On Order: Alpha Max Maaryan (Take-off ver.)

Immediately after seeing this figure posted on AmiAmi for such a reasonable price from Alpha Max, I pounced.

I’ll start by saying, there are way too many To Heart figures on the market, 191 completed PVC, 123 of which are from To Heart 2 such as this Maaryan figure. Now sure, To Heart 2’s no Evangelion with it’s 353 figures but it’s close enough. Of these 191 figures, 61 of them are Tamaki, I dislike her breast size so we can rule all of them out, leaving 130. We can also rule out 33 from pre-2007 because there’s nothing I feel worth mentioning there let alone purchasing, leaving us with 97. I can further rule out Kusugawa Sasara and her remaining 19 figures because like Tamaki she’s got big unattractive breasts. Having narrowed down the selection to 78 we can still see that there’s some work to do and still way too many To Heart figures.

Lets rule out manufacturers I wont buy, 3 from Clayz, 1 from Art Road, 2 from Cospa, 2 from Griffon, 5 from Kaitendoh, 1 from New Line, 3 from Orchid Seed, 1 from Plum, 5 from Taki Corporation, and 1 from Toy’s Planning.  Jesus christ I’m only down to 54.  Even after removing 137 figures I simply wont even look at based on sweeping generalizations the To Heart franchise has too many figures. Why on earth are there so many figures from this one franchise? Why can’t other franchises get more attention (Spice and Wolf)? Because even I have 19 figures from post 2007 in the To Heart franchise I’d consider purchasing, and here’s one of them.

Alpha Max’s Maaryan, she’s 1/7th scale and measures 13.5 cm tall in her kneeling pose, her MSRP is ¥6,800 / $83 CAD and will be released in January 2011. As you can see, she’s in a state of undress and as this isn’t a prudish company like Kotobukiya, her top is removable.

Maaryan seems to come out of no where for me, I’d not seen this figure posted anywhere until I saw her on AmiAmi. I think if I were to complain about anything with this figure, it would be her shiny thighhighs, but I think I can deal with and look forward to receiving her. Having never purchase Alpha Max in the past, I do wonder what the quality will be like, but I’m willing to take the dive and see. Perhaps if she’s reasonable or better, I’ll start pursuing Alpha Max’s Horo, even if her chest is a bit strange.

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  1. Chag says:

    “Take-off ver.”? Is that the best they could come up with? With a name like that, you’d think Maaryan’s supposed to have fire and smoke blowing out of her ass.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, definitely a poor choice of version naming. I was having a conversation all night about the naming of various things and how stupid they sometimes can be. But, sometimes terribly names are attached to great products, the iPad for example, that’s actually a pretty terrible name.

      As for the smoke and fire blowing out of her ass, that sounds wholey unattractive.

  2. rook says:

    Im temped for her too. Never see any fig of her this pretty lol. But may be its just an effect of photography. May be will try when she comes out

    • Aka says:

      Yeah my worry is she’ll arrive looking like crap due to fun with photography. But I’ve taken the plunge, at least until I see sample shots over at Akibahobby and bail haha.

  3. Ashlotte says:

    Alpha makes generally good stuff…A few iffy things here and there, but in general if I saw something I liked from them probably wouldn’t hesitate.

    If this figure looked more like the actual character woulda considered it…But she’s quite lovely in and of herself so I’m sure for someone who doesn’t give a damn who she is such as yourself won’t be any problems. :p

    • Aka says:

      Yes, I couldn’t care less who she is really. She’s cute as she is.

      Good to know Alpha Max makes generally good stuff. I wondered because usually they do coldcasts and charge an arm and a leg. Maaryan being relatively cheap and PVC made me a touch worried.