Arrival: Native’s Shoujo S

The unmarked box. Supposedly it helps mask the items you purchase by not claiming to be anything at all. But in not claiming to be anything at all we all know what it really means.

Two-hundred and fifteen days ago, I placed an order. I placed this order as I looked away from the screen, I knew what I was ordering, and I knew the cost, and I knew that in clicking this button she would eventually arrive at my door. But still I looked away. I looked away because part of me felt ashamed and embarrassed that I was making such a purchase. After all the reviews I’ve seen on the Internets however, I realize it’s ok, everyone else is just like me, everyone else ordered Shoujo S as well, and those who didn’t wished they did or could have.

This picture makes me think I should have ordered others now as well.

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  1. lu-k says:

    Good. Very good purchase =)
    No need to be ashamed! on the contrary, be proud of your collection and special pieces like this one! =D
    I am part of those who didn’t ordered but wish they could have do so. Especially with Collet. But those Native figures are expensive =/
    Need to get M model too now hehe.

    • Aka says:

      Native figures ARE expensive, Shoujo S here set me back 150 loonies!

      I’m not overly interested in their Shoujo M figure, but their Trunk Girl, I’m so buyin’ if I can.

  2. GREW says:

    Congratz to your new get ^^

    I hae still no ero figure. Well… maybe semi-ero (she is castoff able).

    • Aka says:

      I have cast off figures as well, I don’t really count them though as Ero as they can be displayed with clothes. Shoujo S here, not so much. She’s nude, and only nude.

  3. rook says:

    so she finally arrived ^__^. It seems a long long shipping for you =__=. But well, what matter when shes at your house now ^__^. Congrats!

    • Aka says:

      The shipping itself only took 5 days, but the place I’d ordered her took quite some time to receive their shipment and process.

  4. bluedrakon says:

    Nice add to the collection. I guess everything naughty arrives in a plain brown unmarked box.

    I can’t get over the shipping time. I don’t know if I could of waited that long

    • Aka says:

      As mentioned above comment to rook, it was only 5 days shipping, however it was 215 days from pre-order. So I can’t blame the post office or anything, just the entire process itself really.

      Black Rock Shooter is my longest order yet, 404 days from pre-order to arrival, 1.1 years. Ouch.

  5. IshokuOsero says:

    Oh, lucky! I’d love to get this figure, but I haven’t been able to find her anywhere. I think this is one of those things that I heard about too little, too late.

  6. Congrats on the new arrival, my Shoujo S should be showing up today as well. I honestly don’t know why I bought it, Native stuff is definitely expensive and our flaking dollar rate doesn’t help either.