Aka and the fall of the Canadian Dollar to the Japanese Yen.

After years of speculation that Aka ruined the value of the Canadian Dollar against the Japanese Yen I decided that this afternoon I would conclusively analyze the issue and present my findings. After many minutes of data mining and research I can say without a doubt that many’s hypothesis has been proven correct. Indeed, Aka is the cause of the Canadian Dollars decline and the growth of the Japanese market against it.

Allow me to analyze the data more in depth and perhaps shed a little light on the effects Aka has had on the market. To the left side of the graph we can see growth from ¥85.5809 to $1 CAD all the way up to ¥105.89. During this period market growth was based on two factors. The first factor was well, to put it simply, Aka wasn’t part of it, at least not directly. The second factor however is a little more important, speculation. Market growth was due to the speculation that Aka would not enter, and not only not enter but his awareness of the market was such that he considered the value to cost ratio of a figure to be disproportional.

In late 2006 we see the market leveling off as his income level increased and his ability to make frivilous purchases grew. At the beginning of 2007 he started to reconsider his stance on the cost/value ratio but due to prices seen on eBay quickly decide that he’d been right originally and the market boomed up to a peak of ¥117.59 per $1 CAD by early July. Moving to August and September we can see a large drop along with a small recovery and another drop. This is because Aka was looking more frequently and trying to figure out what he’d been missing and why there was this preceived cost/value discrepancy of his. And here we hit the final peak before the market collapses, rapidly recovering and continuing to grow up to ¥122.65 in November the market realizes that that’s it, Aka’s going to start collecting and there’s nothing they can do to stop him. Of course this is speculation at first but never the less it caused the market to drop considerably from the last quarter of 2007 unto the first of 2008.

In mid 2008 there was some growth, growth based on the fact that after seeing Taki Corporations Horo in person he’d surely leave the market never to return. This was because the cost/value ratio of Taki Corp figures was so large that no sane human being would continue after such a disparaging dissimilitude. However this was not the case as he decided to make his next purchase, Alpha x Omega’s CC, which for it’s time and even still today was of impeccable quality and production values. And even more detrimental to the market, was only 60% of the cost of Taki Corporation’s Horo driving the cost/quality ratio through the roof and eventually leading to the markets rapid decline in the final quarter of 2008.

From this point on the growth of the Canadian Dollar against the Japanese Yen is based solely on market speculation alone, will Aka increase/decrease/stop his collecting. The obvious answer looking back is ‘no’ but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. At the time it was a much more volatile decision. As the total spent increased, the likelihood Aka would back down increased substantially, or so many thought anyway. But with each peak Aka would purchase another figure, sometimes multiples causing large fluctuations in the market. Eventually peaking in April with speculation Aka would burnout, however this would not last long as pre-orders and purchases continued to be made. Another surge in June happened for similar reasons but wasn’t as strong and again died off causing a further reduction in market value. In late 2010 Aka did eventually burnout, but this was limited to posting to his website and not a reduction of purchases at all. This was the cause of the subtle growth into 2011.

Finally reaching the ‘present’ we can see there was one more peak when Aka realized how much he’d spent and that he should reduce future purchases considerably but like everything else, was short lived as both Alter’s Dizzy and Kotobukiya’s Rei arrived which subsequently caused a market drop. There’s little way of knowing where the market will go from here, Aka currently has 20 items on his pre-order list but continually checks it trying to find ways to reduce it though never actually cancelling anything. As Aka’s been selling off a small portion of his collection the potential for market growth is there however there remains speculation he’ll just use that money to buy figures replacing the ones he recently sold. The future cannot be seen until it happens but it can be said, Aka’s interest in other hobbies are growing, recently receiving his beginners Motorcycle license and has aspirations of purchasing a motorcycle which would significantly reduce the amount of frivilous spending money he can allocate to his other hobbies. With that in mind, perhaps now is a good time to invest in the Canadian Dollar, the potential for rapid growth is there.

Upon being presented with the information Aka issued the following statement, “Fellow Canadians, I am truly sorry, had I only known the effects my entering this hobby would have I would not have done so. Please accept my sincerest apologies and forgive me for my sins. However, I cannot stop now, the desire is too great and the women too pretty.” Well, there you have it.

This went on so much longer than I intended. It started with a comment reply to Visual Fanfare on my April Collection Update post and ended up as this. And it was such a nice day out too. Oh well, I had fun making it all up and cherry picking data to show some kind of corrolation. The big drop is obviously caused by the financial crisis in the US that was caused by the housing market collapse which rippled throughout the worlds financial markets.


  1. Rajura says:

    I blame Aka for the US dollar’s decline as well.*

    Aka, your actions have not only impacted the economy of “My Hat” but my wallet and homeland as well. After all, everything flows down.

    You need to get your act together wand quit sabotaging all of us!

    Take one for the team. We’ll keep buying figures and you can keep blogging and telling us about new figures… fair trade ne?**

    *Yes, I did read the whole article (including the gray text).

    **Exceptions will be made for Horo figures!

    • Aka says:

      I’m surprised anyone read this. It’s 1000 words and no pictures, perhaps I should have included some to break it up a little.

      Did you just call Canada “Americas Hat” ? I’m shocked, SHOCKED!! That an arrogant ‘merican would do such a thing! As for flowing down, well, Canada isn’t above the United States, it’s beside the United States. If you’re deciding that we’re above because of the flat 2-dimensional mercator-projection maps we’ve all learned with in school, consider this.

      Not a fair trade at all! I can’t become just another figure news site! That’s something the world needs like another species of nematode. So prevalent that I’ve nearly disconnected myself with the ‘figure scene’ as it were.

      Horo is always an exception. Exceptional too.

  2. All I can say is, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!! As I saw this post come up, I was wondering if it had to do with my bitching in that April post of yours.

    Maybe we need to boycott this hobby? Stop investing our hard earned Canadian dollars in foreign currency goods. Perhaps our gas prices will go down (for some reason whenever the Canadian dollar goes up, so does our gas prices). Lame. But good time to get a bike I guess, less fuel cost. =P

    It’d definitely suck if you stopped though.

    • Aka says:

      Totally your fault this was written. 100% completely and utterly your fault. Thank you.

      I can’t really boycott foreign markets. Sure I stop buying things in this hobby, but my next hobby (motorcycles) well, all the ones I want there are Japanese too. Except Ducati. I suppose I could buy some kind of Can-Am 3-wheeled snowmobile-like bike and try and stay Canadian, but it’s Québécois and that’s just as foreign.

      Anyway, not buying a bike for fuel savings at all, buying it because it’s a cheap way to go to track days. I blew up a car once at a track day, I could buy a new bike for the cost of new motor and installation. Cheaper and probably more thrilling.

  3. Nopy says:

    So it’s your fault that I can’t afford as many figures any more >:[

    The CAD/JPY rate is depressing right now, but I’m hoping it goes back up soon. If not, at least we can afford American products now.

    • Aka says:

      We need a global currency! hmm I think that would cause more harm that good actually.

      I apologise for my influence on the market. It was not my intention to limit the number of figures you can buy.

  4. radiant says:

    I’ve written longer articles, so this was no sweat.

    Personally, I think that it’s more than just your purchases influencing the market, but your blogging as well. You’ve created an invisible hand!!

    • Aka says:

      I’ve written longer as well, heck I’ve written so much stuff I’ve never published because by the end of it I didn’t feel the same as when I started.

      I must now use this invisible hand for good! If only I knew how…