of promising cosplayers. That gives you access to their restricted fan galleries in which some cosplayers hide content that break Cure’s rules.

  12. yl says:


  13. LOLICON28 says:


    • Quazacolt says:



    • Aka says:

      Sorry I never replied originally. Quazacolt translated your comment for me on Twitter. Google Translate was not very useful unfortunately.

      Also, I apologize for leaving your comment in queue for so long, I debated on allowing Chinese comments and eventually allowed them to pass. My main concern was not being able to understand and reply.

      The girls in these photos definitely have a lot of courage, posting themselves nude on the Internet. That’s not something I would ever do myself. Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there for good.

      Hopefully you’re able to make more sense of this comment than the article above.

      • LOLICON28 says:

        Thanks for the replied.It has been four years I have not used English.So,my English is worse than the Japanese.This reply also completed by Google Translate almost.

        I’ve been watching the Japanese Original Animation(Not after Chinese dubbing) since I was 9 years old.For a long time,I thought the most important thing is “LOVE”.For the cosplayer,it means the “love” for the character in animation.Not just about “like”.

        I believe The girls in these photos have a lot of courage to taken these photos just because the love for HORO,not for Fame and Fortune.

        Because of that,I decide to support the girls.This is what I would like to express.

        If there is any grammar error in the article,please forgive me.Hope you can understend what I talking about.

        Best wishes.

  14. Kelly says:

    Just a word to say, AWESOME!

  15. 全唐人狂朝 says:


  16. Swaps4 says:

    Awesome cosplay.

  17. sado says:

    ya,this is not normal cosplay~,but it’s pretty beautiful.Really nice shot Aka~

    • Aka says:

      They’re excellent photos, but none of them are mine. I link to their original sources, be it the photographer who took the shots or the model who was in the shots, or both. Please visit their respective sites and leave a comment there as well.

  18. Fosya says:

    I just laughed heartily, when I read, that I’m trap =D
    But that’s all right, dont worry 🙂

    • Aka says:

      Well I’m happy it was taken in good humour. I still feel bad about it! I remember reading it in like a 4chan thread, so I just repeated the claim.

  19. Duke Nia says:

    Naaaastya *-*
    I know that later this apples had been eaten)
    So good cosplay! I really love it *-*

  20. Bernkastel says:

    A very beautiful picture , and more sexy than Horo in Animation !!
    Excellent !! And appreciate for sharing the pic of cosplay.

  21. Antony says:

    Фап фап=)

  22. rob says:

    im sure other people have mentioned this, but you know it’s holo right? not horo. sorry im just one of those people.

    • Aka says:

      I’m aware of the eternal debate over the spelling of her name, and so far as I understand Isuna Hasekura himself insists her name is spelled “Horo”. The anime and the English translations have chosen their spelling incorrectly. Also, if you wish to base your spelling off Horo’s own signature in the second season of the anime, you might perhaps think due to her poor cursive writing that her name is actually Korbo. So, due to the continued confusion, I choose the ‘original’ spelling of her name, but still include “Holo” in my list of tags for those who spell it differently.

      • Quazacolt says:

        it’s just… Japanese with their ”ロ” which can be used with ro or lo. however if you go with ロ specifically, then it’s ro (try it with your microsoft IME :P) as lo would be a “pronunciation extension” similar to how “fo” requires a ファ “fu + a”

        hope my basic understanding of Japanese can help clear this up ^^;

        bottomline/TLDR: TECHNICALLY, neither sides are wrong. 🙂
        if you stick with the japanese name, then its horo. if you prefer the english side (IINM there was an interview/statement from hasekura isuna himself that holo IS the official specially, not sure if there was also an interview/clarification from yen press as well) it is Holo.

        • Quazacolt says:

          eh sorry on by “fo” example i meant “fa” oTL

        • Aka says:

          “Concerning the spelling of Holo’s name, Yen Press has stated that they ‘were instructed that the proper spelling of the character’s name is indeed Holo’ by the Japanese licensor.” [Wikipedia]

          Yen Press’ information does not come from Isuna Hasekura but the Japanese licensor. It remains my understanding that Isuna Hasekura chose “Horo” as the ‘correct’ spelling which makes “Holo” wrong, not technically but unequivocally.

          • Quazacolt says:

            from :
            “If you really want to scold someone, you should be talking to the fansubber who botched her name in season one. In the second season of the anime, there’s a scene where Holo ends up signing a contract with someone. If you look at her signature, you can tell that it’s clearly spelled “Holo”. It has always been the author’s intentin for her name to be spelled and pronounced as Holo, and the only reason it wasn’t spelled this way in the orignal light novel was because “lo” doesn’t exist in the Japanese syllabary. Just as Lawrence’s name is spelled and pronounced “Roransu” in the anime and light novel, “Horo” is just a romanized form of the Japanese spelling of her name. The guy who subbed the first season just had enough sense to use the English form of Craft’s name.”

            if you think about it, if the anime production, licencor (publishers mainly, which is ASCII media works) and what not ALL insisted on a decision, you would think that it is either:
            a) the author’s actual wishes
            b) they just want to fuck him over

            i believe that’s also where yenpress statement (which wiki cited) came from.

            of course if you’re weaboo enough you can always stick with horo (like i do anyways, i supposed i am used to it, not to mentioned i HAVE to type horo when i am typing in japanese)

          • Aka says:

            In the same thread Hassler, the guy who posted the article originally says they discussed it only with the licensor, and that he presumed that they spoke with the author and original staff. Just an assumption that they did.

            “Also, just to quickly address the comment about the decision to use “Holo” instead of “Horo”… This was discussed at length with our licensor in Japan, and based on their preference — presumably through conversation with the original editorial staff and author — we were instructed that the proper spelling of the character’s name is indeed Holo. Who are we to argue?”Hassler

            In whatever case, it’s just long been MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE to romanize it Horo, as it is yours. Why are we still having this discussion?

  23. Quazacolt says:

    i am mainly pointing out how r and l works in Japanese. which you are clearing mistaken for with what you stated earlier: “It remains my understanding that Isuna Hasekura chose “Horo” as the ‘correct’ spelling which makes “Holo” wrong, not technically but unequivocally.”

    just that, really. it is a Japanese production after all and that is how the language works, take it as you will

    • Aka says:

      You’re not understanding my English and just want to argue.

      • Quazacolt says:

        if it makes you feel better, the author is fully aware of your website now ^^

        • Aka says:

          I remember seeing links from him in my analytics. Made me feel a little good, but was kind of disappointed it was to this post, which is all other peoples content with just some commentary by myself. Oh well, can’t have everything.

          Edit: You mean re-aware? I see links from his twitter again today.

          • Quazacolt says:

            he said he is gonna carefully observe, so maybe he is taking his sweet time… that or probably his followers are clicking from his twitter url

  24. Rajura says:

    Just noticed the “non-trap” update!

    Better late than never! That makes me feel a little relief.

    We need some more Horo material!

  25. BlackLion says:

    Oh my, so much Horo. My sister is going to love this place…

  26. EmeraldBoy says:

    Лучше хвост в жопе чем фотошоп

  27. Spiral says:

    who is this person?

  28. RussianWrath says:

    I think, to you never to understand psychology of the Russian women. They are unique and not predictable.