Review: Good Smile Company’s Inaba Yui

Mmmm sprinkled donut… *drools* erm.. Inaba Yui by Good Smile Company, cute, surprises but not perfect. Those would be the 3 words I’d use to describe this figure.

Reiterating from my “On Order” post for Yui, she’s from the eroge Flyable Heart, illustrated by Noizi Ito (いとうのいぢ) and produced by UNiONSHIFT. I still have not played the game and even after receiving the figure I do not have any desire to do so. What I can tell you about the game however is that Inaba Yui is in it and she claims that donuts are the only thing of a large size that can be eaten anywhere. Sure. For more useful information, hit up Wikipedia’s Flyable Heart entry or if you’re just looking for some cute pictures there’s always danbooru and oreno.imouto, but remember NSFW.

Good Smile Company’s Yui is sculpted by Kaiya Hajime after an illustration by Noizi Ito. This illustration has been used in various mediums such as artbooks and wallscrolls, but if I had my way I think I would have preferred this variation of her as a catgirl. Regardless, the image was a good choice for a figure, it’s dynamic and cute and contains all the allure needed.  But you know that all is not perfect, it never is, especially with Good Smile at the helm. Don’t get me wrong, I own more of their products I think than any other manufacturer, but they’re always so close to having done everything just right but fall short everytime.

Now that I’ve got you wondering what’s wrong with Yui I’ll clear the air and say nothing, there’s nothing wrong with her. She’s great, paint application seems excellent, there’s even shading on her panties, I don’t see any molding defects, her hair is well shaded perhaps with a paint bubble here and there, and her skin tones are pleasant. So what’s my problem then? Look at these colours, then look back at mine. See a difference? because I sure as hell do. Next up, check out the original donut, now see what we got. Her tail, what we got. Even the angle of her head has changed as well as the donuts angle. Her hair is chunky with large seams, those little flowers barely have the green seen in the promoshots. The only change I like on Yui is her breasts, and that’s only a change between the artwork and the figure, not prototype and production. Her breasts have become larger on the figure than they were portrayed in the illustration and it really adds to her figure, filling it out a bit and making her much cuter overall. (See I’m not against breasts! Just large ones!)

So many problems, didn’t I just say she was fine? Even with the list of problems above she’s still a well produced figure and I like her a lot. Had I never seen the promoshots I would have been perfectly content with her, but instead I’m only mostly content. There’s this feeling that she could have been better, she was supposed to be better, but they failed in accomplishing that feat.

Having got that all out of the way, I’ll just comment on some of the left over bits that I like. I love her uniform design it’s adorable, though could use some slightly higher thighhighs to bring her up on the zettai ryouiki scale. Oddly, I love her hands, it’s not something I usually comment on but they’re rather cute. They lack sculpting detail like fingernails but their positioning and slenderness is rather attractive. I also like that she’s the first figure I feel needs to be below eye level, one need look down towards her, not up her skirt. Which is great because I’m running out of eye level space on my shelves.

Sometimes I wish I could wear clothes like this… and look good I mean… I know I could wear them but ew.



  • Adorable
  • Donuts are so very Canadian
  • They even shaded her panties


  • Paint does not match the promoshots at all
  • Thighhighs not high enough
  • The tail isn’t hers



  1. Silver Lynx says:

    Thanks for the review on this figure. I’m surprised that there is such a drastic colour difference from the promo shots to the actual product. The promo pictures looked gorgeous for that figure! I was tempted to buy Yui a while back, but held off due to the sheer amount of items I already had on pre-order. I think I can finally feel at ease that not pre-ordering her was a good choice. Colour difference definitely is disheartening between the promo photos and the final product. It’s the reason I cancelled my order of Alter’s Yomako-sensei. The promo shots showed Yoko with lovely, rich red hair which was highlighted with darker shading which made her very appealing. When I saw review shots of the final product, I had to cancel when I saw the horrific, fluorescent, pinkish result with no semblance of shading whatsoever. It looked like her hair had been attacked by bubblegum. My heart was a bit broken when I got my Hyakka Jubei figure (also by Alter) though. Everything was perfect, but the reds on her were a bit more… dingy than I had been expecting.

    • Aka says:

      I’m worried that some of the colour difference might be caused by colour profiles in browsers (Namely Firefox). I’m having issues on my end getting things matched up. That said, the difference is quite drastic and I’m not sure why they did it. It’s no unpleasant as I say, but it is very much different.

      That’s too bad about your Hyakka Jubei, Alter’s pretty respected when it comes to paint so it’s interesting to see a comment where they’ve screwed it up!

  2. Chag says:

    Okay, that close-up on the tail had an unfortunate side-effect on me: now the tail looks like a fat turd dangling from her waist. Ewwwwww. There, I said it.

  3. Tier says:

    She’s pretty cute, I always love these cute characters that look so adorable but really come from porn games. The doughnut’s a pretty nice alternative to the more common toast slice, too. She seems to have flown a bit under the radar for a GSC figure, which I guess is not too surprising with so much attention being paid these days to Figmas and nendoroids and Dollfies and anything Black Rock Shooter-related.

    If you change your mind about wearing Yui’s clothes, make sure you post pics.

    • Aka says:

      It’s true, only Japan could pull off such a feat. She never fell under my radar, I mentioned her way back in February when I saw her in the WF2010W coverage, and many events prior to that as well. I followed her along cuz I knew she’d be adorable.

      I most certainly will not. Unless I look amazing.

  4. Ashlotte says:

    Awww look at Yui jumping through the air!

    And apparently landing face first into the ground on release…Masterful bait and switch by GSC though! >_<

    Speaking of landing face first and GSC did you see the new colored pictures of Rin? Hahahahahah…ha…ha… T_T

    • Aka says:

      I’m still buying Rin…

      It’s not entirely a bait’n’switch with Inaba Yui, but the colours are off.

      She’s adorable though, I just want to grab her little hand.

  5. Rajura says:

    I would highly recommend NOT wearing clothing such as hers. Clothes like that are for girls to look cute in… men are not intended to look cute.

    I must warn you, if you end up in anything similar to what she’s wearing, chances are you were turned into a girl and sorry sister, but you ain’t gettin’ turned back… EVER!
    You would also likely end up in some bad perverted situations that I won’t go into and one or more of the following (or others I didn’t list) will happen:
    1) you end up an unwilling sex-slave despite your protests
    2) be so obsessed with life and sex as a girl that you won’t wanna get turned back
    3) become best friends with a girl you were very interested in as a guy, not be able to be with her because you are now and girl, and now have all your friends from when you were a guy after you… despite the fact that they know what happened (and they don’t care at all that you used to be their guy friend… ewwww).

    On a note about the figure, I have to agree, the hands and arms are cute… however, donut and tail = fail… BAD DONUT! BAD!

    • Aka says:

      You’re right on the button there though. For me to wear these clothes I’d definitely have to be a cute girl. If I’m able to become such I would not want to change back anyway, because I’m a lesbian at heart. Since this is my imagination, option 1 wouldn’t happen because I wouldn’t want it to. And Option 3 could be fun in it’s own right, because I’m a bit of a jerk and it’d be fun to mess with them.

      What’s wrong with the donut?!

      • Rajura says:

        I liked the original donut colo(u)ration. However, if the donut your figure has in her mouth is a chocolate donut, well then that is okay!

        • Aka says:

          Oh yeah, forgot that the donut failed the paint work… I thought you were just against donuts period. My bad.

      • Rajura says:

        Oh, I see… a lesbian at heart AND a tease… you are bad!

  6. Fabienne says:

    Oh cool that you picked her for the first review out of your loot.

    she seems to be very cute, the dynamik pose is a very cool ,I also like her face expression with one closed eye a lot.
    The slender fingers that you’ve mentioned are indeed very nice I liked the slender fingers of my Momohime figure a lot, too

    on the preview pictures Inaba had more warm red color tones instead of a darker purple
    but she still looks very nice 😉

    I think the cast-off think wasn’t really necessary with this figure but that feature seems to be common practice nowadays =D

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, I think it’s just assumed a skirt is removable these days. If it’s not people are shocked when it really should probably be the other way around.

      Chose to do her first because she seemed to be getting the least amount of attention of the bunch.

      • radiant says:

        Technically speaking, the removable skirt thing is just an auto-feature. I mean, they simply don’t glue the section between and voila. Old-school un-castoffable figures are made the exact same way.

  7. radiant says:

    Hmmm… I’m trying hard to agree with you, because my Yui’s colors looks different from yours. Mine are still different from the prototype shots, but yours has really terrible color. Perhaps the lighting differences is partly to blame as well? They’re using what appears to be a very diffused incandescent. White balance is *slightly* on the warmer side than what you have.

    I do agree with you that when I got her, I was a little underwhelmed. “Hmmm… something is wrong with her… she doesn’t look nearly as good as the prototype shots… yet… it’s the same.” I couldn’t put a finger on what it is. And yes it seems that there is a plethora of issues with her. The color of the donut is too dark (almost sickly green), there are seams everywhere, and some areas sloppily glued.

    I’m a little disappointed with this considering GSC’s normally high quality standards. I’ll post some of mine later.

    • Aka says:

      I’m thinking a lot of the colour difference between mine and yours has to do with colour profile. I bought a new monitor recently, calibrated it and ever since then photos with sRGB embedded colour profiles (like my picture) have been lacking reds. So if you use a browser that doesn’t use embedded profiles, such as Chrome or IE, or turn off the feature in FF, then perhaps they’ll match up slightly better? I really have to figure this issue out. One way to test regardless of browser though, title/header picture should be correct so long as you only view the resized one. It’s had it’s sRGB colour profile stripped when the webserver resized it. If all the pictures match the colours in that picture, then you’re good and your assumptions correct, otherwise it’s my fault with the colour profiles.

      I’m not sure why we keep expecting Good Smile Company to focus as hard on these secondary characters/figures over their Black Rock Shooter or Saber figures. It’s always this way but we just keep ignoring this fact.

  8. molitar says:

    I do not see any pictures they are missing. In Firefox they do not show at all and in IE they are broken pic links. Can you fix the missing pictures?

    • Aka says:

      Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed the images, they were still using an old formatting I no longer use and hadn’t been updated.