Wishlist: Wonder Festival 2010 (Summer)

I held off on making my Wonder Festival 2010 (Summer) wishlist post in hopes it would allow more pictures to filter out onto the Internet making my job easier in selecting the best pictures available to represent each item. Like my previous post on Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) I’ve compiled a list of items that interested me and will break them up into sections that can be traversed via the TOC below.

The coverage of WF2010S has been great and I’d like to thank these sources for their pictures and information. All of the pictures within are borrowed or stolen (whichever it is you prefer to call it) from these sources and the rights belong to their respective owners and I use them without their explicit permissions.

Table of Contents


Alter had a number of interesting figures in their line up this summer and all seem elaborate enough to warrant at the least a glance. Many of the previously announced figures were there as well and a great abundance of K-On figures of course. It’s great they’re doing each character but it’s too much for me. Too much Fate as well, the world could do with less Fate and more chaos.


Dizzy isn’t a character I tend to like much, I don’t know anything about her but looks wise she’s just not quite my thing. She has all the attributes, but in the wrong sizes. This figure of her however is one I cannot ignore, I tried actually but no it’s just too awesome. It’s like 3 figures in one, you’ve got Dizzy, but you’ve got what looks like her conscience as well, her inner conflict exposed. The good side of her conscience reminds me of Belldandy and Holy Bell actually. I’d love to see her painted up and perhaps with the price hidden from view so I can pretend all is right with the world.


Everyone hoped Max Factory would release Houmei in their Shining Wind swimsuit line of figures, I’m now glad they didn’t, or if they do I’ll likely ignore it entirely now. Alter’s got what looks like will be an amazing figure. With all the material swooping around and flowing and her legs up I’m sold already. I have no interest in Houmei particularly but she looks great. I really hate though, seeing these unpainted figures and knowing just how long it’ll likely take to get released, if ever. I hope she’s quick to the market and reasonably priced. That’s too much to ask isn’t it? Sucks.

Saten Ruiko & Kinoshita Hideyoshi

It’s interesting to see Alter produce these two figures before other figures from their respective casts. Hideyoshi the adorable trap who insists he’s a boy has ended up as the fan favourite from the series Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and Ruiko Saten who’s the most normal girl in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun yet for me most appealing as well. Perhaps they’re trying to get a head of the curve and will release the other characters later, if at all. It’s interesting to see a male character figure who’s not either bad ass, obviously male, and not obviously a trap either. Hideyoshi seems very androgynous in this respect, dressed like a boy, flat like a boy but a haircut like a girl and a face like a girls. Personally I’d prefer he was dressed like a girl so I could pretend he was his twin sister instead. Saten has a nice pose and exposed tummy, but her downside for me is her stupid grin. It’s just so stupid looking, I really wish they’d chosen a different facial expression. Actually ideally, her flipping up Uiharu Kazari’s skirt would have been the best pose. Alter’s gotten these 2 out pretty quick as they’re already on sale at various stores.

Senjougahara Hitagi

When Good Smile Company announced their Hitagi figure, the Internets went wild with speculation on what Alter would or could do with their version, how could they possibly one up GSC? Well it turns out they couldn’t. While she looks great and I’ll try to buy her, she just doesn’t feel nearly as unique as GSC’s attempt and thus fails at oneupmanship. Of course absolute judgement will remain for reviews, but so far she has one advantage over GSC’s, multiple viewing angles. Are her breasts bigger in this version as well?

Tainaka Ritsu

Ritsu was totally expected, with all the other K-On! figures that Alter’s already made you knew they were going to make a Ritsu figure. We all hoped they’d do a Ritsu figure with a full drumset but held reservations as it seemed perhaps too complex or expensive. Perhaps I had too little faith in Alter but I was surprised to see a full drumset in front of Ritsu, and ecstatic that they actually did it. Because of this I will definitely be making the attempt to fit Ritsu into my pre-order list making her the first K-On! figure I want to buy. And if you needed another reason to buy her, how about @Chag89’s comment on Twitter.

Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company continues to impress with their line up of figures each seemingly more ambitious than the previous. Ignoring all their Nendoroids which I loathe so much, they’ve definitely got some great momentum behind them these days. With nine figures on my “want to buy” list when they’re released they easily top the leader board in terms of future purchases. I can only hope that I’ll be able to afford the entirety of my GSC wishlist from this years WF2010S. But it’s not all love for Good Smile Company, they’ve wronged me. Where did Kyrie Rason go GSC? I hope for your sake she’s going up for pre-order soon, because I’d rather her than any of the Black Rock Shooter figures at this point.


Tokunaga Hironori’s been busy with Good Smile Company continuing their Bakermonogatari line of figures. After his sculpt of Hitagi and Saber -Triumphant Excalibur- I think I’ll buy anything this man makes. This is a love/hate relationship though, while I love his work I just know it’s going to come at a hefty price and despite it I’m sure I’ll buy buy buy. This will be the end of me, especially if their Shinobu matches my love for this one.

Hanekawa Tsubasa

Bought. Pretty simple. Catgirl Tsubasa was great in Bakemonogatari, and while I’d prefer the white haired varient and a tail on my catgirls she’s definitely going to be added to my now growing Bakemonogatari shrine. I love how Tsubasa’s right shoe is missing revealing her socked foot and how she’s holding down her skirt in a failed attempt to stop us (me) from looking. I can’t wait to see her painted up like Hitagi and Nadeko.

Kanbaru Suruga

Hironori’s Kanbaru receives a bit of mixed praise from me, she seems quite wonderful but I don’t quite get the Kanbaru feel from the figure that I think I should. Her expression seems right, but I feel that some how she should be in a more revealing pose due to the way her mind tended to work throughout the series. Her base however speaks volumes, it’s exactly Kanbaru and such a great base. I can only hope GSC doesn’t change it like they did the full wrecking ball to half wrecking ball on Hayakawa Yuzuko (Proto, Release).

Sengoku Nadeko

Nadeko looks to be the next release in this like from GSC as she’s painted up and appears ready to go. I do wonder how long the wait will be and what delays we’ll encounter. I was scared when I first saw pictures from Wonder Festival, Nadeko appeared to have suffered a wrongful amputation of both her legs just above the knee. The concept I suppose is so that she appears to be walking in the water rather than atop the water such as Jesus. I prefer to use her full legs however, and hope I’m given this option, Nadeko may not be Jesus but in my world she’s going to walk on water damnit.


Bakemonogatari and Black Rock Shooter aren’t the only franchises GSC is in on. They’ve got Fate/Stay Night figures, Vocaloid and even some new Angel Beats figures in the works. Some of these figures have been displayed previously but remain on my wishlist because GSC has yet to get around to actually releasing and for some still yet to paint them as well. Laziness!

Black Gold Saw

Yet another Black Rock Shooter figure is displayed. I kept thinking she was a varient on Black Rock Shooter herself, but I don’t think she is. She’s got breasts. She’s got a nice side profile to her face, but she feels awfully similar to Black Rock Shooter in her appearance. Is she a sidekick? Not really sure if I’ll bother with this figure though. Just isn’t new enough in her feel, and I’m starting to hate Black Rock Shooter at this point, perhaps just getting tired of the hype.

Hatsune Miku “Love is War”

Quite possibly the largest base I’ve ever seen for a figure, Hatsune Miku “Love is War” is pretty extravagent. There have been some changes to LIW Miku since WF2010W, she’s now in full colour as you can see, however she’s missing her megaphone wire, her strap now faces forward and down instead of to the left and her hair appears to be resting on the a speaker. I think the hair hitting the speaker has to do with how she’s mounted to the base, if you look behind her she’s appears to be held in place by some wires, which could allow her to shift left and right. However the other changes seem quite minor and I wonder why they exist. Either way she looks quite nice in colour, but I just can’t imagine the cost of shipping for such a large base.

Hatsune Miku “Racing Miku”

An interseting varient to go along with Good Smile Company’s sponsorship of a car in the SuperGT class of racing in Japan. I believe they originally sponsored a BMW Z4 GTR but have since moved on to a Porsche 911 GT3 R which I much prefer. I’ve not followed any of the SuperGT series this year, but if their performance in the past is any indication they haven’t done that well this year either. Interestingly, they have a theme song that can be heard on their website and since Miku’s a team member, she of course sings the song. This particular Miku appeals to me a little more than others just for the fact it’s racing related, one of my other interests and one I wish could be a hobby. I don’t think that Miku’s strong enough to change a tyre on a race car quick enough though to be competitive. But I’d still let her do it because it’d be cute. (It’s really hard to find pictures of Racing Miku!)

Nakamura Yuri & Tachibana Kanade (aka Tenshi)

Good Smile’s chosen an interesting material to produce their two Angel Beats figures out of. I really hate it. It removes much of the detail that might be perceived in the sculpt making them look rather bland, and perhaps they are. Yuri looks very much like Haruhi, and even more so despite the gun since her hair isn’t purple. Tenshi is also lacking, while she looks cute, her eyes look far too empty and my biggest complaint, where are the wings? Tenshi needs wings. Tenshi isn’t Tenshi without them, she’s Kanade which is fine too I guess. I’ll wait to make any real judgements on these figures however, as they’re obviously pretty proto and perhaps Tenshi will have a wing add-on extra.

Saber Alter

Saber Alter’s looking pretty badass though I think in terms of detail and finish GSC’s Saber Lily tops her. But Saber Alter goes well with Saber -Triumphant Excalibur-. One cool connection with Saber Alter is the sculptor, Hiroshi (Sakurazensen) sculpted both this Saber Alter figure as well as the Kyrie Rason figure I wish GSC would release. I really hope Saber Alter’s not taking her place that would be far too unfortunate. I believe in previous versions of Saber Alter she wasn’t wearing her mask, so I imagine it’s safe to assume it shall be removable.

Tohsaka Rin

Still unpainted, STILL!! Good Smile Company, why, why are you neglecting this lovely Rin figure? The sculptor has done an excellent job forging rin out of plastic, her wonderfully detailed hair, her perky breasts, the visible zettai ryouiki even though she’s yet to be painted. Tohsaka Rin should already be released and on her way to my door, I wonder what GSC’s waiting for. More Black Rock Shooter crap? Anyway, there have been some changes to Rin since the last round it seems. Her breasts appear to differ slightly, while still perky I believe she’s lost the nippons, her face looks more rounded than the previous rendition as well. The biggest change however is her base, people seem to be calling it “Unlimited Blade Works ground” so I’ll go with that. I’ve been dying for another good Tohsaka Rin figure for a while, my only current one is the previous last best Rin also by GSC.


Koto surprised me with two figures this WF. Yet another Yuzuhara Konomi this time as a mage and just like her recent bikini varient she’s adorable but for differing reasons of course. It’s hard to understand though why they’d release so many of the same character so quickly. The second surprise was Mina Tepes, and not so much because they decided to do her but because she actually looks pretty good, better than any artwork I’ve seen of her manga or anime. Koto’s also got their Hachikuji Mayoi figure on display. I think they’re the first ones to display her. Beyond that, nothing much to mention, another Xecty figure, a Fujibayashi Kyou figure that looks like a production version of a previous garage kit by Paradise Cafe, and Alicia Melchiott from Senjou no Varukyuria: Gallian Chronicles. Oh, how could I forget, Koto also had their Kanbaru on display as well.

Kanbaru Suruga

Contrasting with GSC’s Kanbaru with it’s reserved nature Koto’s previewed a much more outwardly playful Kanbaru that seems more fitting of her character, at least as I remember her. She was always trying to draw your attention, or rather the protagonists attention away from the subject and into the gutter. A pose such as hers does this well, perhaps I’m supposed to be paying attention to the basketballs as she’s throwing one towards me, but I can’t help but look elsewhere. Good job Kotobukiya on this, I think you out do Good Smile in terms of character. However I’m unsure if this is actually a Koto release, MyFigureCollect claims it so, but I can’t seem to find it in many reports and definitely not in Neko Magic’s Kotobukiya section. It also feels like the figure was hidden, because no one seems to have taken any pictures compared to other figures.

Mina Tepes

As mentioned Mina Tepes was a bit of a surprise for me. I didn’t like the series very much, at least the anime, but I knew of it’s popularity. So it’s not that she was released that’s a surprise, but that she actually looks pretty cute. I found her to be utterly repulsive in the anime so this is a big surprise for me. Her clothing though looks a bit too sexy for her body type however. I’ll probably end up not buying her unless she’s on sale somewhere as her ¥8,800 / $84 CAD MSRP is rather high. But Koto’s 1/6th scale products tend to be pretty good.

Sorami Kanata

Sora no Woto was a cute little series I enjoyed watching. It reminded me of Haibane Renmei in a number of ways and that helped nestle it in close to my heart. It was very much just a slice of life anime with a grandeur close. I complained about the series though because of some choices made with regards to the animation, very much like K-On instead of it’s original style which was much more detailed and awesome. So Kanata here unfortunate will likely just remain on the wishlist forever because she’s too K-On-esque for me, nor is she my favourite character. Rio and Noel were more interesting to me.

Yuzuhara Konomi “Mage ver.”

Someone at Kotobukiya must really have a hardon for Konomi. They’ve released two Konomi bikini figures recently, identical except colour and now previewed a rather well done mage Konomi. If this figure’s released, I’d be inclined to buy for sure. While the two swimsuit varients are cute I’m waiting for them to go into the bargin bin before I buy. I do enjoy undressing figures. But Mage Konomi is just adorable, the stupid puffy leg warmers and sleeves, lots of purple, school bag-like object, layered skirt and broom definitely help make this figure for me. The pose feels somewhat happy generic but the rest works.

Max Factory

It feels like Max Factory continues to produce fewer and fewer figures as times goes on and more and more figmas. Max’s quality is always top notch but I really wish they’d release more than figmas, though they are cheap and fun. It seems like MF only announced two figures both of which are Miku figures, their Tony Taka varient and their Append version, at least both are coloured though.

Hatsune Miku Append

We’ve seen this figure before at previous events and information about it seems pretty scarce. Previously only a garage kit, then a garage kit by Max Factory, then a full out release, I don’t know what to believe. Whatever the case may be she looks quite wonderful despite the fact I’m not a fan of Miku Append’s clothes. To me she seems to give off this mix of ballet dancer with arobics instructor vibe and I don’t like it. I find many aspects of her attire appealing but that overall feel really ends up ruining the figure for me. I love the strip up the center of her clothes and how it forms her tie and I love I’ve yet to tell if she’s wearing any underwear. Nopan Miku ftw.

Hatsune Miku Tony Taka ver.

I’m starting to feel Ashlotte’s frustration (1, 2) with Max Factory on this figure. I seem to have become a big fan of Miku’s looks but too much of a good thing ends up as quite the opposite. Max Factory should have chosen one of the many different Miku’s available instead of sticking with the same old. I’ve already got what I consider the definitive Miku figure, I don’t really need another Miku in the same clothes, even if it is fabulous. The only issue with my definitive Miku figure, and this here Miku is both their pantsu are white. Everyone knows Miku wears shimapan, why would they do this to us? I don’t want to have to learn to paint just to paint Miku’s panties properly guys. C’mon get with the program! At anyrate, Miku’s pose is quite dynamic and allows her hair to flow in a natural seeming way despite it’s unnatural length. Her stretched out arms allow great access for armpit enthusiasts and her skirt allows easy viewing for those of use who wish to complain about her pantsu, or confirm if she’s got a Tony Taka style bum. Much like Alter’s Saten and Hideyoshi figures, Max Factory’s got this one out the door quickly and is available for pre-order already.

Makinami Mari Illustrious

Max Factory hasn’t really moved on this Mari figure so far. She’s sorta boring in pose, but has the right pinks I feel and the right look. She was painted in past events so perhaps she’ll be released soon, or perhaps MF’s just waiting for capacity within their facilities as they’ve got that swimsuit line of figures coming over the next couple of months. I do wish they’d chosen something more dynamic for her to be doing, but I can see some appeal in this simplicity. I can picture her standing atop an Evangelion, wind blowing her hair as she calmly looks across the landscape before her. But without the Evangelion beneith her, she just feels too posed. Hopefully she’ll be cheap when she’s finally released.


Megahouse has a bunch of figures at Wonfes, almost all of them I don’t want. So many of them are from their P.O.P lineup of figures, which I think is all One Piece or something, boring. Their Eas figure (Ok, Alpha x Omegas) interests me slightly but not really enough to say much about. Beyond the two figures below, they really don’t have anything I seem to want, and even these aren’t necessarily high on the list.

Serizawa Fumino

Fumino looks like she must be a tsundere. Having not watched Mayoi Neko Overrun I can’t really say of course, but that’s definitely a tsundere’s pose. Her skirt and the particular angles of some shots make for a nice hint of bum, and her shirt seems to be working on separating her breasts for easy viewing. It also looks as though she has two faces, one looks happy and the other embarrassed. Definitely tsundere. I’ll probably pick this one up if she’s good on price.

Yagyu Jubei

Not really a fan of this figure but I’m including her for ‘dat ass’ and a bandaid. I believe that’s all she’s wearing on the lower half of her torso, just a bandaid. That’s a very interesting piece of attire I’d like to example closer. I’ve often wondered though, how much would it hurt to peel that off compared to other places on the body. I personally don’t want to find out, especially when the woman is holding two deadly weapons. Interesting figure but not really gong to buy.

Orchid Seed

Orchid Seed has many the big breast in their upcoming figure line. And since I’m really on the hate for Orchid these days I don’t really want any of their figures. But I will mention some that have interesting attributes. One named Princess from F.F ISM whatever that is, appear to be riding a giant cock. Ok it’s probably a mushroom but you know what they’re hinting at, if you can even call that hinting. They’ve got Nanako from To Heart 2 in her swimsuit as illustrated by Kawata Hisashi. There’s Nishikawa Chiharu from Comic Kairakuten kneeling and displaying some large underboob while seductively undoing her panties. A topless Erina from Honey Blonde displaying some rather large boobage. Aizawa Nao sitting on a pumpkin squishing her breasts together for our pleasure. Some ginormously boobed elf woman from Bastard. A painted up Dwarf from Lineage II and Alfin from Shining Force: Feather. Lastly though they have Ziska from Brandish, and of the bunch is the only one I’d consider at the moment, you may already know why. But that pose is well, you can describe it yourself. I need to find a way to give Ziska a breast reduction, and Orchid some higher quality. Maybe I should consult with this guy.


Having covered all the big companies lets move onto the remainder of things and see what they’ve put on the table for us. There are a few prospects within this section that I’d like and can only hope they’re reasonable when released in both price and craftsmanship. In this section will be AmiAmi, Kaitendoh, Konami, Phat Company, and SEGA.

Perrine H Clostermann by AmiAmi Zero

Having recently watched Strike Witches I’ve got them on the mind and enjoy their figures a little more these days than in the past. Perrine wasn’t the greatest character, but she was cute so a figure of her would be decent. I would also like one of Sanya, Erica, Lucchini and Eila. Not really a fan of Yoshika and the others. SEGA also has a Perrine figure out and depending on price I may just get it instead but she doesn’t look as good and this version comes with a sword! I’m not sure if Alter or Kotobukiya are continuing with all the girls or not, would be nice to know but I guess I can pick and choose.

Mito Mashiro by Kaitendoh

Mito’s a cute character with lots of artwork I enjoy, but Volks’ rendition is fairly lacking I found. Surprised I was to see Kaitendoh take a stab at the character and she looks not half bad. I like the posing and how her clothes are falling off her. But why did it have to be Kaitendoh? I don’t reallyknow anything about them, and would love to buy a figure like this but I can’t help but be deterred by what their track record likely is, bad to terrible. Poor Mito, I’ll llikely never own you now.

Love Plus by Konami

Konami is releasing Anegasaki Nene, Kobayakawa Rinko and Takane Manaka from their hit dating game Love Plus. I like these 3 figures due to the candid nature of their poses. Most dynamically posed figures still have a very artificial position, there’s perceived movement but it’s obvious and planned. I feel these 3 figures, while of course the same, entirely planned, have a different attitude to them. Each character seems to have been caught mid-action in much the same way you’d snap a photo of a friend. While the action itself is pretty inane the effect is pretty interesting. They’re all 1/8th scale and apparently are said to cost ¥6,500 / $77 CAD. That seems pretty unfortunate at first as it’s entirely too much money for such a figure, but apparently each figure comes with 5 different hair styles and if you buy all 3 as a set you get a bonus item. That’s pretty cool, too bad they’re exclusives. Guess it’s not likely I’ll be getting these 3.

Lily by Phat Company

I have no idea who Phat Company is, and why they have such a terrible name. But they seem to have been grouped in with Max Factory and Good Smile Company’s display area and makes me wonder if they’re similar to the Asakura Nemu figure i have which I’ve never been sure was Good Smile Company produced, CIRCUS produced both or neither or what. The sculptor however is YOSHI, who did my “definitive” Hatsune Miku figure by GSC, among apparently 35 others as well. Busy dude, done work for Alter, Examu, Hobby Japan, Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company, SEGA, Trepang, Wave and Wafudoh Ganguten. Not sure why he’s decided to do the brand new Vocaloid character, surely the others deserve figures first but she’s interesting. I’m not sure if I like her face quite yet, but it doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra, she has a nice tummy, odd pirate like thigh boots, and a nice attitude to her. I look forward to seeing more.

Katsura Hinagiku “Waitress” and “Swimsuit” by SEGA

These two should go well next to my Maria figure also by SEGA. Maria surprised me with her quality for such a low price, by no means perfect but if these two figures live up to those expectations they’ll be happy additions to my collection. I may only get Waitress Hinagiku though, she’d fit the best next to Maria. Suppose she could be maid Hinagiku, really not sure to be honest as they have no titles as far as I’m aware. Waitress Hinagiku looks nice with her short skirt, the gap between her thighs, blowing hair which I might add would be strange in a resturant and arms back. Swimsuit Hinagiku also looks nice wearing what appears to be a bikini and holding a blindfold and bat. Does Hinagiku want to be blindfolded and smacked, is that her fetish? Kinky girl. Oh, there’s a watermelon there, yes of course there is.

Shikinami Asuka Langley by SEGA

Quite a nice looking figure of Asuka from SEGA. I’m not sure who gave her the captains seat though, it seems a really bad idea does it not? I mean Asuka can only lead us into choas and disaster through aggression and thoughtless actions. Regardless, she looks very cute in her captains chair, I hope she’s not some form of prize figure or exclusive because SEGA’s never worth anything more than $25 CAD really. I might pay $30 CAD for this I suppose, really depends, I don’t even know the scale. Regardless she’s on the prospective list.

Garage Kits

As always at these events there are many many well done garage kits that we all wish would be made into full on PVC figures so that we the unskilled masses can possess such works of art. If I were skilled myself I’d own so many more figures that I just couldn’t otherwise have had, and that’s what this section is for. That part of me that wishes I was skilled enough to produce and/or paint my own figures in poses that appeal to me and of characters I love.

Drossel von Flügel by Akiyamakobo Inc.

Ah Drossel, my favourite robot girl my how big you’ve gotten! Why, I think you might be 140 cm tall! Where do I get my hands on one of these, and damnit she better walk the walk and talk the talk! I’d known previously of a life-sized Drossel but pictures and information was nearly non-existant, or at the very least in foreign languages. While there’s still pretty much no information as far as I know, I do know two things that I didn’t before. Drossel’s height and who makes her and that they have a website. Ok I guess that was three things. Anyway the day I can buy a Drossel robot that’s actually a robot is the day I elope. I figure it’s more likely than genetically engineering myself a Horo.

Oshino Shinobu “Redjuice” by G.S.O.

Someone good better pick this kit up fast, it’s such a well done recreation of Redjuice’s artwork and I want it. The background has to be included of course, as it too is part of the original artwork. You may recall another piece of artwork Redjuice drew that was picked up as a figure and how great (though quality plagued at times) that figure was, so I can only hope someone similar does at the very least a similar job. While there are some differences between G.S.O.’s work and the artwork I think she’s close enough to be considered nearly identical, and as I said already, want. Want. Now.

Togame by Jetstream

How many of you are watching Katanagatari? I hope all of you because it’s a fun series of movies or long single episodes, OVAs? released monthly. Togame is one of the main characters from the show and this figure bears a resemblance to her. Ok, it is her, but well the sculptor has decided that Togame needed bigger breasts which I of course disagree with. Ignoring that though this is definitely Togame, and I do think she’s in need of a figure. She’s a fun character and the story’s great so why not? Also, I find myself liking short haired Togame more and more. Interesting.

Akuma Girl by M-Field

This figure isn’t new to Wonder Festival 2010 Summer, but it is new to my wishlist. M-Field previously did Modeler Girl which I’d wanted for a long time and continue to do so. M-Field seems quite good at sculpting out cute original figures that appeal to my tastes. Everything about Akuma Girl appeals to me, from her pouty face, something we don’t get to see very often, to her kneeling pose and wrinkled thighhighs. I do wonder why no one picks them up, or if M-Field chooses not to be. I really know nothing about them. Anyway, she wears shimapan.

Kobayakawa Rinko by Polygonia

Not really a fan of Love Plus as I don’t really know much about it so I couldn’t tell you which girl I’d pick. But if Sankaku Complex is to be believed, Love Plus will be the end of humanity. Whatever the case is, Rinko here is a pretty well done figure. She’s got one of those poses a shy girl would make trying to hide behind her legs so as to not reveal too much of her body but in doing so revealing other areas. They can’t win. Rinko appears to be quite the flat girl but this figure at least gives her some breasts which is much more attractive than another figure which chooses no breasts as the “right” option. Same swimsuit in both, so I guess that’s cannon.

Misaka Mikoto by Sakura Zensen

Of the Misaka figures out there so far this is by far the cutest and least generic feeling so far. The ‘scene’ is pretty sparse but her pose and facial expression is adorable. I wish the Good Smile Company Misaka that recently shipped looked like this, I’d probably be much happier when she arrives. I did find it surprising no one tried for an upskirt shot on this figure, does she have her usual shorts on underneith? I’ll never know 🙁

Hanekawa Tsubasa by T’s System

This garage kit used to be my favourite Hanekawa figure out there, however Good Smile Company’s got a pretty nice looking one in the works now that now tops this one. But this one is still quite cute, even if a little plain. I don’t understand a catgirl without a tail though, Hanekawa really needs a tail. I like how T’s has postured her, she’s got a friendly “Nice to see you again” wave and an engaging forward lean. Does T’s System’s works get picked up by others? Could be a good little figure for a simpler manufacturer.

Oshino Shinobu by T’s System

Not as good as the Redjuice Shinobu above but still an adorable Shinobu. If this were a SEGA like figure I’d buy her, she’s simple enough to be done by them and done well enough. While T’s System has sculpted her in 1/6th I think she’d be fine and preferable in 1/8th. I never realized her dress was torn at the bottom until this figure, is it like that in the series? I feel I should go back and check that out but I’m a bit too lazy right now. She does however make me want a donut, which I do have and have just grabbed and proceeded to eat.

Hanekawa Tsubasa by Tail Slap

Yet another Hanekawa Tsubasa figure, yet another want. You’d think she was my favourite character in Bakemonogatari, but she isn’t, none of them are really, they were all great in their roles so it’s hard to pick. Hitagi might be tops though, or Kanbaru. Curious, have any of the Hanekawa figures I’ve chosen not had the cat ears? I think not. Part of me thinks this figure isn’t better than the GSC attempt, but I think that’s just the part that’s trying to convince me this figure isn’t good because I know I can’t buy it. She’s more creatively sculpted and seems to share more of the character that catgirl Hanekawa actually had, where the other figures all seem very much like Hanekawa’s normal self. I like the branch base, reminds me of my Global Horo (A rest in the Forest) figure but seems to look much more realistic. Though, I don’t like the base of the base though…


Holy shit. This post took forever, and I do mean forever to write. Between finding all the pictures, making sure their sources were right, working, working some more, website crashing, not being able to save, tearing hair out, finding new pictures, replacing old ones, uploading the pictures, adjusting the sizes to make them fit right, updating information as it changed, sleeping, working more, working yet more, uploading more pictures and arranging the new ones, writing, editing, and making sure the entire post looked right in multiple browsers and fixing the mistakes due to some little hacks within…. Done. I’m finally done. This is quite possibly the longest post I’ve ever written, but oddly is only 6 times the text of a usual review post yet took me 5 days to write due to all of the above mentioned. Anyway, lots and lots of figures I want, and that’s good, while my wallet will never agree with it, it’s good to have so much selection and excellet work out there. I look forward to Wonder Festival 2011 Winter, perhaps I’ll do better with that post.



  1. Chag says:

    Oh wow, bravo Aka — you really went all-out with this post! I think it’s safe to say that your effort has paid off. I’m loving the formatting for each of the entries. You’ll have to excuse my skimp on words, though, since I’m pretty WonFes’d out at this point.

    I’m just as surprised as you are at the Kotobukiya Mina Tepes. If the DVD sales chart I saw posted on /a/ is to be trusted, Vampire Bund is a commercial failure. Though I have to admit that she looks damn good here, which makes me even more curious about what her display base is going to look like in the end.

    Don’t you think the Tenshi figure would be better if she was mirrored? Both she and Yuri are leaning/facing the same way, which seems to squander the possibility of displaying them as a back-to-back pair. Oh well, we’ll see what they do with this pair in the future. Until then, we can still hope for some wings on Tenshi.

    I loves me some white-haired Hanekawa, but I’m conflicted between the pajamas and the nightgown. Sure, the nightgown has more feminine charm to it, but who am I to say no to a pajama top that’s about to burst under the pressure of its immense contents? Oh SHAFT, doing Pajamas so very wrong, yet so very right.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I figured by the time this post got out the door no one would really have much left to say. But I’d worked so long on it I figured meh. Trying to find pictures that were different angles and slightly interesting was probably one of the harder aspects. The ones left with one all had nearly the same angle, and Kanbaru was nearly non-existant on everyone’s posts. Crazy.

      I wondered about her display base while writing, she looks nice on what they’ve displayed her, but that can’t be the base right?

      I never thought about Tenshi and Yuri leaning the same way, now that it’s mentioned I can’t unsee. It would be nice if they could be displayed together though, back to back like partners in crime or crime fighting.

      The pajama comment reminds me of Ashlotte pointing out Nadeko’s lack of her trademark baggy pants on your site. Definitely nice aspects of the characters that were removed for one reason or another. There were one or two nice Hanekawa figures in her PJs, and I was going to include one of them, but I think I was Hanekawa’d out.

  2. Tier says:

    I like GSC’s Rin Tohsaka, she’s got a really strong heroic pose and I wonder why she’s been relegated to unpainted convention queen status. Yagyu Jubei is one of my favorite PVC figures that was shown at the show; I absolutely have to support any anime girl who doesn’t wear pants. Or anything below the waist. Besides that band-aid, I guess. Dizzy would be another of my favorites. Her wings are actually sentient and they occasionally make her go around and beat people up (particularly Necro, the black wing).

    Yeah, I’ve been feeling that the Black Rock Shooter stuff has gone way beyond saturation but I guess people are still buying it. I suppose I can’t criticize that since I’ve been buying a lot of Nanoha stuff recently. I like the girl with the horns, though I think she’d look better without horns; I’m neither a fan of horns nor animal ears. I’m not a big fan of the Love is War figure, either; Miku looks like she’s trying to lead a demonstration or something.

    Lots of good stuff got shown at Wonder Festival but now that I think about it, I’d seen a lot of it before, other than Dizzy and a few of the Orchid Seed figures.

    • Aka says:

      I really don’t like Yagyu, but I couldn’t not feature that figure. I’m still trying to figure out why GSC’s not painted their Rin yet either, and Saber Alter’s managed to get done seemingly so quickly. They’ve got a Saber figure out there already, c’mon where’s my beloved Rin? I think Chag and Ashlotte are right about Rin though in their posts. She’s not an easy character to make dramatic like Saber. Perhaps GSC’s taking the easy way out, quitters.

      Dizzy, oh so those characters to the sides of her represent her wings. They just felt like such a good representation of good and evil they surely had to be her conscience.

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Now that you mentioned it, I never bought a Max Factory figure. In fact it was because of their figures like Flame Haze Shana and Sawatari Makoto that I started to liked scaled figures. While I love figmas quite a bit I do wish they would release more scaled figures like those.

    Out of the figure makers Alter surprised the most with Dizzy and Saten, I really didn’t expect for them to start off Railgun/Index with her.

    GSC really has my eyes with those Bakemonogatari pictures, I should really get around to watch that show. Surprisingly enough I really want their Rin figure, I like it so much better than any of the Saber’s they have done.

    I hadn’t seen that Misaka kit before, oh god please someone turn it into a regular release.

    • Aka says:

      Sawatari Makoto was one of the figures I wanted most and eventually managed to find. I was unwilling to spend over $100 on her, and eventually found myself an open box copy for $99. So I bought. She still remains one of my favs, though perhaps for more prurient reasons than should be. I’ll just say, I love that hint of underwear.

      I don’t find it surprising you want Rin, she’s wicked! Bakemonogatari is a great series, you should definitely watch it.

  4. Ashlotte says:

    Geez that was alot to read…Enjoyable nonetheless though eh! :p

    Sad I only really want maybe 3 things out of allll that was announced…Well 4 technically I guess counting that freaking awesome Drossel that I’ll never own…Time to go hit the lottery! T_T

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, I uh, well I got carried away. And since it was written over the course of a couple days, during times I wasn’t the most aware, I wondered if it even flowed at all, let alone well. But whatever! It’s there now.

      Just 3 eh, I wish I was you. I pretty much want this entire list. I’m going to be poor.

  5. Rico-sama says:

    Copy? COPY? You felt like this encyclopedia of a post with it’s wealth of information and pictures was copying me? Sure we agree on a lot figures where we did overlap (I still disagree with you on Saten’s face though) but you covered two, maybe three times the number of figures that I did. I gotta step up my game next Wonfes.

    Now I see where those other Bakemonogatari figures actually were. They look really fantastic. Sengoku is my favorite of the three but like you I really hope there is some option for a full pair of legs (seems so weird to say it like that, lol). Also maybe before these three hit I’ll watch Bakemonogatari so that I’ll be more excited to collect them.

    Other thoughts:
    Houmei – Totally missed her but now I totally want. Love that pose.

    Racing Miku – I love the energy, the outfit, and the detailing but I can’t get past that face. There is something really weird about that face; almost like she’s an alien.

    Kotobukiya – Was disappointed with their showing this year, outside of that Xcety sculpt. Even the ones you talked about I just couldn’t get excited about.

    Hatsune Miku Taka Tony – Love it, but your right she needs more shimapan.

    Yagyu Jubei – Nice, but Alter’s is way, WAY better. Hate that bottom – whatever it is.

    PS. Epic post is epic. Nice job.

    • Aka says:

      Well, I felt like some of the opinions were rather closely shared. So much so that they felt like a fascimile of yours. Remind me next WonFes not to cover so many btw, it really wasn’t fun. I don’t know how Nekomagic does it, other than he doesn’t make any comments or do any formatting. But for him to keep all the information straight is beyond crazy.

      I think I actually like Hanekawa best of the GSC figures profiled. She also has the biggest breasts I think, so it’s counterintuitive for those who know me. As for Bakemonogatari, it continually is setting record Bluray sales in Japan. You really should watch it.

      Houmei’s definitely leggy, yum. Racing Miku, I can see what you mean about her face, but at least she’s not as bad as alien Miku by Max Factory (previous variation).

      You didn’t like Koto’s Kanbaru? Perhaps her pose is a bit too much?

      Epic thanks!

  6. Nopy says:

    I’ve been waiting for that Rin figure for a while now too. I hope they finish it soon. The one other figure I’m looking forward to is the mage Konomi, I think she’s from the Final Dragon Chronicle series rather than the To Heart series. Anyways, I’m glad whoever’s working at Kotobukiya chose to make more figures of her instead of Tamaki.

    • Aka says:

      You’re definitely right, it’s Dragon Chronicle, which is a spin-off of To heart right? otherwise Konomi’s realllly similar, in both name and appearance. That explains her attire as well.

  7. Rajura says:

    That was a very thorough analysis and review.

    “Poor Mito, I’ll likely never own you now.” Yeah she is a cute character but… (do I really need to finish that sentence at this point hahahaha)? For some reason, I don’t believe you… I for some reason think you’ll change your mind.

    What no new Horo… why? I need a new Horo figure!

    Wow… I had trouble getting this page up and getting a post made! I had like 3 fails according to the site… something about the page not existing.

    • Aka says:

      Nah I don’t think I’ll buy Mito. She’s cute but she’s made by such a poor company, she’ll look terrible and I’ll end up hating her. And that’s not good!

      Horo Horo Horo, is that all you every talk about? … er wait, I think perhaps I suffer from a similar condition.

      This post pretty much kills the server I’m running it on. All those tags at the bottom are what’s doing it for the most part. So either you end up with a browser fail message about a 500 error, or you end up at a 404 page saying the page doesn’t exist. I’m working on a fix, but I’m doing some research. In the mean time this post will continually take down my entire site for minutes at a time throughout each day.

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