Collection Update: Mid July

Well, I forgot to post my June update due to riding around Ontario on my motorcycle as much as free time would allow (Only about 1700 km). Plus with the Canada Post strike throughout June, not much really arrived anyway. And really, who wants to read a rant about another post office strike from yet another country? That’s what I thought, so here we are July.


In May’s lack of pre-orders I listed off a couple I’d be interested in maybe ordering and sure enough I couldn’t hold off and ordered one off the list. But only one. However I did add to the list out of impulse and wonder a little bit about the choice. The others I remain undecided for now though I’m pretty sure if I remember or manage to catch her, I’ll be ordering blowjob Anya. Still hoping ques Q’s Taiga goes on sale because she’s adorable and has a rather delicious looking bum. New items of interest include Alpha Max’s Nakano Azusa, simple swimsuit figure but is more cutely sculpted than most. Her feet have some character and being an ass man her bum is nice. Released for pre-order just recently Kotobukiya’s Melty looks quite adorable as well with her enormous witch hat but I’m not really willing as of yet. Of most interest however is Alter’s upcoming Kaminagi Ryoko. Back when Zegapain was on I pretty much watched the show entirely because of her characters voice, before “HNNNGGGG” was a meme I was HHNNNGGGing over her voice, so adorable. So I’m pretty happy with what looks to be a great figure of her is in the works

Kasugano Sora

In the end I couldn’t resist her simple charms. There’s not much to point to directly as being the item of attraction with this Sora figure and overall she gives off a fairly simplistic appearance. Though not in the same way a swimsuit figure looks simplistic as there’s obviously detail in her dress, but simple none the less. There isn’t much action in her pose, she’s more or less just standing there holding her somewhat boring dress up a bit, perhaps spinning since her dress and hair seem to be forced outwards from her core. But some how all combined she has a certain charm, similar to the charm of a casual clothed girl where she doesn’t necessarily stand out like the “woman in the red dress” but feels much more approachable. Prior to pre-order release Alter had some very poor photos of Sora up on their blog making her look rather tanned something which Sora most certainly isn’t. It was as if the photographer cranked the saturation levels because they were using an old desaturated monitor, scared many out of ordering at the start. It’s my hope (and many others) that she appears more like the photos released for pre-order much more pale however I am reminded of another figure in the past this happened to. Good Smile Company’s Tohsaka Rin (crica 2005), all her promoshots showed her very pale (and sexy) but the released figures had a much darker skin tone which just wasn’t quite as sexy. Hopefully Sora doesn’t fall victim to this, though I doubt she will as Alter tends to be the ‘god’ of paintwork in the figure world.

Shirai Kuroko & Misaka Mikoto

Nope, not the Kotobukiya’s maid figures but rather Taito’s prize figures. I’m not even sure who Taito is but when pictures surfaced of their Shirai Kuroko figure whom actually looked tasteful and cute I started to think I should buy this figure. Now of course there was a set, the two of them so I ordered both for SEGA figure-like prices and haven’t regretted the idea so far. Though I’m a tad worried with what I’ll receive, SEGA is a known value for me now but Taito isn’t, do they suck more? slightly better? exactly the same? I guess I’ll find out. Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of either of them so judging is pretty darn limited, plus Kuroko apparently is only 17 cm tall. Misaka also is thus far unpainted, but both of them in pajamas seems cute enough. (Picture sources 1, 2)


Much of what was expected to arrive in June was delayed until July but that which did arrive was quite splendid indeed. A figure with beautiful legs and splendid feet arrived in a fairly large box via EMS but the best part of that is, I wasn’t taxed! Oh wait, no the best part is that Alter’s Houmei is sexy and I want those legs and feet to… well you can use your imagination. As I’ve not opened the box I haven’t seen how complicated she is to assemble beyond Alter’s own videos but looking through the plastic window she does look a bit small which perhaps might make sense since she’s one of the smaller characters in the series I gather. Hopefully when removed from her packaging she feels worth the 16,474 pennies spent on her (shipping etc…)

The other item to arrive was the extraordinarily tall and perky breasted Tohsaka Rin from Good Smile Company who sat in transit 29 days thanks to Canada Post’s strike. That makes her the longest anything shipped to me has sat in transit beating out Kirisame Marisa who shipped over Christmas via SAL and took 27 days to arrive. Contrast that to Houmei who took only 6 days to arrive (albeit via EMS) and my overall average of 10 days in transit she took quite a long time indeed. Did I mention I wasn’t happy with Canada Post? I don’t think I did yet.

The last item to arrive is an oldy, a figure bought off the sales section on from a wonderful southern girl from Texas who used a lot of stamps to get this package to me. The item she shipped was Kotobukiya’s 2007 Ayanami Rei wearing a party dress. A small figure and not super high on my wishlist but one I’ve always thought was cute, her pose and again my seemingly favourite component of a woman, her bottom are both quite nice. The price was right so I figured why the hell not? Then Canada Post went on strike and she took 24 days to arrive. This is probably one of the reasons most people don’t bother to keep a very detailed spreadsheet of all their figure purchases because you’ll see not only how much your hobby costs, but how much certain events can affect transit times and cause you to be very angry when otherwise you’d probably just be surprised a package arrived on your door step at all.

I’m really happy Canada Post is back because AmiAmi doesn’t ship via any other methods, and all other methods seem to cost me more money anyway such as FedEx and UPS. Please never strike again Canada Post, you’re my favourite and I don’t want to hate you but nearly an entire month of striking is too much for me to take! I need Alter’s Rin and Saber to arrive on time in July, as well as Good Smile Company’s Kanbaru Suruga and CM’s Horo for sure! You better watch out Canada Post, don’t you dare delay my Horo!

MMmm tastefully nude Horo…



  1. Riven says:

    I am bouncing in my chair waiting for Horo to come out.. I’m gonna cry if she’s delayed. I hope she’s as lovely as the prototype photos are! It seems like EVERYONE bought that Rin.. I basically became a Fate fan just a few weeks ago.. had I become one earlier, I would have pre-ordered that figure in a heartbeat. It’s so dynamic it’s just incredible!

    • Aka says:

      If she’s delayed by the manufacturer I’m more ok with it, but if it’s a Canada Post delay, I’ll be angry! haha

      I think everyone did buy that Rin, she’s considerably more erm womanly or sexualized than in the games and anime. I think I would prefer her to be less so and more ‘normal’ but never the less it’s a wonderful figure and she has wonderfully long legs with perfect grade zettai ryouiki. She is of course the benchmark for it after all.

      I still like my 2005 Rin though, not as well produced but cute and has a good pantyshot.