Review: Kotobukiya’s Shikinami Asuka Langley (Test Plugsuit ver.)

It’s not often I manage to acquire a whole set of something. Often there are obstacles like cost or availability that get in the way of completion. This time however, I’ve successfully acquired all five 1/6th scale Evangelion girls from Kotobukiya.

This set has been an odd one, twice now I’ve thought I’d completed it. Originally receiving Katsuragi Misato and Ayanami Rei, and ordering Shikinami Asuka Langley I thought that was it, then Makinami Mari Illustrious was announced. Ordering Mari and again thinking that would be the end of it, another Asuka was announced, this time in her Test Plugsuit. So now that I’m in possession of the ‘complete’ five, is Kotobukiya going to release yet another figure? Perhaps when Evangelion 3 hits theatres, and who will it be? Personally, I want another Misato before I want another Rei or Asuka. I agree whole heartedly with Rico’s idea of a beer drinking Misato in her loose fitting relax around the house attire, give her some personality for christ sake. But then, none of these Koto Eva girls have personality and that’s a shame. I definitely do not want a hyper-sexualized Ikari Shinji figure that’s for sure.

This second Shikinami Asuka Langley figure by Kotobukiya feels a little like their Misato figure, a bit of an outsider in the group. Like Misato, Asuka is not mounted upon the bust of an Evangelion, instead and differing from Misato as well, only comes with a round piece of acrylic, which I chose not to use as it hindered my ability to place the girls in close proximity together saving space and creating an all encumpassing viewing experience. That said, the acrylic base they provided does differ from your usual disc base, it’s a solid piece of acrylic with the NERV logo and the words “God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.” on the bottom. As far as disc bases go it feels of a higher quality, it’s very solid and weighty, however it also feels cheap. In reality, all they did was cut out a round piece of acrylic and put a NERV decal on it, it feels a bit thoughtless compared to the Eva busts the other figures got.

In terms of quality, she feels on par with the rest of them. Nothing stands out as better or poorly produced, save for maybe her left foot. It seems to be at a bit of a strange angle, perhaps a possible angle, but it almost looks like her ankle might be broken from some perspectives. Aside from that I think she looks like she might be the most comfortably postured figure of the bunch, casually kneeling and doing her hair. Though, of course, like the rest of them she’s definitely hyper-sexualized, arching her back, throwing her breasts out towards the viewer, ultra thin waist with wide hips and half exposed buttocks. I can’t blame them for wanting a hyper-sexualized build, it’s very appealing, far more so than a more realistic sculpt of a 14 year old girl could ever hope to achieve. And maybe that’s one of the failing points of Asuka and the rest (save for Misato). They’re supposed to be 14 year old girls, not one bit of them looks 14, but this has been the case for many many years now and would likely be more a commentary on the series rather than the figures themselves.

Comparing strictly Test Plugsuit Asuka to normal Plugsuit Asuka the thing that stands out most for me is the discrepancy in their eyes. Normal Plugsuit Asuka has a darker, deeper blue to her eyes and I find this deeper blue to be much more appealing than the paleness of Test Plugsuit Asuka’s eyes. The paleness of Test Plugsuit Asuka’s eyes has me thinking she’s terrified, as if the colour has drained slightly from them and her expression certainly doesn’t help this. Normal Plugsuit Asuka looks relaxed and serene, where Test Plugsuit Asuka looks relaxed but scared or worried. The vibe I get from her is if she were in motion she’d be shaking a bit as she puts in her hair clip, it’s only the static nature of the figure creating the sense of relaxation. This all fits in well with my scenario outlined in my “On Order” post but I think also fits the events in 2.22, or at least my lax interpretation of unseen scenes that I can imagine happening (ie: bullshitting).

Overall I think Asuka’s got about as much detail as we can expect from this line, the paintwork is solid, the molding is solid, and the detail work in the sculpting is reasonable. Even the scaling between the two Asuka’s seems about right, body proportions seem similar enough. The only visible difference to my eye is their thighs, normal Plugsuit Asuka has thicker thighs. So I’m pretty happy with my little collection of Koto Eva figures, they’ve done a consistent job between them all, nothing outstanding, but nothing to cry about either.

I wish I had a UV light and some mod skills like this guy (NSFW).


[image type=”frame4″ align=”center”][/image]


  • Comfortable posture, not as extreme as the others
  • Pleasant pale skin
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Fairly solid sculpt


  • Feels an outsider in the collection like Misato
  • Somewhat differing features between normal plugsuit Asuka
  • Lacks shading
  • Lazy base



  1. Fabienne says:

    Im a huge NGE Fan but for some reason I have no figure fron this franchise.
    I think I actually like the idea behind NGE as well as the deep athmosphere more than it’s character
    but I like your idea of a beer drinking Misato figure =).

    but back to your review
    The pose of this Asuka figure looks quite sexy with the combination of her hollow back, her thin waist and these nice thighs =D.
    I think the way she holds her hairtail emits some kind of elegance, too.
    Asuka even looks alluring in the pictures where you flipped her on the back.

    I like the face from this angle figure-kotobukiya-shikinami-asuka-langley-test-plugsuit-22.jpg or this angle slightly from above figure-kotobukiya-shikinami-asuka-langley-test-plugsuit-58.jpg the most.
    your special shot looks really nice it emits an interesting atmosphere.

    • Aka says:

      Really? not a single one? You need to get yourself some! Perhaps even just Wave’s upcoming Asuka where she’s wearing the apron?

      Definitely a sexy pose, and I do love the arching of her back. I like the back of a sexy woman, very appealing.

      I think we need to convince Alter to do that Misato figure. Poor woman gets no lovin’.

      • Fabienne says:

        Hehe ok I only have an Eva 02 action figure XD
        So far I haven’t seen a figure which fully convinced me to buy one
        The Asuka from your review here comes really close, but something is missing
        to make me want to buy her.
        There are only some GK’s I really like from the NGE Characters.

        that’s true.
        Misato is my favorite character from NGE, she is the least weird one ;D
        after the latest NGE Movie I like Mari,too.

        • Aka says:

          Well at least you have something!

          What do you think of Alter’s upcoming Asuka figure?

          • Fabienne says:

            her face looks a bit too happy for resembling Asuka’s chatracter
            But neverheless she looks pretty promising, I’d considered to preorderher.
            I think I’ll wait until pictures of the final figure will come out

          • Aka says:

            I dunno, in Evangelion 2.22 she seemed a happier character.

            I can never wait for final pictures though, I always pre-order.

  2. Ashlotte says:

    That is one god awfully boring figure…I think staring at a large picture of her face would be a good sleep aide though!

    Ah in any case I’m fourthing the motion for a half-drunk Misato!

    • Aka says:

      Really? I guess boring perhaps, but you have boring figures too like your Mari Makinami Illustrious by Wave figure. Though I think both it and Asuka here are sexy.

      Let us petition the figure community for half-drunken Misato!

      • Ashlotte says:

        Haha that came off slightly more mean spirited then it meant to…Still don’t really like this figure in the least though.

        Her eyes are just dead and the whole figure feels so lifeless to me…Mari may not have a huge “excitement” factor, but she atleast has some personality…I dunno this just feels like boring pandering.

        Wait I’m still sounding mean aren’t I…

        • Aka says:

          Mean is ok, you’re allowed not to like things. I suppose Mari does have some personality in that pose of hers, but it’s generic personality.

          Eitherway, you don’t like this figure, and that’s ok. I don’t like the orange in the test plugsuit, it’s not as sexy as the darker red in the original, but I still look over at Asuka for her exaggerated and sexy body.

  3. Rajura says:

    She seems so… distant. It looks pretty good, but the eyes are just so vacant. That takes away so much from the figure!

  4. Tier says:

    I like the pose a lot, she looks pretty uncomfortable there and I’ve got this thing for cute teeny girls who look uncomfortable. She looks like she’s either really nervous or high as a kite in front of the camera, and I’m good with either (or both).

    Man that test plugsuit is ugly, though. I dunno why the Evangelion makers thought chopping a big-ass rectangle out of the middle of the plugsuit was a good idea, but the lines of this suit do not flatter her body at all. It’s gone from a sleek one-piece suit to something that looks like red trousers and an orange wifebeater. This is a pretty cool figure but it’d be fifty times better if they rolled with the old plugsuit instead; it’s not like there’s a ton of good PVC figures with Asuka in her original suit out there.

    • Aka says:

      I prefer comfortable poses myself. Two of my favourite figures have the most casual comfortable poses, Volks Horo and WIM Miku. There’s something about the comfort and casualness that makes them seem a bit closer to reality.

      Yeah I guess I never mentioned it but I dislike the oranges in the figure. They did well to represent the test suit so I can’t blame Koto, but I’m not sure why Gainax decided they needed to make them ‘sexier’ some how. That said, I don’t really mind it, I just prefer the original. It’s sleek and form fitting without being overly raunchy.

  5. Chag says:

    Aw man, I love the creepy feel of the last shot. To me, this Asuka figure’s expression is one of numb terror, and the dark & grainy effect of that shot makes her look like a horror movie victim. Wrap some rope or chain around her wrists and you’ve got a perfect lamb to the slaughter — either that, or a masochist engaging in some freaky play (which would actually make sense — she IS wearing latex-like material, after all).

    I didn’t get a terrified vibe from this figure’s promo shots, though. I can’t quite pinpoint the exact reason why, but the slightly increased distance between her iris and her bottom eyelid may have something to do with it. It’s also hard to make out her nose in most of these shots, so that (along with the cooler colour temperature of these shots) may have given her an unintentionally haunting effect.

    • Aka says:

      lol grainy effect… you mean my cameras 7 year old sensor? There’s no grain effect there, it’s just now that I’ve upped the resolution I upload from 1280px longest side to 1600px it’s more noticeable. However I’m glad it was used to great effect, the relative darkness of the pictures brings it out more I think as well as my camera (most cameras?) receive more noise in shadows.

      I always thought she was bordering on scared, though initially I imagined a prank causing fear before surprise, after receiving I think it did change to just plain terror.

  6. lovelyduckie says:

    I consider the original Rei, Asuka, and Mari the set because of the reasons you listed. I also own (and love) Misato but I actually display her on a completely different shelf from the trio because she doesn’t feel like she is a part of them despite also being a larger scaled Kotobukiya Evangelion figure. But that’s only the feeling I get from them, they may really all be meant to be a set. But putting aside whether or not I think they’re a set or not aside I think your group photo is WONDERFUL. I really like it. Have you ever posted about what your photo setup looks like? If not, I’m really curious to see how you take such lovely photos. I feel like I’ve sort of plateaued in my developing my skills to take better photos and I’m not sure what the next step is. Do you use a light tent?

    • Aka says:

      I’ve posted a couple of times about my setup, though usually burried in comments I think. At the top of this post you can sorta get an idea of what I use. You can see 4 lights and a white sheet of paper, a large sheet. You can also see only a small portion of it has a bit of a reflection. This is because I only have a small piece of plexiglass.

      Generally what I do with the setup is use the rear lights to over expose or at least expose more the white paper than the figure. I then use the front set of lights to adjust the shadows on the figure itself. Either by turning one off, moving one further away, directing them more etc… As I’m usually using fairly wide apertures for the most part, the smallness of the plexiglass doesn’t matter because it blurs in with the infinite horizon of the background.

      Should also be noted, I only shoot at night for reviews, as that’s the only way I can control for all the light in my room. Though the page linked as an example was taken during the day to get a different effect, you can see the sunlight creates a different colour on the paper.

      Hope that helps, if you want more info I can do a quick write up post with some pictures.

      • Ashlotte says:

        Dooooo it!

        Not like I ever shot indoors anyway, but I quite like seeing peoples setup…And yes I was one of those kids that liked to figure out the magicians tricks! :p

        • Aka says:

          Alright, I’ll consider throwing up a quick article on it when I get a chance. You’ll be underwhelmed though, it really is just 4 lights and a piece of paper.