Kiki Oki by Yamato

If I were a religious man, I’d most certainly be going to hell. I worship a false idol (Horo), the first sentence of this post is heresy, and Demon-girls are almost always sexier than their angelic counterparts. They wear less, they’re more playful and they’re kinkier. Actually I take that back, the stories I hear about Catholic High Schools is they’re full of girls like Kiki Oki. Not the wings or tail of course, but the innocent outward appearance with a certain lack of modesty underneath their skirt. I don’t remember any girls in my Catholic High School doing that though, obviously I was in the wrong school.

Kiki Oki comes from an eroge titled Sumaga and as per usual with these types of things I know very little about it. One review claims the game is less than average, another says it’s the funniest eroge ever and continues to say that without giving any real information. All I’ve really learned about the series is that Oki is the student council president, a tomboy and appears to have a thing for dressing up as a catgirl maid. Oh yeah, and tail sucking. Though from the quick glance through the CG-set I got really confused with whose tail she was sucking and why it ‘went off’. She goes from having a cat-tail, to no tail, to demon tail and the tail she was sucking looked like hers. Also, what’s with the floating mouth? And why are nearly all CG-sets 800×600? Does Japan only play H-games on mid-90s computers and portable devices? I find it very hard to praise anything that low a resolution when they’re all stills.

Oki’s the first Yamato figure I own but the second by sculptor(s) French Doll. The first is a very cute figure of Natsume Rin from Little Busters! performing an impressively high kick for a girl wearing a skirt by Enterbrain. Most of what French Doll has done appears to be older or of franchises that don’t interest me, but despite this Rin and Oki both are quite well done.Yamato’s provided a reasonable effort in mold quality, paint and finish, nothing about Oki stands out as being terrible, but nothing particularly outstanding either, besides some of the curves in her sculpt. But credit there goes to French Doll, not Yamato. If I had to choose the biggest fault it might be the visible seams running up Oki’s legs, they ruin some of their appeal unfortunately.

Oki comes apart into thirteen pieces, three hair pieces, two wings, skirt, jacket, head, chest, midriff and legs, tail, weapon and base. Unlike most figures that come apart, Oki comes apart really easily. Her head comes off with less than the weight of the figure, as does her chest from her torso. At first I was worried she’d fall apart but everything seems to sit in place fine. This did cause some issues when moving her around for the shoot however, I have a habit of picking figures up by their chest/waist/head which all came apart real easy in Oki causing me to almost drop piece of her quite often. The biggest worry however is she doesn’t quite sit on her base as one would expect her to. Her left foot wont sit flat against the pegs and relies entirely on the heel peg, the toe peg doing nothing. I worry that because of this over time she’ll lean, twist or rotate. Lets hope she doesn’t.

I’m not going to lie to you, Marge: There was really only two reasons I bought this figure. The first reason, where that tail of hers goes and how teasing it is, and the second, back in December Xenockky on MyFigureCollection pointed out she was on sale for $44.39, or about 50-70% off the prices I’d seen elsewhere. Had I been required to pay full price for Kiki Oki, I most certainly would not have done so. Her MSRP was way too high at ¥8,800 / $98 CAD and some of the prices people paid were even higher such as $120 USD paid by Xenockky herself. That’s a premium figure price for a non-premium brand.

So, where does that tail go? Well, it protrudes from her body at the base of her back, lovingly hugging the contour of her intergluteal cleft, passing between her legs caressing the inside of her right thigh as well as providing a cover for her modesty until finally, it curves downwards around her left leg pointing back behind her once again. And that my friends is why I bought Kiki Oki. Now if only her tail was fluffier…

Someone told me I had too many ass shots in my Himari post



  • Cast-off with nothing underneath
  • Tail between her legs, not in a retreating fashion either
  • Good details
  • Mirror base
  • Got her for a great price.


  • Somewhat complicated assembly, thirteen pieces
  • Seams running up Oki’s legs
  • Doesn’t attach to her base as securely as expected
  • Paintwork is a bit bland



  1. Eddy says:

    A good argument for that intro, Viper GTS, though the name makes no sense for the actually show but whatever.
    The Figma looks great but I think the tail could have use a better blending at the back, looks a bit out place. Now what they could have done it made the tail via attachment with a single peg and you can transition from demon girl to regular but the regular one would look like something ripped out from another school rumble anime of some sort.
    Oh Well, I till await her maid form to be release.

    • Aka says:

      Viper GTS, I suppose I’d drive one of those if I could. Oh right, porn.

      Oki’s tail is removable, it’s only held on with a single peg. In the final shot you can see that I’ve moved her tail, hiding the fact that it’s actually not connected to anything and just resting in her hand and atop her bum.

      Maid form is cute. Too bad they couldn’t do the super embarrassed look without making her look retarded. I just know no figure company could pull off a full head blush like that. (Referring to the CG set)

  2. Chag says:

    Did I just see you marking Horo as a FALSE idol? Tsk, tsk, the wise one won’t be pleased =P

    I like how she looks right in all three states of cast-off. Most cast-off figures come off as gimmicky to me, but Oki here looks perfect with or without her skirt or jacket.

    I wonder what’s the story behind her tattered ribbon. I wonder why it’s the only part of her clothing that’s in rough shape. Maybe it’s some sort of demonic ribbon? It would’ve been intersting if the entire costume was slightly tattered like the ribbons and wings.

    • Aka says:

      Nah, the Church sees her as a false idol, not me. She’s not a fan of the Church either.

      I was surprised how well she looks in each state. I have her sitting on my desk right now in the least dressed configuration. I think she’s pretty sexy like this.

      Her skirt is also tattered, I suppose I didn’t focus on that too much, but it’s got some tears in the front and back as does her shirt. So it’s reasonable to assume she just battled.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Haha I still have this figure boxed up sitting on the floor…I decided I didn’t want to open her until after I played the game although the translation has since then stalled. >_<

    I played a bit with my crappy limited language skills…It's very much a Nitro+ game and in that it's completely insane!

    Wow though that was a short review…I guess she didn't get you that interested to be in the talkative mood? :p

    I had completely forgotten about the tail though…thats gonna be fun to shoot. I do wish you could take her top off too…oh well. In any case seems like the typical underwhelming Yamato job for most of her.

    • Aka says:

      I had Oki sitting around since December, but she’s by far not the longest a figure has sat in a box for me. Figures still in boxes…

      Canaan, Alphard, Black Rock Shooter (Anime ver.), Alter’s Sanya, GSC’s Saber, Kotobukiya’s Nanako, GSC’s Hitagi, Momohime, Max Factory’s Seena and Kureha, figma Middle School Haruhi and Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master (Orig.), Beagle’s Chris, Alter’s Buddy and Asuka, Wave’s Asuka (Apron ver.), Phat Company’s Lily and SEGA’s Hinagiku swimsuit and maid. I may have missed some.

      The review wasn’t that short, it was only a paragraph shorter than usual. I was going to write one more but it felt like it’d ended when I got to describing where the tail went.

      Suppose I missed things like height and the fact the mirror base scuffs really easily. And that despite all the components that come apart, I haven’t noticed any paint transfer between them yet. I’ve been thinking also, in terms of paint quality I think she’s better than Kotobukiya on average, but Kotobukiya is better at making their figures feel sturdy and like they’ll last.

      I think if you took Oki’s top off she’d suffer the anorexia problem Da Capo’s Asakura Nemu suffered. That or the top would seem too thick. The skirt works because it flows, but the top doesn’t, it contours her body more.

  4. Rajura says:

    Wow! She is putting on quite a show…

    I do like the mirror base and the intensity in her eyes!

    As for approaching the subject of worshiping Horo, I distinguish worshiping her from Worshiping God. They are two different kinds of worship and devotion. As my Waifu, Horo totally deserves my devotion.

    I can totally separate the two.

    Fortunately, being Christian does not preclude me from being Horo-loving! Thank you God!

    • Aka says:

      Pff no true male concubine of Horo would view a heathen god as Her equal. 😛

      The mirror base is a nice touch and a necessity with where her tail goes and her lack of pantsu.

  5. Tian says:

    Thanks to your review, I now know this figure exists. I like it for 3 reasons:

    – She has a naginata, which would go well with my collection of PVC figure weapons.

    – She’s looking to her left. I have a whole shelf of figures looking to their left for some reason. What the hell is so damned interesting over there??

    – Obviously, everything that goes on when you remove the skirt. Although it’s kind of weird how the tail just… stops… at her spine.

    Whoever complained about you taking too many ass shots, you can tell them to fuck right off. 75% of collecting figures is ass shots.

    • Aka says:

      Haha! I’m not sure I’d agree with 75% or not, but a nice ass is always a great addition to any figure.

      The tail is removable, so it can’t blend perfectly in, thus the abrupt stop. But it would be nice if it blended in more, I doubt I’ll ever remove it beyond the last picture of the review and couple in the gallery.

      A whole shelf of figures looking left? What a strange grouping, makes me wonder how many figures I have that look left. Is it just eyes or the whole head?

      • Tian says:

        It’s a mix between looking left and having their heads turned to their left. It’s a weird theme I picked up on, and thought it would be funny to put them all on the same shelf (Orchid Seed’s Elf, Yamato’s Velvet and Asuka, Alter’s Mercedes, to name a few).

        I’m thinking maybe I can arrange another shelf and have only figures with nice butts on there, and then display them turned around with butts pointing forward.

        • Aka says:

          I’ve often considered putting mirrors in so that I could see both sides of a figure. Of course, I’ve never bothered to.

  6. Tier says:

    Very nice figure, the sharp bat wings look great and the bright red, navy, and black colors of her school outfit look great. It’s a classic and simple color scheme that looks distinctive now since there are a lot of recent anime series with boring or drab uniforms, like Railgun and Bakemonogatari. I really like the forward-leaning curve of her torso, too; it gives her a mature, seductive vibe even though she’s clearly a young girl. Or some sort of demon in the guise of a young girl, anyway.

    I’m baffled why visual novel makers stick to 800×600 resolution as well. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that a lot of them used 640×480, which is just ugly. I know of one VN (Jinki Extend, which went from manga to anime series to porno game) that has its illustrations at an HD resolution, and I really wish more eroge makers would get with the times.

    • Aka says:

      It is that classic look isn’t it, same colours as Sailor Moon if I recall, perhaps a darker blue. It’s definitely the sailor style uniform many are used to. Where the two you mention are definitely not, even if they share some traits.

      The forward leaning of her torso really is nice, it definitely gives her that mature seductive vibe you mention making her much sexier than I think she otherwise would have been had she had a more straight back. I wonder what that arching of the back does that adds sex appeal. I can imagine when their are breasts it pushes them outwards, but flat chest? Same subconcious effect?

      I imagine drawing 800×600 is much easier, but surely they know that it looks like shit on a bigger monitor. I remember watching Jinki:Extend, Aoba was cute and her lesbian relationship with Rui. Didn’t realize it’d progressed to porno game, though I recall some artwork with tentacles and nudity, I thought it was just a playful bit of art.