Collection Update: May

This month was spring cleaning month. You wouldn’t know it by the mess that I call my home but in relation to my collection I managed to sell a few items that I no longer held an interest in. And of course, new items arrived as well.


None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I haven’t made a single pre-order this past month and I’m a little proud of that actually. I’m hoping that it represents a change in my habits and that I’ll be able to drop down to a more reasonable amount of figures on order and arriving. Though… I still have my eyes on a couple of figures I’d like and maybe just maybe I’ll throw down some quid towards their purchase. These include Banpreseto’s C.C. figures (one, two) as well as their blow-job Anya, Kotobukiya’s Railgun maid set (Misaka, Kuroko), Kotobukiya’s Blanc Neige Hayane Fubuki, ques Q’s Taiga though still hoping she goes on sale and lastly Alter’s Kasugano Sora. I don’t think any of these stand out too much as being great, but blow-job Anya looks fun.


Five items arrived this month, all five of them arrived the same day despite ship dates differing. Was strange indeed to walk out my front door and see a pile of boxes waiting for me. In this months lot of items we had Alter’s Tainaka Ritsu with her lovely drum set, Good Smile Company’s badass looking Saber Alter which Tier @ Tentacle Armada’s already reviewed, and three Danbos (two standard, one “very well done“). One of these Danbo’s is destined for a friends fiancé the other two however shall remain mine. Had these items arrived a day later they would have been on June’s list and this post would have been pretty empty, at least in terms of pre-orders and arrivals. The biggest changes this month are sales.


This month represents the most of anything I’ve ever sold in my life of items I personally own. Sure I’d sold a figure or two before but this month I sold five items and would have sold seven had I the spare boxes lying around in which to ship.  Also for the first time I sold items I’d never opened. First up is Phat Company’s Lily, while I liked some aspects of her overall she’s fallen out of favour and I felt it a good opportunity to sell and be rid of her without any monetary loss. At the same time I sold Wave’s Misaka Mikoto and she was a bit harder to part with. She’s an adorable little thing and I like how they sculpted her midriff but in the end I felt I had too many swimsuit figures as it was and off she went. That was it for the unopened box sales however, much of the ~32 unboxed items I wish to keep and will eventually get to… eventually.

The other items sold were open box but in good condition and being perhaps a little over the top keeping ALL the original packaging for most of them repackaged them up matching how they originally arrived as best I could, plastic wrap and all. In this bunch there was Kotobukiya’s Sill Plain which by no means was a bad figure but her original cost and lack of cast-off really set a poor taste in my mouth which never went away over the 1.75 years I owned her. I will however miss angles such as this, she did have a nice bottom. Max Factory’s Blanc Neige was next on the list and in fact all the figures from that set that I owned have been claimed which includes Elwing and Mao. Having now bought Xecty, Seena and Kureha I felt I didn’t need a second set of 1/7ths in skimpy bikinis. Though the three of them will be missed, they definitely had their charms. I do need to buy more girls with pointy ears though, I think I’m back down to just one with Xecty.

The last item sold in May might just break Tier’s heart. Alter’s Buddy went out the door on the 23rd to a nice girl in the Netherlands. While Buddy’s clothing will offer her little warmth in the Dutch winter I’m sure she’ll be inside where it’s warm and cosey with all the hot cocoa she desires.


June however looks to be a rather expensive month with six items expected to ship as such I brushed through my pre-orders with a fine toothed comb and managed to shrink it only by one. Alpha Max’s Maaryan figure was delayed and delayed… and delayed and pushed into June (Originally projected for January!) and while I could afford her I no longer wanted to. It’s a little bit disappointing, I was looking forward to her breasts and midriff but the Internet is full of breasts and midriff, as is summer and summer is almost here. Her left thighhigh however always looked really wrong to me and I think that would have annoyed me to no end anyway.

Some of the pictures in the header picture are taken from Tentacle Armada’s review of Lily as well as Wieselhead’s review of Misaka.


  1. Rajura says:

    Well I feel for you. I know that must have been hard to do, but maybe that will free up more money to put toward truly excellent figures… hopefully Horo figures!

  2. Fabienne says:

    Im also planning to part with 4 or 5 figures of mine, I can’t keep them all forever.

    Somehow I also lost a bit of interest in my Buddy figure, well she looks very good from close up, but from farther away she doesn’t look that nice next to my other figures 🙁

    • Aka says:

      Buddy was a well done figure no doubt, and she had lots of charm, but in the end I just didn’t feel it necessary to keep her.

      What 4-5 figures are you planning to sell?

      • Fabienne says:

        I gave Buddy another chance in form of a new display place, if I don’t like her there, then I will probably sell her.
        Furthermore Im selling Unity May, Kotobukiya’s Usami Haru, Kotobukiya’s Marisa Kirisame,
        I also searched for Vivio’s box, but then I remembered that I had already sold her XD
        Maybe I will also sell 1 or 2 Nendoroids as well.

        • Aka says:

          I recommend you sell all your Nendoroids.

          Unity May is pretty cute though I don’t think I’d buy her. I really like my Kirisame Marisa figure by Koto, just wish she lit up better. Usami Haru I originally wanted but I bought Himari cuz she was cheaper, similarly posed and had a similarly nice bottom.

  3. haitechan says:

    All those figures are totally out of my budget lol. I was tempted to pick Saber Alter and don’t buy anything until deadly August but I haven’t watch FSN (heresy, I know) and I’m not too fond of buying without knowing a bit about the character. Koto’s Rei looks nice but I’m setting for Kaworu as my first 1/6 figure. If I was a dude, I’d pick the upcoming Asuka though xD. I really don’t like K-On! (watched 3 episodes and couldn’t stand it) but that Ritsu is nice from a figure perspective.

    As for me, I got some little nice things like the Western Nendoroid Playsets, Kuroneko’s Nendoroid and Rei’s figma but Postal Service on strike here in Peru + elections today = no news until Tuesday DX. I was tempted to order Hachikuji Mayoi from GSC but my budget is already full with Madoka’s figma, Nendoroid AND Beach Queen (who has a really similar pose to Mikoto btw). Also, I’m thinking about cancelling Lat-Miku and buying Megahouse Lelouch but she’s really too cute to pass up >_<.

    • Aka says:

      Koto’s Rei was actually an April arrival, she just happened into the picture. I like her though she’s got a sexy pose without appearing too much like a contortionist (like some other figures). I too didn’t like K-On, Ritsu is the only K-On figure I own and that’s because she’s the only one with a drumset that I’ve ever seen. Plus, she was a fun character in the show (I watched it because friends watched it).

      Ew Nendos! Kill ’em with fire! 😛 Ouch, Postal service on strike, that’s terrible. Canada Post is so reliable that if they went on strike I wouldn’t know what to do.

      Lat-Miku is far too cute to cancel! Don’t be tempted! Lulu and his crazy powers be damned, don’t let him geass you!

  4. Tier says:

    I keep thinking I ought to sell some of my figures. I could get rid of my Vocaloid and K-On! figures without a second thought. Tranvestite Yoko would also be a decent candidate for hocking. I also need to sell some camera equipment, and if there’s one good thing about the recent sharp rise of camera equipment prices, it’s that I should be able to get more money for my excess stuff.

    Nah, my heart is not broken, she is going to a better home, and what’s more, I do not care a great deal about what other people do with their collections. It’s not any of my business one way or another.

    • Aka says:

      Sometimes you just need to clean out a couple items, it really helps. Though as I packed up each figure I sold, I almost reconsidered selling them. Max Factory’s Elwing and Mao for example I mailed out just yesterday. When I packed them up I remembered just how nicely shaped Elwings breasts are. Far superior to those which Kotobukiya produced in 1/6th which were large and meh. Ah well, they went to a hopefully happy owner in Argentina.

      Not even a little broken? Awww…