“World is Mine” Hatsune Miku by Good Smile Company

Now that I’m back in the game I thought I should get a review out the door as soon as possible. However, instead of doing something new I decided to go back to April 21st, 2010. What happened on that date? Well, Toronto had 13 hours 43 minutes of daylight as well as a waxing crescent moon that night. But more importantly I wrote a review for Hatsune Miku “World is Mine” and then never published it. It was 1400 words and had no pictures because I couldn’t produce a set that I liked. And to be honest, I still haven’t managed to produce one I’m 100% in favour of. So what will follow today is a mix of pictures I’ve taken of Hatsune Miku “World is Mine” and an edited version of the original review.

“World is Mine” Hatsune Miku is based off an illustration by well known artist redjuice, one of the many artists that produce artwork for Supercell. Working along side Ryo and Black Rock Shooter creator Huke, among others. The original illustration was created for the song of the same name and well, to be honest isn’t that great an illustration. While it provides us with a glimpse of Miku in a fashion we hadn’t seen yet, it wasn’t the most attractive Miku illustration available and her face seemed rather small compared to her head. This has always caused me to think of Heikki Kovalainen, a Formula 1 driver who’s face has always seemed a bit too small. Anyway, the song itself is pretty catchy and was even performed at Miku’s live concert. Speaking of which, she has an upcoming concert March 9th, 2011.


With that bit of mediocrity in mind, Ishinaga Sakurako must be a genius at his craft. He took what I would consider a very average picture and sculpted one of my favourite figures in my collection. He took none of the bad aspects of the illustration and used all of the good, even improving upon them, gone are her strange head-to-face proportions. The impression I get from both the illustration and the figure are not of a playful young girl but rather a precocious one. Though with the figure’s proper facial proportions I’d call her a young woman instead. Regardless, in both cases I feel she’s trying to seduce me. Trying and succeeding, well at least the figure variant anyway. “World is Mine” Heikki Kovalainen not so much.

Some other changes to note about Sakurako’s Miku, the positioning of her legs differs from the original artwork. If you look at the original artwork you’ll see Miku’s left foot is closer to her bum and her legs look to be angled more steeply. I suspect the change was made for two reasons, it probably would have looked more awkward in three dimensions, but I think more importantly from a sales point of view, it would have made some… angles much more difficult to view. One thing I don’t understand with the changes however is the gloss finish on Miku’s thighhighs. It doesn’t look like they’re gloss in the illustration yet the choice was made to produce her this way. I would have thought a more satin-like finish would have worked best, providing the diffusely reflected light in the illustration without the shine of gloss.

Good Smile Company made an interesting display choice with this Miku, releasing her in a format that actually lets you hang her on a wall as if she were a painting, or stand her on a table as if  a picture frame. They’ve accomplished this by using magnets within Miku and the base that hold her in place even when completely upside down. However I’m disappointed with their choice of materials used, as too often is the case I feel mislead by the promotional pictures provided. There was never any indication that they would use real wood, but it certainly looked like they were going to and I certainly thought they were going to. So when she arrived and I realized the border surrounding her was actually made out of plastic I felt like I’d been gypped when in fact, I hadn’t. The plastic fake-wood frame is more or less acceptably done so long as you’re looking straight on, however if you glimpse the sides at all the wood effect is ruined as they’re just plain brown flat plastic.

One of the neat side-effects of using a frame to surround Miku is the illusion it creates. One gets the sense that she’s lying upon a bed and the outer frame allows you to imagine what you have is complete. You don’t have to imagine a beach or action sequence, just a bed with a girl on it all of which is provided for you. We’ll of course ignore the fact that her base is actually too small for it to be her bed, even angled as she is she’d barely fit. Continuing to ignore that point, it’s a nice illusion GSC has created and it’s a scene I’d love to come home to. But if that’s too much to ask, it’s even just nice to imagine Miku lounging in such a fashion after a hard day of singing and dancing, relaxing in her seductive casual attire.

In terms of fit and finish, my Miku’s pretty respectable especially given the complaints posed by others. Sure there’s some paint issues on her, some weird black paint in some of the crevices in her hair but all in all she’s quite good. That’s not however where the complaints lie of course, no they were mostly about her base. The base is speckled with many paint spots that shouldn’t be there, however it really doesn’t detract much, originally it was annoying but not so much anymore. I’d say the bigger issue is how poorly the flower petals are painted, sort of blobbed rather than done properly. But again, I don’t really focus on the base, I focus on Miku and I’ve noticed paint off the base has rubbed off on her elbow. It looks similar to dried blood, as if she’d scraped her elbow and never clean off the blood. It’s a bit strange though given that elbow sits on a black square, but perhaps I’ve slid her across the paint.

“World is Mine” Miku is among the few figures in my collection with a unique base and has continued to stand the test of time against her peers. I’ve received many figures since she arrived, many of them very well executed and pleasant figures, but never the less Miku continues to rank very high in my collection. One of the best aspects of this figure, beyond it’s execution, is how it’s one of the few to represent Miku in a different light. So many other Miku figures display her in the same clothes in similar poses or actions, they get a little boring. It’s amazing how Miku’s popularity has continued to grow especially given the fact she’s essentially just a voice set and a piece of software. Good Smile Company’s got two more Miku’s being released and is re-re-re-releasing their original Miku figure, Max Factory has three Miku figures at various stages of release and development and Miku’s even garnered the attention of the world wide media as the future of music, comparing her to the Gorillaz as well as Idoru from the book of the same name by William Gibson. I can only hope that sometime in the near future they release her in android form at a price point I’m able to afford.

Shouldn’t I be wishing for an android Horo? No, I suppose wishing for an android harvest goddess is a bit silly.



  • Succeeded in seducing me
  • Nice view
  • Creative picture frame-like base
  • Diverges from her usual clothing and appearance


  • Glossy thighhighs
  • Faux wood on the base
  • Sloppy painting in places



  1. Ashlotte says:

    Yay review! Even though if it is one you shoulda posted long ago…YAY! :p

    Ah gods WiM Miku though…Honestly I’ve rotated a lot of figures on and off my desk, but she has remained by the side of my monitor from the start and I don’t really see that changing anytime soon…Just so damn lovely!

    You did get some very crisp shots here that more then did her justice I think!

    Just one aside though…Ishinaga is a woman not a man. :p

    Probably goes a ways to explain why I enjoy her sculpting so much and why it has a very different feeling from a lot of the “typical” stuff you see.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I really should have but everyone already had by the time I got her and I couldn’t really add anything.

      WIM Miku has remained at an eye level while sitting at my desk in my cabinets. Though since I moved she’s not longer displaying her panties when I look over at her. I miss that.

      Ah, woman, my bad. How do you find these things out? just the name? I can’t tell from foreign names really.

  2. Chag says:

    You have some real gems in this review! The photos may have been tough to crank out, but it was definitely worth it in the end. I like what you did to the colours in a few shots. At first I was taken back because they looked a little “unnatural”, but the more I look at it, the more I appreciate the vividness of the violet.

    I wonder why they decided to give her stocking a glossy finish. Some of your shots really capitalized on the reflective look, and I like how that turned out. Still, them are some crazy socks.

    Even though I was more critical of her in my review, I agree with you dude — her unique presentation and air overshadows the technical shortcomings.

    • Aka says:

      Unnatural? really? I thought everything looked right… I didn’t feel I’d manipulated anything beyond shadows. Perhaps I’ll have to go back to figuring out colour profiles to see if I’ve messed something up.

      Yes, Satin finish for the win. Gloss is just too reflective!

      I think one of the reasons I’m not so critical of her is time. The original version of this review picked apart each and every misplaced speck on her. I had hundreds of words of just seering hatred for the quality control. But as nearly a year has passed and since then I’ve not once ever seen these specks or focused on them, it had me think that I was being far too harsh. So I rewrote much of that. And without the focus on that, well she’s just a gorgeous figure. Makes me wonder how I’d rewrite other past reviews. I think with time I get soft on a figure, or perhaps just Miku.

      • Ashlotte says:

        While I love the vividness like Chags said if you were going for accuracy…Well you either have an extremely well painted example of her or the colors post production were cranked up to 11. Again not that I mind I do the same thing! :p

        Don’t worry I’m the same with older figures too…Been thinking of re-reviewing some things and looking at the old review I always feel like I was being too harsh…or maybe as you say too soft now? mmm…

        • Aka says:

          Have the colours been pushed in any of my previous reviews? I just used copypasta settings since the lights are always the same. Asuka, or Sasasegawa?

          • Ashlotte says:

            Haha identifying color consistency isn’t really my strong point…Leave that to Chags whose more anal…errrr…observant. :p

            If I had to give an opinion though…MMm Asuka looks perfect…Sasa only her hair looks slightly more bright then I’d imagine, but then that might be lighting and not color balance. Ofcourse its kinda hard to tell since I don’t own either unlike WiM whose sitting right next to me. >_>

  3. Tier says:

    I like seeing the alternate takes on Miku; I think they’re a lot more interesting than her basic design, which I’m kinda tired of seeing since so many of her figures look so similar. I wasn’t too fond of the picture frame gimmick when I first heard about the figure but it looks like it works very well when elevated on a flat surface.

    I never noticed the glossiness of her stockings but it does seem a bit incongruous with her frilly white dress. Then again, latex stockings with a cute dress considerably amps up the naughtiness quotient of her look. I like thinking of Miku as having an edge rather than being your typical cheerful anime singing girl.

  4. radiant says:

    I *still* haven’t posted a review of this Miku… for me, it was mostly the over-capitalization of Miku with zombie consumerism that really downed me. Now that I think of it again, this was sort of the turning point in my attitude towards collecting anime figures. (http://radiantdreamer.net/2010/11/17/heaven-or-hell-capitalists-and-zombies/)