On Order: Good Smile Company Saber Alter ~Iron Hammer of the Terrible King Vortigern~

Longest title yet? I think so! This was a must after Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~, I think one day I’ll need to get around to playing the Fate/Stay Night franchise as well. Is there an import of that?

Saber Alter ~Iron Hammer of the Terrible King Vortigern~, if that is your real name, is badass. The end.

Ok… the base is a bit strange, from a distance kind of look like bloody penises are scattered about… and that massive alternate sword thing she has is a bit weird. But ignoring that she might be Johnny Cutter, she’s completely badass and I can’t wait. I know that I’ll display her without her visor though, I like to see her eyes.

I hate ordering 6 months out, it’s so hard to predict things, but Saber Alter wont be released until April 2011, her MSRP is ¥9,800 / $120 CAD, same price as Triumphant Excalibur. She’s 1/7th, measures 17.5 cm tall and … did I mention she’s badass?

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  1. rook says:

    yeah badass indeed, I pre-ordered her too. Really im trying to slow down my purchase so i can save more for other thing but simply can pass this one ( even if i dont have others 2 i will still buy this one for sure)

    • Aka says:

      I keep telling myself I need to slow down, then I go and blow a couple hundred dollars yesterday on 6 figures that I’d pre-ordered months ago, and order a further 6 to replace them on the pre-order list.

      I hope figure companies produce like, a year worth of shit figures so I don’t have to buy any… lol

  2. Fabienne says:

    oh you have a lot of “on order” figures now.
    but I think its better to preorder this Saber figure before it is sold out.

    This dark Saber looks very cool
    I would try to put a scaled Baseball-bat into her hand.
    well the spikes on her base are a bit long, but who cares ;D

    • Aka says:

      I seem to maintain a constant 20 figures on pre-order these days, when things are so far in the future I think it makes it easier to just say ‘ah whatever, I’ll be paying for it in April anwyay, surely I’ll have the money.’

      Baseball bat eh? I suppose if it had a bunch of nails in it… She’d hit your head off into center field for a home run. She doesn’t need steroids either.

  3. Chag says:

    As cool as Saber Alter may be, she doesn’t seem to be all that popular with fans, if the presence figma Saber Alter being in the bargain bin is any indication. That’s good news for me, though — here’s hoping it’ll find its way to the sales section sometime a year down the road.

    There is no import of the F/SN game, but there is a completed fan project, as you might know. The fan translation patch is also able to rip the voices from the “Realta Nua) PS2 version and insert them into the PC version (which is originally unvoiced). The installation is pretty easy, all you need is the PC game, the PS2 game and the patch itself. Of course, all the the said components can be readily found on torrent sites.

    • Aka says:

      Ah, so you’re going to wait this one out in hopes fans don’t want her? I never have the courage to wait, it’s always pre-order pre-order…

      I’d hoped for a legitimate avenue, I’m slowly but surely switching to more legitimate means as they arrive. Netflix is now in Canada, and it’s tempting me with it’s cheap pricing. I’m now considering the purchase of something like a Boxee for the TV.

      Maybe in the future I’ll try out the torrent/PC/PS2/patch route.

      • Chag says:

        Since I already have the figma, this is not too high on my priority list. I always want to diversify my collection to beyond just GSC stuff, but they just have a penchant of releasing figures of my favourite franchises.

        Oh yeah, you can probably find the F/SN anime on a legit service somewhere. I wouldn’t expect the game to pop up anytime soon, though. Contrary to what the fanboys would have you believe, the anime is decent, though it’s by no means a substitute for the game. I’d certainly recommend it if you aren’t crazy about pirating the game — though with a few F/SN figures in your collection, I think you’ve showed enough support for the franchise to pirate a game that’s not even meant to be sold overseas.

        • Aka says:

          I’ve long since seen the anime, and recently watched Unlimited Blade Works. It’s just when legitimate methods are available, I make the effort to at least try. Netflix was just an example of cheap streaming TV that should also have anime, though Canada’s list is low at the moment.

          The point I was more getting at though was, if there were a legitmate F/SN copy of the game I may try that out over pirating. Since there’s no option available I guess pirating is what I’ll have to do until the option to purchase is available.

          • Chag says:

            Ohhhhh I see. If your desire for legitimacy is strong enough, you can always get the Japanese game, install it, and then install the English patch.

          • Aka says:

            I’m sure that’s violating the terms of use in some manner. I think regardless of how I go about it it’s flawed until there’s a licensed copy available here, if ever.

            Though at least that method they get paid.

  4. Sloth says:

    I think Chag’s right because I’m one of those people who’s not a big fan of her. I CAN see her appeal though – not the prettiest figure out there but lots of attitude.

    I’ll fight Chag for her bargain bin price. But only if she drops below 3000 yen xD

    • Aka says:

      She’s pretty under all that armour though! She just might have the sexiest back I’ve seen on a figure as well. Can be seen in foo-bar-baz’s review of Alter’s 1/6th Saber Alter Maid.

      If she drops below ¥3,000 I’ll cry.

  5. Ashlotte says:

    Admirable attitude about the game Aka…If you ever really do want to buy it legit I’d suggest here. http://www.jlist.com/PRODUCT/PCG0142

    They charge slightly above where most places have it these days, but that particular site also runs a side business of translating these games officially (As in they have direct contact with the companies having both their consent and working closely with them) so for my money I’d rather pay extra to support a company thats actually actively giving back to the English Eroge community.

    You really should play it though…Makes the anime and the movie look like crap in comparison…

    • Aka says:

      $105?!?! Is that how much eroge tend to cost? It’s no wonder I haven’t picked up that hobby! *he says in a post about buying a $120 1/7th scale statue of a single character*

      Didn’t know jlist ran a side company translating. I follow Peter Payne on twitter because he links interesting stuff, but I’ve never really shopped there. It always seemed expensive vs elsewhere.

      • Tier says:

        I paid around $125 for Zanjibaru, including shipping XD Unfortunately, that’s not even an artificially jacked-up price, new eroge seem to run around 8 to 10k yen. An expensive hobby, for sure.

        I’m sorta surprised that the reaction to Saber Alter seems more muted than what I was expecting. I think she looks even better than Saber Lily, but I’m not seeing nearly the enthusiasm for Saber Alter that the older figure got. I don’t really get it; her face with the visor is awesome, her face without the visor is awesome, her sex toy base is awesome … the only thing I don’t dig so much is her alternate weapon, which looks sorta like an oversized, Satan-possessed evil broom to me, but her regular sword makes up for that.

        • Aka says:

          I don’t understand it either. Especially those reviews you linked me that talked about how bland and boring she was. It’s like they weren’t even seeing the same figure I was.

          I had no idea eroge were that expensive, my commendable attitude may change drastically because of that. I’ll either never play or pirate, they’re obscene in cost (and content? heh).

        • Ashlotte says:

          Maybe there all sabered out like I am…Announce Rin already FFS!!!

          And yea Eroge are expensive although the ones that have been officially translated run you less…Mostly run around 25 – 50 and some of them are quite superb. You ever want a recommendation lemme know! :p

          • Aka says:

            True, they really do need to release that Rin, I don’t know why the hell they’re holding off. Saber Alter wasn’t even in the damn OVA/Movie.

            Translated ones seem reasonable in price… Recommendation for story sure, artwork I’m familiar with on any eroge I’m interested in 😉

  6. Rajura says:

    She looks awesome and intense.

    Dang the visor has got to go!

    Those eyes, so piercing… they could do as much damage as her sword!

    • Aka says:

      I like the visor, it looks fittingly badass for the figure, I just prefer seeing her eyes. Piercing indeed.

  7. Oh geez, I didn’t even look at the price when I pre-ordered this figure. At least, not until I read your post on how much it costs. LOL

    Oh well, this figure’s too cool for me to care. XD

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m really excited about this trio representing Saber! I love them so much that I’ve been selling off the other Saber figures I’ve been collecting. I had decided to scale back my entire figure collection. And as a result I decided that Saber only needs to be represented by the three GSC figures, Dark Alter Maid, and the lion nendo. Usually I prefer to keep masks on figures that have masks but…this one looks like it looks a lot better without it on. I much prefer the look of this figure to the Solid Theater Saber Alter.

    • Aka says:

      I usually try and keep as many accessories on a figure as I can since I don’t want to lose them. But I’m definitely going maskless with this figure.

      I too am considering selling off one of my Sabers, she just doesn’t fit into my collection, especially along side these newer models.