On Order: Kotobukiya Ayanami Rei -Plugsuit Style-

Everyone loves hot women in tight latex costumes, amirite? I must be because there are way too many out there and I’m amassing quite the collection myself.

I somewhat dislike Kotobukiya for choosing to make this Rei 1/7th scale, their previous Eva figures were 1/6th and now this one will stand out as being different from all the rest. I have a 1/8th Rei already, and a 1/6th, why couldn’t she have been one of these scales? Because of this, I hope that Koto has at least an Asuka planned in a similar scale because I wouldn’t want Rei to be lonely. Ideally they’d have a Misato and Mari as well, but perhaps that’s pushing it, no one ever makes a Misato figure 🙁

I like the curvature of Rei’s pose it reminds me a little of this illustration by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, one I’ve liked for quite some time. Looking at the darker of the official shots, her hair looks extremely well done, I almost think we’ll never receive that detail in the finished product but one can hope. I also get the feeling from the official pics, she’s meant to be looking upwards from the viewer. Looking at the only shot where her eyes are directed at the camera, her face doesn’t appear quite right, her eyes perhaps too small I’m not sure, but in every other shot she’s looking just above the camera and everything works perfectly. Or perhaps, I just don’t like Rei’s red eyes looking into my soul.

As always, more info at MFC.



  1. Ashlotte says:

    Geez Aka I didn’t know you were that big of a fan of Rei to order yet another one of her in a plugsuit. O.o

    • Aka says:

      I didn’t either… And I’ve yet to find one I like where she’s not in her plugsuit. I prefer Asuka though, I’ve got Wave’s aproned Asuka coming. I’d like to get that Lawson exclusive Asuka, simple but cute.

      Actually, there are a couple garage kit Rei’s I’d love to get, like this one for example. Or this one, or uh *cough* this one with perhaps this modification (NSFW).

      While I’m linking garage kits, here’s a couple Asuka one’s I like… This one would be cute, old though. This one has a great ass, needs legs though.

      Anyway… I didn’t know I was such an Eva fan.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I was tempted…but I think already owning almost all the other Eva 1/6 Kotobukiya figures made me put my hand back down. Plus my Alter Asuka will be here before I know it *rubs hands greedily*

    • Aka says:

      I give in to temptation far too easily these days I think.

      My Asuka should be arriving shortly, I actually figured she’d be here today but she wasn’t.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        Rei’s body figure looks really nice in this, it was really tough to turn down. And to be honest I’m not out of the woods yet, if they make an even better Asuka partner for her…I make no promises that I won’t order this Rei. RIGHT after I posted this I almost made a giant mistake. I guess I had been sent the invoice for my Asuka over a week ago, and somehow opened it and closed it without paying for it or remembering I had received it. For some reason I thought I had already paid all my figure invoices already. Mine is on the way as of today 🙂

        • Aka says:

          I always leave the invoice email unread until it’s paid, gives me a constant reminder that way.

          I sure hope they make an Asuka to go with her, otherwise I’m going to have to find a 1/7th Asuka just to match up.