Hatsune Miku (Tony Taka ver.) by Max Factory

Despite my affection for this extraordinarily long twintailed princess, I still don’t quite understand her success and popularity. Is it really so simple as her possessing just the right amount of ‘moe’ points for appeal? Or is it that she can be and has been manipulated in so many ways she can appeal to a much broader audience. Whatever it is, I’ve ordered or own a total of six Miku figures (seven if you include Kagamiku) with the majority of those arriving in the first half of this year, but today I’ll be reviewing just one of those for now.

With all the Miku figures on the horizon I think Max Factory’s Tony Taka Miku became my least anticipated. I’d seen the illustration, I’d seen the promo-shots and while I was sold enough when I pre-ordered her, by the time she arrived 233 days later I’d lost most of my drive for her. So after arriving to little fanfare she was placed on a shelf and ignored for the next 82 days, confined to her cardboard prison. Perhaps it’s due to this long duration of avoidance that upon finally unboxing her I was rather surprised and excited with what I saw.

She’s actually very cute as a Miku figure should be, and not just from the angle of the original illustration either. Sure there are some angles that aren’t as flattering but I was surprised to find many angles that were. In addition to this surprise were the details, none of which are new I’ll admit, but over the past 315 days since ordering her I’d forgotten about many of them. Key details that stuck out for me were the details in her armpits and shoulders as well as the zipper-like end to her top. Her armpits and shoulders display a good amount of musculature adding some much needed realism, additionally also visible is some amount of sideboob as can be expected with such attire. This also draws ones attention to her breasts which appear small and perky, quite pleasant. Which also brings to attention, she’s not wearing a bra, something I’m not sure I ever even thought of with Miku. Is there support in her top? As for the zipper-like ends to her top, they are very tiny yet do not show much signs of globbing of paint and look generally quite clean all around.

For the rest of the sculpt Chieri has done quite well bringing three dimensions out of a two dimensional drawing though I wonder if they could have been more detail in places. It’s hard to know just what Miku’s clothes would be made out of and how they should wrinkle or fall and none of it looks out of place as is on her, but still I wonder. Her hair for example looks pretty spartan in detail though entirely lives up to the illustration as do her sleeves and boots/thighhighs. But the muscle detail in Miku’s shoulders for example seem to be added detail not in the original illustration and perhaps this addition of detail could have been applied throughout the figure. But as is, she’s still quite good looking so perhaps mark this down as a wish rather than a complaint.

If I had to pick fault with this figure it would easily be the following two things. Hair and panties. Her hair reminds me of toothpaste, perhaps this is the fault of toothpaste manufacturers more than Miku’s design but I don’t want to brush my teeth using her hair. Floss maybe? And those clear pegs required to hold each tail’s weight in place seems pretty pathetic in a way. I completely understand given the roots but it ruins her appearance. Panties, well we all know what’s wrong here right? Stripes. There are none. She has plain white panties like any other pure anime girl. Terrible. We all know Miku slept her way to the top, stop this charade already! Even Miku Lat-type has the proper striped panties and she looks to be younger. By the age of Miku in this figure she surely would be wearing something more racy to appeal more to her fanbase in the front row. In fact, I have proof! (Song 1 and 5)

I touched on this a little bit before with Miku’s zipper but the paintwork on Miku is as solid as can be, no major flaws, maybe a couple very minor flaws in application. However the paint type used on her hair seemed awfully sticky when I removed her from her box and I worry about dust getting stuck to it fairly easily and being very difficult to remove. I hope this is not the case because dust faded hair is unbecoming of the little princess. The details are well painted and don’t exceed their boundaries as should be expected, though this can never be a given with all manufacturers. The edging around her shoulders, skirt, sleeves, thighboots are all solidly painted without issue. If every manufacturer could paint this well I’d have a lot less to complain about that’s for sure.

Part of me wants to add her base to the complaint list but as far as bases go it’s at least got a design, most have none whatsoever. I’m not sure what it’s suppose to be though, perhaps a distorted piano? If that’s the case I wish they’d have painted the keys I think it would have contrasted well against her and added a bit more of a musical flavour to the figure. Sure I wouldn’t have been able to get one of the shots included in this set, but it’s a small price to pay.

All in all I’m surprisingly pretty happy with her and even more surprised that my Miku collection will soon out number my Horo collection. Something must be done about this! A call to arms! Alter! Max Factory! Alpha x Omega! Megahouse! Native! You must each now release a superior Horo to those already released. Not only will you make money from me, my collection of Horos will outgrow their current location!

Sorry Miku, didn’t mean to end on an unrelated note there… will you get an anime?



  • Well sculpted
  • Very well painted
  • Nice added detail not in the original illustration
  • Nice bum, that’s a pro right?


  • Toothpaste hair
  • White panties, c’mon where are the stripes?!
  • Hair supports
  • Despite the added detail, could use more in other areas
  • Pose, despite working from more angles than initially imagined, is still awkward.



  1. Chag says:

    Wow, that there is a potent armpit/sideboob combo. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before, especially since it’s right there in your face. It’s about time that a sculptor exploited this sexy potential in Miku’s design to its fullest!

    Miku’s leaning posture still looks strange to me from some angles, but the her twisted torso looks really, really good in many of the angled shots in the gallery. I especially like this angle, and that ain’t just because of her panties either. Miku seems like a great figure to display slightly above eye-level. It’s definitely great to see you back on the reviewing trail again, by the way — keep’em coming!

    Also, is it just me, or is Miku super-cute without her pigtails? I daresay she looks CUTER without them!

    • Aka says:

      I’m glad after all this time since she was released I was able to point out something others hadn’t noticed! Makes it all worth while.

      I’ll have to see if I can find her a place just above eye level, I’m really low on space though sadly.

      I was surprised by how cute she looked without her twintails… I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say cuter, but definitely different.

  2. Tenkaminari says:

    I really like her pose, especially how her waist and twin tails twisted.

    The only complain I have for this is one is about her color tone is too dark. I prefer the bright green as shown in the promo picture.

    • Aka says:

      It’s always hard to get the colours to match everywhere espeically when I run a different monitor type than most. Do the colours in the header image the the rest appear different? If so, the proper colour for Miku is actually a middle ground between the two. She appears a bit too teal coloured I think in browsers with colour profiles enabled. I’ve still never figured out how to correct this beyond removing the embedded profiles in the images.

      In either case, I don’t think she’s as brightly coloured as in the preview shots but I much prefer her in person than those anyway. Her skin tones weren’t as pleasant as they are in person, she has a much more pale appearance that fits in with my tastes more.

      • Tenkaminari says:

        =w=” sorry, I didn’t write clear enough and a bit busy this month.

        What I meant is the color of the figure itself. I also brought one of this Miku.
        Just my personal opinion is that the hair color is too dark so it made the hair look too “solid” like a chunk of hair. Lighter color like the one in promotion picture or maybe more shades/tones on the hair can make it look better.

        But overall, I like this Miku too. >w<

        • Aka says:

          Ah I see, I wasn’t sure, I’m always paranoid the colour profiles I use in my photos may change them drastically on other peoples monitors.

  3. Rajura says:

    Wow, she is a pretty figure…

    As far as mint flavo(u)red hair goes, it’s not my thing.

    They did a nice job of subtly displaying her sideboob without making it look tasteless and just an excuse to show sideboob.

    I have an idea for how you can get more Horo figures than Miku… BUY THE VARIANTS… follow my lead! You know you want to! You can’t resist forever.

    • Aka says:

      Had I bought the variants when they came out maybe, now? Not a chance. I’m not spending that kind of cash, especially for different releases of the exact same item *coughKotobukiyacough*

      I think part of this sideboob comes from the fact Tony enhanced her breasts, in GSC’s original figure there’s a hint of it as well but her breasts are smaller and I think the sleeves cut off a little further in as well in this version. So definitely not an excuse for sideboob at all.

      • Rajura says:

        I see your point on the sideboob issue.

        As for the issue of variants, (while I was including the two re-releases of Koto. in that line of thinking) I was also thinking about the Resinya GEE! version… the Taki variant (yes, I said it… don’t hate me), and the first release of Global’s sprawling Horo.

        Yes, I can understand that in general original and re-releases are the same, but there are times when subtle differences are present.

        What can I say, she has me around her finger!

        Oh BTW, is Global even making crap anymore (yes, I used the word I wanted… excluding Horo of course). I emailed them at the beginning of this year and got no response… even though my email was in Japanese.

        It’s hard for me to tell since their website has not be updated in about a year-and-a-half.

        • Aka says:

          I know what you mean, but spending $400 on a Cospa Horo is the most retarded thing I can think of, even if it is a version I don’t have. It’s still paying $400 for what looks like a masker masquerading as Horo.

          I did pre-order one of the latest runs of Koto’s Horo, along with 2 of the upcoming CM’s Corp. But they’re relatively cheap by comparison. Also, I don’t see a point in buying another Global Sprawl ver, or Taki. One of each is enough, I’d prefer second Volks, or GSCs not these crap Horos by lesser brands.

          No idea bout Global, they’re not really on my list of manufacturers to care about. They produced some Horos so I bought them, but they certainly didn’t produce my favourite Horos.

          • Rajura says:

            Fair enough… I should point out though, that I was actually lucky enough to get that “masquerading” Horo new for $115 (before the US dollar REALLY tanked). I am glad, seeing as you said the going rates for some.
            At this point in time, I couldn’t see myself parting with $400 either… even for Horo.

  4. Nopy says:

    I actually like the white panties, but I have to agree with you about the hair, it does look a bit like toothpaste. She looks really shiny though, and I’m not a fan of figures that have a lot of shine.

    • Aka says:

      White panties are so boring though. Every anime figure has them, I want sexy panties or colourful panties, something that stands out. Her striped panties though seem to fit her so much better.

      Glossy tends to be a peeve of mine as well, but Miku’s really well done with regards to this. Her skin of course isn’t glossy at all, but her clothes are, and I can believe they would be in reality as well.

  5. haitechan says:

    I saw her at a local anime shop and she’s even better than I though. I hate glossy things but in person she seemed less glossy. Sadly, local prices of figures can be really high ($60 for a figma/Sega figure) so I passed on asking before I had a heart attack or something. The panties issue is kind of a letdown but I hope other manufacturers will learn their lesson after Lat is released.

    • Aka says:

      I’ve been to a ‘local’ anime shop once, by local I just mean in Canada haha. They weren’t the best prices I’ll say that, when I can order directly from Japan, have it shipped to my door and not have to pay any taxes, for less than the cost of what you’re selling? Yeah I’m so buying from Japan.

      Thank god Lat Miku will have the proper pantsu. At least one Miku I’ll own will be correct.

  6. Tian says:

    This figure was perhaps unfairly maligned by a few reviewers. Two points bother me: it doesn’t look particularly Tony-esque, and the toothpaste hair. I dunno, as far as alternative takes on Miku, it could be more… alternative. From your review, it certainly doesn’t look like a bad figure. It just seems like Tony passed up the opportunity to do something more interesting with the design.

    • Aka says:

      I think Tony has passed up the opportunity to do much with his art as of recently to be honest. I can tell a Tony picture or figure a mile away, and everything he does always seems some how the same. He’s still a wonderful artist, but I would much prefer some other artists get some attention these days. Tony’s everywhere and getting boring.

      In person I think her hair looks far better than represented in my pictures. I’m not sure why though. Still toothpastey though.

  7. I like this Miku, it just feels like there’s more to see because of the way her body’s angled. A lot of the other Miku figures all look the same and feels extremely boring when looked at from different angles.

    Physically, the body seems awkward, the way it’s twisted is just so un-natural. But it works really well visually and brings the figure to life. It’s like over emphasizing a pose in a photo but it looks great in the frame. =)

    One thing that kind of annoys me is the way most of these Miku figures are glossy, normally I don’t mind gloss, but she has so much. Her hair, accessories and entire outfit are all glossy, it’s a little annoying to take photos of.

    If Miku ends up being your new waifu, at least you won’t have to change the site name (much). Just add an ‘s’ – tailsgrab.org! LOLL

    • Aka says:

      Miku will never be my waifu! She can only be a concubine! Though… she could use a tail. Here are too many examples (NSFW): One, Two, Three, four … and Horo as Miku.

      Her body does seem a bit awkward however I don’t think it’s an impossible pose. Given that it’s caught mid motion one might flex a little further than they can hold a pose, additionally even I can almost get that pose (just tried it) and while I don’t look nearly as sexy (ok, not sexy at all) I think it’s entirely reasonable. The hair however, I think she’d have to move pretty fast to flow in that manner.

      She’s definitely glossy, but I don’t feel that it affected the photos much. Would be better if I had a diffuse light source, but that’s always been an issue because I’m too lazy to make one and too cheap to buy one.

      Hmm.. tailsgrab makes me think of a situation in which you might use twintails for leverage, or pulling towards ones self. If you catch my meaning. Poor girl.