Review: Megahouse’s Kasugano Sora

With the start of Yosuga no Sora this season along with Tier’s demands I’ll be reviewing Megahouse’s Kasugano Sora. For a girl of her size she’s certainly got the hips!

Well well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something original, nearly a month in fact! Maybe I’m even out of practice with photography, this could be a disaster! So anyway, how many of you have watched episode one of Yosugano Sora? I most certainly have and I was a little surprised. I’ve watched many anime based on eroges in the past, they’re usually bland, remove all of the sex and nudity and try to replace it with almost nudity or at best almost sex. Yosugano Sora seems to have left a bit more in than others. And to top it off, it seems the protagonist is a player, just a passing glance of him will cause your maid masturbate. So it’s no wonder his twin sister Sora wants in his pants, or is it the other way around?

At this point Megahouse’s Sora has long been reviewed by everyone else and so I see little point in doing an in-depth review of my own. Instead I’ll just summarize some of the views of some fellow bloggers as best I can and link to their posts for your viewing pleasure. James at Exelcia Meteor gives her a 4/5, liking her simplicity and proportions. Super rats at Happy Soda agrees with foo-bar-baz’s 5-star rating of Sora but feels her face is generic and disagrees with the shape of her lower back. Rico at Polyvinyl Crush felt her skin tones to be pale and misses Sora’s blush from the original illustration. Tier at Tentacle Armada disagreed with super rats and found her rump to be so glorious that he could not lie, enjoying that it extended up her back. And vf at Visual Fanfare found that in his copy of Sora the skin tones between her legs and body differed and didn’t understand Sora’s huge following at the time due to her ‘flat as a runway’ chest. Common themes throughout the reviews, high scores and a good body sculpt, praise all around despite the aforementioned items above. I pretty much agree with all the common themes and join with Tiers praising of Sora’s bottom.

As I wont be doing my traditional review I’ll instead just post up pictures with some directed comments to go along with them.


One comment I didn’t see mentioned anywhere was the size of her box in relation to her. Far too much packaging in my opinion, they could have easily made that box smaller. This isn’t something I usually complain about but in terms of storage, it’s wasteful.

Being such a pale figure, attractively pale, she’s quite hard to photograph. As I use a white backdrop, pale figures tend to appear yet more pale and adjusting contrast levels in post feels manipulative. Finding the balance is always difficult.

My Sora seems to suffer from a fault no one elses has. On her right eye (our left) she appears to have a small glob of glue dead center. Thankfully her hair tends to hide that from view.

In the original prototype shots and even the sample of Sora, her towel had a seam running down the center back. It looked as though this would be the way one would remove it from her grasp, thankfully they wisened up and used a softer more maleable plastic that can be removed easily without seams.

Depending on the angles one takes their shots, Sora’s bum appears to be hanging out of her bikini bottoms. Almost like she’s wearing a very low cut swimsuit.

Overall I’m very happy with Sora, she has a few faults such as her eye mentioned above and some minor paint issues as can be seen in the closeup of her bum above. I continue to be impressed with Megahouse’s quality, though I only have a few data points of reference so far (two reviews, three figures total) they seem to do a good job.

I love how hiding her bikini bottoms with the towel tricks one’s mind…



  • Glorious rump and overall great sculpt
  • Beautiful pale skin
  • That towel is suggestive from the right angles
  • Great swimsuit figure


  • Missing blush
  • Generic face
  • Glue? on her right eye



  1. Guy says:

    Wow, super pale!

    I like, the face is a bit generic/too empty, but it seems they often like characters to have soulless faces in figures, kinda like models with the generic blowjob pose..

    I agree, that’s a really really nice bum, but if you want to watch it, it means you need to display her rear and not her front… or every so often take her off the shelf and stare at her rump, which I’m sure many people will be doing 😛
    Price seems standard for this type of figure. I guess you are getting less, but didn’t you notice how they keep raising the price for same-sized figures, or giving you less for what you paid before? And with how much the Yen is climbing now, we do end up paying more too.

    • Aka says:

      You don’t have to turn her around, you could place a mirror behind her. Though that towel is always blocking all the fun.

      Seems the only thing where cost goes down is technology.

  2. Chag says:

    DAYUM, the side view of dat ass is indeed divine. Definitely was not expecting that, kind of like how I wasn’t expecting to see the contours of Kino‘s ass poking out of her jacket. Gotta love that SURPRISE ASS.

    • Aka says:

      I really like how it turned out, the more of a profile I got on it the more pronounced it seemed to appear. Really quite nice. I’d of course seen many a picture before, but it never really struck me until I saw it in person.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Loving the new formating of the review!

    And yea watched the first episode and loved it, but why are the only two Sora figures in swimsuits (Taki doesn’t count…as you know they didn’t make figures they made plastic garbage.)…Gimme some more normal clothing! Or better yet lingerie…yes that would do nicely…

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! They’re so much harder to come up with every time, it’s like I keep finding ways to give myself more work.

      You have a point, both my Sora figures are in swimsuits. I’m quite happy that the suits differ though, would be boring otherwise. And I do like the different aspects each figure offers, from dat ass to undressing. I think a Sora figure of her in that chair in ep 1 would be good. You know what she was doing there right? yeah you do.

  4. She DOES have “flat as a runway” chest, similar to BRS, but that rear end of hers definitely makes up for it!

    From your photos, it seems the tones are more even between her body and her legs. The different tones on my Sora is definitely noticeable – under certain lighting conditions though.

    Going back to my Sora review now, I feel like I was a bit harsh on her at the time – kind of made it out like she wasn’t a good figure, which is quite the opposite.

    • Aka says:

      I beg to differ. From this angle you can clearly see she has breasts, which makes her infinitely bigger than BRS. 😛

      I didn’t intend to summarize your review as being harsh, trying to pick out a line here and there while showing balance was far more difficult than I thought it would be.

  5. Tier says:

    I really, really hope that she becomes more likable in the television show. I am still very high on her backside, but not so much her personality. I think I would’ve been better off remaining ignorant of the source material.

    • Aka says:

      Sometimes that’s for the best. I often wonder if I should follow up the source material after a purchase, will I end up hating the character? But I’m fairly good at disassociating with it if needed. Taiga for example, adorable little Kotobukiya figure, terrible bitch of a character.

      I think I’ll like Sora though, I like tsunderes.

  6. Ex14 says:

    Haha you don’t like Taiga? XDD

    BAck to Sora the Anime series is disappointing, with them focusing on the ecchi rather than plot but sora still is cute lol. >_> your review tempts me >_>

    • Aka says:

      Nah, Taiga was annoying, I couldn’t finish the series.

      I somewhat agree about Yosuga no Sora, it’s a bit boring and you keep just wanting them to hurry up and have sex because you know they will.

      The figure however is great, love her little bum.