On Order: Megahouse Serizawa Fumino

I love tsunderes. Their feelings are written all over their face and match the exact opposite of what they’re saying. Megahouse’s Serizawa Fumino gives off this exact vibe so perfectly. (Updated)

I don’t like violent tsunderes though, just to be clear. Narusegawa Naru is not my ideal tsundere. Moving on.

I liked Fumino when I saw her in all the wonfes coverage, but wasn’t sure if I’d go through with the order or not. School girl in her school uniform with long flowing hair, where have I seen that before? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or any of these.) However Serizawa does differ from these examples in one way, her attitude, she’s so obviously a tsundere, especially given the two faces she’s got, both tsun and dere. I’ll definitely be leaving the tsun face on.

Other attributes Fumino offers that appeal to me, the hint of bum visible from under the flowing skirt and the zettai ryouiki. A lesser noticed attribute that takes some finding is her thigh gap, mmm.

Fumino should ship in November and cost ¥7,140 / $86 CAD. She’s 1/8th scale but measures in a 19 cm tall making her a little shorter than the standard I believe but it’s likely due to her size in the series or something.

Update: It would appear that there was some irony in this post I wasn’t aware of when I originally wrote it. Having never seen Mayoi Neko Overrun, I didn’t know that Fumino was a violent tsundere. Thanks to Quaz for confusing the hell out of me until finally asking him on twitter was he was talking about, revealing said irony.

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  1. Quazacolt says:

    and nikai shine is not violent? wwwww

  2. Quazacolt says:

    i guess its all good that she is still innocent on the murder charge. heh.

  3. Nopy says:

    Yea, Fumino is a violent tsundere.

    I’m hoping that they make a figure of Chise Umenomori, my favourite character of the series. She’s cute and she’s a super-rich otaku ^.^

    • Aka says:

      I’d be interested in a Kiriya Nozomi figure, though I think I should watch some of this show before I start jumping to further conclusions and making bad ironic comments.

  4. Ashlotte says:

    I have no problem with violent Tsunderes IF they have a good character to play off of… Good example is that I absolutely love Kyou from Clannad because while she was violent towards Tomoya he was clever enough to rarely actually take any hits and gave back far worse psychological damage.

    So yea to me it all depends on who a Tsunderes Foil is…If he’s a boring doormat like the guy in Mayoi then pass…

    Anyway a Chise would be nice Nopy, but I doubt I’d order her just the same…The anime was a disaster for me. Maybe if I keep reading the manga to purge the memory I’ll come to like the characters again…

    • Aka says:

      You have a good point actually. Kyou was an excellent character, I did enjoy her. And Tomoya was quite skilled. Perhaps I should revise my entire outlook on tsunderes. I just finished watching Working!! and enjoyed Inami’s character, and she’s totally a violent tsundere. Maybe I’m tsundere for violent tsunderes.

      I feel I should watch Mayoi now just because I made the dumb comment. But you’re making it sound like it might be torture to myself.

      • Quazacolt says:

        inami isnt quite tsundere lol, shes just shy, and man phobia (whatever its called lol) wwwwwwwwwwwww

        and yes, mayoi neko overfail as they call it. i still watch it just for nozomi wwwww

        • Aka says:

          She’s close enough.


          • Quazacolt says:

            i couldnt even recall a tsundere moment from inami (remember, her violence isnt tsundere at all, just straight up violence)

            and she actually admits that she likes him. but it always got misunderstood in the end (lol his sis)

      • Ashlotte says:

        Haha yea like Qua says you have an odd meaning of what Tsundere is…But yea I try not to hate an archtype and stick to juding on a character by character basis…

        Another Violent albeit awesome Tsundere would be Rin. While Shiro certainly isn’t the best foil he’s far from a door mat and doesn’t always just take what she says…Plus Rin doesn’t use boring old “Beat the guy up” violence…hers is more of the “You will literally be dead” type. ~_^

        Ah anyway about Mayoi…just read the Manga…Has the same illustrator as To-Love-Ru so the pictures are nice! :p

        But seriously the anime is just horrid…I highly recommend against watching it although it may save a use in saving you some money as you might feel compelled to cancel this figure after watching it… >_>

        But yea seriously it was one of those shows where when an episode was over I felt like I wanted those 20 some minutes of my life back…

        • Aka says:

          She has many of the same traits as a tsundere just the motivation behind them is different. I don’t think that makes her not tsundere, it does however make her a strange variant.

          I don’t have the whole archype of tsundere, only a sub-type within, that being violent tsunderes. Though when I said that, I was thinking rather specifically of Love Hina and similarly written shows and content.

          Rin I don’t see as a violent tsundere so much. She’s not physically beating on the guy every 3 seconds. I always saw her as more playful and teasing than most tsunderes. But I’ve also read a ton of non-cannon content since last saw Fate/Stay Night. Perhaps the upcoming movie will remind me of her character.

          I see a lot of art of Mayoi Neko Overrun as drawn by an artist called Peco I think as well as a couple good ones by Nakamoto Naoko. I just assumed that one of those was the original, but you say it’s drawn by Kentaro Yabuki? Interesting, always liked his character designs. If only he could do something with a story…

          I watched the first ep of Mayoi last night, my only compliment for it was angles. They chose some nice ones.

          So, is your recommendation to cancel, is that what you’re getting at?

          • Quazacolt says:

            if you look up the definition of tsundere, it requires one to be “cold” and “warm” at the same time (literal meaning tsun / dere)

            inami is generally ALL warm, except for the violence which is due to her Androphobia

            its the feeling/expression that counts, not quite the actions especially in inami’s case. so yeah, shes isnt really a tsundere based on general definitions.

          • Aka says:

            Despite popular belief, I do know what a tsundere is. So thank you for that unneeded explaination.

            Violence is cold, no matter it’s source. So while she likes the protagonist, she’s violent towards him. I understand that the motivations differ generally, but there are moments in the series where she acts just as a tsundere would, but with a bit more honesty. At one point she hits the protagonist out of embarrassment rather than her androphobia. She then proclaims nearly immediately it was because of embarrassment instead. But the cause and action is still the same as a violent tsunderes.

          • Ashlotte says:

            Haha well like I said Rin isn’t really the harmless hit the guy type…This is the gal that chased Shiro through the school firing spells at him, any one of which could have been fatal, because she was miffed so…yea…I’d call her violent. :p

            Yea Mayoi starts off OK, but it falls off a cliff in short order…

  5. Quazacolt says:

    ni kai = “two” “times” or in this case, twice
    shine is literally “go die”

    and together its basically “die twice”
    thats what she says before beating you silly/raging all over you. yeap, very violent person, do not want.

  6. The real reason for ordering this figure is for the two cats. Admit it!!! =P

    Saw some pics of this figure on Hobby Search, the close-up pictures of the hair reminded me of the Canaan fiasco – yikes!

    Can’t wait to see your review when she’s released though. =)