Buddy by Alter

Buddy like many figures of mine was whimsically bought on the recommendation of another. Tier at Tentacle Armada had labelled her his favourite figure of 2010 and prior to that had received a favourable review as well. Before this I had almost no opinion of her good or bad and she’d gone largely unnoticed.

Buddy is from a fairly obscure property titled Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de by Leaf which makes her a rather strange addition to Alters line-up. The market for such a girl likely wouldn’t be that large as the fan base for the obscure eroge would likely have been small. They would have to base her sales off her appeal as well as their own appeal as a manufacturer to would be purchasers. With such a difficult sell it’s surprising that Alter went through with the build at all, though myself being external to the eroge scene and the Japanese market perhaps my perspective is flawed.

By far Buddy is not my favourite figure. She has a pretty unassuming and boring pose despite the very large and dangerous looking scythe she’s holding. Her facial expression gives the indication she’s rather uninterested in the whole situation and perhaps wishing she were off actually using that scythe in battle. If only Otsuyama Houjun could have sculpted her in a more entertaining pose perhaps she wouldn’t be so bored. Possibly a pose like this shot out of the CG set, some torn clothing, a better view and a facial expression that indicates she’s not emotionless. Her eyes however are rather captivating, a nice blue tone and a shape that appeals to me.

Keeping with her clothing, it’s very monochromatic. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and does work for her as her hair and eyes stand out well against it but it’s definitely strange attire. Her detached sleeves are a trope amongst many a a character design however hers with it’s increasing diameter at the top just looks silly, and actually they don’t even match the artwork that well. They’re far too symmetrical in the figure, the artwork has them rest against her arms in most positions creating more of an asymmetrical look around the shaft of her arm. Another interesting attribute to her attire is the open skirt. It makes her look as if she’s bottomless like a Strike Witches character however it’s just a split in the front causing it. Through this opening we can see her low-leg black panties as well as a style of thighhighs I don’t find that attractive. The built in garter straps aren’t really for me, I like a thighhigh to stop and have a nice straight line just under a short mini-skirt. Additionally, looking through the entire CG set I couldn’t find any indication that these garter straps were even build in in the official art beyond another character having them and Buddy having the angled tops.

For a character who prominently displays her panties to the world out front Buddy has a surprisingly small amount of skin showing. Some pleasant bare shoulders (albeit with a very strange collar), an exposed back and hints of leg under those thighhighs. Heck, she even hides her bottom from the viewer with a tail (not that kind of tail) attached to her dress.  Modest in certain places and overly exposed in others, only in eroge could a costume like this exist. Her exposed back however leave something to be desired, it’s not well shown in any of the art I’ve seen but Otsuyama’s sculpt isn’t as sexy as I’d have liked and I’m not entirely sure why. The world that continually comes to mind though is ‘thick’, which I admit to sounding odd as there’s really nothing thick about her, she’s a well proportioned girl as most any anime character tends to be. Note to Alter, she’s flat in the game, you’ve given her breasts and a pleasant view of side-boob, not that I’m complaining (surprisingly?).

Some aspects of Buddy I hadn’t noticed before unboxing her, or perhaps had forgotten, were the little drills at the tips of her hair as well as the odd boots that I feel don’t mesh well with the rest of her. The drills add a little bit more cute to her and the boots counter that by removing an equal amount of cute. They remind me too much of the the stereotypical (and wrong) image of a pilgrim with their metal boot buckles. The last thing I want to think of when admiring a cute girl is disease, death and religion.

I feel a bit like I’ve wasted some money with Buddy here. She cost me nearly $100 CAD and while very cute and very well produced does not live up to this price tag in my mind at all. There’s nothing special about her to have cost so much. Of course she’s pretty much flawless like most any other Alter figure, the details are solid and the sculpt reasonably accurate but she really should have cost me $30 less. Perhaps if I’d had some attachment to the character the buyers remorse wouldn’t be as large as it is but unfortunately I have next to no idea who she is or why I should like her beyond the fact she’s cute which I admit, is usually enough for most things.

I don’t like your panties Buddy, but I still want to see your bum anyway…



  • Very well sculpted, as expected of Alter
  • Paint is high quality another given for Alter
  • Interesting attire and overall a cute if not mildly-ero appearance


  • A rather unengaging pose
  • Some paint issues in places you’d only look if you were a perv with a macro lens
  • No easy view of her bottom.
  • Pilgrim boots



  1. Rajura says:

    It is amazing that her placid expression could have such vibrant eyes and lips.

    She is pretty well done, but just showing her panties for the sake of showing her panties… meh.
    Well, the attire just doesn’t do it for me.

    Good review, nice pick-up on the “Pilgrim boots”… I see where you were going with that.

    • Aka says:

      It is an interesting expression from some angles. But generally it’s a bit too vacant. In picture 14 she almost has a bit of a smile there. I think that’s the best angle to be honest.

      I’m completely fine with showing panties for the sake of showing panties. So I have no qualms there, however execution is important and I think it’s reasonable here. It just happens that I don’t like them around the sides or those ugly thighhighs.

      I should have taken a front on shot of her boots, they have double metal buckles on them. Way too colonial for me.

  2. Tian says:

    I agree with your review. Without knowing more about the character, she comes off as a bit generic and boring. Well, the scythe is all right… not bad but doesn’t compare to Dead Master’s 🙂

    • Aka says:

      I’m kind of tired of Black Rock Shooter merch… It’s all quite good but I think over saturation has caused me to stop caring about it.

  3. radiant says:

    I bought her too, for pretty much the same reasons you did. You’re right, she’s totally not worth the price tag, unfortunately.

    Hey, I love the color treatment you did for your splash image, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the modifications you’ve made to the BigFeature theme! I’ve been wanting to do a full-width feature image, but I don’t know how.

    • Aka says:

      You bought her because Tier at Tentacle Armada told you to as well? lol

      I rather liked that colour treatment as well and considered going back through all the images and doing them in a similar fashion. But then I came back to my senses and remembered it was a review.

      Thanks! Full-width is pretty easy, you choose an image that’s at least the same width (full width) as your theme settings (default is 848px), then when you upload it choose the option to either make it a ‘default image’ or ‘set feature image’ both will work. Then hit preview on your post and you should have a feature image.

      • radiant says:

        lol okay, I picked her up before Tier reviewed her. I think what I liked about her was the detailing on the trims and stuff, as well as the expected quality. I believe what makes her lacking is simply her character design, and maybe if her clothes had a bit more detailing/creases, and a bit more dynamic to them.

        I do use the feature image at the max pixel width, but I think the problem is the margins aren’t flush against the borders… I guess I can adjust the child theme after I figure out the css for the feature image… thanks anyway. 😉

        • Aka says:

          I think ultimately what makes her lacking for me is that she was $100. If she were $60 I think I’d be happier you know?

          If you use Firefox get an addon called Firebug, it’ll let you edit CSS/HTML and see the results as you edit. It helps out a lot when trying to figure stuff out. You can even right click an element on a page and have it take you right to the code by clicking “inspect element”.

          • radiant says:

            Yeah, I’ve been using Firebug for a while. It’s how I’ve managed to solve most of my problems with bigfeature, but I can’t figure out the feature image, because it is already 100% on maxwidth. I’m guessing it might actually be the container’s padding that’s doing it. Of course, messing with the container will probably mess with the rest of the body too. O_o;

  4. I think this is my first time posting on your site since the domain change. I’ve been out of it for awhile and didn’t realize you changed your site name. Why the change?

    I really like the top pic of Buddy that you have, it has a nice dark gothic feel to it. I can’t comment much on the price of Buddy, I can’t remember how much I got her for (or maybe I blocked it out of my memories) but I do know I like this figure a lot. I don’t know why that is, she’s not all that unique, but I just find her really pretty and the eyes, the eyes!! ^____________^

    • Aka says:

      Was the name I originally wanted but was in use. Here’s the post though I can’t remember if it answers any questions. I just figured 2nd anniversary was as good as any a time to make the change.

      The more I see that header image the more I wish they’d painted her that way. It’s so much cooler.