Shikinami Asuka Langley (Apron ver.) by Wave

Wave, known for making 1/10th scale bikini laden figures, has done what no other figure company could manage. They’ve given Asuka her own face! She’s not looking off into the distance serenely, she’s not overly content or happy, no, she’s tsundere! Was that so hard to accomplish? Good Smile Company? Kotobukiya? Alter? Yeah I didn’t think so.

When I ordered Wave’s Shikinami Asuka Langley I was worried about her size, I’d never ordered anything 1/10th before and didn’t bother doing any math prior. So I was a little surprised when I received her and she wasn’t all that much smaller than the usual 1/8th scale figures. She’s 17 cm tall and while noticeably smaller she’s not too small to forget. For example, Drossel von Flügel (figma) comes up to Asuka’s breasts so she’s still bigger than a figma. However, standing her next to any of my 1/8th scale figures she’s easily dwarfed and next to the 1/6th scale Asuka’s I have she looks strangely tiny.

I’m still undecided about price versus received quality/size. She retailed for ¥4,725 / $57 CAD and while I paid $45 CAD I still feel it’s a bit high. Perhaps a $35 price point would have been more reasonable, but then the exchange rate continues to get worse and average figure prices continue to grow as well further compounding the issue. It could be that perceived value per dollar in Japan’s economy differs from my own. Additionally, perhaps lowering the price further puts her too close to a prize figures level.

Asuka and Rei have worn just about every type of clothing available, and some not, but it’s still nice to see Asuka out of her plugsuit and into something more casual, especially when it’s cannon. I’m sure the school uniforms of Evangelion in it’s day were a fetish had by many, but these days skirts have gotten shorter and generally uniforms have gotten cuter and as such the Eva uniform appears drab and boring. Most definitely so when compared to the latex form-fitting plugsuits. Because of this it’s easy to understand why the characters are thrown into anything but their school uniforms. Thankfully with the revitalization of the franchise Gainax chose to include something a little different from the plugsuits or school uniforms. Jean shorts, bra and an apron. Now, perhaps that’s not a bra, but it certainly looks like one, despite my feeling that Asuka wouldn’t just wear one around the house in case Shinji came home. Either way, lucky SOB.

It would be interesting to understand why the Evangelion girls have maintained their popularity over the years, and further why they’ve been imagined into so many different roles and personas beyond their originals. Is it due to a looser licensing of the franchise allowing others to produce items without worry from Gainax, or just something inherent in their characters or the time in which they arrived on the scene.  Perhaps people just connect better with them due to their lack of perfection and how nothing works out for them, they’re tortured throughout the series and you wish them to be happy and elsewhere, hence the re-imagining of their roles. Who knows.

Ogawa Youzou has managed a pretty decent job with the small scale of Asuka, fitting in a reasonable amount of detail for a production 1/10th scale item. Unlike some larger figures she has a fairly prominent collar bone and respectable detail in the wrinkling of her apron and shorts. However the size of Asuka’s breasts has been enlarged or perhaps left at 1/8th scale for some unknown reason. Originally I thought this was because of the apron and how it would add extra thickness to her chest since it’s a cast-off item, however even cast-off Asuka’s breasts are too big. Either that bra of hers is seriously padded or she’s received some implants since Eva 2.22. Her hair is reasonably good for the scale, there’s obvious room for improvement in the paint however.

The coolest feature of Wave’s Asuka has to be her movable head. Such a simple difference between the norm but really adds a lot of characterization to her. Asuka can go from flat out angry to tsundere to shy all by angling her head different ways. I can understand how on some figures this wouldn’t be a desired feature, but in the more simplistic figures like Wave’s Asuka it’s a definite welcome addition and one I wasn’t aware I’d be receiving. I now understand how people swap heads between Wave figures, there’s just a ball joint they connect to on the neck.

It’s really too bad Wave doesn’t produce 1/8th scale figures, Asuka thus far doesn’t fit in with my collection very well scale-wise. She’s a cute little figure and I love the tsundere attitude she’s displaying, that in addition to her scale makes her pretty unique in my collection filled mostly with happy or serene girls. I don’t think I’ll be displaying Asuka with her apron off though, she just isn’t as cute with it off and her too large breasts stand out too well. With the apron on you get a reasonable display of cleavage, some nice definition in sideboob and an overall cuter appearance.

I’d love if you’d cook me dinner Asuka…



  • Asuka finally has her own face, tsundere!
  • Cannon non-plugsuit clothes
  • Rotating head lets you change her expression


  • 1/10th scale is too small
  • Expensive for the small scale
  • Breasts enlarged or padded bra
  • Paintwork could be better



  1. Ashlotte says:

    Oh god did we really need the exorcist shots at the start! >_<

    Ah anyway looks like a very typical Wave figure…They do decently on stuff like the hair and skin, but the bra shows off all their weak points…They don't seem to be able to "fit" things together well and the unnatural gaps between clothes and skin drives me nuts with their figures!

    That and the sloppy paint just…bah…Gets an A for effort and thats about it.

    Still she looks nice with the apron on obscuring that one terrible area so its not as bad here as it could have been. :p

    • Aka says:

      Yes, we did. I thought it was amusing! I think perhaps I should have made her always looking at the camera thus the head at the same angle each shot. But whatever.

      I have another Wave figure coming, Mikoto in a swimsuit. I suspect I’ll be a bit more disappointed with her.

      I didn’t find her too bad, what flaws in her bra? I mean, yes there are some but for it’s size I think they’re reasonable. I suppose the largest flaw in her bra is how there are gaps around her shoulders where the straps are.

      • Ashlotte says:

        Ah sorry yea I meant the bra when I said all that…It probably wouldn’t jump out at me as much if I didn’t already own two of them that had this same problem of…I don’t even know what to call it…I say fitting.

        When you have like an alter figure or a max figure or hell even a GSC everything is put together in a way that looks very natural for the most part, but a lot of wave ones look like the individual parts are artificially jammed into their skin (Or plugsuit in Mari’s case).

        I have Ika on order and that will be their last chance to convince me to care about their stuff as far as I’m concerned…Its a shame because they do such great poses…

        • Aka says:

          I tend to find their figures overly boring. There are always aspects I like, but general execution is boring. Asuka works because tsundere face, otherwise I think I’d have skipped her.

          Not sure what my excuse is for Mikoto though.

          • Ashlotte says:

            I had no idea who you were talking about until I looked your MFC up…I always think of her as Misaka I guess. :p

            I’d guess you ordered her because of the cute pose and the fun secondary face? I almost ordered her and Kuroko myself just because of that one shot with her looking distressed as kuroko comes bounding up from behind…classic.

          • Aka says:

            Not sure why I kept saying Mikoto, I usually call her Misaka as well. Because Misaka wa Misaka wa is adorable.

            I think her swimsuit is overly cute but might have been what grabbed me.

  2. haitechan says:

    She is even better than I thought. I ordered her yesterday and I’m really happy about her, she’ll be my first Asuka figure :D. I started collecting last month so most of my collection are small sized figures (the Hetalia ones, 6cm each!) and a pair of figmas so I guess she’s going to be the one of the biggest there. At least my Akihiko will have someone with the same scale at last xD.

    • Aka says:

      Wow Asuka will be one of your biggest? She’s so small to me! I can’t imagine a 6 cm figure, are they those petit nendoroids?

      • haitechan says:

        Nope, they are “One Coins” from Kotobukiya, little static figures in SD form but pretty detailed for the size. I think there are non-Hetalia ones but those are ones of the most popular (and bootlegged).

  3. Fabienne says:

    After some doubts I bought her as well in the end ^^
    For an 1/10 figure she looks quite nice and detailed, She also resembles Asuka very well.
    The apron looks nice as well as Asuka’s shorts, my only complaint is the sloppy paintjob of her bra.
    It would have been nice if they had made a 1/8 or even 1/6 scaled Asuka apron version, because 1/10 is fairly small, at the moment she’s stands paired up with my tallest figma Izumi from Se:kirara.

    That are really good looking and demonstrative pictures in your review. Your lightsetting worked very well with this figure.

    • Aka says:

      Are you saying my light setup doesn’t work well for other pictures? 😛

      I think a 1/6th scale Asuka would have been too big and boring, I recently sold my 1/6th scale Saber figure for this very reason. She wasn’t ugly, but she just seemed too big and boring. Would only have made sense if they could include more detail to match the scale. 1/8th would have been fine though.

      • Fabienne says:

        No,no I havn’t said that :p you always have good and demonstrative pictures ^^

        Ah I see, I own no 1/6 scaled figure so far so I can’t really tell, at least 1/8 would be a good size for Asuka with apron 🙂

        • Aka says:

          The 1/6th scale Evangelion figures I own from Kotobukiya are well worth their size, but rarely do I see any that are. Maybe I’m just biased against them, who knows.

  4. Rajura says:

    Interesting figure… I like it.

    I would like to see just how stark a contrast there is better the 1/10 scale and some of the larger figures.

    Oh and I agree, I like her wearing the apron. To me, the top/bra/whatever just looks out of place with her shorts. Maybe if she was wearing a shirt with a bit more coverage… even a midriff, but that which she is wearing, nah.

    Good work again!

    • Aka says:

      I should have done some comparison shots but I was a bit lazy I admit. I’ll maybe whip some up when I do my Alter Asuka review or something.

      Visible midriff would have been sexy, but not cannon for the movies. I like this one because it’s both cannon and different from the usual.

  5. Chag says:

    It’s gotta be tough being Aka, a small-breast man in a big-breast world! I am actually liking her cleavage a lot! Regardless of size and execution, Wave has definitely got the right idea on the face. I wish more figure makers would follow Wave’s example.

    Btw, I just noticed that there isn’t a single shot of the back of her head (save for that one shot of her still in the plastic packaging). Is there something you’re hiding, hmmmmm? =P

  6. Nopy says:

    Maybe it’s supposed to be a sports bra, but I guess that’s still a bra in the end. The paint job on it doesn’t look too great, but I love the jean shorts.

    I wasn’t aware that Wave figures came with moveable heads. I checked the Rika and Hanyu (Higurashi) figures I have from Wave and it doesn’t look like I can turn their heads and I’m afraid of trying to pull them off.

    • Aka says:

      Perhaps it’s only a more recent addition to Wave figures? I only own one so I can’t really confirm more about it.

      The paint job could really use more depth, but I don’t think it’s terrible given her size.

  7. Tian says:

    I’m going to echo Ashlotte’s sentiments… this was one of my favorite Asuka figures UNTIL YOU TURNED HER HEAD ALL THE WAY AROUND.

    The outfit is refreshing because there are 100 million plug suit figures out there (two from Wave IIRC), so I appreciate Asuka in casual wear whenever I see it. The scene it’s based on did a lot for the character, as her role in 2.0 was regrettably limited.

    While I enjoy the figure on its own, I think there’s a lot more fun to be had buying more 1/10 Wave figures and swapping their heads. And that’s how they get you.

    • Aka says:

      While there are a zillion plugsuit figures, they’re still hot. The only thing hotter might be a well done nude figure with just enough modesty to not be too lude.

      I enjoyed Asuka 2.0 better than the original. She was definitely more likeable, and I wish there had been more of her in 2.22.

      I suppose that is a bit of a gimmick, not sure who’s head I’d like to put on which body but I’m sure I could find some.

  8. Tier says:

    The shorts are really cute, it’s too bad there aren’t more figures of anime girls in casual dress. I like girls in body armor or outlandish costumes as much as anyone but I wouldn’t mind seeing an anime girl wearing shorts and a cute T-shirt too.

    I still haven’t seen the movies (and at this rate I may never get around to watching them) so I dunno if the romantic angle gets played up more there, but I don’t remember Asuka being tsundere all that much so I have a tough time thinking of her as such. I seem to remember she was trying hardcore to get into Kaji’s pants but I dunno if that counts, particularly since he didn’t seem much interested in becoming a pedophile.

    • Aka says:

      I don’t know how many times I’ve iterated this but here it goes again, casual = best. My favourite figure is also my most casual, Volks’ Horo. She’s completely dressed, there’s nothing erotic about the pose, there’s no choice angles for hidden fun. She’s just casually sitting there smiling away at you while holding an apple. It might be the most realistically posed figure I own in that it’s something you could really imagine someone doing without posing for the ‘camera’. I wish there were more figures like that.

      You really should see them, 2.22 just came out on Bluray from Funimation. The romantic angle definitely changes and Asuka’s more tsundere than the original series. Though I’d argue she was still tsundere then, she just didn’t have the mix as right as she does in the movies.

      It’s for the best that Kaji didn’t want her.

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    Wow I really like her expression, that definitely makes the figure for me. I used to occasionally buy Wave figures, but I haven’t been completely saisfied on any of their figures since their miko Tsukasa/Kagami. But I admit I was a bit pissed when their “non-scaled” school uniform Kagami and Tsukasa were actually about 1/12 scale in the end. I wrongly assumed they’d be the same size as the other Lucky Star releases.

    • Aka says:

      1/12? Like figma sized? That’s terrible! Were they at least cheaper than their normal figures?