On Order: Good Smile Company’s Hatsune Miku (Racing ver.)

My kinda girl. Grid babes are like booth babes (exactly like), all eye candy and totally useless. Not Miku here, air gun in hand she’s ready to change some tyres!

Though, to be honest, I doubt a 16 year old girl could lift a tyre off a car let alone do it in the timely manner required for a pit stop in a race environment. And those clothes? Yeah, if there’s a fire or a hose leak she going to get badly burned, she really ought to have a nomex suit on underneath full coveralls and a full face helmet for proper protection. Because sometimes the guy holding the lollipop gets anxious and releases the car too early and the driver runs over the pit crew, a helmet is definitely mandatory. Also, ew, those high heels are terrible. Never a fan of high heels, and definitely not in a pit crew member.

Yet another Miku, I’m going to have more of her than Horo at this rate, but I do like this Miku because she’s unique and combines hobbies of mine. Cute girls, anime, figures, car racing, cars in general, a good mix. Though, I think I have to agree with the conversions I’ve had with Tier about Miku, we need a naughty Miku. World is Mine Miku comes the closest, and she’s still my favourite, so more along those lines I think would be best. On that note, I think we need a Kagamine Rin figure like this one, she’d go great with World is Mine Miku.

As usual, more info can be found here.



  1. Fabienne says:

    Oh nice she caught my attention as well.
    her bunny like front teeth, the petite looking body and the thin twintails are really cool eyecatcher.
    From behind she looks good, too.
    the toolbag let her hips appear a bit wide, I think
    I need more pictures of her to say if it bothers me or not.

    • Aka says:

      I find Miku tends to have rather wide hips in a lot of mediums. SEGA for example seems to have exaggerated them considerably, almost to the point they look awkward when she’s not wearing a skirt or dress. I think here though they’re pretty good and the toolbag is just creating the illusion they’re wider.

      There’s actually a lot about this figure I’m not overly fond of, it’s more the theme I’m buying into rather than the execution.

  2. Miette-chan says:

    This Miku really caught my attention,orange being my favorite color.

    I like the use of the model car decal design for this figure, I don’t think I seen a pit girl figure before at all. Being Miku makes it even more desirable for me.

    • Aka says:

      Not sure if I’ve seen a pitgirl figure either, lots of grid babes though. I’m curious to search now, but I can’t think of keywords that would result in what I’m looking for.

  3. GREW says:

    I may thinking to get her. I just love the illustration from redjuice. And I can see his style in this figure.