On Order: Wave Shikinami Asuka Langley (Apron ver.)

I’ve given in, I couldn’t resist her tsundere cues, despite her pricy-ness for her size. Wave’s Shikinami Asuka Langley (Apron ver.) is just too cute not to order.

Everyone and their mother’s been telling me to order this figure, and I refused for quite some time, citing her price as the main deterrence. For 1/10th scale, and only 16 cm in height, I felt that $58 CAD was a bit much, and well, it still is to be honest. But I’m hoping that by her release date in January of 2011 the ¥en has dropped considerably, or the CAD has risen, whichever the case, I’m hoping she’ll be cheaper when she comes out than she is now. Of course, that’s also her full MSRP which almost no one pays, I’ve pre-ordered her at a current price of $45 CAD making her considerably more reasonable but still over priced I feel.

Often I find Wave’s figures to be boring in overall execution with some details which are well done, Saber for example, she’s got some cute breasts and I love her alternate head with her hair down but the rest of her is just boring. Or their other Asuka figure wearing her test plugsuit, a terribly boring overall pose but seemingly well done and her arching back pushing her breasts upwards is cute. This apron donned Asuka shares a similar arched back pushing up her breasts pose, but the rest of it feels better choreographed. I think the only thing not executed as well on this apronned Asuka is her breasts, they seem just too big, not unattractively so, but in her test plugsuit rendition she’s got smaller breasts, add to it the apron is cast off and has to fit over top of already slightly larger breasts she comes off much more well endowed.

Hopefully Asuka turns out and hopefully the ¥en turns more in my favour.

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  1. Chag says:

    I’m going to bet the word “breast” is one of the top keywords of OMGWEBSITE on Google Webmaster Tools — you used it no less than six times on this short entry alone! Talk about an one-track mind. =P

    • Aka says:

      Breasts actually aren’t on there at all, I went and checked through the first 100. I think perhaps it’s a blocked word? Not really sure how that works, but things I rarely say were showing up without breasts showing up. Strange, ‘cuz you’re so right breasts should be there.

      Re-reading that I probably could have used breasts less but I don’t really mind, breasts are nice, I like breasts.


  2. Sloth says:

    I feel the same about wave’s BQ line. While most are lacklustre on the whole there are some moments of brilliance that nags at me to buy a few. Asuka here will be my first step in to the spiral of money sucking blackhole that is Wave’s BQs line.

    I once thought the price was pretty low but after reading your article I have just realised that it was because I was comparing the price to other current 1/7, 1/8 figures. Now that I look at Asuka on her own with that price I do feel she could have been priced lower, closer to BQs girls.

    Since you don’t own any of wave’s 1/10 figures are you afraid that Asuka will look out of place when placed near your other normal sized figures?

    • Aka says:

      I’m not worried so much about scale matching with other figures, but if it bothers me too much I’ll just put her with my figma Drossel cuz I think they’ll be close enough.

      Though earlier today I was looking at my collection and suddenly noticed The 1/8th scale Nemu next to my 1/6th scale Sora and decided that looked pretty off. Then I proceeded to look over at my 1/6th Eva figures and realized Sora doesn’t look scaled with them either, she looks closer to 1/5th. So I guess you just get used to it.

  3. Fabienne says:

    Ah she’s so nice, isn’t she?
    I like her face expression and the voluminous hairstyle
    the texture of her pants looks interesting, too
    I was very pleased with the quality of my Kagami Beach Queen
    so I think this Asuka could also turn out very well.

    I only havn’t ordered her so far because I don’t want open to have another open preorder at the moment XD

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  5. Ashlotte says:

    One of us…One of us…

    But yea the breasts are bothersome. If she was more on the petite side figure woulda been perfect, but I can settle for near perfection too. :p

    • Aka says:

      You’re definitely one to blame!

      I suppose near perfection is alright… I would have really preferred perfection though. Then she’d have been 1/8th scale as well.