Review: Alter’s Sasasegawa Sasami

Sasasegawa Sasami, I knew you had black panties when I ordered you (thank you reflections!) but I am disappoint. Your black panties are plain and boring and your crotch rather wide!

Well that felt liberating! Getting much of my concerns out of the way right in the opening line. That’s not the end of them though, no of course not but that is how superficial all of them are so rest easy she’s produced by Alter after all.

Sasasegawa Sasami’s (笹瀬川 佐々美) specifications are as follows, 1/8th scale, 11 cm tall, sculpted by both Aketagawa Noboru (明田川 昇) and Morikawa Hiromitsu (森川 裕光), released 13/10/2010, MSRP ¥6,800 and comes from a series titled Little Busters! (リトルバスターズ!) by Key. Having Sasami in my collection seems rather fitting in hindsight as she’s apparently Natsume Rin’s rival, liking dogs rather than Rin’s love of cats, but if I had to pick sides I’d choose Rin’s. Her pose for one is far more exciting, but additionally she doesn’t suffer from wide crotch.

I guess I should come out and say it since I didn’t say it in my ‘on order’ post… I bought her because of her pose and what it would make easily viewable. And technically on this front, I’m not disappointed, it is very accessible and easily seen. However as mentioned twice now, soon to be thrice, she suffers from a phenomenon known as ‘wide crotch’, that is, the expanse between her thighs is greater than the optimal distance thus detracting from the appeal of her thigh gap. Think of it like a bell curve, there’s a zone at which thigh gap is attractive(y), a certain range of distances(x), but as you travel too far in either direction along the x-axis the value for y drops. Now, these values are subjective but in my personal bell curve of thigh gap attractiveness Sasami unfortunately falls near the outer edges of what’s acceptable. This doesn’t mean that Sasami’s thigh gap is unattractive, no she’s not hit a negative number on my cartesian plane, but she is too close to 0 for me to be enticed. A tragedy if there ever was one. She’s not however the first girl this has befallen upon, Hatsune Miku in Project Diva has this phenomenon as well, a very unfortunate mistake by SEGA.

Moving further in towards that large expanse we can focus in on the next item, her boring black pantsu. Now, it has always been my understanding that only naughty girls wear black panties and to wear them underneath your school uniform is well, I don’t have to tell you. Being that naughty girls wear them I always felt they would be of an exciting variety, and yes looking at artwork from the series they are in some ways. But what Alter has given me falls short. Where there should be skin showing through in some sort of mesh, there’s just some light brown it really doesn’t have the same effect. There is also some rather hard lines outlining her labia majora in a rather awkward manner and no lines to outline her buttocks. That seems like rather selective undergarments if you ask me.

Zooming out and moving further down her body lets arrive at her feet. They’re stumpy. Perhaps that’s Key’s fault and actually suspect it is, but it doesn’t change this fact. I would prefer her shoes to be longer and thus the feet contained within to be of a better proportion. Looking at her in these stumpy shoes it makes me feel she spent all her money on fancy black panties and couldn’t afford bigger shoes. So her poor toes are being crushed and mangled in some sort of Chinese foot binding ritual just to fit into her tiny shoes, kawaisou na onnanoko.

But this is an Alter figure you say, they’re usually so good, why have you devoted 600 words to talking smack? Because if I didn’t, what else would I talk about? technically, she’s quite good I haven’t a complaint here, nor much to say. I suppose her skirt lacks depth (and length) as does her hair. But overall sculpt is solid, paint is solid, and I’m rather fond of her eyes, I like their shape and colour. The positioning of her legs is rather cute as well. She has lots of purple hair. Lots of it. So much I think it makes up the majority of her weight. Alter’s done their usual work, perhaps a little light on detail but above average to good on all accounts.

One thing that often bugs me about a figure, though I appreciate that they don’t do it most of the time, is realism. Sasami is sitting, yet her butt is completely round as if she weren’t. In such a position she should have a flat ass, squished by her weight into the surface on which she’s sitting. This would be greatly unnattractive but highly realistic. How many figures have this sort of realism? Seena Kanon has the appearance of having it by fitting her base with ass groves, but surely there’s a figure with a realistically squished bottom. Anyone?

Lastly, I find her faux cat ears cute, especially considering she likes dogs.

I always thought Kudryavka Noumi was the dog lover…



  • Great eyes
  • Cute pose, nice view


  • Stubby feet
  • Frills of her pantsu are not visible when sitting, which she always is…
  • Suffers from wide crotch
  • Lacks shading



  1. Leonia says:

    This is an adorable figure. I really like Little Buster chara design. Sadly because of her pose, she is small but I hope that Alter will realize others figures to make a diorama (like Haruhi bunnies by Freeing). Nice shooting !

    • Aka says:

      I actually think for her pose she seems larger than 1/8th in many ways. If you compare the size of her head and thickness of her legs, often times she comes out as more of a 1/7th size figure. Obviously with her sitting pose she’s low, but I think Alter did make her larger than they could have.

      I always like when companies do sets, but most of the time I don’t like all the figures to buy the whole set 🙁

  2. rook says:

    haha 3.5/5 point is understandable to what you say, but your pics are so good that i almost think shes should be 4.95/5 until finishing your review ^__^. Well i guess a full price wont get me this one, but will wait for the sale, especially she appears at HS’s already ^__^. Wait for more lol

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! I suppose if you were to really calculate out the rating in numbers she’d be a 3.7/5 but it’s forced to round to whole and half stars. 7/10ths of a star would be difficult to see.

      Sasami would be a great bargin figure if you can manage it.

  3. GREW says:

    Well… for me I would buy her only because of her eyes.
    Somehow… very atractive to me.

    But since I’m not really a pantsu fetishisht and can’t do anything with Little Buster, I didn’t get her.

    • Aka says:

      Her eyes are attractive, though I couldn’t tell you why either. Their shape though is very lovely.

      Not a pantsu fetishist?! How can one not like to see pantsu? haha, I can understand that mentality actually. I used to have rules governing my figure purchases and exposed panties would be covered under “I have to feel comfortable displaying the figure” but quickly I ignored those rules and became comfortable with pretty much any figure out there in terms of display.

      Still not comfortable with anything Giga Pulse produces though…

      • GREW says:

        I don’t have something against pantsus.
        But… I don’t buy a figure to look at the pantsu.

        I don’t want to harm anyone and say that’s weird or something.
        But it’s not my taste.

        • Aka says:

          Bah, poppycock. You wont harm anyone by telling them their fetish is weird. All fetishes are weird, that’s why they’re fetishes. Often people don’t even understand how a fetish can be attractive, save for those who find it so.

          At any rate, I was being a bit sarcastic with the not liking panty comment, always hard to do so on the Internets.

          • GREW says:

            I mean… the easy to spot one.
            I’m living here under very difficult circumvention. xD

          • Rajura says:

            Wolf ears and tail is not a fetish… it’s a preference… if only it were really an option!

          • Aka says:

            @Rajura, one day genetic engineering will allow us to cross breed humans with wolves. Hmm… One day androids will be customizable. That seems more plausible I think.

            @Grew, ah so it’s living quarters that limit your panty visibility.

  4. Tier says:

    I bought her for the same reason as you and I’m a bit disappointed as you are. She’s a pretty good figure but she doesn’t scream “Admire me!” like a lot of other Alter figures I’ve got on the shelf. I really would’ve liked it if her panties were more tapered between her legs.

    • Aka says:

      Someone who understands! Though we had talked about it previously I suppose. I started to wonder if it was just the pose, like, if you raise your legs in a similar fashion would they separate more creating more thigh gap? But I can’t really find any evidence of much. I thought perhaps it might work like the buttocks, when a girl is standing her bum is small and tight, but when she bends over it exaggerates her hips and widens. It seems not however.

      She also reminds me that I like black thighhighs more, the contrast between skin and black thighhighs is far more pronounced.

  5. Rajura says:

    Beautiful coloration! I love the playfulness you captured in the photos you took.

    Her pose is just adorable!

  6. Ashlotte says:

    Shoes are 100% why I disliked this figure…Theres an art to shoes, especially in a pose like this accentuating her legs. Your eye should follow her legs into somewhat of a nice gentle point ending at the tips of the shoes, but they just sort of abruptly end as you said in a “stump” on this figure in the most unappealing way possible…As a leg man with a shoe fetish it honestly is an affront to my eyes. >_<

    Other then that…My god are these shots bright! :p

    • Aka says:

      While I do not have a shoe fetish as you do, I’ve been accused of having a foot fetish and so pretty much feel the same way as you. But I don’t know who to blame for it, Alter or Key.

      Bright? too bright?

      • Ashlotte says:

        Haha its probably my own fault…Bought a new monitor. Gives very vibrant colors, which is usually good, but I think its turned these into blindingly bright ones. :p

        • Aka says:

          I had a similar problem a couple of months ago, I bought a wide gamut monitor to help bet post-process and get better results. Everything looks different with it. It’s why i kept mentioning profiles I think in comments in Inaba Yui’s post. Everything looks ‘right’ to me when Firefox isn’t reading the colour profiles from the files. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be, so I continually have this fear all my pictures look wrong now.

          Are they bright as in, things are over exposed? bright as in the colours are overly saturated or vibrant?