On Order: Max Factory Makinami Mari Illustrious

A couple of days ago Max’s Mari went up for pre-order and like many a recent Eva figure I couldn’t resist pouncing.

Everyone keeps telling me her price is great for a 1/6th scale figure, ¥7,429 / $89 CAD but I can’t really agree, the yen has gained too much on my local currency and everything seems damned expensive now. Regardless, I’ll pony up the cash as required when Mari hits her release date.

She’s a rather simple looking figure I have to admit, and at 27.5 cm tall she’s about on par for the average full scale figure height of 165cm but I can’t help but think she’ll look slightly off compared to Koto’s 1/6th scale Eva figures. I hope she blends in nicely because I really like the pink they’ve chosen for her plugsuit, it’s so much more vibrant and out there than Kotobukiya’s. And while Kotobukiya’s Mari wants me to take a gander at her bottom, Max’s looks to be nicer, a nice tight bottom.

I have this vision you see, a vision I would have sworn to anyone that I saw in Eva 2.22. A vision of Mari standing atop Eva-02, wind blowing through her hair, standing at the top of the world as she looked down towards the destruction that lay forth. I told many people this vision as if it were truth, as if it happened in the movie and that this figure was made in it’s likeness. But there was always this tiny small little doubt in my mind that perhaps I didn’t see it there, perhaps I saw it elsewhere. So as I wrote this post I thought, I should confirm where I saw that so as to be factually correct, and as it would turn out, all of that is complete bullshit. I didn’t see it anywhere. I can’t find any evidence of it ever happening in the movie, nor in any official art (though I did find this, but no Eva), nor any fan art. I made the whole thing up it would seem. Despite that fabrication, I feel that is precisely what she is doing in this figure and as such I need to find a 1/6th scale Eva head on which to place her so as to match my imagined truth. Obviously a full 1/6th scale Eva would be far too massive.

As usual there’s far more useful information at MFC.



  1. Chag says:

    How long has it been since we’ve seen her mock-up? Yet we have still yet to see anything of the other two Max Factory Eva girls. They had better deliver, because I’ve held myself from getting the ALTER plug suit Asuka in hopes that MF would opt for the regular plug suit. I’m not getting my hopes up on the regular plug suit, but my mind wouldn’t be at peace until I get a gander at the MF Asuka.

    • Aka says:

      Well, I remember talking about her in my WonFes 2010 Winter post which was last February 10th, but she was fully painted there. If I go back to WonFes 2009 Summer, I can’t find her in the Max Factory section. I searched other events as well but that’s really the only solid date I have. It seems odd for a figure to be presented fully painted first. Regardless, that’s 1 year 9 months 10 days from my post till now, that’s an awful long time to wait. And we still have to wait until she’s released…

      Would be nice if MF did all of the girls, but at nearly 2 years between them, that’s a similar wait to the movies themselves!

  2. Fabienne says:

    The best Mari figure so far, even though I prefer her green plug suit.
    Her face looks pretty much like Mari-
    the pink suit has nice details, at least until you look at the legs where it shows nearly no details 😉
    anyhow the gloosy looking suit and the matte gloves have a nice contrast.

    • Aka says:

      Definitely the best in terms of representing the character for sure.

      I wish MF would release a version of her in her test-plugsuit though. Would have seemed more fitting for my collection than another production plugsuit.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Still waiting for a non-prize figure of her in the school uniform!!! T_T