On Order: Max Factory Hatsune Miku (Tony Taka ver.)

I’ve given in, it’s as simple as that. I tried to hold off and managed to do so for over a week, but no more.

I already own enough Miku figures really, and I’m not really sure what it is I find so special about her that I need to keep buying variations, but I do. This latest variant is by a pretty well known artist, I’m sure some of you have heard of this chap, a certain imaginative Tony Taka. Tony’s done an illustration for like, every character ever, he’s definitely a prolific individual. He’s even drawn a certain magical wolfgirl (NSFW / Where’s her tail?). So it comes as little surprise that the man’s drawn a Miku picture and with all the figure adaptations of his work and Miku’s popularity it’s very little surprise the illustration was used.

As mentioned in my Wonfes wishlist, I’m feeling similar frustrations as others with Max Factory on this figure. They’ve done what looks like a spectacular job there’s no question about that, but what we do question is… why? Why another Miku with her standard attire. There are so many other pieces of artwork out there that could be used, with so much style and creativity, but instead they decided to go with a popular artist and the standard affair. Or another question, why another Miku at all? There are so many other franchises that could use some attention. But of course we all know why, she sells, even despite my complaints I pre-ordered her.

At any rate, Miku should be arriving in stores, barring no delays, January 2011 for the sizeable sum of ¥ 8,800 / $105 CAD. For this sizeable sum, you receive a 1/7th scale 21.5 cm tall action shot of Miku as illustrated by Mr. Taka and sculpted by Chieri complete with translucent aqua coloured hair, zettai ryouiki, splendid armpits, a shapely small chest and a lack of attention to the most important detail. What’s that you ask? What’s the most important detail? she looks fine you say? Well look again!

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  1. Chag says:

    Ugh, such a great bum — if only MF took the effect to add the stripes, its delicious curves would be accentuated by so much! Shimpan must be really fussy to pull off in figures if GSC and Max Factory are dragging their feet this much. Maybe the stripes have to be individually hand painted? But how does Alter pull off theirs? Argh.
    Still, the T2 Miku is a great looking figure despite my complaints about her contorted pose. If I never bought my original GSC Miku, I probably would’ve gone for this one. But not getting the original GSC Miku would also mean not getting the GSC Rin&Len, and that would’ve been a pretty tragic loss.

    • Aka says:

      I’m sure they just make a stencil that fits the curves, tape it in place and spray on the paint. Or something to that effect, it can’t be that difficult.

      The original Miku will forever remain the definitive Miku. I’m only buying this Miku because I’m a tool.

      I still need to buy Rin and Len…

  2. Ashlotte says:

    I am disapoint Aka…T_T

    Meh well I’ve bought far worse figures before and most of my objections are purely academic as she technically looks very nice as all Max Factory figures do so…yea… :p

    • Aka says:

      I know… I’m too easily swayed. Every since I gave into my now defunct personal rules, I haven’t been able to stop.

  3. Laura says:

    Since I haven’t purchased any scale figures of Miku, this was a great opportunity for me to hop on the bandwagon.

    One thing that’s great about this figure is the pose. Every compare the other Max Factory Miku with the GSC one? Not to mention the price grade Sega Miku, which also strikes a similar static pose to those two.

    This one shows us that Miku can move a little! And that hair detail with the colour fade at the tips is a real deal sealer for me.

    • Aka says:

      Welcome aboard the wagon, I hope you enjoy the ride!

      I enjoy GSC’s Miku though, I like that pose, it’s simple but effective.

  4. Tier says:

    She’s a pretty good looking figure, and I’d probably get her if I didn’t have the E.T. version already, but yeah, I’m getting a little tired of the standard version of Miku, since virtually all of the figures I’ve seen of her look the same. At least with a character like Rei or Saber, you tend to see some variation in poses or sculpting style.

    I very much dig the alternate takes on her, though, like VN02, the Miku Append figure we keep seeing, the World is Mine design, and so on; they’re a lot less generic than the usual version.

    • Aka says:

      I really do hate that E.T. version. She’s well done I suppose, but that face is just terrible, it feels some how more in the uncanny valley than any other face she’s had.

      I somewhat feel like more characters should get the Evangelion treatment, in that there are figures of them in every type of clothing and pose, but it’s really a bad idea. The saturation in the market for Eva figures is emense, I can’t imagine everyone doing that with every character. I sort of would like an idea Rico had somewhere a while back, holographic figures. You could download them and change their clothes and position etc… but that defeats the artistic side of things in many ways. Would be neat though.

      I like the variants as well, though I do not like VN02 and some aspects of the Miku Append figure. World is Mine though remains my favourite. It seems a much more casual and intimate Miku, and a tease at that as well.