This week marks the second anniversary of OMGWebsite and as such seemed like a great week to make a come back. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for a couple of months (did you notice?) the cause of which I’m not sure of. It could have been the cold of winter causing my enthusiasm to freeze or maybe the relative position of the planets and the stars had a deep significantance or meaning that exclusively applied to only me. That or it was my jobs depressing rotating schedule that causes me never to see the light of day for months at a time during the winter. Whatever the case may be, I accomplished very little during this off time and felt very much like the laziest person on earth.

That said, I did accomplish something. Or a series of somethings actually. First off, the theme has changed. While it carries a remarkable similarity to the themes in the past I think the changes reflect a more simplistic or open layout and maybe even a bit more of a professional look, less like a personal website. Some of the biggest changes were the removal of two items, both the sidebar and the footer. The sidebar I felt had just been cluttering up pages for months but the task of removing it was no small feat which I’ll get to later. The footer I felt was rarely seen and contained items that really didn’t need to be on every page of the site. The removal of these two items of course means there’s no place for a ‘blogroll’ or recent comments. At some point in the future I might consider using a page to link to sites I find interesting but the recent comments likely wont return. Reason being, visitors are offered the option to subscribe to comments on each post which made the sidebar widget feel a bit redundant.

The biggest change with the redesign however was a consequence of a choice above, the removal of the sidebar. By removing the sidebar this meant every post written with it in mind would now be improperly formatted and nearly incomprehensible. Part of this was due to my lack of planning in the past but the majority was just poor formatting decisions to hack together posts as quickly as possible. To fix this I went back through each and every post from the past and brought them up to my current standards, or as current as I felt needed. Some could use a bit more work still but overall I feel the site’s much more consistent throughout. I’ve spot tested various parts of the site in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Safari 5, Chrome 9 and Opera 11. Things do render slightly differently in each but hopefully I’ve managed to get something mostly consistent throughout.

The final change is a big change and something I wanted to do even before starting the site. While I liked the domain “” it was not my original choice for the site, I wanted to use However, due to choices in the past I’d already allocated Tailgrab for another project and used the remaining domain instead. I suppose I could have subdomained but I don’t even like having the acronym ‘www’ there let alone entire names or words. So two years down the road I finally decided to make the leap to the new domain. The leap however is not without it’s issues. One of course wants to maintain their readership (whatever they might have left after a 4 month hiatus), they also need to maintain links from the old domain and redirect them to the proper posts at the new domain, and perhaps more importantly provide those redirects properly so that one maintains their Google rank. Having never done this before, I’m expecting it not to go as smoothly as I’d like, that said I’ve read and followed all the guidelines that I think I need to and hope all goes to plan.

The only thing remaining on the todo list is find a way to fit a tail into that logo, it’s not very befitting of the site yet.



  1. super rats says:

    I made a similar decision about sidebars on my blog the last time I updated the design. There are things I would totally change about my layout if it didn’t mean having to go back and manually edit a whole bunch of figure review posts.

    I think a lot of blogs went on a 4 month hiatus. I know I went on one. The traffic is so low I thought about just starting fresh.

    • Aka says:

      Mmm I can understand the starting fresh. I think that spurred part of the enthusiasm for me behind the whole re-editing old posts finally. Felt like a new start but with old material intact.

      I’ve been talking with Tier a lot about the figure scene and how it seems to have evaporated. It feels like much of the enthusiasm in the scene is gone and all that’s left are sites posting the latest figure news. Or sites that have changed direction all together, focusing on different things that interest them. I can understand how they feel, but it seems strange that so many would do it all at once. Or at least, that’s my impression of the events.

  2. Blowfish says:

    I am probably the only person mourning for the Recent Comments Widget but they are usually my main source to check for new comments on a website.Sure I could be logical and subscribe via Email but when did humans become logical?

    Tail Grab is imho the better choice for your blog since it makes the Visitor curious what it might be about (Furry Porn?) and OMG Website just sounded like well a lame quick thought up name ^^;;

    To add to the Figure Scene Discussion:
    Ive been incredibly lazy and to be honest not too many announced figures actually tickle my fancy.Hope to get back into it soon again though

    • Aka says:

      You can also subscribe to the comments via RSS at a hidden feature on many WordPress sites.

      I’d always wanted to use a .org because of a modern phenomenon where by consonants are pronounced by name rather than sound. So org becomes or-G or orgy. It seemed funner that way. And Tailgrab, well that’s explained in my About page now.

      OMGWebsite was sort of quickly thought up, but it was more “Hey, does this exist? It doesn’t?! I should register that!” then I sat on it for a long time.

      I’m always interested in cute girls so figures seem to continually interest me. But for a while there I admit, much of what was out didn’t live up to some of the other stuff already out or on order.

  3. Tier says:

    Welcome back! Your site redesign looks very nice; it’s very clean, almost clinical, like a technical document or academic paper. The new name is really catchy, too; I gotta admit, the first time I saw your site – off the Tsuki-board feed – I wondered if OMGWebsite was some sort of joke. It didn’t help that the first post that I saw wasn’t a figure review, it was something about a toolset that you bought for your car.

    I’ve been thinking about re-doing my old reviews but I think all I’m going to do is batch-resize the old thumbnails to fit the larger image width I switched to when I dumped the old theme. I really wish I had time to do more but it’s hard enough just keeping up with current updates. Then again, it makes me cringe knowing that a lot of people’s first impression of my site is some awful review I wrote two years ago with equally bad pictures.

    I’ve got the same impression as you, with regard to the figure community. I was thinking today how strange it is that I’m part of three very stratified communities; the PVC figure collecting community and the Dollfie community, who I only ever associate with on Twitter. I think I posted something on Twitter the other day about Alter’s new figures being pretty cheap, and I remember I had to stop and think whether anybody cared about that, because a lot of the people who I converse with on Twitter collect dolls, not figures.

    Oh, and the third community … that’s the dakimakura-collecting community, which is extremely small from what I can tell. Niches within niches seems to be the name of the game as far as blogs go now.

    • Aka says:

      I’m glad everyone’s liking the name, I wondered if people would start thinking it was a snow boarding site, with all the white perhaps it could be. It’s interesting to hear all the criticisms of the name now, I don’t think anyone ever really commented on it but then not much attention was directed towards it. I like how Tailgrab shortens though, TG, OMGWebsite was still 4 letters, OMGW and it just looked awkward, like some sort of association or government task force. The change also meant I could grab myself one of those fancy URL shortener domains, Cute little domain. Though I think it would have been more interesting if it started with and moved to /b /c etc… instead of the random jibberish but whatever.

      Oh yeah, OMGWebsite WAS a joke when I registered it in 2004. I’ve registered a few domains as jokes actually, I should be more serious with my money.

      Originally I was going to just batch resize but as I’d started to cut up images and place them into neat places in new posts, I felt I should carry that on over through the rest of the site. There are many places I didn’t still, but wherever I had the energy to do so I did. But it was a ton of work, and I would recommend you just batch process and forget. It’s so much easier.

      My Twitter is getting a bit mixed these days. Following a lot of non-hobby related people who have interesting things to say, politics both local and worldly, and even random celebrities. I see less figure content there now than ever before, yet I feel like I get far less spam posts in my feed now. It seems like more of the content is relevant to my interests than when I solely followed the figure scene.

      I’d like to join the Daki and Dollfie communities but the price of entry is expensive. And if doing so would some how end up segregating me that wouldn’t work out well, I’m trying to combine as many things as I can together.

  4. Chag says:

    Hurrah, two year anniversary! New theme! Grand return of Aka! There is much to celebrate today (erm…yesterday). Welcome back dude, and congrats on the two-year mark! I can’t believe it’s been four months, but then again, these lethargic winter months really do seem to warp the perception of time. Hard to keep track of each day when you brain is in a half-shutdown state every time you step out into the inhospitable cold.

    I’m liking the new theme. I don’t think I’ve ever used the sidebar, so its removal only does good things for me. But most of all, I am liking your new front page. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you before, but the animated thing you had before was a little cumbersome. Functionally it does what it’s supposed to do, but it’s kind of like touchscreen buttons vs. physical buttons on cellphones — the plain regular links are just more comfortable.

    I really love the “.org(y)” part of your header. I usually find it easy to mistake .org for the more common .com, but there’s no way my sex-crazed mind is going to screw up on that =)

    • Aka says:

      I’ve never been so tired and bored in Winter as I have been this past/current Winter. I normally love winter, I’m always enthusiastic about it and look forward to it in the middle of summer and everyone questions why. I love the snow but maybe that’s just it. It seems everywhere I am doesn’t get any, so all my enthusiasm is wasted. I hear of all these snow storms and each time they’re supposed to hit here. Then we get like 5 cm when they predicted 30.

      I think I secretly always hated my own front page. I never visited it myself. The new one seems to make a little more sense, uses space more efficiently and gets more across with a simple glance. I’m not sure how it’ll work however when/if I don’t have a header image. I’ll find that out I guess if I ever do that. I’m not sure though if I’ll keep the ordering how it is now or adjust it. Currently “Blog” posts only appear in the bottom 3, where the top 3 are “Featured” that might not seem very linear, perhaps each item should properly progress through. w/e.

      I’m not sure what caused me to read .org as or-G but after that the Internet’s never been the same. I knew that I simply had to have a .org.

  5. GREW says:

    Nice Design!

    I like it, bery clean, bery white!
    It’s small and not overhelming.

    But I liked your old one already.

    For the name I have to say… nice name.

    And happy two year anniversary!

  6. Nightmare says:

    I’ve been following your blog since March this year and somehow managed to miss this post. It boggles my mind a bit how bloggers in general feel the need to excuse themselves whenever not supplying the readers with free entertainment.

    I do consider yourself one of the prime anime figure reviewers in the English community, willing to take your work further be it experimental or post. It’s easier finding inspiration for someone like myself when you have people ahead pushing boundaries. I would’ve most likely never started my own site without seeing what was possible figure review wise.

    As OMGWebsite was news to me it’s easier to comment on Not sure if it was intentional or not but it sort of reflects your figure shots as well. Clean, crisp and the occasional vivid color splash. The grayscale works perfectly and the site is very easy on the eyes with everything properly aligned. I find the tail to be quite ingenious as well. Must. Resist. Clicking. Aw.

    Albeit a bit late on the confetti shower, congratulations on that second mark.