Collection Update: March

It seems there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot that interested me this past month. I only ordered two small things, well five but we’ll get into that in a bit. However I did have some nice arrivals, six in total.

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I suppose I should be thankful that March was a slow month for pre-orders. If I was pre-ordering like crazy every month I’d be so very broke it’s not funny. Even without many pre-orders this month my projected costs are over $1000 in the coming months. I keep telling myself I should lay off for a while but despite it all I continue to order whatever fancies me.


I’ve wanted this cute little thing for ages and ages. Scanning through stores from time to time trying to catch one for a reasonable price, all that ever came up were the $150+ copies at Finally Kaiyodo’s releasing another Danboard and I pounced this time. Ordered two copies of the Yoku Dekimasita version and not content with that ordering a further two copies of the standard Danbou. Now, of course I plan to give a copy to a friend as they’d been looking for a couple of months now, but that does leave me with 3. I’m not sure I could add to all the creative pictures I’ve seen of Danbou, but I’ll probably try anyway. I wonder what it was about Danbou that spurred such creativity in people, nearly becoming mainstream with all the wonderful pictures out there. People who know nothing of figure collecting know of this little creature, it’s almost strange. Now if they’d re-release the mini-Danbou…

Main photo by HK-DMZ. (Yes it’s the Amazon version, no I didn’t order that version)

Hatsune Miku figma (Append Ver.)

Sexiest figma available? I think she just might be, especially with that sexy face of hers. I do prefer her cuter face though, at least in pictures so far. Kind of strange, the only figma I own who doesn’t have twintails is Suzumiya Haruhi (Middle School ver.). It’s almost like a pre-requisite of mine for a figma to have twintails. Miku Append will be my first Miku figma, while I have Kagamiku she’s certainly not an actual Miku figma. It would appear that Miku Append has 3 difference faces, cute, sexy and eyes closed, two midriffs, one closed tie and one open as well as the usual assortment of hands figmas receive. She looks really cute and I hope I’m not too annoyed with her joints when she arrives.


I posted on twitter a couple of days ago this picture of a rather large box with a rather larger box underneath it. I’d started to wonder just how big the figures I ordered really were, they didn’t seem that big I thought when looking at other peoples picutres, but surely they must have been for shipping to cost $80 and such a big parcel to arrive. As it would turn out, none of them really are that big but AmiAmi likes to pack things quite well and I do appreciate that. I do wonder though if I could have gotten away with SAL Parcel rather than EMS but as I was not charged duty this time I don’t mind as much. Though, shipping was still $26.60 per item, far exceeding my average shipping cost of $15.68 per item.

The figures that arrived this month are Makinami Mari Illustrious by Max Factory as well as Hatsune Miku (Tony ver.) also by them, Segoku Nadeko by Good Smile Company, and two Katsura Hinagiku’s by SEGA. Also arriving was Kotobukiya’s Sanya V Litvyak courtesy of Ashlotte whom I traded Max Factory’s Al Azif for plus some additional currency since it certainly would not have been a fair flat up trade.

I’ll probably avoid reviewing Tony’s Miku for a while since so many people have already done so I can’t add much to the party. But sadly I haven’t seen many of Mari or Nadeko whom I think both deserve recognition as they look quite good, at least through their plastic windows. SEGA’s Hinagiku’s also look pretty good for the $18/piece spent, simple but reasonable.


Still trying to sell Orchid Seed’s Corticarte Apa Lagranges but no bites so far. I had her up on eBay for a month but not a single person showed interest. I know I’m not a great salesman since I continually point out her flaws and why I’m selling her so I suppose this is expected. Perhaps I’ll take her out of her box and put her on a low shelf where she’s unseen, leaning against the side of the cabinet so that she doesn’t lean further, somewhat forgotten. So sad, but I still like Good Smile Company’s Corti and I remember getting a reasonable deal on her so I guess it’s even in the end.



  1. Ashlotte says:

    Geez what kind of lighting is that to make the pale peanuts look like their radioactive!

    Mari is a lot bigger then I thought she was! I still hate that plug suit though… *waits for yamato’s schoolgirl one*

    • Aka says:

      Just a heavier contrast really.

      I’d forgot she was 1/6th, here I was complaining to everyone about 1/6th scale figures lacking detail and then boom one arrives on my door step. I hope she’s not out of scale with Kotobukiya’s 1/6th Eva figures, that would be disappointing.

  2. Chag says:

    4 Danbos? How bold! I quickly snagged up one (the new version) as soon as I saw it. I thought about getting more to sell for profit in the future, but I hesitated. When I made up my mind and went back, they were already sold out. Bummer.

    I’m not sure what I’ll do with my Danbo. I like him, and I have Yotsuba, but a review of it seems redundant — there’s literally nothing to talk about other than “his eyes light up”. Bah, I’ll make up my mind when it arrives.

    • Aka says:

      I was worried some orders wouldn’t go through so I wanted to make sure I got some, especially for a friend of mine. I wasn’t intending on making a profit and still am unsure whether I will or not.

      I’m sure you could find something to talk about. But I think even if you did it’d likely be redundant since she’s so popular.

  3. Tian says:

    Looking forward to your Nadeko and Mari reviews… still waiting on mine…

  4. Rajura says:

    Awesome! Glad they seemed to arrive safely! I will be awaiting the reviews with great anticipation.

  5. Tier says:

    Miku Append is very sexy, if I were more of a Figma collector I’d get her for sure but I’ll just wait for the scale-size figure instead. Danbo army is cool too, I have no idea what it is but I’ve seen a lot of pictures of it that I like. Something about the face and oversized head works really well for conveying a mood.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Mari; I still don’t have a clue who she really is but I know she looks great in that pink suit. If I could, I’d exchange my Kotobukiya one for the MF one without a second thought.

    • Aka says:

      I have no interest in the scale figure of Miku Append, she looks completely boring.

      I’m happy with the Kotobukiya one because she goes with the other figures, but Max’s Mari’s pink suit looks so much better than Kotos.

  6. haitechan says:

    I’m quite interested in the Hinagiku(s) review. My little sister wants maid!Hayate from Sega and seeing Hinagiku (from the same series) should be quite informative. I admit, I’m tempted by buying a Sega Kaworu but probably will wait until the Kotobukiya one is released and get that one.

    I was not so convinced on append Miku because of the joints but I could stand my Metis being black with GRAY joints because of closeness to character design so after that, I think I’m over with my “I-hate-figma-joints” syndrome. And that face, I like it! What I hope is that somebody releases append versions of the twins, they are my favorite ones, specially Len!

    PD: What are those shiny green things? o_O

    • Aka says:

      You may be interested in checking out a previous review of mine then of Maria, also from SEGA.

      I’m not a huge fan of the twins for the most part, but I would like to get a hold of GSC’s normal varients to go with my Miku.

      The green peanut-like objects? They’re just packing material. Ashlotte threw out the molded plastic insert and shipped Sanya with packing peanuts instead. I thought it’d be funny to include them.

  7. Nopy says:

    I avoid shipping EMS now because of the high price tag. The downside is that I’m still waiting for my Nadeko to arrive 🙁

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    You going to collect all the Max Factory Eva figures? I’ll definitely be getting at least Asuka to go with Mari. I hope they do a good job on Rei.

    • Aka says:

      I don’t like their Asuka figure. I’m not sure if I’ll bother to pick it up or not. We’ll have to see how Rei turns out.