Collection Update: Febtober

I may have been away for a number of months but that surely didn’t stop me from collecting and pre-ordering. So to finish off the month of Febtober I’ll be recapping what I likely posted on twitter as things arrived and/or were ordered, some of these items date as far back as November 11th, 2010. Yeah, it’s been a while so this’ll be a longer list than usual.

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Since my last pre-order back in December there have been a few things I’ve added to the list since. Many of the items below were also featured in my ‘better late than never’ WF2011W post from last week. It’ll be fun to see if my opinions have changed since that post and the release of the official pictures.

Hatsune Miku Lat-type by Good Smile Company

Since posting about her in my WonFes article there’s been much love revolving around the Internets about her.  I have to admit, my enthusiasm for her has subsided a little, she’s adorable of course but I’m no longer as enthusiastic. In the preview shots provided by Good Smile Company we learn that her glasses are removable as is the microphone. That’s not really much of a gimmick as I think the glasses are required to make this figure work. It’s interesting to see what other figures Akeji, the sculptor, has worked on and it seems even he is tired of working on Black Rock Shooter figures. He did 3 then moved on to Takamachi Nanoha and then this here Miku. Miku Lat’s expected to be 17 cm tall at 1/8th scale (tiny girl!) and retails for ¥5,500 / $66 CAD. Oh, and for those wondering and don’t already know, yes, they’re striped and low-leg to boot!.

Katsura Hinagiku by SEGA

There are never many official pictures around of SEGA’s prize figures so you always have to rely on convention coverage. Adding to the difficulties is confusion, you’re never sure what you’re ordering is the figure you saw at the convention because the sites that list SEGA figures tend to show just a place holder image. Additionally every website has a subtly different name for the figure and to top it off with Hinagiku here, there’s two figures of her in swimsuits from SEGA. Which one am I getting? I hope it’s the one pictured in this post! Along with that bikini clad Hinagiku is their maid Hinagiku. I felt Maria was in need of company, poor lonely Maria, you can do better than cross dressing Hayate, you can do Hinagiku! Being prize figures their non-scale though likely in around 1/8th and dirt cheap comparatively, both figures came in at ¥3,980 shipped (shipping was ~25% of that price). They’ll likely arrive late next week. You can see even in the prototype figures they’re not very high quality, paint issues and what not.

(Photos from

Houmei by Alter

I love that figure companies seem to keep trying to one up themselves. As time goes on they’re all getting more proficient at their craft and pushing the limits of mass manufactured goods. Houmei here seems to be one of those very figures for Alter. As they advance and make more dynamic sculpts, I keep wondering if they’ve done their research, if these figures are going to last. Their prices keep rising but will they stand the test of time? My feeling is no, they wont, despite that I keep collecting. I just know a certain someone is going to claim I’m only buying Houmei for her feet but that is simple just not the case, though I suppose they’re nice feet. How many times do you think Alter will delay her? Set to release in June for ¥11,800 / $141 CAD I think she’ll be delayed until August, that’s my guess place your bets.

Kanbaru Suruga by Good Smile Company

Shortly after Wonder Festival ended Good Smile Company opened up pre-orders for the next figure in their Bakemonogatari DVD cover series of figures, Kanbaru Suruga. I love her nonchalant look, she’s fully aware that you’re there but smugly continues to read her book (which apparently has nothing written in it). I’ve come to really hate the school uniform from Bakemonogatari, it’s kind of really ugly in fact. It would be nicer to see her in something else but regardless the pose is excellent, I don’t think I’ve got any figures with their legs crossed. I suspect it’s often avoided because it tends to block that one view all figure collectors expect to see regardless if they actually desire to look. The view Koto’s Kanbaru (below) offers up freely. Kanbaru retails for ¥9,800 / $117 CAD and is expected to be released in June.

Saber Lily & Tohsaka Rin (Summer ver) by Alter

There has been a debate on MFC about what Saber & Rin are wearing, is it just a tank-top and shorts, pajamas or lingerie. While the argument is probably moot I’d already decided what they were wearing as soon as I saw Rin. The original artwork depicts them outdoors on a secluded hill in the country and while that’s a cute and pretty scene, I much prefer the thought that they’re wearing lingerie. It floats my boat a little better. They’re reasonably priced at ¥4,800 / $57 CAD each, with discounts to be had cutting that down further. I’ve ordered the two as a ‘set’ because I feel you can’t have one without the other, besides they’re both sexy. I hope they ship the same month, they’re currently scheduled to ship June but I don’t think one can ever believe those projections.


Numerous figures have arrived since the last update of such, thirteen in fact. Some were impulse purchases and others pre-orders from long ago. We have Alpha Max’s Cover Girl, Alter’s Asuka, Buddy and Sanya V Litvyak, Good Smile Company’s Black Rock Shooter (Anime ver), Dead Master (Original) and Hitagi, Beagle’s Chris (2009 Santa ver.), Kotobukiya’s Kanbaru, Hot Toys’ Matrix Sentinel, Phat Company’s Lily, Wave’s Asuka and last by not least Yamato’s Kiki Oki.

Beagles Chris was a bit of a mis-order, I’d placed her in my cart as I did have her on my wishlist then went off elsewhere and came back and ordered Alter’s Buddy because of Tier’s review over at Tentacle Armada and all his praise for her in his best figures of 2010 post. However in doing so I’d forgotten about Chris and she came along for the ride. One would have thought I’d have noticed the rather large discrepancy in price but I’ve become accustomed to ignoring the price tag and just hitting “buy” due to the costs of some items these days. I wish however that I could have accidentally ordered the better Chris figure, oh well.

The Sentinel feels like something I must have featured in the past in some way but I can’t recall the post, so here it is again. I became interested in this item because of Tier, Tier is a bad influence I might add. Tier did a review of one of his vmf50 Dolls, and within this review I saw the best use of a Matrix Sentinel I’d ever seen. See for yourself, however be aware that it’s Not Safe for Work and very befitting of his sites name, Tentacle Armada. Now I just have to get creative one day.


At the start of this year I decided that I would clean out a couple of figures that I no longer wished to own. The list wasn’t long just four figures, and only two have sold so far and it was sad to see them go. I’m not one to sell anything I own, in fact I believe these are the first 2 items I’ve ever sold to anyone. The first figure I sold this year was Kotobukiya’s Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière, sold for $40 to a member of, hopefully she’s found a happy home there. She was an odd figure in my collection anyway, because I absolutely despised her character yet owned her anyway. However I have my eye on another Louise figure if I can ever find her for a reasonable price, Alter’s Goth Punk version. She’s cute like Louise, but I can imagine that she’s a different character and thus not a complete bitch.

The other figure I sold was a bit harder to let go, Good Smile Company’s 1/6th scale Saber Kyuujitsu ver. She just ended up being too big to fit alongside the rest of my Fate/Stay Night figures. She was too simple and lacked a partner so she had to go unfortunately. I liked many of the pictures I’d taken of her, the silhouettes turned out remarkably well. Sold her for the same price of $40 to another member of MyFigureCollection and fellow Canadian. I believe she’s yet to arrive at her destination, hopefully she does so safely.

The two remaining figures for sale are damaged in one way or another and are really quite hard to sell. Orchid Seed’s Corticarte Apa Lagranges cost me $82 but the best price anyone has offered so far is $25 and I’d like to sell her for $40. Her problem of course is that she started to lean rather short into her life in my collection and has sat in a box ever since. I’m aware that she can be fixed with a little work but she’s tainted in my eyes and I don’t want her. The other figure is Max Factory’s Al Azif, she’s not what I expected, was really cheap from Max Factory and arrived with a broken part and visually damaged translucent brick wall (It’s obviously bent). It isn’t the fault of the store, Mandarake, as they’d described her as damaged and I took a gamble hoping perhaps it was just the box or something but this turned out not to be the case. I would like the $20 I paid for her as it still seems reasonable, but I suspect that she’ll never sell and will have to be gifted, thrown out or just ignored in a closet.



  1. Ashlotte says:

    Weeeee consistent posting again!!!

    Yea I’ve cooled on Lat Miku as well…As much as I love MMD and the model when you get down to brass tacks she really does look like “just another miku figure”, but at that price I wasn’t gonna pass her up!

    Oooo Hina has a nice body sculpt and smile on that swimsuit one…Not crazy about the maid one though. >_>

    Ah Houmei…If I was still collecting based soley on appearance I’d have been all over her! I love the contrast between her complex clothing on the top half and her slender bare legs on the bottom plus the nifty water…Hope to see some great shots of her! :p

    Kanbaru on the other hand does absolutely nothing for me…Funny because I actually kind of like her character and I’m a fan of the sports girl archtype wearing spats girls, but yea…She just isn’t attractive to me in the least.

    Geh Rin…How I love Rin and really should have a figure of her, but I want my godsdamn TSUN!!! I don’t know what it is with figure manufacturers and their refusal to bring out any of the Tsun part in characters like Rin or Asuka! Cripes they can’t even make a Tsun figure of Kirino and she’s 99% Tsun ffs…*sigh*

    Wow that is quite a haul…GIEF PICTURES!!!

    Hmmmmmm……..hmmm….I really shouldn’t say this since I have no damn space and this would be completely defeating the reason I was selling things to start with, but would you accept Sanya as a trade for Al? I could care less if the stupid brick thing is damaged (Never understood what it was there for anyway…) and with the Demonbane game english release coming soon I have a feeling I’m suddenly going to want a figure of her as I tend to do after watching/playing such things.

    Cordy is gonna be a hard sell for you though considering how much you huffed and puffed (for good reason) about her leaning problem! I have a few like that myself…Like to get rid of them technically, but I can’t really work up the nerve to pawn off something that has a factory defect onto someone else… >_>

    • Aka says:

      But she’s not just another Miku, I mean… she has low-leg striped panties, that has to speak for something doesn’t it?!

      I like the maid one, I like how her dress comes down just to the top of her thighhighs inbetween her legs. She could use some less simplistic colours of course, but she appears to be wearing similar colours to Maria, just with a much shorter dress.

      What are your collecting habits now if not based on appearance? I hope to find out once and for all if there are panties behind that water.

      While it would be nice to have figures better reflect the personalities of the characters they represent, I think from a sales point of view smiles are best or perhaps just easiest.

      I’d be more than happy to trade you Al Azif for Sanya, but that is quite possibly the most unfair trade we could ever have. Sanya is so much better than this Al Azif. Also the plastic wall is there to hold up those things that float next to her head, I think that’s the entire purpose of it since they stick in to it. Also, one of the pegs for those floating things is broken off in the wall.

      Corti is hard to sell because I tell everyone about her flaws for disclosure purposes. I don’t want mislead anyone into purchase. I don’t mind selling something defective, but I want them to know that it’s defective ahead of time.

      • Ashlotte says:

        My habits are pretty much I have to know and love the character so nothing too complicated. :p

        Mmmm I’d say value is a rather subjective thing but whatever…I guess you could just subtract what your asking for from what I was asking for Sanya and forget about shipping costs?

        • Aka says:

          Well, I’m more than happy to get rid of her on you, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea on your behalf.

          I guess send me an email or message on mfc with all the required info and I’ll throw her in a box and send her off.

  2. Tier says:

    More tentacles are <3! I'm looking forward to seeing what terrors and debauchery the Sentinel will wreak. And I'm also looking forward to reading your impressions of it as a toy; I've got a couple of Hot Toys dolls and they're a bit fragile but very high-quality, and I'm wondering what the Sentinel is like.

    I'm thinking I'll get Saber but I'm not as sure about Rin. I'd get her if she were standing up but I'm less enthusiastic about figures that are sitting down or kneeling since they're so small. I tucked Sasami and Ameri Kawai away, mostly out of sight, since they don't have a lot of shelf presence. It would've been cool if they had connected the figures in some way like GSC did with the Candy Boy girls. Maybe if they had Saber stroking Rin's head or something; I'd feel absolutely compelled to get both if they had done that.

    • Aka says:

      I look forward to trying to think up dirty enough ways to use the Sentinel… eventually. I’m hoping the scale of it works well enough with the figure sizes I have. Otherwise they could be some big/tiny tentacles.

      I’m alright with Rin sitting down because I feel she’s paired with Saber. Would be nice though if they did something as you say, though I can’t imagine Saber stroking Rin’s head.

      • Ashlotte says:

        Oh I dunno I always shipped Rin x Saber above Shiro getting either of them (Gods knows theres enough canon material to support it.)…I figure the fool can be content with Sakura…Let the rest of us enjoy the Yuri!

        • Aka says:

          Some how I’d actually forgotten about the Saber x Rin bit of Fate/Stay Night, despite that I don’t really see Saber stroking Rin’s head, perhaps the other way around though, oddly enough.

  3. Chag says:

    I am pretty happy about Summer Saber/Rin and the LAT Miku. Not because I’m pre-ordering any of them, but it’s great to see figure prices so low, even if the figures in question aren’t really all that complex. I hope this is a response of some sort to the recent waves of bargin-binning, meaning this will be the new standard for figure prices…but I know that’s just wishful thinking.

    Alter’s Houmei really is stunning. I really dig how her crotch seems to be riding on that gush of water. Liquids and crotches — it’s a combination made in heaven!

    • Aka says:

      It is nice to see prices that low, but after running them through the exchange… they don’t feel low anymore. If you compare yen against yen it seems nice and cheap, but CAD vs CAD… eeek!

      As long as such liquids are not urin, I’m probably alright with it.

  4. Vince says:

    Louise is happy with her new home with me 🙂 Don’t worry 😛 Nice change you did with the website and awesome contents. Keep it up!

    • Aka says:

      Thanks Vince! Glad you’re happy with Louise, didn’t want to name you in the post in case you would have objected.

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    My only recent pre-order was the Sherlock nendoroid, I also decided to buy the (in stock) Tooko nedoroid. Usually I prefer scaled figures but I had to have these two. Houmei was REALLY close to being a pre-order for me. Truthfully I’m still a bit on the fence, but for now my decision is a no, I’d really only be buying for her robes/hairstyle even though I don’t care for her leg pose much. I think Saber/Rin look beautiful and comfortable, I really like them but they’re a pass for me as well. I prefer Saber/Rin in battle mode and fully accessorized and I need to conserve shelf space unless it’s an order I’m sure of. I received Animation BRS and Alter Asuka as well, I love them both. A while back I made the decision to wait and see Alter’s Hitagi but…I don’t care for what I saw of the painted model at WonFES and may order her GSC version.

    • Aka says:

      Nendos are the devil, stop giving in! You’ll go blind and grow hair on your palms! No wait, sorry that’s masturbation.

      You should totally buy Houmei, her legs are one of the most awesome parts of the the awesome figure! MMmm legs.

      I’m considering ordering Alter’s Hitagi still, but more so if she goes on sale. Unfortunately. She’s nice and I have no doubt she’ll be well done. But she is lacking…

      Saber and Rin, again, you should buy. Yes they’re not in their battle outfits, but then Rin never really had one. And these two shouldn’t take up much space! Just have Rin sit nearly on Sabers feet!

      • lovelyduckie says:

        SOLD!! Well actually I got a really sweet bonus this year and since I’m putting the majority of it towards bills I decided to get Houmei and Saber/Rin as my treats. I’ll put Saber/Rin next to their more serious versions from GSC. I think it will make a beautiful contrast (their game faces vs. their calm ones). ALSO GSC Hitagi is 40% off at Hobby Search! I knew I wanted her after I saw Alter’s painted version, but for some reason I didn’t rush to put her in my cart. I’m glad I waited, I am rarely lucky enough to get a sale on a figure I love.

        • Aka says:

          I really need to stop pre-ordering.

          • lovelyduckie says:

            Hey! You just bullied me into ordering 3 more figures against my will. You’re not allowed to cut back now! 🙂

            Just kidding, I decided on them after I didn’t feel comfortable buying the Beatrice Dollfie Dream.

          • Aka says:

            I didn’t say I was cutting back! I just meant I should stop pre-ordering and wait for release! Then I could capitalize on all those deals I see!

          • lovelyduckie says:

            AH! I gotcha! Usually I don’t wait because the savings aren’t worth the risk of losing a figure I really want. But things happened to work out this time. Currently I’m keeping an eye on Selvaria (Alter), if she ever went 40% off too I’d buy her for sure.

          • lovelyduckie says:

            Never mind…she sold out since yesterday 🙂