Arrival: Max Factory’s Black Rock Shooter (figma)

New arrival to my slowly growing collection of figmas, Max Factory’s Black ★ Rock Shooter (figma). Yet I feel disappointed…

Maybe it’s because I haven’t taken her out of the box to really check her out and play around with her. But looking at her through the plastic window I’m just entirely underwhelmed by her. It could also just be apathy towards the whole Black ★ Rock Shooter franchise, or perhaps just her herself. She was new and interesting when the first figure came out, and the excitement carried to the anime version (which I also pre-ordered) and some of the garage kits that followed, but it’s been well over a year since the original was available for pre-order, in fact it’s been 18 months, and 4.5 months since I received her. She’s had plenty of time to settle in now.

So the dilemma for me right now is, do I take her out of the box play around with her and decide whether or not I like her. Or just sell her unopened on MFC or eBay and be done with it. It would be easy as I still have the original box she shipped in as well as the packaging.

One thing I’ve noticed on my packaging that I haven’t seen on others’, is a sticker that mentions a 50 minute DVD, as I can’t read moonspeak I’m not sure what it’s saying. I’m assuming it’s just advertising the DVD and not that they included it in the box, that would be too nice a bonus, even if the OVA was pretty bland.

So, what do you think, sell or play?



  1. GREW says:

    I would “play” with her.
    Okay, I’m talking as a BRS Fan.

    But if you don’t feel any comfort from her by looking, then you should let her stay a bit for now. Maybe you will open her later or even sell her.

    For me: I can’t wait to have mine. ^^

    To be or not to be? XD

  2. anon says:

    I can confirm that it does come with the DVD of the OVA. As far as me liking the figma or not, I was pleased with it considering I own nothing else of the series. I’m looking forward to the Gold Saw character though, I appreciate the character designs more than anything else about the project.

    • Aka says:

      I find it very strange that not a single reseller I can find even mentions the DVD, though in Hobby Search’s product images they do have a picture of the DVD.

      If that’s the case I may keep her just because, though I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it. I assume it’s Region 2 and I never bothered to get a region free DVD player.

      I too liked the character designs, but they’re wearing BRS herself is wearing thin. The others are still somewhat fresh, but Gold Saw seems a bit too much like BRS, but with breasts.

      • anon says:

        I just checked my copy and it does bear the all-region logo.

        BRS with breasts is all fine with me! To me Gold Saw looks a lot like a cross between BRS and DM; body parts and clothing of either mixed together, haha.

        • Aka says:

          Oh really? That’s a bonus. Still not entirely sure I want to keep but all good information to have.

          BRS with breasts is definitely fine, but unfortuantely Gold Saw just doesn’t seem new because of that.

  3. Miette-chan says:

    I haven’t opened mine up yet, I’m looking forward to it.

    You sound really disillusioned by the whole BRS deal so I would say sell it.

    Indeed it does come with the DVD as far as I know.

  4. Chag says:

    I have two of these things sitting in my room right, neither of which are for me, which I am honestly pretty glad about.

    I’ve never realized how ridiculously oversized the Rock Cannon is until now — the damn thing is both taller and thicker than the character itself! Sure, the 1/8th figure has the some size ratio, but the weapon is well-incorporated into the the sculpt almost like a piece of the display base (kind of like a pole sticking out of the ground).

    But when the Rock Cannon is supposed to be passed off as something the the character runs around and fights with, it just doesn’t click in my mind. I know I should suspend my disbelief, but the sight of the figma BRS holding up a hunk of metal bigger than she is just looks too awkward to me. I can’t think of any good action poses of it, and judging from the GSC promo photos, neither could their promotion team. Sure, you can always avoid the Rock Canon altogether, but that would be like taking out the ice cream in an ice cream truck — what would be left? The Black Blade? Booooring.

    I say sell. The only thing the figma has over the original and animated version figures is its playability, but if it’s not very playable, then what’s the point of having a smaller less detailed version of the same character?

    • Chag says:

      Forgot to mention: I wish they used the size ration from the anime instead. Accuracy aside, it would make a MUCH better toy.

    • Aka says:

      If I recall the pictures of the figma in action with her Rock Canon, it requires a stand all it’s own for her to be posed with. Much of the playability with Drossel comes from the fact she can be posed with nearly anything, without the use of her stand, in fact, I’ve almost never used Drossel’s stand. With BRS I feel I’d have to use it for everything, removing all of the fun.

      There really aren’t many (any?) good shots of her with her Rock Canon.

      I think you might be right…

      Also, I don’t like the smaller canon in that picture, even if it would be more playable, it doesn’t seem right, but the big one doesn’t seem so either.

  5. Nopy says:

    I’d say play around with her. You already went to the trouble of ordering her so you might as well, and I don’t think an opened box would devalue it too much.

    • Aka says:

      Opening things tends to devalue them greatly depending on how much of a collectors item it becomes.

      I don’t really feel like it was any trouble to order her, it’s only a few clicks and then magically she appears at my door sometime later. Of course, recovering the total cost including shipping could be difficult. Perhaps we shall see.

  6. lu-k says:

    Still have to pay for mine (nendoroid too) which is ready to be shipped… but tend to be lazy and prolong the process. Figures, even figmas are becoming more expensive lately, because of the JPY increase T_T

    I am not sure, but you seem to not really enjoy the whole BRS stuff anymore. So selling would be an option.

    • Aka says:

      I wish the ¥ would go south. I liked it much better before I started collecting. When I started collecting in May of ’08 you could get ¥102 for every $1 CAD, then October hits and it plunged to ¥74 per $1 CAD, and in April of this year finally got back up to ¥94 per $1 CAD. But none of those numbers beats November 2nd 2007, ¥122 per $1 CAD. At ¥122 per $1 CAD that would make those ¥9,800 figures only $80 CAD, instead of the current $121 CAD (¥80 per $1 CAD).

      I hate the markets…

      I don’t really like to say I don’t enjoy the BRS franchise, because artistically I do like my BRS figure, and I like the coming figure, and I like the Dead Master figures. But the figma just doesn’t attract like the full fledged figures…

  7. Laura says:

    I only have a couple figma that can stand on their own properly. Maybe sell figma BRS to get another Drossel so yours can have a friend :3

    I’m a big fan of figma, most of my orders ARE figma, but I can see why a lot of people dislike them. Maybe just display it in the box for now and wait for it to sell out (many retailers still have it in stock anyway)

    If you are really interested in a copy of the DVD I have both the nendo and figma headed my way and both come with the DVD. Tho a couple of my friends may be too persistent and I’ll have to part with one of them. lol

    • Aka says:

      I had 3 figma Drossel’s and the Chogokin Drossel, I ended up giving one of the figmas away to a friend who returned from Afghanistan. But that still leaves me with 3 Drossels, I don’t think I need another 😛 I also have Kagamiku.

      Yeah I thinking holding on to it for a while is probably best. If only because it’ll let me think on it. The added fact that once she’s sold out she might sell for slightly higher is nice too.

      Not really interested, it just seemed like a pleasant bonus. I’ve already seen the OVA and wasn’t very satisfied, though for an OVA based on a picture based on a song, I guess it was better than one could have expected. Thanks though!

  8. My BRS box has the DVD sticker on the front too, I didn’t realize it came with a DVD when I got her. Nice bonus though – when I saw the sticker I thought it was just an advertising for the upcoming DVD / Blu-Ray disc.

    I haven’t opened my box yet, but I can see what you mean abut being underwhelmed. I think I get that feeling with all Figmas, that is until I actually take them out of the box and pose them. =)

    • Aka says:

      Drossel & Kagamiku I felt excited when I received them, even in box. Looking at my one Drossel still in her box, she looks great.

  9. Ashlotte says:

    Well I’m probably the last person to give advice on this seeing as I own exactly zero BRS figures and never really bought into the series despite seemingly having every reason to (Or maybe because it has TOO many of the things I find appealing its worked in an opposite manner for me…) but I say keep her and shoot her outside! She seems to be begging for some nice evocative B&W urban shots! :p

    Ah they need to hurry up and release a STR figure so I can get in on this whole thing though…

    • Aka says:

      Always trying to get me to leave my cave and enter the real world aren’t you? I don’t do it because I find it harder to do. It’s hard to think of a location that’s suited, it’s hard to think of poses and situations, and it’s hard to do it all without being seen lol.


      • Ashlotte says:

        Meh thats your problem you think too much! :p

        Sometimes I do have a specific location or shot in mind, but mostly I just roam around and randomly keep an eye out for any place of interest…Its fun!

        Sorry I guess I should say Strength…I play too many RPGs so I just shorten it to STR. >_>

        But yea out of all the BRS girls I quite like her…Tail, short, hoodie, and some giant badass mecha knuckle things? Yes please…Sad all she did was stand around and look foreboding the whole OVA though! T_T

        • Aka says:

          Ah, I thought it was a character name, didn’t realize you meant ‘strong’. Gives an entirely different meaning to that last sentence.

          Tail? I don’t recall any girls having a tail.

  10. radiant says:

    I agree that I think there has been too much hype over BRS with too little to deliver until recently. It’s somewhat overwhelming, and the hype creates products that under deliver…

    I was really hyped about BRS when it was first announced, but when the first BRS figure arrived, I was somewhat disappointed. This was also a really low time for me in figure collecting and blog posting too. It’s like we’ve all given into the capitalist ideals of being zombie consumers – everyone seemed to own a BRS, and everyone seemed to be blogging about her at the same time. It was a little obscene.

    I think that now, with these new BRS figures trickling in, it’s like a dying fad that started on the right foot, but was poorly executed later, unlike the undying merchandise of Evangelion, Haruhi, and K-On!.

    • Aka says:

      Haruhi’s undying? really? I thought it had faded from the spotlight. K-On I believe will fade as well, the only thing going for it at the moment is ‘moé’ and I think that fad has to end.

      Evangelion however seems to have the greatest staying power of all, not sure why. But I’m somewhat happy it does, I do love me some Asuka with a touch of Rei.

      I never really thought of us all as Zombies, but you know, many of us bought into the hype it would seem. Though, I’d argue, when she was just a figure all herself, she was interesting and new, and I can see that being exciting. The hype that formed later though… For me I think it’s worn me thin.