On Order: Wave Misaka Mikoto (Swimsuit Ver.)

What a childish swimsuit you’re wearing Misaka, frills everywhere. It’s adorable. While your competition style swimsuit might better suit someone your age, this one is not without it’s charms.

I’ve fallen victim to yet another Wave 1/10th scale figure, though unlike Asuka, Misaka’s more reasonably priced at only ¥3,990 / $49 CAD vs Asuka’s $59 CAD, and with the usual discounts in place she comes in at $38 CAD with the current exchange rate. Having a teensie scale of 1/10th Misaka comes in at 16 cm tall, which seems to be the target height for the scale. This likely means none of the 1/10th scale figures from Wave are really scaled properly, I think Misaka should be shorter than 160 cm tall. There’s also an exclusive version of this figure from Dengekiya that includes an extra head at a cost of ¥210 extra.

Unlike my previous Misaka figure by Good Smile Company, Hiroshi’s chosen to sculpt Misaka with some curves. While this of course adds some nice sex appeal, I think it does a better job providing an antithesis to her frilly swimsuit creating a bit of a paradoxical appearance. Her pose appears to be that of the generic ‘show off my swimsuit and sexy bod’ type and entirely contrived, lacking the apparent spontaneity and candidness of Konami’s Love Plus girls. Which may seem strange as on the face of it they’re similar poses, but Eriko’s done a better job capturing the moment than Hiroshi. Regardless I think Misaka makes for an adorable figure, I really wish I didn’t have to wait until March 2011 to really find out.

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  1. Miette-chan says:

    This is the Misaka figure I was looking forward the most after I watched the show. Really liked her childish frilly swimsuit in that one episode.

    Kinda of a bummer she is 1/10 but at least that makes her more affordable.

    • Aka says:

      1/10th is such a crap size, I’d rather SEGA made the figure, they’d do her 1/8th and charge $20. She wouldn’t be super high quality, but I wonder just how quality she’ll be at 1/10 anyway.