Collection Update: April

Holy moly April’s already over? I think I only got two posts out the door this month (ignoring this one). I’m updating my collection more than I am my website these days. Someone send some enthusiasm my way!


Another slow month for pre-orders and again like March I’m thankful. I really .. REALLY need to cut back, my “gotta catch ’em all” mentality has had it’s way with me far too often and I need some will power to resist all these cute girls. Sometimes I wonder if I’d gotten into another hobby would I be so inclined to continually purchase items I have no connection to but reside within the realm of my hobby. I highly doubt it. There are studies that say if a man sees an attractive woman before being presented with an item for purchase they’re more likely to do so. Anime figures are one and the same, they are the attractive woman! It’s impossible to win!


It is truely unfortunate that CM’s Corporation is the company that has decided to pick up where others have left off and produce another Horo figure. I have no issue with another Horo figure, the more the better I say. It’s just, there are three or four really great companies that haven’t done so and I would have really preferred they produce one rather than a third-tier company like CM’s Corp. Alter would be an excellent candidate for a Horo figure as would Max Factory, Megahouse and Alpha x Omega. I of course would love for each of these companies to release their own Horo but even just one would have been nice. That said, I’m very happy someone is paying attention to Horo and I’m happy that they’ve produced her in her birthday suit. She’s not afraid to get naked and it’s a shame the only figure to feature her like this was produced by Global and came out rather poorly if I do say so myself. Adding to the insult of having a third-tier manufacturer is her price, she’s 22 cm tall and costs ¥9,500 / $110 CAD which reminds me all too much of Taki Corporation’s Horo. My first Horo and the very reason this site exists. However I’m crazy so of course I’ve ordered multiple copies of this figure regardless of quality or price. As I said on Twitter on April 17, “Why don’t more figure manufacturers produce Horo figures? I want to give you money, don’t you want my money? I purchase indiscriminately!”

Trunk Girl

Trunk Girl’s an odd one for me. Nishieda, the artist of the artwork on which this figure’s based, isn’t even in my top 10 list of favourite artists. He’s no doubt a skilled individual but his artwork often doesn’t resonate with me. Nor are guns really an interest of mine. And even worse her breasts are definitely not my type. So why do I want her? Because she’s naked under that apron of hers? Maybe, but I think it’s a bit more than that. She’s kind of unique, she has a very different feel from all the figures I’ve purchased in the past, both in style and content. An ero figure I don’t have to be afraid of. Afraid of being judged wrongly or viewed as a deviant, or at least no more so than any other guy with a Playboy magazine. She’s obviously a woman and I don’t need to convince anyone of that. I think she’ll also be the second figure I own which can be classified as an adult outright, Katsuragi Misato being the other, though perhaps Ryougi Shiki was an adult however I’m unsure. The rest are either ambiguous of age or obviously not adults, though they’re not ero either. That appeals to me and on top of it she has nice legs and an interesting base, if you want to call it that. Trunk Girl’s an exclusive figure from the Native store and of course will require a proxy of some kind through which to purchase.

Photos courtesy of Hobby Stock.


Upon seeing her for sale on I impulsively sent off a message to the seller stating my interest. She’s not the Alter Saber Alter (Maid) I continue to desire but I figured, if I ever did get Saber Alter (Maid) I’d want Saber (Maid) as well so I’ve preemptively purchased her for that reason. Hopefully at some point in the future I’m able to find a reasonably priced Saber Alter (Maid) however I somewhat doubt this. She came without her box but did ship with the plastic packaging you’d usually find within the box. This annoys me only a little bit and only for the reason it’ll be hard to identify the plastic packaging in the future when I’ve forgotten and am moving and need to pack them all away. However when everything else is packed and that packaging remains well, the powers of deduction will have run their course.

Some last minute arrivals for the month, Alter’s Dizzy and Kotobukiya’s 1/7th Ayanami Rei. Unfortunately upon arrival I was presented with a bill for duty fees amounting to around the same as shipping putting the total at $100 which meant shipping cost 58% of the contents contained. Very much an unreasonable sum of money and why I always always try to avoid shipping via EMS. Due to size and weight however EMS was ‘cheaper’ than SAL Parcel and I opted to try it out. Good job Aka. Complaining aside I’m definitely interested in getting these two out of their boxes, Dizzy’s quite a spectacular looking figure and Rei’s of course her cute-sexy self.

Other items to have arrived this month were Max Factory’s Xecty and Wave’s Misaka Mikoto. Xecty I almost couldn’t care less about, she’s taken far too long to be released and she’s not an interesting enough figure to care about after all that time waiting. Not like the first Black Rock Shooter, sure she took 81 days longer than Xecty to arrive, but she was damned interesting. Xecty’s a boring girl in a swimsuit. Misaka Mikoto’s a cute little thing, though another swimsuit figure. I think these are the types of figures I should reduce in my collection, I already have like 20 girls in swimsuits. Perhaps I should get the two maids from Kotobukiya, Misaka and her lesbian friend Kuroko. They might go somewhat well with Saber (Maid) as they’ll be similar scales.

That appears to be it for this month. 80% of me hopes that next month has nothing I want to pre-order but that’s unlikely. I already want Kotobukiya’s Shining Hearts Blanc Neige Hayane Fubuki because she looks really well done, very vibrant for Kotobukiya. Another Kotobukiya figure I’m interested in is their Dancer Maaryan figure, though I’ve managed to hold off both these figures for now. Here’s hoping that willpower continues.

Please. I beg of you. Volks, please do not make a Horo Dollfie, I like having money…




  1. Tian says:

    I preordered Horo and trunk girl too! Kind of nervous about Horo, as I’ve never gotten anything from CM’s Corp. Hope it looks as good as it does in the promo shots…

    • Aka says:

      It’s my suspicion she wont. But we can hope. I can’t recall much positive about CM’s Corp but hey, who knows they could surprise everyone.

  2. Rajura says:

    I think we all know that all three of us preordered Holo. I was excited to see that she didn’t get put on the back burner with the disaster overseas.

    I still think Holo’s smile looks a little forced, but I want her and will get her regardless. I will reserve judgment until I see her in person.

    I do like the apparent repositioning of her tail to better conceal her lady bits… it leaves more to the imagination… is a bit more teasing… and especially with no detail there it is more aesthetically pleasing (I think).

    • Aka says:

      I agree with you about her smile. I’ve heard so many compliments about her face but for me it feels the most poorly executed part of the figure. Many point out the tail as the worst but I have to disagree there.

      Without the detail behind her tail it makes far more sense to conceal than to display. And the teasing of it all fits with Horos character as well.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Haha well you know that I already tell you to cut back, but I guess I can say it again.

    Best I can do is offer my own personal anecdote…Back when i started this hobby I went ape shit buying basically anything that was vaguely appealing and then I pretty much burned out (Which I thought you did once already but appears to have been a misfire or a mini-burnout haha).

    I basically cancelled all my orders and stopped reviewing (Much to Chags annoyance.) Then after that nice breather I started up again, but this time I restricted myself not only to characters that I liked but quality renditions of them.

    Buying everything has its joys but it’s not something that sustainable to me…Even if I had unlimited funds I’d still prefer a carefully selected collection over grabbing anything that so much as moves haha.

    And that went on longer then it should have…Ah well. Nice choices for this month! Horo was a no-brainer obviously…Trunk Girl is an interesting one though. Native figures are about the only ones that I could see justifying buying based solely on the appeal of the figure itself as they are masters at what they do.

    The figure has a level of class and quality as you say that makes it quite different from the usual lot.

    • Aka says:

      When I started I had rules I followed, they were simple and kept me from myself. 1) I had to have seen the show/media the character was from. 2) I had to be comfortable displaying the character for all to see. I broke both these early on, I believe the first with GSC’s Corticarte Apa Lagranges and the second with Megahouse’s Aldra, though I’m perfectly fine displaying her now I wasn’t back then however. I need to get back into this sort of thing, but everytime I think that I see a figure in my collection that I like that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. GSC’s Black Rock Shooter, Kiki Oki, Momohime, Kirisame Marisa, Orchid’s Seena Kanon (and Max’s), Aldra as mentioned, Melisa Seraphy and in this post Alter’s Dizzy. So that rule can’t work for me at all anymore.

      I guess I need to just be more discerning with my choices. Perhaps Wave’s Misaka Mikoto should be sold, along with Max Factory’s Mao, Elwing and Black Neige. I can replace them with Kureha, Seena and Xecty anyway.

      I keep looking at my pre-orders and I can’t find anything I’d like to cancel save for perhaps Alpha Max’s Maaryan.

  4. Quazacolt says:

    >multiple copies
    so much jelly wwwwwww

    well, i think i’ve mentioned this before that my buying power is far far less than majority of overseas (read: usa, europe, or japanese themselves)

    at 3-4k pay, per figure cost about 300-400 for me, and that means, a month i can have at most 10 figures, assuming i dont spend a single cent on anything else, which is impossible because i still require food, car still runs on fuel, my pc that i used to type this comment requires electricity that isn’t free, etc etc. lol

    in a way, that “FORCED” me to be somewhat particular, specific, choosy on my purchase, and yes that even applies for horo 🙂

    all that said, i still have quite a bit of debts that i need to settle with my mom, and i still suck at financing/budgeting >_<
    too much wants, too little funds, what fucking do? lol.

    • Aka says:

      I really do enjoy the fact I’m able to have such excess cash available to me to make these sorts of frivilous and stupid purchases. But I find myself getting out of hand and sometimes wish I was forced to be more discerning with my expenses. I’m not great with budgeting either, I used to be. But the day I bought my first car and threw down that massive cheque and the world didn’t end. Well, that made everything else seem cheaper than it was the day before. Then my first figure at $100 or $120 whatever it was, that made $60 figures seem reasonable. Where originally I’d thought a $40 figure seemed pretty expensive and not worth the money.

      I remember when I used to look at guys like Rico @ Polyvinyl Crush and laugh at how much his collection must surely be worth. Now I look at mine and realize I’m a fool. I think a lot of it has to do with the pre-ordering and the Internet. The Internet makes impulse purchases so god damn easy and the pre-ordering makes it seem so far away when you pay that you don’t have to worry about it right now, I just end up clicking buy on every thing that gets me hard.

      I didn’t really mean to come off as bragging as I might be there and I’m sure my ‘problem’ doesn’t seem like much of a problem if I’m able to continue without issue. But I feel it’s a problem and I’m at a bit of an opposite spectrum to you but I can understand your troubles with budgeting and financing. The funny thing is, wants seem to grow faster than funds.

      • Rajura says:

        Fortunately for me, when it come to figures, only Holo gets me that way!

        I agree with what you said earlier… I have tons of money to give away to these companies, why won’t they make more figures of Holo. I would pour out so much money to acquire each and every official figure.

        Hint… hint… regarding all those high quality GKs that have not been made into an official figure! Come on Alter, make me a Holo or two or three. I am sooooooo freakin’ hot for Holo!

  5. radiant says:

    I can’t wait to see your review of Dizzy!!!!

    I like the style of Trunk Girl, but a bit too risque to display unfortunately. Damn!

  6. Tier says:

    I stuck Xecty in my closet, still in her box. She looks okay but she comes off really badly compared to the figures that came out recently and may be coming out this month, and I don’t think I’m too interested in photographing her. Well, maybe I’ll get around to it but I don’t think I’m going to try anything interesting. There’s not a lot there that sparks my imagination.

    It’s a bit surprising none of the big names have done a Horo figure, she seems to be the sort of character that’d fit the profile of what someone like GSC might do. Or rather, what they used to do. They’re a good deal more predictable now than they were a couple years ago.

    • Aka says:

      Remember, GSC did do a Horo (Also another post that needs to be updated). She definitely seems like something a big name would tackle. Not sure what they’re all busy with that’ll sell better than her.

      Xecty was so boring I forgot to even include her in the shot…

      • Quazacolt says:

        tails and furry ears arent simple to be rendered in the world of 3D from their 2D counterpart. so many have failed, and if they are a big company, i’m sure they have a reputation to keep from failing. GSC was amongst the best, however imho just not quite there yet.

        a few GKs did a really good job, however GKs translated to mass production is a whole different story and that could be why companies dont simply just mass production GKs (remember, some figures you see today are “adaption” from GKs. big companies usually just pay a fee to the original GK maker, or maybe even hire them into the company for that production run, or even permanently! :D)

        • Aka says:

          Given the kinds of things they’re tackling these days with figures like Dizzy, the Black Rock Shooter franchise, GSC’s Senjougahara Hitagi and what not, you’d think a tail would be simple.

          • Quazacolt says:

            if they want to push it up a gnob, individual sculptures of the almost each fur on the tail, then, paint it. then, think of it at a mass production scale: how would the molding be done? how would figures be painted then (mass production painting is very much different than singular figure painting by a master sculptor)

  7. When I first saw CM’s Horo, I knew you’d most likely pick it up. The only figure from CM’s that I have is Lynn Minmay, which I thought they did a pretty good job of. It’s probably the best Minmay figure out there – I don’t think you have much to worry about in terms of Horo – but then again I’m not sure what their other figures are like. I can only base their quality with what I have experience with (which is not much). lol

    I was interested in Trunk Girl when her proto-type came out, but for some reason after seeing the production sample, I’m no longer interested. Something about her eyes just don’t look right to me, and the overall presentation just looks “off” the more I look at it. It’s definitely unique though, but I found myself losing interest in this figure rather quickly. Honestly, I think I was just interested in the MP5-K and whatever pistol she’s holding – can’t really tell without a closer shot of it.

    Shipping via EMS has always been hit or miss for me in terms of the custom fees. Sometimes large things like my 1/3000 Macross SDF-1 came through @ around 28,000 JPY (don’t recall) with no fees what-so-ever. Then other times I get dinged with items around 6,000 JPY ~ $20-$30 CAD. It’s like playing roulette with them some times. I also prefer EMS just for the fact I hate not know what’s happening with my packages via SAL, at least with a tracking number I know where the package is. I try not to look at the EMS shipping costs, since most of the times it’s around $20-$50 CAD coming from HLJ or HS. The stronger Canadian dollar doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference either.

    • Aka says:

      Only most likely? I think it was damn near 100% I’d pick her up. I mean, I bought those “ugly” Global Horo’s for rather large sums of money and CM’s looks better than them. I guess I need to work harder in the future so that when the next Horo figure comes out you’ll know for sure I’ll be picking her up.

      I’m happy others keep saying I have nothing to worry about with CM’s Corp, I hope everyone is right.

      Trunk Girl has me waivering a lot between want and meh. But overall I think she’s ‘want’. I think she embodies Nishieda’s artwork quite well and stands out amongst her peers like his artwork.

      I love how fast EMS is, but that’s all that I love. I keep a detailed Excel spreadsheet of all my costs with this hobby and I’ve spent a great deal of money on shipping alone and can’t imagine how much it would have grown had I used EMS only. The number of items less I would have been able to buy had I shipped with EMS would be substantially less than I have using SAL. Thus far, I’ve not had a single item damaged or lost in shipping. Be it SAL, EMS, FedEx or UPS.

      The ‘strong’ Canadian dollar is only strong against it’s American counterpart, I think it’s maintained it’s normal value with other currencies around the world. And has lost out against the Japanese Yen pretty much since I started this hobby. In fact, I think there’s a direct corrolation between when I started collecting figures and the decline in value of the Canadian Dollar against the Yen. My support of the Japanese economy has bolstered the Yen to proportions unseen since 2004. Looking at this graph from Google Finance I think supports my case quite well.

      • Yeah, I normally steer away from FedEx or UPS due to their crazy customs fees. I really haven’t had any problems with EMS or SAL either. I think I’m gonna start using SAL again, just due to the fact I’m spending way too much with EMS. My recent shipment cost from HLJ is like $120. Ouch. >_<

        I remember that horo-ble (tee hee) Horo, but I'm sure CM will be much better – can't wait to see your review of it!

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    “Please. I beg of you. Volks, please do not make a Horo Dollfie, I like having money…”

    Oh god…they’re not really are they? I already couldn’t resist the Volks Horo, and they already got me for $600 on Beatrice lol. My first Dollfie Dream and I’m hoping to wait a while before I get another. Although there is always a chance Beato will be my only DD…*vaguely recalls once telling herself she’d only own 20 figures total*…but it’s likely I’ll try for another someday.

    Also it’s ironic that you just bought Alter Maid Saber. I owned her and liked her, but then I got the limited dark version…and I liked that one SO MUCH more that I sold my first Alter Saber Maid with no regrets.

    • Aka says:

      Nah I don’t think Volks is going to produce a Horo dollfie. They better not… My life’s already expensive enough.

      I’d like to get Saber Alter Maid to join her, I don’t want just one, I need the pair!