Cancelled: Megahouse Serizawa Fumio

Third on my list of cancellations, it’s Serizawa Fumio by Megahouse. Same as the first two, I don’t dislike her, I just don’t think she’s worth my dime in the end.

With the strengthening Japanese Yen I’m having to reconsider certain items on my pre-order list, not because of cost but because of worth. Serizawa here has become almost a $70 CAD item at AmiAmi’s ¥5,430 price point. $70 CAD for an item I deem to have a worth of <$60 CAD no longer makes her worth my hard earned cash. Though I will admit when I pre-ordered her she was priced in around the $65 CAD range, so what’s another $5 right? Well one could use that argument to talk themselves up to any cost, a line must be drawn somewhere.

It is my hope however that Ms Serizawa here ends up in the bargin bin where I may be more willing to part with the smaller sum of money. In the 3 months that have passed since she’s been available for pre-order my opinion on her has wavered quite a bit but never below the ‘I’d like to have’ range. However recently Alter’s Sanya V. Litvyak was restocked in various retailers and as such I opted to switch out Fumio for Sanya. Sure Alter’s Sanya isn’t as in your face as Kotos, and that pains me a little but she does look superior in quality.

Swapping what I imagine to be a loud tsundere with a quiet singer, bit of a change I’ll say. Here’s hoping that in the future I’ll be able to glance over at Ms Serizawa’s bum at a cheaper cost.


Image source by kunagecva_us.


  1. Tenkaminari says:

    I agreed. After checking some reviews for Fumino’s review, I don’t think this one worth its price because I think the skirt is a bit unnatural.

    =w= I wonder will they make one for Nozomi soon.

  2. Ashlotte says:

    Good on you! Just say no to bad shows with poorly written tsunders!!! :p

  3. rook says:

    Yeah, its hurt when you see the figures you pay a lot not that good and then appears in bargain bin somewhere else after that =__=

    • Aka says:

      Sorta, I don’t mind that actually. It’s hard to predict what will and wont end up in the bargin bin, but what hurts most is when a figure’s cost is so high yet it’s worth isn’t comparitively high. That’s how I feel about Fumio, she’s not a $70 item by no means.

  4. Rajura says:

    It’s sooooo frustrating… dollar keeps going down, yen keeps going up. My friend has made so much money there as he has been living in Japan for the last several years teaching English and buying up dollars like a mad man!

    We can only both wait for the economy to be restored and the dollar to regain superiority to the yen.

    On another note, maybe this means that a better figure will come along that you can put this money toward!

    • Aka says:

      I have no doubt a better figure will come, there’s still Hanekawa Tsubasa from Good Smile yet to be released in their Bakemonogatari set. There’s Good Smile’s Tohsaka Rin which surely must be available for pre-order soon. There’s Alter’s Houmei… There’s some cheap SEGA Katsura Hinagiku figures coming out…

      Lots to buy…

  5. Guy says:

    Well, hopefully they’ll manage to get the Yen down. But I dunno, the USD is dropping everywhere, but the NIS is also climbing, the Yen is still climbing more. I’ve seen their central bank is trying to curtail it… so here’s to hoping.

  6. Ex14 says:

    I cancelled most of my stuff too…albiet for a differnt reason >.<

    • Aka says:

      I’ve only ever cancelled 3 items out of the 86 I currently own and the 15 I have on order. I don’t like cancelling once I commit to a purchase.

      • Ex14 says:

        Ah I know what you mean ^^;;

        Tbh i’m skipping on getting some wonderful figures also >_> hopefully my plan pays off >_>

  7. I don’t like canceling stuff either, but I have to admit, sometimes it feels so damn good to know that you’re finally saving money. Then again, I probably waste what I saved on something else… -_-‘

    • Aka says:

      I know that what I ‘saved’ I spent on something else. I cancelled Fumio and bought Alter’s Sanya V Litvyak in her place. A much better purchase I think.