Wishlist: Wonder Festival 2011 (Winter)

Well it took forever but here it is, weeks late but it’s better late than never right? Perhaps I’m even fashionably late! Comparing this WonFes post to my previous it’s a bit smaller and has less pictures, I attribute that to just a lack of interest in a lot of stuff displayed this season. Entire companies with not a single product of interest to me can cause quite a shrink. Since the article is smaller and I’ve upgraded my server since last WonFes hopefully there’ll be no errors spewed or long load times this time around! (Y’all remember that right? So long ago.)

Note: A couple of items in this post are now available for pre-order but I was too lazy to go and update their entries before going live.


Much of what Alter had on display had been seen at past events, however there were some nice updates. More Fate crap, er Fate as in crap little girl Fate, not the awesome Saber Lily and Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Unlimited Codes, also featured. No, those are sexy as hell. Others such as Dizzy from Guilty Gear, Strike Witch figures, Ritsu, Ryouko and Scientific Railgun figures. Lots of stuff worthy of mention but I don’t like a lot of it so here’s my list.

Hanekawa Tsubasa

Given that Alter did Senjougahara, I suppose it’s reasonable to assume they’d do other characters and sure enough they have. Quite a dynamic one at that, much more action oriented than Good Smile Company’s though still the tailless catgirl. Always wondered why she was tailless in the anime, it always annoyed me. Regardless, she looks quite good with her pajamas falling off her showing a good chunk of boob. My only complaint so far from the prototype (beyond her large breasts) is her toes, perhaps they’re supposed to be a little more claw/catlike but they look hideous. I might have to buy her some slippers.

Saber Lily (Summer ver.)

I’ve been drooling over this figure ever since the first image of her painted prototype appeared on the Internet. I liked the unpainted prototype, but seeing her painted? I can’t stop looking at her. She’s simply gorgeous, and I mean both that she’s simple and gorgeous  as well as simply gorgeous. I can’t seem to figure out why though, I mean Saber’s always pretty/cute, well except maybe the infamous “Sader”, but on the face of it this Saber Lily seems too simple. Like something Wave would produce in their constant run of swimsuit clad figures. Yet despite that Alter’s pulled off the cute casual everyday look perfectly. When can I get mine? MFC claims June, perfect for a birthday present to myself. Rin also is in June, are they a set? 😀

Senjougahara Hitagi

Six months ago Alter featured this figure at wf2010s in it’s unpainted prototype form. There had been much speculation as to what she’d look like, if she’d possibly top the amazing Good Smile Company Hitagi. As it would turn out, she couldn’t, she came across as almost average compared to GSC’s. Which is really too bad for Alter as she’d looked like quite a nice figure. Now that time has passed, GSC’s Hitagi released and arrived, Alter’s finally decided to show off their painted prototype of Hitagi. I don’t think my opinion of her has changed, she still feels second to GSC, but seeing her with a slightly more pastel colour scheme she seems subdued and almost melancholic. One thing that stands out at me however is her man hands, they seem a bit too big. Overall if I had to sum her up I guess I’d say “Boring stairs are boring. Senjougahara looks good on them though.”

Tohsaka Rin (Summer ver.)

Companion to my newly beloved Saber Lily and lacking her usual class-s zettai ryouiki is Tohsaka Rin. It’s a bit of a shame she’s lacking one of her usual key traits but she seems to be doing quite well without it, wearing a similar get up to Saber but in colours that resemble her usual attire with her hair acting as the contrasting secondary. The clothes almost seems pajama-like which I think adds some appeal. Perhaps Rin is sitting on your bedMY bed waiting for me after a long day of work. Though I couldn’t explain why her hair would be flowing like that, perhaps there’s a fan or open window with a heavy summer breeze. Well whatever the case, it wouldn’t matter because she’d be on my bed awaiting my arrival.

Yamada Aoi

Yamada Aoi wouldn’t be my first thought when recalling Working!! I think that might be saved for either Poplar Taneshima or Mahiru Inami. That said I think Yamada is a bit more interesting as a figure than the other two might have been and I guess Alter agrees. Yamada I recall wearing more interesting clothes and doing more with her hair, where Inami had short hair and a plain look and Poplar was just short with breasts. As a waitress Yamada is showing her lack of skills in this figure, spilled glasses, menus askew. But she’s cute right? If she’s cheap enough I’ll consider purchasing her.

Good Smile Company

Miku Miku Miku Miku! So many Mikus and I’m going to buy them all? No, probably not. Of course GSC had their others figures on display, the excellent Tohsaka Rin complete with melting foot, Saber Alter looking ultra badass along with what looks to be another Black Rock Shooter character bleh. Also displayed was the smug Kanbaru, tsundere Hitagi, adorable Nadeko and umm windy Hanekawa. Revealed with the group of Bakemonogatari girls was an unpainted Hachikuji everyone knew was coming.

Hachikuji Mayoi

Booring. The only reason I want this figure on my wishlist is because I want the rest of the set and complete sets are best. GSC’s done an excellent job with the other figures, but unfortunately for Hachikuji the artwork on which she’s based is boring by comparison. I don’t doubt that she’ll be well produced but she reminds me too much of a garage kit by Tsuru no Yakata that’s been around for while already. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, Tsuru no Yakata has another figure on this wishlist as well as one on my all time wishlists in my head, a Horo figure. But part of me just feels GSC was beaten to the punch already on this one, even if it was a garage kit. I hope they do the pink alternate colour version.

Hanekawa Tsubasa

Tsubasa was previously seen last summer at wf2010s although then in an unpainted form. Just before wf2011w teaser pictures of her painted appeared on the web which drew my attention to her once again. It feels like it’s been a really long time coming with Hanekawa but it’s really nice to see her all painted up and ready to go. I’m curious if her only alternate display will be sans skirt as in the pictures you can see that it separates. I would be somewhat disappointed if this were true, Hitagi had those fancy office supplies falling out of her skirt, what’s Tsubasa going to get? I suppose Hitagi was just following the illustration, but Nadeko got a second set of legs for those who didn’t like the amputee look. Hanekawa being the smart girl she is, she knows to hold her skirt down in the right place when there’s a strong wind, damn.

Hatsune Miku (Lat ver)

The first production Miku to get it right? I think she just might be. That’s right everyone, she has shimapan! I wonder what “Lat” is and what it has to do with this version of Miku, what meaning does it have with this mild costume change. She’s apparently 1/8th scale but I just get this feeling that she’s tiny, like if I stood her next to the original GSC Miku she’d only come up to her chest (She doesn’t she’s just as tall). Aside from the glasses she almost appears as if she’s just a standard Miku, it’s almost as if the only selling points are she has glasses and finally the proper pantsu. Yet despite that ‘standard’ look, I do want her.

Hatsune Miku “Love is War”

How many times has this figure done the rounds at WonFes? Each time a little different than the last. This time the biggest change is that her enormous crazy base is well, mostly gone. Just a bit of a platform remains and the two huge megaphones/speakers are missing. I can understand that, she was enormous and hard to ship for sure, but it really detracts from the original look and leaves her feeling kind of plain. She also lacks the proper Miku pantsu, but I’ll let it pass this time because she’s got low-leg pantsu and some bum crack as well. Though I can’t find the picture I saw that in :(. With the removal of the enormous base this Miku’s dropped to the bargin bin level of my wishlist, if I see a deal I’ll get her, otherwise bleh.


Kotobukiya’s line-up seemed quite large this time around, while I don’t have counts of any of the WonFes manufacturer pools of figures it feels like they brought more to the table this time around. From American franchises to chibi Saber and cloth miniature clothes Koto perhaps has something for everyone. In fact, I don’t think I knew Kotobukiya made mechs until this WonFes. They also hinted at future releases with some pictures, two more Shining Hearts figures it would appear. A couple good looking Touhou figures were also amongst their assembly. Key for me amongst my non-wishlist figures though was Black Magician Girl. I just love that they took a character from a kids show, put a phallic object between her legs and gave her some subtle cameltoe to top it off. That’s Japan for you, perverting childhood since 1984, the year the first hentai was released (Also the year of my birth, coincidence?)

Blanc Neige (Bikini ver.)

My, Tony Taka’s a popular fellow. Not a convention goes by that we don’t see at least one figure from his artwork previewed or released. Quite often it seems from the same franchises again and again. I am apparently ok with this, owning currently 8 figures with his design behind them and a further 2 on order (and many more wished). The man makes a sexy woman, wait, that came out wrong, well you know what I mean.  I just wish he’d make more modestly chested girls, Max Factory’s Seena Kanon seemed to be about the best breast size he’s ever had applied to a figure. Actually, another complaint, I wish companies would stop producing his girls in swimsuits. Sexy yes, but kind of boring, Orchids Seena Kanon was quite a nice change in that regard. Anyway, it looks like Blanc Neige here might be wearing some kind of thong, I don’t see the bottom half of her swimsuit in any pictures. Not sure if I like that or not, but she looks hot, we shall see.

Kamimoto Madoka

Ryohka! One of my favourite artists, please don’t be an exclusive like your last figure! I would have loved to have bought Asahi-chan in all her nude bathing glory, but making her exclusive just made it unfeasible in terms of cost. Hopefully this figure wont be the same. Dynamic, miko (a unique item in my collection) and a lively presence. I look forward to your release assuming I can in fact, purchase you for a reasonable sum. Side note: breasts too big.

Maaryan (Dancer ver.)

Bunnygirls are generally not my thing, and the name ‘dancer’ implies to me that she’s a stripper which also aren’t my thing (surprisingly?). Despite these two factors weighing heavily on this figure, I can’t help but be swayed by her cuteness. She can’t be a stripper right? Surely she’s some other kind of dancer, or that’s perhaps a misnomer like “near miss”. It’s odd to see just the skin coloured with the rest unpainted, it almost seems like one of those cheap photoshop effects where she’s been greyscaled all over. At any rate I’ll follow this figure until she’s fully painted before making a decision, but she’s low on the pole currently.

Soryu Asuka Langley

Rei and Asuka, they almost always come in pairs, usually a fitting pair. This time though, Asuka feels out of place. Rei’s expression seemed exact for her character, it was perfect. Asuka however doesn’t seem like Asuka at all, she’s being too playful or happy, perhaps Kaji entered the room and she’s trying to get him to jump her bones? Regardless she looks like she’ll turn out well so I’ll likely have another Asuka on my hands in the future. Like many, I like that she’s back in her original plugsuit, none of that test-type stuff this time around. Still waiting on my drunk Misato.

Max Factory

Max Factory once again joins Wonderful Hobby Life for You along side the Good Smile Company umbrella of manufacturers which annoys me to no end to be honest. It makes separating out who’s producing what very difficult as you’re forced to find sites that took pictures of the plaques as well, or in my case this year, wait for others to update MyFigureCollection.net. But even still it’s hard to get a general sense of what they brought to the table beyond figmas. It appears that Miku Append is finally getting a PVC figure, as well as an adorable figma. I wish Miku Append (figure) had a more interesting face though, it seriously detracts from the rest of her which looks quite excellent. MF had some more K-On crap that I’ll ignore, but more interestingly they had some unique figma, more BRS-like stuff, but standing out amongst it all was Robocop and Drossel. Robocop because, wtf, 80s, is he making a comeback? I’ve been hearing about him getting a monument in Detroit potentially? And thunder-thighs Drossel. What have you done to the poor girl Disney? Must you ruin everything I love with bad sequels? I think I might just ignore the fact this new Drossel exists, blank it from my mind. She share’s no resemblance to her original girlish self and instead reminds me more of a little boy… with enormous thighs.

Hatsune Miku (Miku Append) figma

As far as figma go, I tend to be indifferent towards them, perhaps hateful at times. But in the mix of 100 figma there are some that I really like, obviously Drossel was one of them. But also there was Kagamiku who’s long been perched on my desk looking down from above and pointing between her legs. Er ignore that last part. This Miku Append figma however stood out immediately in the WonFes coverage, she’s possibly one of the most adorable figma I’ve seen, not quite outclassing my favourite Drossel, but definitely above Kagamiku (sorry dear!). The only problem with the figma I tend to like, they all have twintails that make them near impossible to pose sitting. Not sure if Miku Append here will be as fun as Drossel or Kagamiku was for me, but I think she’ll be a definite buy if all things are reasonable. Being the 100th figma, I wonder if she’ll be some sort of exclusive?

Shikinami Asuka Langley

First there was Makinami Mari Illustrious and then there was… a long pause. Finally we have something after that pause though, I’m kind of wishing we didn’t now. The original Mari figure in this line was simple, and so is this Asuka, however I feel her pose showed off her curves better and gave a better sense of scene. Yes there was no scene around her, but I could picture one more easily. Asuka on the other hand, what is she doing? Seducing Kaji once again? But this is Eva 2.0, she didn’t go after Kaji to the extent she did in the series. To me, this seems like the pose you’d see on an ero-fig for some reason. All said though, she looks well produced as most Max Factory figures tend to do these days, I just wish they’d chosen a different pose, and maybe even used the original plugsuit though that’s not required.

Xiao Mei

I’ve definitely got a thing for girls with tails and ears, something that’ll likely never happen in my life time (C’mon genetic engineering! Hurry up!). It also seems that when these things are present I’m more likely to overlook other aspects that usually detract from a figure for me. Xiao has some rather large breasts popping out of her china dress, large enough that I would normally ignore how much I like the rest of the figure. Yet here she is, on my wishlist. She’s got a rather strange getup I must say, not so much the asymmetrical look, but the hair bra’s on the back of her head seem awkward. With her cat ears there, they seem like they already take the place of what the hair bra would provide in terms of looks. I think perhaps it could be mixing too many tropes in one place.


  1. super rats says:

    Geez. I just have to applaud the layout of this article. Great job. Nice write-up too.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! I even went backwards in time and made sure my old convention posts all had this formatting or at least similar. Consistency! 😀

  2. Rajura says:

    You disappointed me man… I was hoping you’d have some info on Holo.
    Well, it’s not your fault.

    Love the review and the pictures. Good job harvesting the information.

    Glad to see you’re still active; I was really hoping for an update from you and you came through for me!

    • Aka says:

      I disappointed you?! How dare you! 😛

      Unfortunately there really was little info out there. I’m assuming you checked out page 2 though? Horo is in the post, but no new information as you say.

      Yup! Still here a kickin’ the post just before this somewhat explains the absence, maybe sorta.

      • Rajura says:

        Yeah, I saw page 2.

        The work behind the scenes explains it all… and you did redeem yourself with a very nice update!

        Wonderful work as always!

  3. Rajura says:

    Oh and I just noticed the website’s new name… I must say I love it.

    After all, tail does feel so good!

    • Aka says:

      😀 Explaining the name change to my sister was a little… “Sister… Your brother is a little weird.” haha.

  4. Tier says:

    There wasn’t a whole lot that got my nipples tingling but there was some stuff I liked that got shown there. Didn’t love a lot of it, though. It doesn’t help that I’m unfamiliar with so many contemporary anime series so I don’t recognize many characters. I’ve pretty much decided I hate Kirino just based off her reputation. The Love is War Miku figure looks pretty good but the funny thing is, I’d be a lot more likely to buy it if the character were someone other than Miku. Both Blanc Neiges look pretty cool. Hopefully summer Wonder Festival will have more stuff to get excited about. Hopefully more scale-size stuff, too.

    • Aka says:

      Kirino is hate. There’s no reason to like her, but I did find that garage kit cute none the less. Reminds me of Louise, I find her cute but she’s a bitch.

      I think WonFes Summer will be better. Not really a hope, I just think it always tends to be. And by always I mean what, twice? because I haven’t been in the scene long enough to gather enough data to form a trend.

  5. Nopy says:

    I’m most looking forward to the Phat Company releases (and the Touhou figures they have lined up). The Miku Lat version also caught my eye as with almost everyone else. I’m guessing there’s going to be a huge preorder grab for her.

    • Aka says:

      Reading some of the comments on MFC, I think within a day or less AmiAmi alone had accepted 1200 pre-orders for Miku Lat.

      Phat Company’s a bit iffy for me still. I’ve still yet to receive Lily, but all the buzz seems to say their quality is not up to par with the big three. So I fear all their up coming figures wont be worth their price.

  6. Ashlotte says:

    There’s always the Summer I suppose… >_<

    Also I get the feeling not many shots were taken of Horo more because its a CM figure then it being Horo…CM just doesn't seem to attract much attention…Though to be fair 90% of what CM makes is overpriced Mecha and Action Figures that don't exactly compare well to the competition…

    • Aka says:

      Summer’s better than Winter in a few ways. It’s warmer so people wear less, which means the chance for hot cosplayers in hot costumes rises. It also means everyone’s a little more enthusiastic about life. Winter seems to bring a lot of people down. Hopefully this some how means something in figure terms!

      Still, there’s a bunch of people who’ve got Horo on their wishlist on MFC, which is surprising I think given who’s producing the figure. So the enthusiasm is there, but perhaps Japan doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for her that the rest of the world does? Perhaps a similar phenomenon to Momohime.

  7. lovelyduckie says:

    I would buy a figure of a beautiful/tipsy Misato in a heart beat. She was the best part of Evangelion for me. I actually thought Alter’s Senjougahara Hitagi was going to be great when I saw the unpainted version. Turns out I was wrong, her painted version does very little for me. I held off on buying the GSC version in hope that the Alter one would be amazing…but now I’m wondering if I should pick up the GSC one while she is still in stock.

    Unfortunately the only MUST HAVE that I saw in the WonFes photos was a nendo of Nadia. Perhaps this means I’ll be saving a lot of my money this year?

    • Aka says:

      The tipsy Misato I have in mind wouldn’t be described as beautiful so much. She’d be in her jean shorts and tank top smashing down a beer can on the table or something. You know the scenes from the anime.

      Gremlins suck.

  8. Chag says:

    Ooo, I wasn’t expecting such enthusiasm for the Figmam Append Miku from you! I’m definitional liking the sculpt of her hair over that of the original figma, which looks like two misshapen spoons. Have you seen the faces for her? It looks like an interesting variety. I wish there was another cutesy face, though.

    The Alter Yamada come out of nowhere, but in retrospect, she’s probably the most distinctive character to come out of that show. She’s like some sort of house elf that got lost and wound up in a restaurant. She’s looking a little plain without paint, but I’m curious as to what Alter will do with her.

    The Hitagi GK is cool, if only because she’s in her casual outfit. Seriously, that pink school uniform is terribad. Her eyes do make me uncomfortable, which in a way I suppose is TOO accurate to the anime. Still, I’d love to see more figure like this, either in terms of the costume or the details on the collarbones.

    • Aka says:

      Rarely do I have such enthusiasm for a figma but she was just too cute! I hadn’t seen those extra faces thanks for pointing them out! Also illustrates how Miku will mount to the figma base, one of the figure figma that would actually look good mounted to one as well. I think ultimately I’ll leave on the cutesy face though.

      I think 90% of the appeal of that Hitagi GK is the casual clothes. The rest is cleavage and collarbone.

  9. Fabienne says:

    Alters Tsubasa “evil” cat looks very promising, I hope she won’t look too scary in the painted version :D. I think in the end I’ll prefer GSC’s Tsubasa cat, beacuse she looks pretty and less evil and the pose looks very good.

    I’ve already ordered this Lat Miku, she was one of my Wonfes favs, I own no Miku figure so far, but I couldn’t resist the glasses, the white short sleeved shirt and the cute pose:) I guess she will turn out rather short.

    Oh, I thought I was the only one who noticed this Maaryan, I already have a Maaryan figure from Koto, but their second figure of her is also very nice, I’ve heard that her dress will be red and the stockings black in the final product.

    Im also very interested in this 1/6 scaled Asuka even though 1/6 isn’t “my scale” at all.
    I think her pose looks very interesting as well as the face expression.
    Well theres an illustration this figure based on, have you seen it?

    Oh I nearly missed page two haha these two sega figures also caught my attention also their
    Hirasawa Yui figure looked surprisingly good 😉
    I hope they haven’t canceled this pretty Kyrie Rason figure I’ve seen it last year I guess.

    • Aka says:

      To me the two Tsubasa figures seem more like separate characters, so I’m interested in both. As for Maaryan, you seem to be correct, here’s a link to some sample shots at moeyo.

      Pretty sure Asuka’s 1/7th scale as I believe that’s what Rei is.

      Kyrie Rason 🙁

  10. Fabienne says:

    True, they are different characters 🙂 but I think I won’t buy both.
    thx for the Maaryan link ,she looks nice, but Im no real bunny suit fan, so Im still a bit unsure about this figure. On mfc Mac Factorys Asuka was labeled 1/6, I guess I should have written the name of the company she’s from,since you had two Asuka figures in your post:D

    • Aka says:

      My bad I’d forgotten there was more than one Asuka.

      I’m not really a fan of the red, would have liked black better, but still not a fan of bunnygirls in general.

  11. Flushot says:

    First off, welcome back! I checked back often to see if you updated and although I’m fairly new to the scene, I have to credit you with being one of the main reasons why I joined it. I’m glad to see you posting again and look forward to your future posts.

    I have to comment about Kotobukiya’s new Asuka and how several of her recent figures have a bit of a happy pose. I’ve been re-reading the Evangelion manga and I have to say, the tone and attitude for all of the characters is fairly uplifting, at least initially. She smiles a lot more in the earlier volumes and is portrayed much less tragically than in the TV show.

    The new movies also have her with a more positive ‘aura’ if you will.

    It might also be due to the happier poses might sell better? I would like one somber PVC of her; I’m quite the fan of the character. Anyhow, just thought I’d comment on it, since Tier was also wondering about this too in his review of Alter’s 1/8 version of her.

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! It’s good to be back.

      I haven’t read the Evangelion manga, but I have seen the movies and enjoyed her character a lot more than I did in the past. It was nice to see her more tsundere and less bitchdere. It was also nice to see her interested in someone her own age rather than Kaji. Lastly, it was nice that Rei even get a personality! Though I think this was done so that we actually cared about the characters, then when they injure them or kill them or whatever they plan to do, we’ll be extremely angry.

      I suppose happy figures sell, but I wonder how many companies have tried to sell an angry Asuka? I’m not sure I recall one but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It feels like they’ve just never tried though. Maybe they don’t want to risk it?

      • Flushot says:

        The new movies are like a hybrid between the manga and the original TV show; it’s very strange. Also, Koto’s new Asuka is based off of a cover image of Shounen Ace, so I guess they’re looking at all the sources for potential info.

        My only guess why they keep doing the happy thing is to present a distinctness from Rei, since they seem to be like Yin and Yang as figures go. Why do another somber/sad pose when Rei has it down? I also don’t think angry sells well, but no one has ever tried either style, so who knows what the future holds.

        • Aka says:

          That’s a good point, the ying/yang aspect of the two. I hadn’t thought of that and it makes a great deal of sense in some ways. They should reverse that for a set, or would that break the universe?

          • Flushot says:

            That would be great if they did! The purists would have to sit one out, but I think it would fill in a nice void that hasn’t been touched. I wish one of the major companies considered it.