Arrival: Counting by Scale

I’m going to start off by saying, I had no idea 1/5th scale would be as large as it is. It seems monstrous next to every other figure.

Lets start off our counting at the measly scale of ‘figma’ whatever that is, lets say 1/12th scale as that seems to be the popular consensus on the subject. In this scale we have Suzumiya Haruhi (Middle School ver.) by Max Factory. Buying on preview shots is always hit or miss, there’s always things hidden by creative angles and with figmas, creative poses as well. With Haruhi it’s her MASSIVE elbow joints, they’re really distractingly large and unattractive. Additionally the pose they’ve shipped her in, she looks like she’s trying to become the Hulk. I said that I’d order this Haruhi figma as well but I’m pretty sure that at this point I’m going to just stop with the figmas. Black Rock Shooter has yet to leave her box, I’m not even remotely interested in unboxing her, and Haruhi here, well I’ll likely unbox her eventually because she’s angry.

Next in counting by scale we have the ever popular 1/8th scale with Inaba Yui by Good Smile Company. Yui’s quite the cute little thing, the floating pose though odd is matched to artwork and I love the donut. Another fun fact is her character design is by the ever popular Noizi Ito. Compared to the other figures in this batch she seems so small despite being the norm, it’s rather misleading.

We move on to 1/7th now with another Good Smile Company figure, Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ as well as another Max Factory item, Kureha from Shining Wind. Somewhat contradictory figures, Saber is very dynamic and action oriented with her pose where Kureha is serene and simple adjusting the straps of her bikini and drawing one’s attention to her cleavage. Chag at Hobby Hovel’s already done a review of Saber with a good set of pictures and Tier has done a great job with Kureha as well with some water action fitting of a bikini figure.

1/6th scale, this is an odd one in that, Shikinami Asuka Langley’s box is the same size as Yui’s yet 2 scale points higher. This is of course because of Kotobukiya’s choice of pose, kneeling. I think I’m happy they did this, because 1/6th scale figures standing up are just too large in appearance. Another oddity is Kotobukiya’s choice of packaging, the other figures in the set this figure belongs all came in plastic boxes where this figure comes in your more standard cardboard. Sort of makes you wonder if she’s really supposed to belong in this set, I mean she’s missing her Evangelion to straddle upon as well.

Repeating my thoughts in the opening line, wow, I must not have been thinking when I ordered this Nanako figure because 1/5th should have popped up in my mind as being large, and I’m sure that it did. But I don’t think it really registered just how large this would really be in actuality, and really brings a better sense of scale with regards to Dollfies and their 1/3rd scale. Huge.

This is by far the largest shipment I’ve received in one go, it was fun to receive the big box and see the mail lady struggling. Ok maybe I’m a bit of a jerk but at least it was light.


PS: I added the noice grain to everything because I felt like it! The old girl’s not that bad! (re: camera)


  1. TheGeek says:

    It’s amazing how fast they get bigger with a scale change. My 1/4 scale Freeing Haruhi bunny girl kneeling is taller then some of my standing figures.

  2. Chag says:

    Oh boy, this is a nice haul indeed! Can’t wait to see them reviewed, especially Asuka.

    I like what they did with Kureha’s packaging. It reminds me of the ED to the To Love-Ru anime. Whereas a mess of plastic wrapping around her torso isn’t too hot to look at, the power of imagination and curiosity that comes from that bubble-like pattern is a great way to sidestep that obstacle. I bet this packaging gimmick is enough to bag a few impulse buys here and there.

    Thanks for the backlink, by the way! It’s not often that I put out temporally relevant figure reviews, so I spared no time making the review when I got Saber. Shot her in the morning, fixed up the photos in the afternoon, and wrote the review at night after class. If only I were this productive for school-related tasks…

    • Aka says:

      Seena had the same packaging, she too is still in her box unopened. Waiting on Xecty still, skipped Clalaclan of course due to breasts being larger than her head. Anyway, I like the packaging, I used a similar technique on my last review with Sora, moving the towel to the front. Or at least I feel it was a similar technique, causing the mind to imagine there’s nothing behind the towel.

      I so rarely get time relevant posts up, in the past it seems I may have only managed it due to exclusivity or rarity. I just don’t have the time these days anymore, it’s getting harder and harder to get a review up weekly let alone timely reviews.

  3. Rajura says:

    Dude… it’s the mother-load!

    1/5? 1/3? Hmmmmmm… here’s hoping for a Holo like that or bigger.

    Even with a Holo-esque girl by my side, I NEED THAT TAIL!!!!

    … still don’t care for the angry Haruhi, but that is only my opinion! All the others look pretty good, looking forward to the reviews!

  4. Fabienne says:

    Oh so many nice figures
    This Inaba Yui with the donut in her mouth seems to be very nice.
    Haruhi looks really angry has she two additional faces or only one?

  5. Ashlotte says:

    Wait when the hell did you order Nanako?!? Thats like the last figure I ever would have thought you’d pick-up…Alright I take back what I said earlier…you ARE Lolicon enough! *high-five*


    Seriously though she’s awesome…Feel free to review her as I did mine way back when I sucked at photographing (Yea ok who are we kidding I still suck…)

    • Aka says:

      I did so in secret. I don’t like that classification…

      I’m not sure how I feel about her yet… Bit weirded out with the 1/5th scale loli…

  6. Ex14 says:

    yay Saber! lol

    Inaba Yui looks mighty cute, but alas i don’t collect figures of characters i don’t know XDD unless they’re really, REALLY somethign special XDD

    • Aka says:

      I started that way, I had a rule that I wouldn’t buy a figure from a series I hadn’t watched. Or that I wouldn’t buy a figure I’m not comfortable displaying.

      I’ve long since broken these rules, and since then my collection has exploded. I say keep these rules as long as you can, there’s no going back!

  7. lovelyduckie says:

    I’ve started pulling away from Figmas myself. I’ve found I don’t love setting them up as much as others do. There are the occasional Figmas that really catch my eye and I pounce on them (Rider), but I order a lot less these days. I haven’t posted a haul in months, when I finally do post it’s going to be about half a dozen hauls put into one post. I haven’t unpacked them yet because I’m re-arranging my room. BUT I’m ALMOST done fixing up the room, I’ll probably get around to finishing everything up in the next month.

    • Aka says:

      I only unpack if I’ve reviewed…. which means I have ~12 figures that need a review and unpacking.

      I wasn’t a huge fan of figmas to begin with, but after Drossel I thought, these aren’t that bad! But it’s only gone downhill from there. Drossel remains really the only figma I ever liked.