On Order: Kotobukiya Kanbaru Suruga

Those of you who managed to get my Wishlist: Wonder Festival 2010 (Summer) post to actually load and read it in it’s entirety (it was a rather large post) will know this figure was on it and that I praised it over Good Smile Company’s attempt.

Kotobukiya’s much quicker to the gates than Good Smile that’s for sure. Many of the figures they featured at WonFes this summer have already been released for pre-order, in fact all of the figures I featured have been released. Which is unfortunate, does that mean I need to buy them all? Ouch!

As mentioned in the WonFes post, I like this figure because it reminds me of who Kanbaru is to me, and she’s a playful perv and I loved every minute of it. Her pose draws one’s attention away from the basketball she’s throwing your way and towards other aspects. It’s something I could totally picture her doing to throw you off and cause the basketbell to smack you in the face. Now, the perv in me wishes she had some cameltoe there, but I think that really would probably have been over the top and isn’t needed. I love her ass anyway. And her running shoes, I prefer a girl in running shoes over one in heels.

Kanbaru’s sculpted by Nakamura Hirotoshi in 1/8th scale putting her at 15.5cm tall in her bent over position. Her MSRP is ¥6,800 / $81 CAD, however as the usual goes she can be had for cheaper. From a quick search ’round the stores the cheapest I’ve seen her is ¥5,430 / $65 CAD. Kanbaru also comes with a second arm that replaces her bandaged arm. It’s furry, just like in the anime. We wont see Kanbaru until at least December, I hate waiting so long for things.

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  1. Ashlotte says:

    Haha funny me and Chags were just writing about her…I’m with you on being more like Kanbaru, but I really do want her in that yummy casual outfit she was rocking in Episode 9…

    • Aka says:

      That would be a nice outfit to see her in. Exposed midriff, legs visible through torn pants, backwards hat and an open longsleeve shirt over her tank top. Yup, I’d like a figure of that.

      Reading MFC I think I know how I’ll display the two Kanbaru’s when they’re both in my possession. GSC’s Kanbaru will be looking at Koto’s Kanbaru. She’s got a great smirk and I’ll have her looking right at her own ass. Excellent.

  2. Tier says:

    Very cute figure, I like the sporty look. Especially the high-tops; I like heels on the right figure, but not enough anime schoolgirls wear sneakers. I almost always see them in boring brown or black loafers; I’d love to see more schoolgirls rocking some Air Jordans or something.

  3. It is true Kotobukiya were quick with the figures, plus its already on pre order most of them.
    I had to cancel Hitagi from them, since i really ougt to stick with Good smile company, (mind you having both wouldnt be a problem)
    Haha yes the focal point of this figure is the ass ^^